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Took my car to a tires plus location for new tires and an oil change. The shop forgot to put oil back in and resulted in a blown engine. A month later still waiting on my vehicle. The shop admitted they were wrong but a month to fix now I'm starting to get mad.

The Sabotaged my BMW

I went to Tires Plus on Southern Blvd at state rd 7,, They put gas in my oil so my car would over heat and they damaged my radiator so I had to call a tow truck..The mechanic I had look at it said the Radiator Exhaust Port seemed to be hit with a hammer and then put back in place. I asked him to look at the oil and he found traces of Solvent in the Oil.. Wow,, I guess that Was so I break down and call Tire Plus Back..I will never visit Tires Plus Again they encourage Bad Ethics to get Repeat Business.. And every media Campaign I do will downgrade their Service..I refuse to do business with a company that practices standards to cheat people!!

Unfixed Tire

Asked them to repair my tire. I told them I used a can of fix-it to get air in the tire so i could bring it in. They said sorry, corp policy won't allow us to repair a tire you put fix-it in. In other words, we can use extortion to get you to buy a $250 tire from us instead of a $25 repair job.

drugs left in my vehicle

had my car at tires plus on del prado in cape coral and the technician named Kenneth hayes left a small bag with a white powder in it in my vehicle. I found it in between the drivers seat and the door. This is probably the worst thing that has ever happened when I took my car in for repairs.

Very bad service!!

Made appt. for 30min. oil change, arrived on time, told they could not do it, "too busy and short of help". No apologies, attempt to re-schedule and when asked why had not phoned me, said "too busy here". have gone there for over decade, NOT GOING BACK!!

shitty service

Been to this place one too many times over completely lack of knowledge of cars. My car leaves in worse shape every time.

Constant Problems

These guys cant fix dinner let alone a car. I don't know if any of the so-called mechanics are ASE certified. I always have to bring my car back to have whatever they did, fixed again. This goes for oil changes, tire balances etc. I've had enough, the one thing they can do very well is TAKE YOUR MONEY!!!!!

Pisses off customer

this place is a joke. Do not go there.


fixed car the mgr said,your all good to go! left the shop car tapping like crazy, take it somewhere else, car left tires plus with 2 quarts low on oil.. a tear in the hose just put in..this is actually the worst place I believe my car has ever gone to.. so much for the tires plus credit card, this is actually one I wont ever use, and thats saying ALOT! this system will not let me leave NO STARS,,not surprised

I had an appointment at 7:00 am to fix a slow leek in a tire. i have never been treated so poorly .it was almost 1.5 hrs before i was out of there .coustermer service very poor. who knows what kind of workmanship i got ?

Poor care on replacement Parts

I had my dodge minivan in there over the summer. My belt falls off all the time. My machanic found out it was a bad water pump they put in the van. How dare they charge me so much money for this, and now I have to pay my machnic too. Very bad customer service this company is s discrace to us hard working people.


I recently got a full alignment done after replacing control arm bushing I got my truck back and a few day later the lower control arm had lots of play in it finding out they never even touched them because they said they were in spec witch was impossible When i fully removed them i also told them to grease the ball joints and that did not happen either I am very very upset very poor service

Poor Customer Service

Reported incident today 10/23/13 to the corporate office I'm waiting for the District Manager Randy Rider to call me within 24 hrs. If i don't get a response with a feasible solution then i will proceed to state my claim to the public.


I complained to corporate office, the guy seemed interested enough. We shall see if the situation is handled accordingly and to see if they really do care about their customers.

Car Left with Smoke Odor

Today I had some repairs made at your Dixie Valley Store. When I arrived I got out of my car with my windows "up" and the man drove my car into the garage and apparently put my windows "down". Why?? While car being repair for over an hour, the men were also grilling burgers inside this garage at the rear of my car. Now my car reaps with charcoal smoke and burger grease. Had I known they put my windows down I would have told them to put them back up. I am very offended that this would happen. My car still had a brand new smell and now it has to smell like this. Manager said oh "sorry", grinning. I am very offended by this.

Very Poor Service

The site at 1000 East Bay in Largo is supposed to provide vehicle inspections for eSurance and they apparently don't want to provide this service. They say they don't have the forms even after the forms have been faxed several times. From the other reviews I've read I'd say you have a real problem with this location.

I came to get a major tuneup

I dropped my truck off this morning at 7 am, its almost 7 pm and my truck still isn't ready. That's not going to work. So not-

upset customer

I will never use these people again! They damaged my SUV and when I brought it to their attention the manager jumped to the defense and gave me every reason under the sun as of why it couldn't have been them instead of just owning up to it and fixing it! Now I have an 11" massive scratch in my car that wasn't there when I dropped it off! You should have heard all the excuses he gave me! some were almost comical! If you value your car, NEVER take it too tires plus in Gainesville FL.! Worst ethics I've ever seen!!!

broke window

Went in to the Shawnee Okla store,spent close to 1.000 dollars on new tires and, alim.got my car back with a broken driver door glass and grease all over my leather.I had to go replace window for Over 700.dollars window had to be special order.and in stalled The ajuster told me to FAX invoice I did left him 2 megs.he hasn't Called me back yet.same bad service from ajuster as the store Don't care about your car or your money that you spent for there mess up

Poor business practices

Paid $2000 to get new tires, struts, alignment check, shocks, and, ball joints. Within 10 months, tires are wearing the same. Took it to the Wickham Rd. store and the desk clerk tried to sell me a lifetime alignment warranty. I figured they would at least diagnose the problem. I would not suggest this business to even wash my jeep

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