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My husband and I have been with USAA for over 25 years. Our children who are now adults and married have even at one point made them their insurance of choice. How ever we all are looking at the company with raised eye brows. In May 2010, I was hit by a young man who ran a red light texting and driving. The other insurance accepted full liability. I have had to try to work with 3 different claim adjuster just to file a PIP claim. JUST A PIP CLAIM!!!!! the bills have been sent in. Ive had to sign countless medical releases for USAA! I don't know if they were eating them or what. I finally, just made copy's so that each time I would hear from the claim adjuster I could just put it in the mail. I have not gotten the type of service I have grown accustom to having being a USAA member! I am so disappointed! The adjuster knows that my neck was broken, she knows that there is no doubt that the PIP claim is valid. But to take OVER A YEAR TO JUST GET A SIMPLE CLAIM FILED AND PAID! This is so unbelievable. Ive talked to the supervisor trying to do the chain of command, rank and file. But the degree of passiveness, from the adjuster, and her feeble attempt to really help me as a member, make me pity those who aren't members. To have someone to have your neck broken by the carelessness of one texting and driving was bad enough but, to pay someone to cause you addition pain worry and suffering by no making sure you can at least have a leg to stand one is another. I am so disappointed in the level of efficient,competent help from our own insurance company. And have reported the incompetency, because now I have to call the providers to ask billing records to send the information to My insurance company in order to just get a PIP CLAIM which I'M entitled to filed. My question is while I'm doing her job, what is she doing?

In July of 2007 I was rear ended by a driver insured by USAA and they paid the claim promptly. I then asked about diminished value and I was sent a check for a little over $300. I sent it back and told them that was not acceptable since a professional diminished value adjuster I hired put it at over $3000.00. I passed this on to Mr. Michael Gibfried of USAA who then sent me a check for a little over $600. I again returned the check and Mr. Gibfried told me that was their final offer. That's when I hired a lawyer and sued. The result.... It took 4 years but the judge awarded me my full diminished value estimate, expert witness fees, filing fees, and attorney's fees, $6,475.00 in total. Look at the money Mr. Gibfried would not have cost USAA if he had just paid my initial claim. He should be demoted or fired.

In December 2006, USAA wrote down the credit card my wife had due to our small business failure--economy. They were notified of our Bankruptcy intentions due to a small business failure while we were also attempting to relocate back to the East Coast for gainful employment. They wanted the tax write off. January of 2009 a year after we made the mistake of going to Legal Helpers Dot Com where our first lawyer mis-cited Bankruptcy codes, and our second lawyer never called, our Bankruptcy was finalized--Chapter 13 Repayment. Oops--USAA should have waited. Last year we noticed weird accesses of my credit bureaus--unauthorized access. We signed up with True Credit............and so we had online real time access to our credit files with all three bureaus. We printed them off. In August I received an offer to apply for a USAA Credit Card which was a "Pre Approval". I called and was told that my identity could not be "verified". So, I blew them off--I have other credit. In October of last year, USAA reported my wife's Credit Card Debt written off in 2006, to my Experien bureau which is the worst one of them all to attempt to fix fraudulent or erroneous information--USAA knows it. What is sad is that our Bankruptcy was in a NON-COMMUNITY PROPERTY state (New Jersey) and I was only an Authorized User--not the Account Owner!! I never even used the card. I have now received again, a "Pre Approved" Credit Offer from USAA and again, I called them and recorded the phone call since they get to record us, and the rudeness is on tape, the poor ability to "listen" is on the tape and what's even better....................I have it in writing that even after they plastered my Credit Bureau with fraudulent and intentional defamation (I am a business owner), they are too stupid to put me through to their CEO whom I am quite certain would love to know the time table and events, especially since my Ex-Wife worked for USAA in San Antonio, Texas................married a New Jersey Mobster and she now works for Microsoft and I have evidence that she is less than................umm genuine in her lies. So............I suggest someone from USAA contact me within oh 72-hours if they want to avoid serious litigation. An Ex-Employee possibly hacking into servers and posting felonious and defaming information. I will let you know my Attorney's name if you call. I hope you do so we can find out why my wife's debt written off in 2006 ended up on just one of my credit reports and not the others, three-years later? And I am refering this letter to the Better Business Bureau and Treasury and DOJ--Eric Holder's office. I am also going to sent this to the Texas State Attorney and also contacts in the Pentagon who might be interested in some of these types of activities. Oh yeah, my wife retired from the USAF after 20-years as a Chief Master Sergeant highly decorated. And I will also file this with the State of New Jersey Superior Court Of Ethics for review, as no one ever advised us as an LLC (Limited Liabilities Corporation) we could have bankrupted the company and saved my wife from all this heartache and misery. And the misery clock is ticking Legal Helpers..............Peter Francis Geraci. I suggest someone from D.C also look into the handling of our Bankruptcy as a good American Woman and Minority Owner was taken for a ride. My advice...............do believe in the American Lie, err I mean Dream! Do NOT risk a start up business in America--we were hacked by our competitors with mob ties to high tech companies and senators who were sold out to them. If you can..................move to Russia--it's more American than we are anymore!

