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My review title says it all when trying to work with every department


In this day and age of social media can you really afford to be so dishonest? You need to have negative stars on here because you don't even warrant 1.


Then it's payback time. Forward your number to their corporate office since you're receiving crappy service anyway and notify the BBB and the FCC....

Horrible Service w/Vonage

1. It is impossible to live in the US and attempt to speak with anyone if a foreign country in sales or support. Unacceptable. 2. I, like many other as TIRED of paying for features that Vonage adds at IT"S descretion when I DON"T want them. Unacceptable. 3. After removing features I am tired of paying for them when i have cancelled the features MONTHS ago. Vonage is pathetic at best. Crooks & Liars. They need to shut their doors and go out of business.

Vonage misrepresentation

Be aware that vonage sells one program, send you a confirmation then changes the program . They then try to remedy the situation with a new program that gives less service for the same cost. Beaware that even if you have a written confirmation there is no guarantee that you will get what you are paying for of what they said that they would provide. Try other providers before you sign with Vonage. I myself will try Comcast now.

second the emotion of all negatives stated

I travel a lot and decided I did not need home service. I never made a single call on the Vonage line, not one. I called customer service and was told accounts management handles cancellations. This department never answered the phone. I cancelled the debit card to which the bill was charged, and that department finally answered and cancelled my account after much bandying. They don't take no for an answer. I still have to pay the last bill, but I asked for an address to mail a money order so they'll have no account access. They said this was not a payment option! Finally found a street address and I'm going to find out how to send payment via certified mail. Talk about customer no-service!

Vonage Advertising PROTEST

I just saw the most insulting, stigmatizing ad for 'crazy generous' Vonage. As an Advocate for persons with Mental Illness, and as a member of NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) the ad continues to breed the negative stigma surrounding mental illness. If persons with mental illness look or act like they do in the Vonage commercial, it is because of poor access to mental health care, and is not because of a choice. Shame on you Vonage! Pull the ads NOW!


cheaters - they bill you constantly even after account is cancelled - cheaters and frauds

waiting time while on the phone

Vonage has decrease a lot the customer service, i have tried to call the customer service and minimum you wait 30 to 45 minutes till someone helps you. this is unacceptable.

Tryng to get soeone who speaks English as ther PRIMARY is impossble! Vonage lies about early terminaton fees, ther servce sucks. I tell anyone who will listen, do NOT listen to their selling techniques. I have reported them to the BBB and am not the frst and won't be the last.

First,your business model is terrible ,bait and switch never works for long term business,telling outright lies don't either.I was told i wasn't signing up for a plan,and i wouldn't have an early termination fee applied but both were.....i'm most up set having to pay a$62 early termination fee ,knowing i wouldn't be charged one....i will never do business with vonage again and i will not hesirtate to tell anyone i know of the horrible service you get from vonage....i will continue to tell the world of my ugly experience with vonage.since legal fees and courts are a waste of time ,i'll see how far i can get spreading the ugly truth about a terrible business you have.

Wowza, proeblm solved like it never happened.

Well if you find that strange, you sohlud have listen to a talk I had with some HP tech support guy.I had a problem in a month old notebook, the screen had some kind of scramble of frequency, also know as can't see shit due to garble . This phenomenon happened everywere, Windows, Linux, BIOS screen.So I rang HP tech support. The guy who talked to me advised me to reinstall Windows to sort it out. I told him that it couldn't be a Windows problem cause I had it in BIOS and Linux. That stupid smart-ass stood by his feet that the problem was with Windows all during the conversation, you couldn't reason with him.Final solutin? Returned the notebook to the HP dealear, wrote a complain letter to HP and went to buy an ACER.Cheers


