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Thsi bank is a joke

we have a home loan thru us bank and where we live it floods these people do not care at all the our home is not livable at this time yet they want to argue with they have or have not received from us about the flooding . Its always something. We are the ones that pay for this insurance NOT the stinking bank Yet each time we have to fight and do the dance to make our home liveable Some one need to read these complaints and do something about it 5 star customer service with these people is a joke They made me give one star they dont even deserve that in my opinion


U S Bank has no clue what their doing! The departments do not correspond with each other in any manner. No one knows anything about what the other departments are doing or their policies. It is maddening trying to get in touch with the person you need to speak with and when u leave a message they seldom respond. When u ask a question they dance around it with information that is irrelevant to the question. By the time u get off the phone your questions are still not answered and your more confused then ever. This bank needs to have a take over from an intelligent group of business execs fire all the idiots that currently work there and hire people that know what they're doing! Improve this banks policies!

worst costomer service ever

I have been with this bank for several years and my family has been with this bank since it opened nationally. I have had nothing but issues with costomer service for the last three years they try to charge unknown fees on the statement that you have to call to get removed removed. They pass you from person to person on hold for hours every time you call about an issue. And every supervisor tells you something different. This used to be a good bank but has gotten horrible lately.


I have dealt with the nastiest and greediest banks in America, but none has changed colors more than US Bank. I won't tell you the whole story, but it is one that should bring anyone to compassion for a mugged disabled senior citizen. Not this entity. They have surpassed even the worst - and by far - for viciousness, greed, ill intent and coldness.

very unfair

Us Bank is a terrible business to solve our problems. Are keeping us away from money owed us with all kinds of sick excuses. Do not bank with them for you will have problems

Stolen money??

I opened a very large account in January 2012. During my account use of money I was being charged repeatedly for services from the internet that I never ok'd! The bank never notified me about suspicious activity on my account and one whole page of repeated 200.00 withdrawals! There is a total of 2500.00 in fraud activity and I sent in 32 pages to the fraud department and haven't heard a word about what they will do to return my money!

Interminal delay in funds release

My friend put his check in your bank back in April on the 23 rd. He went to the Vista Blvd Sparks NV branch. He is still waiting for the funds to be released. The corpoarate office promised him that they were sending a package to the bank that would include his permanent ATM card and a couple of gift cards to make it up to him, for the delay. They also said he would have access to his money yesterday. Why is he still waiting in a downtown Reno branch for his money? He is a valued friend, and I hate to see him got through all these delays. He has a heart condition and if they push him over the edge I will help his family get an attorney. Thank you, have a nice day.

us bank is the most unprofessional heartless bank i have ever dealt with and deserves to go out of business !! stay away from this bank !!

Horrible service

I was satisfied with US bank until I opened my third account with them. I was told that as long as I keep a $300 balance, I will not incur service charges. There is a lie. They have charged me two months straight. When I tried to email them and ask for a refund due to the fact I did exactly what the banker told me to, I got told no and it is my fault that I opened this particular account. Bull. I told that personal banker 15 times I wanted an account that would not have service charges and she said okay. Not only that, the responses I got over email were the most smart alecky responses, and completely unprofessional. I will probably go shopping for another bank. I don't want to bank with people who lie to me and are unprofessional.

Mortgage loan

Wow!! Unbelieveable, after 6 months of trying to go through all the paperwork process to buy this house, we are still waiting for them to make the littlest things happen. :Loong story short, it's like sending someone to the store to buy an item and when they come back with that item, give them one more item to return to the store for, instead of just giving one list of items and that would cut the process short. They definitely do not have any order or process in this bank and no one knows what they are doing. First they say one thing and then say another. It's ridiculous! Chicago, IL

Worst bank ever they make sure your account bounces consistently so that they keep adding charges to you and that never seems to stop. They have the nerve to place a complaint against you to the attorney general and try to sue for damages and even threaten with imprisonment.

criminal accusations

I opened a US Bk account in Glendale CA., two years ago. Most recently, I was given a check by colleague, of sorts, to assist me in a financial matter. The bank held the check for a few days, and when I went into a branch in Hollywood, CA., asking if the check had cleared, they said it did, and proceeded to cash the check. Two weeks later, the bank, through its 'corporate security' office, and addressed by a Ms Karla Moran, 'senior investigator', I have been accused by her and her employer, of "depositing a worthless check", further saying that the check was returned on a closed account! I told her in an email that that was impossible, 'the closed account part' as the bank 'cleared' the check before giving me the cash. How could the account have been closed when I presented the check? She is threatening criminal check fraud charges and numerous other false claims and now I am going to sue them. This bank is absolutely the worst of any of them!!!!!

The biggest bunch of crooks to ever live.

I have had nothing but trouble with my business account and when you call them they do not care. I have never been treated more shabilly by entire life.

Worst Bank Ever!

I am appalled at the incompetence, lack of customer service, and professionalism of this so called bank! I am pulling all of my accounts from this poor operation and moving to a more efficient and customer friendly bank. I will NEVER recommend US Bank to anyone, in fact, I will be advising all of my contacts to go elsewhere.

terrible service

three weeks i'm trying to get a lein waiver for my vehicle and still not done. not only do people not know what they are doing, they give you an attitude while not doing it. I will never use this bank again.

poor service

Went to the 302 State St branch in Salem, OR and waited 15 minutes before being served. I had a monetary donation to the local food drive and the teller did not know what to do with the check. She asked a another person who said, "we received an email, look it up." Someone else came over with a folder and gave the teller the account number, but said we won't give you a receipt even when I asked for one. I again asked for a receipt and was told, can't do it. Very poor service and will let the television station sponsoring the food drive my feelings.

Terrible Bank

I've been with U.S. Bank for over 20 yrs. It is now time to shop for a new bank. 3 weeks ago I contacted the Prior Lake MN branch office for a replacement check card and it has been a comedy of errors that we are still trying to sort out. My wife is self employed and tried to work with the U.S. Bank Small Buisiness unit when setting up a new shop recently.... What a colossal waste of time.

I bank at US Bank in northern california. when I first started banking there 15 years ago I was pleased. You could bank on Saturdays and the online service was dependable. Now, no more Saturdays, week day hours have been cut and the online service is horrible! Most of the time I'm unable to do my banking online due to the fact that there service is unavailable. Time to move on.....

Terrible Bank

After 14 years using a US Bank credit card and with US Bank telling me I was an "excellent" customer, never having missed a single payment, it refused to fix a simple 2-month rewards card issue where I had been misled when I got the card. It was the very first time I'd ever asked for assistance. They act as if their customers are the enemy. I am so dumbfounded, I really don't know what else to say except that for every person who actually posts a complaint here, there probably are at least 100 others who don't bother. Awful, awful bank. Use it at your own risk.

SERVICE/loan 5+ units

I applied for a commercial loan deal with Dan and Sean out of the Long Beach area and Dan out of Newport Beach. I was mislead and at the end a I was given the bait and switch type of loan. It was and still is a nightnare as I developed a type of shingle due to the stress brought on by this transaction. I talked to a lot of people and no one would do anything to make this loan better. I am also a savings borrower with a substantial amount of saving in this Bank and I will find a new home for these funds.

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