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need to locate package being delivered ups ground from www.rctoyhouse.com.I do not have a tracking number only a order number which is 304971.destination is 29 Angelfish Ln. Swainsboro Georgia 30401


My story regarding UPS mirrors that of Meredith Kurz's above: I do not order often... probably a few times since the beginning of the year and never had problem with any mail carrier except UPS. I ordered from QVC. UPS said they delivered the package; however, they did not ring my door bell and I did not receive it. I checked with neighbors and no one ever had a package taken from their door as I had not prior to this. There is something very wrong with a company that people pay and entrust to deliver items and that company's drivers does not at least ring your doorbell. It should be demanded by the company...DEMANDED.

It isnt any better working from the other side. There are massive problems but this is a massive company and change is slow to nil unless it is in the companies best interest. Next Day Air packages actually go by ground in a lot of cases because gas and trucks are cheaper than airplanes. Rudeness abounds and no one or very few actually care if they help you. Got a payroll problem, don't think you are going to get help anytime soon. Payroll is in Dallas and you cannot speak to Dallas. Sorry for all your problems, but it is a bad inside UPS as it seems on the outside! Been there, done that and we are in the same mess all of you are!

I ordered something from QVC - they are GREAT - very professional, etc. - have never had a problem with anything - even when I've had to return things. I had purchased something somewhat pricey - and UPS claimed they delivered it on Friday evening at 5:30PM - and the UPS Distribution Office is conveniently closed all weekend. I contacted QVC Saturday morning after discovering via email that UPS claimed they'd delivered the package and they immediately opened a tracking investigation - etc. I tried to contact UPS - they will not give out their number even to QVC - but I did some detective work: UPS Corporate - 1-404-828-6000 and 1-404-828-4900. I spoke to a "Ryan" who was functional and another guy who heads up the department who is not. They told me it would take 8 days - but in fact it was almost two weeks. I got a call from the local distribution center in Farmingville immediately after speaking with Ryan - so he definitely took action. The woman explained that it was a 'new' driver - and she was rude and dismissive - and essentially that they wouldn't do what they're supposed to do - which is to drive the route to see where they dropped it off. I checked with all possible neighbors, etc. - we have NEVER had anything taken off of our porches in our neighborhood - and my husband and I and my happy-to-bark at a leaf falling dogs were also home - I know it wasn't delivered. UPS says they do a process - and the only thing they would tell me about it was that they checked the route - and the rest was "internal" - I can find no stats on the Farmingville distribution center - but I am not a happy camper - and am suspicious because of the value of the item. QVC, again, couldn't have been nicer - and are sending me another item - however, they don't have an option to require a signature - and they don't have USPS or FEDEX - which I offered to pay the additional service for just so I wouldn't have to use UPS - so I'm praying that the next one doesn't go "missing" again. I will never use UPS again if I can avoid it - and if I do I will demand a signature. Period. And by the way, I spoke to someone at Amazon, who also said they had difficulty with the track record of UPS and Amazon mostly uses USPS. That Speaks Volumes.

I have a package that was shipped 1/31-3 day. It has been sitting in Lousiville marked adverse weather conditions since 2/2 (today is 2/4.) Regardless of how I try to track it, I get nothing more that the 2/2 update. It doesn't help that Louisville shows warm and sunny since 2/2. Something tells me this package is lost (that is stolen.) Mercifully I am dealing with an excellent company (Newegg) who will let me refund this order and submit a new order with no penalty and a different shipper which I will do by days end. UPS has no number or online chat where I can deal with a real person. Just a bunch of automated nonsense. So goody for you Dorothy Mckinzey for not having any problems in 20 years. What a miserable outfit UPS is for not providing any more nformation or point of contact on a lost package. Avoid using UPS at all costs is my recommendation. Its a pack of losers running that place.

I have shipped with UPS for over 20 years and I am completely satisfied with their service. Some of the stories told here just sounds like "I can do no wrong, it's UPS fault, i.e. Tim Allen wrote he has shipped with UPS for over 30 years, obviously he has forgot to check his receipt to ensure the declared value had been made. Yes, I have had damages on packages I have sent and I have had some denied but I am not blaming UPS. I did not package them correctly. UPS.COM has all the information you need to successfully ship a package. If you choose not to get the info you need, DON'T BLAME UPS!!!

