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I take back my earlier review

After further review, the information provided was not correct. When calling back, all I got was someone who was argumentative and told me to basically get out a calculator and figure it out myself.

Evidence of Coverage Letter

I need a letter stating that I had dental coverage throughout 2013. UHC refuses to provide the letter. I have filed a complaint with Medicare.


i have no rating for this company. The ratings don'r go that low. This is the worst company to work for or have insurance with. They are pigs. Stay away from them.

medicare prescription drug plan

on 12/31/2013 many participants were disenrolled for their payment not posted on December 31,2013. I will complain to AARP and Medicare regarding this unfair and unsafe practice. I personally was enrolled with this company for several years. I belie I missed maybe one payment and the instruction from the company as I have been informed was to post that payment to the late payment this I would not continue as a covered employee. Horrible practice and one that I will not sit quiet about.

Despicable Company

It has taken over a month, DOZENS of phone calls from me as well as DOZENS of calls, letters, and faxes from the neurologist, calls from the referring physician, calls from the patient advocate at Michelin (where the group insurance is purchased from), and still no resolution. They all pass the buck, give you another number to call, and another department/person to speak to.

Deceptive business practices

What kind of organization that is suppose to geared toward customer service does not provide contact phone numbers, e-mail addresses or over the last names of their representatives. Answer-a company that is structured around upsetting people so deaply that they have to keep their employees as anonymous and not traceable as possible. KARMA-United Health Care....


Incompetent Provider Relations, don't pay claims, give providers run around thiking they will get frustrated and give up. They want me to give them 5 stars to post this....it's actually minus 5

Blood suckers

United healthcare are blood suckers.

THe Worst

Worthless medical insurance. They will do anything to avoid paying a claim.

Consumer Affairs

Cindy's accomplished the seeming impossible working with Erin at Optum RX. I received the critical medication by UPS this morning. This outstanding teamwork rectified a very frustrating situation within OptumRX. Thanks to both of these professionals.

Medicare Part D Insurance

Horrible, Horrible company. I just posted something here and it would not take what I posted until I rated it 4 stars. This will be same thing so I will show a 2 star rating just to get this in.

Claims department dumber than a box of rocks

I cannot believe this, I am a medical provider, I write a letter of complaint to the Chief Operations Officer, I copy the claims department on the letter, I have copy stamped on the letter, cc highlighted the letter is addressed to the COO with his name and title with UHC name and address and today I recieve a letter back from the claims department saying they cannot ID the member. They did not even bother to read the letter. This is what we providers deal with on a daily basis.

Don't approval my urology visit

On March 7, 2013, I have to go to my urology since I have the paper to see him since last year. I had to do Kidney Scan, and after that see my doctor. I have diabetes, and today March 11, 2013, I'm still waiting to the insurance call me and tell me if I can go to see my doctor and they never call me., he is in University of Miami and this hospital are on the list of United Health Care. I have to change the date and they gave on April 14, 2013, I have five surgical of my both kidney The worse is that they don't approve my visit. I changed to this Insurance in January 1, 2013 it was the first time I was going to use the insurance. I thing I have to change to another one. Leonor

Telephone Nightmare

UHC switched pharmacy from Medco to Optumrx--spent a total of four hours trying to get them to fix an erroneous coordination of benefits. All people I spoke to were very nice, but gave me wrong numbers to call and made me quite frustrated. The music played while on hold is a Mozart piece over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over.........This company needs help!

I do not see how these guys even earn a 1.7 out of five stars. They can not get things right. I spent nearly 3 hours on call about simple Silver Sneaker benefit and it is stil not right. The only they have done quickly is send me a payment booklett. That went the day I hung up the phone to add the benefit. A week later no benefit still they expect to be paid for the service. I would not recommend this company to anyone. Their customer service contractor is very nice but they can not get anything done.

Poor customer service

I moved 2 years ago & sent the necessary address correction notifications - United Healthcare is the only company that still sends important correspondence to my old address - I've made (1) phone call and am in the process of sending my 4th letter to the contact United Healthcare contact information on my membership statement over the past two years requesting a simple address change - Next open enrollment season will see me seeking an insurance carrier that might be more interested in their customers service (Humana?)

Letter of Denial

I have never seen such bureacratic nonsense. I asked for a simple letter of denial for incontinence supplies for my disabled daughter from your company and it was denied. Why? I followed your procedure as outlined by your telephone representatives. I even submitted an appeals letter and that too was denied. I'm only asking for a letter of denial. This costs you no money except for the price of a stamp. What a mess United Healthcare is if they cannot accomplish such a simple task!

They did not send me/or I did not receive my Medicare Card. I took about 20 phone calls to get through to some one at the "Public Relation Department." They were able to connect me to customer service and customer service took less than 3 minuted toget me a card in the mail. I will try to change from United Healthcare when we can select other privideres. If United really cared they would make it much easier for a policy holder to talk directly with a live person.

A caring employer, striving to be innovative and forward thinking. I also have their insurance, and find it to be excellent. If I have an issue, I call the phone number listed on the back of my card, and the customer service representative is able to resolve my issue. Thank you United.

, I'm not all that pleased with the new docx which is Words new deulfat way to save your work. I changed it back to doc in preferences. I don't know why Microsoft did this, but I'm betting they have a secret reason that's going to be revealed at a later day that will blow everybody away, but until then I'll be saving in doc format so that all my work is compatible.Entourage is another program I never use, but I played around with it and I like the My Day floating app. It's now my exclusive calendar program and though I never used to make to do lists, I do now. I could go on raving about this version of Word, I really, really like it, but I think you've probably figured that out by now. In conclusion this is a fine edition of a fine product which is now more Mac like than ever. Check it out, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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