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On Saturday, April 7, I wrote a personal check to a merchant, from a US Bank account, and for the first time in my life, my check was declined. The account contained funds amounting to about 20 times the amount of the check. After following the procedure on the decline receipt, and speaking with the bank representative, it was determined that US Bank, in processing another transaction, had associated my drivers license number with another account, belonging to a completely unrelated person, with insufficient funds. While they indicated that they had rectified the error, I was told that my account would be inaccessible to me for at least 72 hours. Unbelievable. The bank makes a mistake, impacting and embarrassing me in front of a local merchant, and then denies me access to my money for 3 days. There are 2 things I want from a bank: 1) Protect my money 2) Make it available to me when I require US Bank has demonstrated that they're capable of neither, and punished me in the bargain. They're now my former financial institution.

My husband and i have an account through us bank we had a savings and a checking account well we didn't know that when u transfered money from the savings to the checking account after six times of doing so a month your charged $15 ok fine i understand that but instead of charging us the $15 each time after the sixth time they waited 3months and then charged our savings account $300 wellthat is very wrong in my opinion if they would have just taken out the 15 after every time we would have noticed it and not have made transfers. Even in our statements each month it didn't show anything THE LAST THREE MONTHS!!!!!how do you explain that???? Oh wait they won't and they won't refund us our 300 back!? Wow What a bank not like we tried screwing them over no just transferring MY MONEY the money i work Damn hard for!!!!

I had a kitchen fire in my home on Dec. 23rd. My insurance company Farmers have been great. They covered all of the damages. However, because US bank holds the mortgage, the damage claim check was issued to US bank and myself. They have had the check/money since early January 2012. Every time I called I would get someone different, who each time had a different level of how to do their jobs. I am using Lowes to redo my kitchen. One agent says that Lowes needed a W-9, once I intitated that with Lowes I was told by a supervisor that Lowes was a company they worked with several times and they didn't need a w-9. I was then told that a check was issued. I called to follow up and found that no check was issued, and that Lowes did need a W-9 due to the labor involved. When you fax something to them, it takes three days before it will reach your file. I have been giving misleading information which has wasted the entire month of Feb. Its now March, I received a check, Tues, 6th, but when we tried to process the check through Lowes system, it was rejected. (BECAUSE US BANK FORMATTED THE CHECK WRONG). Now US bank is telling me that I have to send the check back so they can redeposit the check back into the account before I can be issued another check. They are holding over 14,000.00 of my money and can't issue another check until the other is posted (which will be another two days or more). Since when does the monies from any account is deducted before the check is cashed? The policies for this bank is not geared towards its customers, but the greedy banks way of holding on as long as they can. Here I am living in a temporary shelter, but they can't send another check,,,,,As soon as I have cleared this hurdle, I am diffently moving by business elsewhere, and encourage as many people as possible to do the same. Bastards!

I too am a casualty of the mortgage industry. U.S.Bank and the broker falsified my documents concerning income and value of the home. Now I am financially screwed and asking any politician to get involved is also a joke. I have been told to quit writing or emailing as my correspondence will be disposed of. Nice, very professional organization. Blame it on the new CEO Richard Davis. Unfortunately, he considers his employees other than assets to the company and turn over is very high.

I've had a credit card with U.S. Bank for many years and pay them either with check from a checking account I've had for many years or occasionally an online payment. On Feb. 2, 2012 I sent a check to pay my US Bank credit card..on March 1, 2012 I received a phone call from US Bank employee "Roxanne" telling me that my checking account number was invalid. I explained to her that that was not possible, that it was a long standing checking account...and...there had been at least 25 other checks written from that account since that date...and...US Bank was the only check said to be invalid!! RIDICULOUS...to say the least. After contacting my bank and explaining the whole problem to them...they checked with two other departments, got back to me and told me that the problem was that.... US Bank was at fault!! THEY had made a mistake when inputing my checking account number which in turn made my checking account number look invalid and did not accept the payment to my credit card card account. After getting back to "Roxanne" and explaining that US BANK was at fault and explaining to her why and how...she asked me for the correct account number and routing number. I gave them to her. She asked me to repeat the number three times..which I did. She then asked me....FOUR times...WHEN did I want to payment removed from my account. I told her...the payment was mailed on time, received on time...and the money SHOULD HAVE been removed from my account when the check was received!!!! So...obviously...(STUPID)...remove the money NOW!!!!! This went on another 5 minutes and I asked to speak with her supervisor. Her supervisor got on the line and was slightly more explanatory than Roxanne was...saying that "if" the problem was caused by US BANK...then the payment would be made, no late charges would incur and all would be fine. Yeh right...after my blood pressure was sky high and I was close to having an asthma attack! THIS PROBLEM SHOULD NEVER HAVE OCCURRED IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!! I SHOULD NOT HAVE HAD TO GET SO UPSET AND HAVE TO CONTACT MY BANK IN ORDER TO PROVE TO US BANK THAT ..US BANK HAD MADE THE MISTAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE PERSON RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS MISTAKE SHOULD BE FIRED! But...the "processing department" cannot be reached by phone??? What office facility does NOT have a phone???????? Pretty convenient. One department after the other covering up for each other while customers have to be upset, annoyed and treated with disrespect by ignorant employees!!!