I've been a member of USAA for 6 years now, with all of my accounts and services through them. My husband is also a member, for the past 6 years as well. We have never had an issue with USAA, and we love their professionalism, and their understanding of all military-related financial situations. When there was fear of the government shutting down and our service members not getting paid, or only getting half of a paycheck, USAA was there and on the ball, prepared to help their members get through the tough economic times with personal loans. I can't think of another bank or business that would be so understanding and quick to react when their members need them most. Thank you USAA, for understanding your customers and their needs, and being the best business and bank I've ever had to deal with. Your customer service is amazing, every single time we call. I have yet to speak with a rude USAA representative, and that is no easy feat! We will always keep our banking, insurance, and investments with USAA - the company that understands us best, and stands by us always.

USAA Corporate Office| Headquarters PO Box 31643 Tampa, FL 33631 DEAR CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER: On April 15, 2011, at approximately 8:10am, I spoke with a representative of USAA customer service in regards to a transfer of $1,000.00 that I made into my wife’s account. Upon getting the information that the funds were available, the customer service representative had me to get my wife on the phone to confirm that I was authorized to receive information on the account and be added to the account. Upon attempting to add me to the account, the representative stated that we had a CAD block which meant that we possibly owed USAA for a previous account. She asked if I had a previous account and I explained that I did, but did not owe any money to USAA. Moreover, the representative inquired with another department after I advised that maybe it was the previous insurance we had with USAA. She came back on the line and stated that she noticed that IT WAS INDEED the insurance policy and that once that was paid we would have access to the account. She stated that she could make that happen and called the insurance department to enable us to make the payment and gain access to the account. She called the insurance company and they told us the amount. After we gave them the card information and processed the payment, the representative abruptly just hungup the phone on me. I knew that something was not right in the way that she handled the call after the payment was made. Furthermore, I then contacted my wife again because she had to leave the line during the call. I informed my wife to attempt to access the account online because the representative had hungup on me and did not give any details about WHEN the account would be accessible. My wife called me and informed me that the lied to us. She stated that upon calling they now said that based upon the history of the account is the reason we were CAD blocked and not for the insurance payment. She said that they told her that we would never have access to see the account over the internet; nor make any changes or words to this effect. In conclusion, regardless of whether USAA felt we owed the money for a previous insurance policy we were lied to and misled by this representative. I called and spoke with a representative named Tiffany who eventually transferred me to a Senior Advisor of Executive Resolutions named Ranelle. I only wanted the name of the girl I had spoken with or her representative number and a way to reference the call for my complaint because the calls are monitored. The Advisor was more aimed towards trying to make me feel that the call WAS NOT monitored rather that provide me the information I requested. The representative CLEARLY stated that the call was being monitored due to the payment situation with the insurance. I am asking that the conversation be reviewed and this representative be reprimanded or fired from this company for misleading us and outright telling us a lie. That is NOT customer care; nor customer service. She should have said, “The payment that you are about to make does not guarantee that any changes can be made to this account; however, you can make the payment and have the account reassessed. Sincerely, Michael Hunt, Sales/Marketing Manager Kryptos Communications Rosita Hunt-Cruz, Social Security Administration, US Government We are also asking for an official apology from the representative and request a complete statement which shows what we owed on this alleged insurance policy.

