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Donot trust usbank w ur employment. They will trump up causes and fire u. But funny thing, deny unemployment, go to hearing, to have the office of unemployment rule against them. No reason to terminate. Just don't act to smart and only do ur job half way and u can work there for years.

10 days for a lien release???

I paid off my car loan with them, they get to hold on to my money for 10 days, then send out the release of lien. How ridiculous is that!!?? They wouldnt even send or fax me a statement showing that the account is paid in full, so the buyers of my vehicle could see it was paid off. Now they have backed out of the deal and I'm stuck putting out $13,000 and still trying to sell the car. I WILL NEVER DEAL WITH THEM AGAIN!! Take my advice, deal with a local bank who will at least give written proof that they have received your funds. There's no excuse why in 2013, they can't immediately see the funds have been transferred from my account to there's....PATHETIC!!


dealing with the loan department is a joke bounce you around and when you finally get someone to help you they LIE!!!! I will never use this bank again.

Worst Bank Ever

My mother in law passed away a year ago. I have handled her entire estate through faxes, the mail, and phone calls. When it comes to her bank account, however, I cannot get anything done. US Bank REFUSES to allow me to close her account so the family can try to heal from our horrible loss. They continually tell me I need this paper or that paper. I am the executor etc. and have been jumping through hoops like a trained circus poodle for a year! I would never recommend this bank to anyone. The people are uncaring, cold hearted, and will do anything to keep your money!

US Bank Lake Street Branch is staffed by a bunch of morons. I wanted to be added to my fathers safety deposit box. That is all, instead they linked it to my account and sent me the bill. When I called them , the manager was nasty and hung up on my. I will be closing my accounts with them.

can't Open accout ???

Poor customer service, and the Branch manager, asst. Branch Manager and Newbie business recruit is ill equipted and lack the education needed to conduct business transaction. After submitting Doc. to there undisclose law department i was told by the their employee that for reason they are not knowledgeable of they can not open an account because of the Doc. I submitted...mind you the Doc are federally regulated and untappered with. Where is there Delegation of Authority coming from to state the claim that my Documents ie W8BEN dictated that they could not service me! still waiting for someone to explain....still waiting Chicago, IL 111th street

Terrible Bank

US Bank is one of (if not the worst) banks..DO NOT DO BUSINESS with them!!! I recently opened a new US Bank account. I was told that since it was a new account I could not withdraw my own money from my account!!! This bank is only interested in taking your money..investing it for profit for their bank then charging you for allowing them to make profit on your money..STAY AWAY..they continually gave me different excuses and each person I talk to gives me a different story..SHADY, SHADY!!!

I Am Here To advise you A us bank teller is not allowing me to get a money transfer he does not doing this to anyone else i feel you need to change tellers @ 122nd & S E Powell blvd portland oregon they are scamming people please take action on this problem Thank -You

Recently and stupidly opened a us bank account. We have our mortgage with us bank also. My daughter also has a us bank account and went online to transfer money into my account and us bank sent me a check even though my daughter lives at home ! How crazy is that! she wanted to set up a direct to transfer money every month from her account to our apparently you do not do this. Bazaar after years of banking I have never know this! Sadly after relocating the bank we were with are not in the new area. I just regret choosing us bank as so unhelpful!

Why am I charged for cashing a US Bank check at a US bank. You are stealing money any way you figure. When there is a financial crisis that is going on you are sucking the life out of America and it people just for the bottom line of greed...

Worst bank ever!They are criminal!!Never deal with them again, never!!U.S. bank is simply the worst I ever had to deal with. No customer service, No management and No concept of business! Wooooooorst bank ever.

Criminal and the worst bank ever! DO NOT do any banking with these criminals! Beware of these thieves. Awful customer service.Worst bank ever to exist.Very very incompetent.They lie and do anything to steal your money. DO NOT TRUST THEM.

U.S. bank has no idea what customer service is,and even though they say they care about customers, it is simply false. Last week I made a complaint about a certain branch and in two days I received notification that they decided to close my account!! Talk about customer service and royalty!!U.S. bank simply sucks in every aspect.

This is the worst bank we have ever dealt with in the 30 years of banking. We have had a escrow account added to our mortgage without reason. We have never been late and would love to sue the hell out of this bank. It is horrible!

Us bank has no accountability. We have tried to communicate via email, fax and phone. We have our mortgage account with them. Over course of many days (close to two weeks) no one is interested in the fact US bank disbursed 1622.00 out of our escrow, and lost the money. No one can account for where the money is, and they have not interest in the fact they have not paid the house insurance with it as intended. One US Bank worker told us "hey things get lost in the mail all the time" So, since US bank has not resolved the issue of our lost escrow money, we have no choice but to figure out how to make a partial payment to keep our house insurance active. We do have a case pending with o.c.c., as US bank seems to have no interest in correcting the fact the escrow money to pay our insurance is gone. They were mailed a month in advance the correct insurance information, and our agent also faxed the correct information. We also followed up and faxed additional copies, asking US Bank to call our Insurance provider (providing number again) so maybe this can be resolved. After 3 1/2 hours and many phone calls, we were told they would take care of it by today. Just called insurance. It was not taken care of. so faxing US bank does not work, emailing does not work, calling does not work. We may have to get a lawyer, to get our escrow money where it needs to go. That will be the next step if something cannot be worked out. For now we have to scrape together money to pay the house insurance if US bank does not resove it in 48 hours.

We have dealt with many banks for 30 years. Never has one made so many errors, lost so many things and all have an excuse and no explanation for mistakes. Not possible to explain some of the problems as they have no idea at all or are not interested. On top of that, it seems the rule of "THE CUSTOMER IS WHY WE EXIST" has never been explained to this company. Seems like permanent hold if you get to "the back office" with promises not kept to resolve the issue. The entire experiance is exhausting with no resolution.

Just another thought. Perhaps it is time for US Bank to consider an employee number for each employee. Then when they do not take care of the customer problem or complaint, they are held accountable. If they clearly stated an employee number to the customer, we would have a record of how this was supposed to be handled. We would be very willing to take a second to write the employee number down to have for reference when the issue is not taken care of. On the 3rd, 4th and 5th phone call , or when faxing the information as it is documented...... as a last result, it would be nice to have reference number to list for management at this bank to know who is not doing the job they are hired for. As it stands now every employee has a different answer, each call. Just a thought. Thank you.

I have had several bad experiences with U.S.Bank. For instance, they put a hold on your funds for at least three business days. Allowing you to only access $200 of your money immediately. In addition to the hiddding maintenance charges, that you will see taken out of your account if you don;t have a certain amount of funds deposited every month. Last but not least they allowed a stranger to walk into a branch in Chicago, IL and take money out of my account. There exscuse was they showed provided proper idea to the teller. The best part it was their own ID that identified them as not being the account holder, and the teller allowed them to withdrawal money from my account. And they have no explaination as too why it was allowed.

I put in a deposit for $2850 into my account that already had a balance of $2002. I found out that for some reason they were putting 5 day holds on all my deposits so I asked for it back and went to my other bank ( I have never trusted USBank due to some other issues but have a direct deposit and withdraw out of this account so I have kept it) and made the deposit which was availbale the next day. However when USBank backed out the $2850, they took it from my $2002 and put me $859 overdrawn. They are terrible, especially the branch manager at the Hillview Branch here in Louisville KY, Arthur. If you get something from them RUN and never open an account with them.

bad customer service I will never going us bank

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