I recently sold a telescope to someone in New York through Ebay. It was greatly damaged in shipping, so I filed my first and only shipping damage claim in 30 years. Little did I know the nightmare that I would soon find myself in. I filed the claim via a UPS phone rep and one of the questions I was asked was what the declared value would be. I said $390. I was told someone from UPS would be going to the recipients home to inspect the damage in a few days and someone from UPS would be contacting me. A week went buy without either me or the recipient hearing anything from UPS. I did however receive paperwork in the mail from UPS to fill out and return regarding the claim. Of course I was asked for the declared value amount and again entered $390. After almost another week of not hearing anything, I contacted UPS and was told that they were going to PAY the claim in FULL. They also said that no one ever went to the recipients home to inspect the telescope. A few days later I received a call from someone in the UPS claims department. I assumed it was a call to verify the paid claim. Instead, it was a call to say that the UPS system didn't show any kind of "insured value" for the telescope shipment and that they therefore could not pay the full claim amount. I got this call about 3 hours after I was notified that my father had passed away early that morning. I went around and around with the UPS claims person explaining that I ALWAYS enter a claim amount for anything over $100 on a UPS shipment, even when an Ebay buyer requests that I don't. I was told that my Account Rep would be calling me regarding the situation. Of course, when they finally called me the next day, I had to go through everything all over again to no avail. They told me that the insurance company that handles all of the claims will not pay any amount if there is no declared value. I told them that it wasn't so much the money, but the principle of the issue that was my source of frustration. So, basically, because of a minor technicality, they won't pay the full claim. Of course, they can't prove that the lack of a declared value figure in their system is not related to a problem in their system, which is something I've experienced on their website a number of times. They don't care about my being a customer for over 30 years, or that this is the first claim I've ever filed in all of that time. They say that they care about me and don't want to lose me as a customer, but they aren't willing to try and work with me at all. The recipient of the telescope told me, "good luck getting the claim payed", and he was right. He said he has had nothing but trouble with UPS on many occasions regarding claims and service and won't use them any longer. Many of the people on Ebay who purchase things from me these days also request that I don't use UPS for shipping what they've purchased. I've notified at least 2 people at the Supervisor level at UPS and told them to terminate my account and that I will never use them again. I'm also going to be sending a letter to a contact I was given at the corporate level regarding this situation.

On October 6th, 2010 a package that was to be delivered to me NEXT DAY for the sum total of $26 was showing a delivered status, well it wasn't delivered to me since I work from home. Upon calling UPS and speaking to a rep I was told I could call the shipper and have them start a claim to have an investigation started. Now I made the phone call to UPS at around 10AM the package was showing delivered at 9:36AM, I begged the supervisor to call the driver and find out where he/ she had actually left the package since it was not with me. I was told that this was an AM driver and at 10:00AM the driver was gone for the day. Needless to say I was very upset, I called over to the shipper who was UGG by the way and the order was almost $500 worth of boots (so basically whomever got this package has no intention on giving it back), UGG called and got the claim started I was told by UPS give them 2 hours and someone would call me back with a status update. This didn't happen of course, upon me calling back on Monday I was told there was never a claim started that previous Friday. So now the claim is finally started I have to wait 8 business days which were up on yesterday 10/21/2010, I call to get the status and find out that the claim had been closed because UPS claims there were unable to contact me I WORK FROM HOME, I answer every single phone call, so again here they are with the lies. I am now on the 9th business day a new claim is reopened waiting on the driver to call me to set up a time to come out and do an interview. I also spoke with a manager named Mark in the tracing department who states that a real signature was not obtained this was the driver tying the name into the signature pad. I also spoke to Ulga over at corporate who stated that the driver basically KNEW they had the wrong address and attempted to leave the occupant asked the last name on the package and the driver told them the occupant said that is my sister and the driver left my order with this thief! I will NEVER use UPS again I have began telling others of this issue and I intend to continue to inform others of the issue, I will not shop from a company that only ships with UPS. This is just one big headache! Patina Miller lanae34@comcast.net

Sent a package that was six foot tall and weighed over 100 lbs. Along with two other large packages. The two smaller were delivered and the large was said out for delivery for several days before I was notified that it was lost. Still to this day they cannot find it and wont cover it. How can you lose something this size?? The last place it was, was on the truck for delivery. however, they refuse to question the driver. I am sure he stole it. and this isnt the first time this has happened. This was in Sugarland Texas. September 2010