In this economy I can not understand how a company as mediocre as USAA continues to thrive. After being in an accident over 60 days ago, we have no resolution to our damages. USAA is covering a woman who hit our car while it was parked. After receiving estimates claiming over $800 dollars in damages USAA's adjuster priced the damages and under $300. The same adjuster, employed and backed by USAA, who was sarcastic, rude and loud. After placing numerous phone calls to just about everyone in the claims department we have received conflicting reports from every single person we spoke to. It is unbelievable that after nearly two months, not one person has done their job correctly in that office. We have provided photos, statements from witnesses, and a police report, none of which USAA has looked into. This company should not be in business.

I sold a motorcycle to another USAA member, who got a loan from USAA. He gave me the check, I gave him the title filled out properly with USAA as the lien holder. I endorsed the check, put it in a USAA deposit envelope with a preprinted deposit slip from my USAA account and then placed it in a USPS priority envelope address to the USAA processing center. USPS confirmed that the priority mail envelope was received by USAA at 7:16 AM on Monday 3/7/2011. I checked my account through out the day and did not see the deposit hit my account. I called your 800 number at 6:36pm Pacific. Enquired with representative about the situation. The Rep did check the deposits saying it was not showing, I gave him the USPS tracking number, which showed that it was received. I was told to wait until today 3/8/11 for the check to post. I checked online this morning about 8:30, it was not posted. I had sent in a message last night about the issue and a Steven Garcia sent a reply that they have not received it although in the message was the USPS tracking number with the USPS results. I explained that the check was DRAWN on USAA, made out to the owner (my wife who is on our USAA account) of the motorcycle which your other member purchased. His reply must have been a 10 second canned reply (lousy service), "Thank you for your message. We post deposits upon receipt, and those received on holidays/weekends post the next business day. As of the previous business day, we have not received your deposit. Please allow 10 business days for it to post to your account. After 10 days, please contact the person or company that issued the check and ask if it has cleared their bank. If it has cleared, please mail or fax a copy of the front and back of the canceled check to:" I am not sure that he even read my message. I called today on this issue and talked to several people that could not verify that the check was received thus I must conclude that USAA has lost the check of $11,500. I put my trust in a bank to handle my money properly, however, the evidence thus far does not show that USAA can be trusted with my money. I know this will not be read by anyone on the BOD or the CEO, so I will send it directly to them. MSgt R Wayne Cook and Marilyn J Cook

Dear USAA In my time of need when my world had literally been flipped on its side you gave me grief. You let my husband and I down. We have tried to reason with Ms. Lucy Woods and she was not willing to work with us. Patiently I have waited for better response. After the R.V we were staying in flipped over you told me that I needed to dig through the leaked sewage and piles of glass to obtain my personal belongings. NOBODY ever showed up to assist or even evaluate the damage. For months I was removing glass splinters from my hands arms and legs. I tried to protect myself from the glass but digging through that much glass for 3 days I was bound to get cuts and glass slivers. The smell of the spilled sewage and rotting food was unbearable. I was told I needed to salvage what I could “when asked if I should dig through all this stuff the answer was yes, if that is what needs to be done then dig through the piles of glass and raw sewage” and although I generated a list of what I could we lost a lot of things that were not on the list and as time goes on we notice more and more things that we missed. You were quick to respond on helping us with our personal items but then again we were also given a depreciated value of what we lost and even then we were unable to account for all that we had lost at the time. We were given a small tiny rental car and supposed to fit all of our belongings into this rental car. We had to pay out of pocket for a larger rental vehicle to fit what belongings we could fit in there and the rest we had to leave behind; once again adding to the loss that was not claimed. The offer Ms. Lucy Woods has made for our vehicle is WELL below blue book and the Market value that she say's you meet. My husband and I have always loved and trusted USAA. Now I am considering obtaining an attorney.

