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Tyson Food's don't care about any body but themselves

they suck!!!!!!!!!

Tyson is one of the worst companies they have the worst customer service and are so abusive they mistreat their animals and force about 100 chickens a day in a small cramped up place.


Your such a greedy despicable company for allowing such horrible treatment to these poor harmless animals....are these maniacs going to be prosecuted for such horrendous behavior...hmmmmmm

Thank You

Thank you to Tyson Foods for being involved in local communities. Your donations to the local food banks help those in need.

Animal abuse

Anyone who reads this message needs to view a video I have on my Facebook page of a hog confinement in OK which supplies pork to Tyson Foods and Walmart. Warning: the video is so graphic that it will make you sick to watch the abuse these wonderful animals receive. Tyson needs to investigate this fully and the workers need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The same abuse should be done to the workers! Laura Rae Chipman Hardy.

It doesnt matter

Tyson Foods makes chicken for Walmart, Publix, McDonald's, and KFC, just to name a few. Most major corporations that sell you chicken, buy it from Tyson. No matter how much you hate Tyson, its forced down your throat at every possible opportunity.


I use to work at Tyson Inc. in Monett Mo. the plant is DISGUSTING no wash down on breaks. The chicken peices just stays there by the end of the day it starts to stink. One day they spilled Three TOTES of ROTTEN chicken the whole plant stunk and they just kept working why was there rotten chicken in the plant? Shame on Tyson. and one for thing hire some AMERICANS!!

Horrible customer service

I called the number on the chicken nugget bag to ask questions about what parts of the chicken are used in the nugget. The first woman , Carmella? Was terribly rude and very defensive on the product. I was very put off by her attitude so i asked to talk to someone else. she said i could not. so, I hung up and called back, got her again so I hung up. Finally I got ahold of someone else, I said I'm not meaning to be rude or what not but I want to know if the skin is used along with the breast meat. Her answer did not satisfy me. I am still not happy with the service. So I had my husband call back, and they say " so this is the 4th time this number has called what is the problem?" ... Wow. So rude. I just want the answer to my question before I feed this to my toddler!!

What I don't understand is how someone who is caught abussing the animal welfare laws can continue working for Tyson aslong as he writes a statement emplicating other workers that supervisors may have a personal problem with, using these statements to break the rules of retribution.

chicken patties

My toddler loves them. I swear he is addicted, he will eat four in a row at times and get mad if I won't give him more. He wants them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. He is a very fussy eater and will only eat fried chicken, potatoes and beans. Your chicken is healthier and cheaper than having to. Uh popcorn chicken from KFC or chicken nuggets at McDonald's. Thank you for making these delicious chicken patties that taste great out of the microwave.

Tyson don't pay there bills on time.I have been trying to get my money seen Feb.

I will never again buy any Tyson Food Products. To take off an American holiday in favor of a Muslim holiday is wrong no matter how you look at it. To all Muslims living in MY country, you need to adapt to our way of life not yours. AS for Tyson you should be ashamed. Fuck you!

Lots of terrible remarks here. Many don't even have anything to do with the holiday fiasco. Anyway, mine is about the holiday fiasco. I served 25 years in the military and to see am American icon company go to the dogs is extremely disappointing. Hiring somalians for pittens instead of Americans for a decent wage is dishonorable. As I told Oprah Winphrey when she pushed a socialist.....You're Fired! And she has been. Now, Tyson Foods, you have done a treasonous act by hiring cheap illegal labor and taking away an American holiday. I realize you renegotiated to bring back the Labor Day holiday, but only because of the pressure you are getting from the entire country. I have published your act in all places I could think of. Everyone will know of this very soon. Stand by to loose your status as an American icon company. Too bad, so sad. Tyson Foods.....You're Fired!

Tyson just lost another customer. And I will spread the word all over about this company

Will never buy another Tyson product, ever! Don't call yourself an American Company. You must hold Amercan values to be considered as such. I will forward my disgust to all of my friends and family. It may not make any difference to Tyson but I know that I am doing the right thing. Shame on you, Tyson!

We (plus friends) will make sure to boycott any products from your company. We are still a CHRISTIAN NATION

I work for Tyson foods and I have seem their carelessness first hand . The don't treat their employees any better than their animals. They get a tax break for importing samalians and they pay about 3.00 an hour and the gov. pays the rest . along wiith that they get 3000 from the gov just to come over here.The manageent lets them do what they want and If the white workers try the same thing the get written up or fired. The management at the plant I work at will overlook real problems or turn a blind eye and then they feed the corporate office a line of crap to cover their tails. Refusing to fill out accident reports, refusing to repair equipment , refusing to follow up on reports of discimination , favortizim. harrassment . The care less about the workers bill of rights the preach about.

Just learned about your abolishing the Labor Day Holiday back in 2008 in order to placate ther Muslims. You have lost this household as well as my kids and grandkids as customers. Most people have not heard about this situation but you can be sure that I am getting the word out and around the country. Here I thought you were an All American company. I obviously was wrong.

NO More tyson products in our house and also speaking for the rest of my family. The tyson corp. in Shelbyville Tennessee has elected to trade out Labor Day for the last day of Ramadan week for a paid Holiday. Ramadan is a Muslim Holiday so let's observe Muslim Holidays not United States Hoildays. NO MORE TYSON FOOD!

I hate the way that Tyson stalls when they are in the wrong. My vehicle was hit by a Tyson truck driven by Jose. He ran a red light and totaled my vehicle with my daughter in it. She was taken from the scene in an ambulance to a hospital for treatment and now goes to rehabilitation. Now it has been 26 days and Tyson Corporate will still not settle to pay for my vehicle even after Jose was ticketed for running the red light and hitting my car in the rear quarter panel and the passenger door on the driver's side of the vehicle. If my daughter would of been a milli-second slower she would of got hit directly in the driver's door. Still Tyson Corporate wants to stall and will not take blame for their driver Jose. What a crock, I have all ready started a complaint with the Insurance Commisioner's office in my state, and next I'll be talking with a news reporter in Atlanta. Maybe with some media exposure something will happen. What ever happened to customer service and how can a big corporation do their own insurance claims? They hire private insurance adjusters to fool the drivers into giving them statements without legal council to try to short you in a settlement. Take my advice and always consult an attorney when dealing with Tyson corporate if you have been injured in an accident. That just goes to show you that big business can do what they want when they want. I have called Tyson Corporate every 3rd day looking for a decision and they will not make one. In fact I was the first one to call them 5 days after the accident because they would not call me! I have talked with numerous claims people and tried to talk to the director of claims and he wont even call me back. None of them have called me back. When I do discuss the case with them they say they are investigating even though their driver was ticketed at the scene for running the red light. How can they still investigate when he was cited and will be found guilty guaranteed at court of the offense. When I stated this to a Tyson claims representative she said she didn't care what the Police Officer did at the traffic scene or if the driver was convicted in court. She didn't feel that had anything to do with her holding up the investigation ie stall tactic of Tyson. I'm in Quality Assurance of a huge globel company and if this happened to one of our customers this issue would of been resolved with in 24 hours, but that doesn't go for Tyson.

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