Upon waking up in the morning and logging onto the track shipment page on the UPS website, I noticed that my package to be delivered to my wife on our anniversary today, 08/27/2010 was in Louisville Ky with an adverse weather condition. Unfortunately for UPS, I am on business in Louisville, KY today and have been here for two days. Locals here say it has been and still is the best weather here than they have had all year, absolutely beautiful. So, I called UPS to check on the discrepancy and to make sure my wife would get her package in South Carolina today as expected. I talked to Carol, NPT4508, a call center supervisor with UPS and she kept telling me "I'm sorry" but would not do anything to try and find out why it was sitting in Louisville with the label of adverse weather condition. When I contacted UPS originally around 9:00am, and asked if they can still get it to be delivered today, since there were storms in Louisville or something, it would not be possible and I was told it would be delivered on the next business day, Monday 08/30/2010. WOW! Upon calling FTD.com where I purchased very erotic Calla Lilies for my wife, I was informed by the CSR person that she contacted UPS and the package was mistakenly left in the warehouse and not put onto the plane to be flown to SC. Remember, these are very erotic FLOWERS, in a hot warehouse for an extra day. FTD will only ship these flowers from the grower over night because they are fragile and cannot be out of direct water for more than 20-30 hrs. Apparently, not so important to UPS. So, as I am complaining and collecting corporate headquarters information to write them and the NYSE stockholders a letter detailing the blatant lie here from UPS to the consumer, there was a new status applied to the tracking information. The entries are as follows: LOUISVILLE, KY, US 08/27/2010 8:00 A.M. THE PACKAGE WAS LEFT IN A UPS FACILITY 08/27/2010 8:00 A.M. ADVERSE WEATHER CONDITIONS Wow, are you serious, you get caught in a complete lie to the consumer and you have to backpedal and back post a new status for the same time as adverse weather conditions? I still think the corporate offices and my fellow stockholders should know about this incident. I ship many things throughout the year and I have never seen the status: THE PACKAGE WAS LEFT IN A UPS FACILITY. Someone typed that one in when they were called on it and the blatant lie they were giving me and FTD. UPS upgraded my delivery for tomorrow, Saturday delivery by 1:00pm, but, that is the day after my anniversary and not what the shipping was paid for. Good Job guys, another completely disappointed customer to share this incident with all his business associates and see the company stock plummet even more. FTD is calling local florists in South Carolina to see if any of them have Calla Lilies to send to my wife, they are keeping their end of the bargain by offering exceptional customer service even though it is not their fault when it comes to this situation. What a great company FTD.com is! UPS will no longer get my business, nor my companies business and I will talk to other Businesses board members to tell them this personal incident so they can discuss their other shipping options as well. Very Disappointed! Stephen Wilson 317-851-8889 swilson8290@yahoo.com

Ordered 4 tires from Tire Discount and all 4 were to be delivered on Friday 7/30/2010 but only 3 were delivered. Called UPS after looking at email that UPS made a mistake and one tire was on another truck. Spoke with a supervisor called Mike who was rude, condosending (spelling his name for me M-I-K-E),no customer service (he said well too bad we willd eliver on Monday 9/2/2010 or you can travel to Homestead to pick up YOUR tires).. I advised Mike that I had children and at 7pm at night did not want to pack them into my car whose tires were not good. That's why I bought new one for which the mechanic was to take my care to his shop that evening Friday 7/30, i would not and could not risk the 20 mins. ride to Homestead. Just ato advise you on the other hand Tire discount called me and placed $50 back on my credit card and sent me not one but 2 vouchers $50 off next up $500 or $100 of $500 or more. Here it is UPS is part of the Fortune 100 companies and this Mike person has made its name in my eyes less than dirt. I fet all my HSN and QVC orders shipped by UPS and right now I have no respect for your company but the much respect for Tire Discount. They obviously have as they say...EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE...and how do I know of excellent service, I am a supervisor for anothe Fortune 100 company...American Express. I am so unhappy with UPS, although the tire was delivered that evening at approximately 10pm edt. I could not locate my tracking umber but I am Jo-Ann Savin 18920 sw 125 ave Miami FL 33177 4 tires were to be delivered on Friday 7/30/2010 from Tire Discount to address above Maybe you can find that tracking number(s). Regards. Disheartened.

After recieving an automated message on my home phone while out of town, I discovered a sweepstakes prize had been sent by UPS & delivery was attempted. I went online & followed my tracking number & found out delivery had been attempted 3 times. There were no driver notes left & I didn't receive the postcard I was told had been sent. I called the Hoover AL UPS location & spoke to Thomas White. He was rude & unprofessional, telling me that it was my onus to be available for package delivery & my package had been returned to sender. He did not & would not help to to attempt to find my package, gave me absolutely no information, phone numbers or anything to try to help me. He was harsh & hateful for no reason, all I wanted was some help or at the minimum to be told that he was not a person who could help in this matter. Possible a referral to someone who might could help. He asked me, did I expect UPS to drive around with my package, attempting delivery till I was home. It was not his problem. He said , good day & hung up on me. I called back & voice mail picked up & as I was leaving my info, it was cut off. I called again & Mr White answered & I asked about the 3 deliveries & why there weren't notes left. He said he didn't know that there had been notes, if so, they had probably blown away. I said, all 3 times. He said, "I wasn't there & I don't know the structure of your house." He also asked me did I call back for information or just to cuss him out. I asked him if I had cussed him or even raised my voice. He said no. I was nothing but calm & courteous, even in the face of his incredible rudeness. I don't expect that someone will always have the answer to my problem but I do expect courtesy & help if they can provide it. If not, just say so. I spoke with the national company sponsoring the sweepstakes & the lady I spoke with stayed on the phone me for 15 minutes trying to assist me. Eventually I spoke to 2 more UPS employees at the Oxmoor location. Both were courteous & helpful. And, one was able to track my package. It had not been returned to sender & I'm able to pick it up locally. If my experience with Thomas White in Hoover was my only experience with UPS, I can assure I would never do business with this company & what's more, I would not hesitate to tell others. Luckily you have others working for UPS that are competent & capable of dealing with the public. If Mr White is your 'voice to the public' then your Hoover location is in poor hands. Beth Parker 18-2nd Ave SE Graysville AL 35073 (205)674-1557 beth.parker@att.net

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