I have a situation and it seems to be that no one is following up on what they say that they are doing. First, i have given information weekly to your officers about the situation with Report number etc. The following week it seems that they asked again for the same info. Lets recap on what has transpired, My vehicle was involved with a theft and and damage to my car. The person was caught by the police with object in hand and admitted to the issue. A police report was made and was found guilty to the issue but is a minor so the input officer for the juvenile plead him out with a 200.00 labor or j0b assignment. I gave the info to the USAA rep and it was to be handled. The rep sent an adjuster out to see my car. I previously got two estimetas for the damage which came to at the lowest 2100.00. The adjuster you hired took pictures of the car and sent in the information which i also gave him the estimates as the police and suspects family also got. I get a call from USAA stating they will only pay 100.00. The reason why i am told is that the USAA REP said the adjuster said it would only cost 1100.00 from the body shop of my choice. This is untrue as i called the body shop and was told that the estimate would not be reduced. Your company so far has been trying to low ball the cost incurred to the no fault of mine issue. I have been a loyal customer for many years ans would like to be treated fairly. It seems right now that the company called me this weekend and tried to close the case without paying out anything. Is this what USAA is doing with all customers? If the damage comes to 2100.00 then pay the 2100.00. Or is it the economy? I am still waiting for the settlement as i already gave all the information to the USAA rep which included pictures and Police Document number and contact info. I believe it is in your court to settle this and i am waiting.

TO WHOM REPRESENTS THIS COMPANY. This is my second time writing your company. Seeing how though you people obviously do not read these or respond or even try to make up for your companies errors. All I've asked from you is to replace the vehicle your total loss claims reps said would be replaced. Now I feel forced to seek legal representation. I've tried being noce and peaceful with your overly frustrating company. I've never asked for anything from your car insurance company in the 4+ years I've been with you and when I need your company to protect me most you dont. This is your last chance to fix what customer service relationship your company has ruined. I used to brag to my fellow Marines about how awesome your company was. I've learned the hard way that your not as great as you say you are. If I do not hear anything from your company by tuesday I will feel obligatd to find a legal advisor and to take matters to a higher level then just settling this between company and customer. Thank You for your time once again, Robert L Maynard

This is directed to whom ever is the president of this company. I have been a loyal customer of your insurance and banking for a little over 4 years now. In on July 12 of this year I was involved in a not at fault accident. Your company deemed my vehicle a complete total loss. Thats fine I'm ok with the total loss. Your claims rep Monica and your total loss rep I believe her name was Alex were completely undeniably rude and very unhelpful during this whole situation. First your claims rep Monica told me what my vehicle was worth without ever sending an appraiser, or seeing a single photograph of my vehicle until your company picked it up. Then Monica told me how much I owed on the vehicle and 3 weeks later that completely changed. Then your total loss claims rep told me I would receive another vehicle if I had GAP insurance, well I was covered under 2 GAP insurances. I canceled 1 and am still currently under another that protects from total loss. Your company refused to fix my vehicle and it was slightly worth more than the damages. I had full coverage from your insurance Company and the car was covered for 5000 parts under warranty. My issue is I'm not understanding why I'm not going to receive anything for my lost vehicle. Your reps tell one thing and then it changes. Your total loss rep told me if I have GAP insurance I would receive another vehicle. I'm a man who is true to his word if I say something I mean it or I'm gonna do it. I learned that from 4 years in the USMC. I figured since your company is a strictly military or military families only organization your employees and policies would be true to their word as well. As I found out your organization is not at all. You see my issue is only this, yes I only owned that vehicle for 2 years, it had more sentimental value than you or anyone in your company will ever understand I fought in Iraq twice to buy and keep that car because that in fact truly was my dream car my goal that I achieved and that I received a Purple Heart for. I expected more from your company then just lies to get me to sign over my vehicle. I do believe your total loss rep that if I have GAP insurance I would receive another vehicle but I very much doubt that'll happen since your claims rep Monica already took the necessary steps to make sure I will receive nothing. All I'm asking is do the right thing fix this problem. Thank You for your time. Robert L Maynard

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