My wife has an account at us bank but my name isn't on it. I went through their drive up and gave them a $100 bill and wanted 5 twenties. They asked if I had an acct there to which I replied my wife did. They refused to break my $100 unless I signed up for an account. Unbelievable! I've never had that happen at other banks! And they expect me to want to open an acct now?! The GALL!!

Have been asking for the online bill pay to give a confirmation number when you pay a bill online.....they seem to think this is not necessary...I have received calls asking where my payment was...I print off the page when I pay it...but, there is not a confirmation number they can pull up to see that I have made my payment for the date and amount I have on the receipt. US Bank....you are a large enough corporation to be able to make sure a confirmation is assigned to a payment...this is the only online bill pay in American that DOES NOT GIVE A COMFIRMATION NUMBER WHEN YOU MAKE A PAYMENT !!!!

They spelled my name wrong... I told them... they still sent my bank card with the spelling error.

Unfortunately I am one of the casualties of the mortgage industry and the economy. I will likely lose my home through foreclosure. I have a first, with BOA and a second with USBank. I have listed the property for short sale and am awaiting final approval from BOA and USBank. USBank refuses to approve the short sale because of a $2,000 difference. They want $8,000 and BOA has offered $6,000. USBank would rather the house be foreclosed upon rather than accept the $6,000. This is indicative of USBank's business sense. This has been a difficult situation for my family. The stress has only been compounded by the USBank representatives, especially Trevor (aka #RKT) who have been nothing short of arrogant, rude,condescending, pompous and patronizing. It would behoove USBank to fire the lot and hire people that can at least "pretend" they care and want to help.

I usually don't complain about employees---But after the way I was treated by my branch (Encino,Ca.)Being with this bank for over 5 years--I find my self looking for the corporate office to do so(these reviews don't surprise me)After depositing $21,000 0n Jan.4,2012 my husband was told the funds wouldn't be available to Jan.13th (we have previously deposited that amount with no proplem) so I called my branch to find out why I spoke with a Chris and he said he would have to get back with me---never did -proceded to call the 800-872-2657 number on my statement first spoke with Vivien who didn't seem to know much of anything asked to speak to Supervisor---Terry #17625---I was never treated so rudely in my life--I only wanted to know about the hold on our finances--He went on to tell me thats what that bank does and theres nothing I can do about it I told him I could close my account and go to another bank(I already called Wells Fargo and they said it was up to the bank to do that but they usually don't do it to good customers--were also customers of Wells Fargo and this never happened as we are excellant customers ----He (Terry)went on to tell me to go right a head and do that but I would have to wait to the 13th to get my money out(unbelievable)at that time I asked for his employee number and asked to speak to his manager he refused----

read a book years ago called "Screwed,Blued, and Tattooed." it was about the Corp. world and surely must have been directed at U. S. Bank. the incompatent clowns running around like keystone cops, pretending to be bank employees would be better served working on a farm shoveling cow manure as well as their own bulls--t that they call customer service I work part time in the public sector, and am telling everyone I know to treat the US Bank like a leper colony!

This has to be the worst bank in the country. Since taking over they ran off a very competent and friendly staff and replace them with incompetent slow people and less of them. However the number of people sitting in offices ignoring customers has increased dramatically. In Addition I want to write a note to the local manager explaining why I will be leaving their bank and the bank is not even listed on the website. Also, they moved the atm machine and to reach it now you have to go through the drive up lane which usually means a wait due to the incompetent people working. Only an idiot would have placed it there. If you are considering this bank DO NOT PROCEED!!!!!!!

I was trying to talk to a banker about money orders at 1-614-922-0107 and the guy that answered told me that they were really busy and did not have time for this and hung up on me. I then called back and he hung up on me again. I am very displeased and I am trying to find the home office number to complain. I would never refer anyone to this bank after being treated this way.