I signed up on a Saturday,received their box following Tuesday. They said I would be able to bundle my internet with Vonage and Dish Network and get a better rate. This was not true. I had a bad connection, called & spoke to service dept. Decided I didn't want their service and told him I am cancelling. He accepted my cancellation They had already cancelled my present phone company. I called to return their box & was told I didn't need to return it. I threw it away. I signed up with a local phone company and waited for over a month for them to send my phone number to this company since I wanted to keep the number I have had for so many years. After a number of calls and much frustration I decided to let the new phone company use a new number so that I could have a working phone again. Much to my horror Vonage is taking payments out of my acct. I called and they say I am their customer.If I want to cancel I will have to pay $105.00 cancellation fee. I've talked to the manager of the cancellation dept to check the phone calls to see that I cancelled. Can't reason with this co. Beware!!!

I took the service vonage world calling unlimited for $9.99 when i called unlimited they are asking more money telling your using more then minutes this company completely cheating customer doing all fake business in online i am going to sue this company very badly for giving false information for customer telling all fake in website when people use more minute they charge you more then your minutes. EVERY TIME SENDING EMAIL THAT YOUR USAGE MORE THEN MINUTES. i really FUCK THIS COMPANY SO BADLY NEVER WOKEUP IN LIFE.

around febuary,2012 we called vonage for telephone service we went thru all the steps for the phone service and when i asked when will you be out to my house to hook up the telephone they said that we do not come out to your house we will send you a device to hook up to your computer. i said cancell the order ido not want put a device on my computer,june 20,2012 my wife was checking withdrawl,s on her credit card and notice that vonage is taking money to pay for phone service that we do not have!!!!!!!!! we never received an device we do not have a land,never received a bill in the mail,so i cursed there asses out like a motherfucker and they said they will give me half back,they are some bullshit shiesty mother fuckers.i want all my money 1 hundred & 60 dollars or more.

i vera doverspike, have not been eble ti make any calls domestic or international,ihave this problem since 05/16/2012 i have bad expiernce vonege has promised to fix this problem,the contact person is in INDIA i can not understend what they are sayeing.we are very disappointed in vonage service,

To whom it may concern, Just to detail my issues would take me hours, so I won't at this time. Your policy on solving a customers issues should be pretty clear - very poor customer service, to start with seems obvious to me. I would like to receive a call from a manager that wants to keep me as a customer. You can reach me at 925-788-7145. That is my cell phone and if you call it will be my pleasure to tell you a story about my service experience. Wallace Houts President Com-Stat, Incorporated

This company blantly hires whoever they can find for a cheap dollar. Noone in the office seems to know where they are located until you get demanding on them giving you the address, then low and behold you find that they are not calling from within the USA it is over seas. The most recent phone I received after about 30 minutes I was finally told that the phone call was coming from the philippines. Noone could give me information I was looking for. I wanted the corporate office phone number and the complaints department number. the rep I spoke with tried to tell me that te information did not exsist in her computer system but would I like to speak with a supervisor. When the supervisor got on the phone he was no better than the rep. He tried to give me just the website information to look up what I needed, I told him to look it up and give it to me while I was on the phone. He also tried to tell me that the office he was in did not have any numbers for other offices. So I asked "You are trying to tell me you work for a company that you cannot contact yourself? Do you have a number to call if you do not receive your paycheck?" The supervisor went silent for a minute. This all started over a rep calling my home saying it was vonage and when I asked what it was in regards to she hung up on me. All she had to do was tell me who she was and I would have told her we were not interested. I was also told when I called them back, there was no way for the company to tell me where the call came from or what offices have this information, if I was an exsisting customer they could help me with that. I was also informed I could be put on the do not call list which I requested but in the meantime over the next 30 days I could still continue to receive calls if I could be patient. Any phone call comes my way from vonage I will be putting a complaint in to my attorney. I am filing a complaint with vonage directly to the corporate office and the complaints department. I am also going to file a complaint with the better business bureua, I am sure this will not be the first one they receive in regards to vonage. I will make sure I tell people I know what exactly Vonage is all about. I would rather pay $200 a month for phone service then give these people $9.99 a month.

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