I have been with US Bank for 11 years now and they have went down hill over the past 2 to 3 years now. I had 3 checking accounts and 1 savings because it was suppose to help me with my overdrafts but did it NO. I was even getting my alerts late. I end up closing 2 and I am about to close down the other 2 as well I went with Chase Bank and so far so good I get alerts every time I use my debit card and I get treated so much better than I did with US Bank. I got a call today from bill pay through US Bank about one of the accounts that I closed and they told me they paid a bill that was suppose to have been cancel but was not now they want their 40.00 back or they said they will keep harrassing me by calling me, e-mailing me, and sending me mail. I am looking up information to see if I can file charges for harrassment if they even think about it. All they did is make me say put it on my credit report it will only last 7 years than it will come off. I am also contacting the BBB on Us Bank and report their services to them. I would never go back to US bank unless they say I will pay you a billion dollars to come back. I wouldn't suggest US Bank to no one at all I will tell them they are the worse bank to deal with. After I pay my credit card off I am closing that as well.

Victoria in their fraud department is rude and useless. She sounds like she reads from a script!! Never will deal with this bank again!!!! Account is closed and they hold your money for weeks!! They state they have to mail your money and then give you fake dates that they mail it. Guess the pony express is who they use to mail funds. Funds were mailed over 7 days ago and still not here. Three different stories from three different customer service people. The left hand has no idea what the right hand is doing. Victoria also refuses to let anyone talk to her supervisor....hmmm wonder why?? My guess is that we are not the first to complain about her unprofessional attitude and lack of customer service!! It would have been easier to go to the branch and just withdraw our funds instead of letting these incompetents handle it. Do not bank with this bank!!!! We have an account with another national bank and the service is night and day!!! Richard K Davis needs to clean house in some of his banking departments and teach a customer service class to those dealing with the public in his company. What a disgrace they are!!

WOW... Talking about Poor Customer service... This BANK wins hands down... i recently checked my account on line and noticed a Charge on a credit card that i did not make... I enquired about it as this cahrge was made a s store Called NEW SPORTS SHOP... It's unreal how they say i used my card in this store which is supposely in Michigan on the 9th of Jan 2012 and im sitting in Afghanistan working... During my chat with this poor banking Costomer service, i informed them if they google the "NEW SPORT SHOP" that they would see that its a scam and that many other people are having the same issue, then they informed me that they called the store and the merchant said i did use my card there... Funny how this bank just takes it for granted that a so called merchant that they cant contact, and numberous scam articles on the interent about this Company and they still say i made this charge... IN STORE TO BEAT IT ALL...I must be good to travel from Afghanistan to Michigan in one day to charge $8.90... Well US Bank is losing lots of customers due to there poor customers service and lack of customer apprecition... Well thank you US Bank, im now looking for a new banking that appreciates a good customer.. US BANK should change their name...Since i support the United States Military who gives this bank its freedom to conduct business, its just a shame that they treat retired Military and civillians this way over this type of instance... I hope everyone leaves this this bank.. I SURE AM...

I made a deposit in my account of $1000.00 to cover an only bill pay check that was scheduled to go out. Everyday for a week I went on line to check the status to see if the check had cleared because the previous month the check did not clear. Very important to me that it go through this time. On Friday the check had not been presented to the bank and my funds were still in the bank. On Saturday morning the same. On Saturday the 7th in the afternoon I checked again to discover that the check had been returned on January 9th, (this was January 7th) The check was for $875 and my balance was $978.00. US Bank refuses to discuss the matter. I guess it only cost $30 to file small claims action and it is free to file a complaint with the Comptroller of the Currency.

I used to LOVE us bank but now something's changed...I've repeatedly asked (twice at the branch, twice over the phone) to stop mailing info to my physical address but they won't relent. The latest is mail introducing me to web bill pay (I've had it for over 7 years) is from VP Terri Kaase--guess I'll have to sue them to get them to stop--how much can I get for each violation of the Privacy Act? I must have called them a dozen times since opening this new account 3 weeks ago, I'm dumping all my accounts and moving to the non-profit credit union once I find one that will take me in Nevada. Do they want to lose customers, honestly I wonder....

Can I sue US Bank for each county of violating the Privacy Act? I have asked them 4 times in 3 weeks to stop sending mail period, let alone an incorrect address ! They also voided a bunch of online payments and didn't let me know. (They apologized lol.) Has the board of US Bank recently hired some new leg-breakers to work for them like every other BIG BANK? I am going to the first credit union that will have me in Nevada.

Worst experience in banking that I've ever had. I've had the account for about 3-4 weeks now and am going back to the one I left behind. Big rip off. They keep your money and tell you they have to hold it on a local check for 5 days. No other bank did that. All the while, US Bank was able to use my funds, but I couldn't. Rude people (Arnold, Missouri) and got nowhere speaking with them or their 1-800 number.

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