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False Advertisement

I received an email advertisement from Ticketmaster for the Who at MSG with the following verbage. There was no way to make this purchase. I have contacted the Cust. Service reps a number of times and they will not even answer the question, repeating that the presale is a Citi presale staring on th17th....Here is what it says: Here is your opportunity to get tickets before everyone else. Starting 10AM Local Time, Saturday October 11 you will be able to purchase a Ticket + Fan Club Membership...with a purchase ticket link that does not work.

Ticketmaster _UTSA Game

I bought to tickets from Ticketmaster and they were unable to assist in an exchange request. They could not pick up the phone to call someone at their local office to resolve the matter. They told me to go to the venue and resolve it there and when I did they could not help me. Now they say I can not get a refund or credit. Their Slogan WORLD CLASS SERVICE-EVERY CUSTOMER EVERY DAY should be removed when you do not take the time to help someone because it is not profitable to you in any way, Just state Everyday we ignore the customer.

Belmont Stakes Tickets

Never received my Belmont tickets. I called ticket master several times. They assured me I would receive tickets before event. I never did. I called the day before event and rep told me ticket master would have my tickets at will call window. The day of the Belnont Stakes, I went to will call window and they had no record from ticket master. I had to go to third floor annex at Belmont Park.


Ticketmaster discriminates against Handicap people by not allowing them to purchase seats during PRESALES. Then tell you its the venue and the venue tells you its ticketmaster.

No stars

Brought tickets from ticketmaster and never recived them till this day and I would like a full refund...

no heart no compassion

i had the worst experience. Missed majority of both of my events, 14st ticketmast sight error not al,lowing me to print my tickets. Second traffic issue that i was notified of and prepared for and still missed most of my event. Will not let this go. Will go above and beyond what is necessary to make sure this issue IS HANDLED!!! PERIOD


I am very dissatisfied with the tickets I acquired for a concert. I ordered floor seating and was given tickets in the seats with no access to the floor. I called ticketmaster four or five times, wasting hours of my time and money. I did not receive the same reason for why this occurred once, and was refused a refund to the event that we did not stay for. There were hundreds of students from my college who had the same problem. hundreds. My friends and I will not be buying future tickets from ticketmaster and i discourage anyone else from buying as well.

Scam artist!

I bought tickets for my mother for Christmas. I called to transfer them in her name, they said I couldn't I asked what if I canceled would their be more tickets available? They said yes then went ahead without my consent and canceled the tickets because of a questions then was sold out!! They reviewed the call found I was in the right but oops nothing thanks for heartache and head had you should feel embarrassed to run a company like this all I can say I will NEVER EVER use this scam company again and I'm going to keep going until someone does something!!


Scammaster I mean ticketmaster no I was right the first time. Is nothing but money hungry and refuses a refund for an event that we were told to call ticketmaster for a full refund. You think that happened NO! They just said to bad the event is over. If anyone ever wants a refund demand at the box/ticket office that they give you the refund. BTW Doesn't even deserve the star.


If I could give a negative rating I would. Members of George Strait's fan club were given the opportunity to purchase tickets to a show before sales went public (pre-sale). The posted time for pre-sale was 10:00 CST. I was online exactly at 10:00 a.m. and tried for 10 minutes to get only 2 tickets, but to no avail. I was able to get 1 ticket to the venue. How I could not get two tickets is beyond me -- All of the ticket "resale" sites had tickets (posted the same day) for $400+ each. Then I decide to purchase at the general sale a few days later. I was online again promptly ready to purchase-- I get a "working..." screen that tells me that my wait is 5 mins, 3 mins, -- then it jumps to 10 mins, 8 mins, 7 mins -- then it jumps back up to 15 min, 10 min, then it tells me that my wait is over 15 mins. After 3 mins of that it tells me that there are no seats. How I got from 3 mins to you're never getting tickets is ridiculous. Out of control.

Never buy ticket from ticket master

I bought 4 tickets for the Soul Circus on 11/7/2012 but found out that the computer gave me the wrong day. I call back to cancel or change and they had a big problem with it and told me that ticket cant be refunded or change on the same day to purchase.....I call back the next day and was told I couldnt get a refund..... PLEASE DONT ORDER TICKET FROM THE EVER!!!!! PUT THEM OUT OF BUSINESS BECAUSE THEY WILL ROB YOU AND GET SMART ABOUT IT. THEY HAVE VERY NASTY EMPLOYEE..... I HATE TICKET MASTER......

Reporting to BBB right now....also writing to every band and promoter to ask them to ban using Ticket-disaster.....they sell to scalpers....thats it. I logged in at exactly 12 (when tix went onsale) at 12:01 picked 2 tickets for best available....page saisd wait time was 15 min (12:01) , at 12:11 page refreshes and says there are no tickets left....so All tix to MSG sold out in 1 min????? Bullsh! t. , ....looking to take action against this scumbag of a corporation.....why cant you buy tix at local outlets anymore?? Because they would rather sell to scalpers than fans.....write a letter and complain about TM to everyone! Congressmen, artists, bands, venues.....everyone!!!

I purchased a paperless ticket for the WHO in Atlantic City. Obviously, there is nothing resembling customer service. No one has telephone me back to straighten out the fact that I have confirmation concert and parking emails but not the PDF to print the actual ticket. I believe the present situation is lawless. If I continue not to hear from Ticketmaster one more weekday, I getting in touch with the FTC (since they do interstate business) and the Attorney General of my state. There is no business purpose for such a system. Perhaps I will miss the concert but a law school education can come in handy. Sadly, Ticketmaster is becoming more and more the consumer norm. It will take time for me to bother them but bother them I will. They will find it would have been far cheaper to resolve my complaint.

Any call to the corporate office will be sent to one single person that is in a call center in west virginia. he has zero ability or interest in helping, is armed with a stack of legaleeze to spew. he takes alot of pride in makig sure customers are aware they have no rights. he sounds real nice, a real-friendly like southern twang and full of apologies. He is also kinda skilled at shifting any and all responsibility to you. Ticketmassa is certainly the worst company on the planet to deal with.

I was visiting friends in Omaha this weekend, and we decided to go to Council Bluffs, IA for a Johnny Winter show at the Horseshoe casino. The tickets were advertised at $25. When we got there, we were charged a $7 "convenience fee" for the tickets, even though we bought them at the venue box office. This was pure profit for Ticketmaster. It was a total ripoff, as well as false advertising, as there was no way to purchase the tickets for the advertised price.

I checked out the prices on the website to compare to theatre website prices....why do so many people think ticket master is a good idea? They charge double or even triple for the same ticket...

I purchased 2 tickets to WWE Raw world tour in Jackson MS and clearly requested ringside seats. The agent assured me that I would hace no people between me and the ring and charged me 213.00 after arriving to the event i found that my seats were in the back of the arena. I then called ticketmaster and explained my situation and was told that I could leave the show tell the box office on the way out and the event would be refunded. This was a total lie!! A week later I called back and talked with a callcenter supervisor andwas told that there was nothing that could be don without contacting corporate offices. He explained that I had been given 21.90 as a refund and I would need to speak with corporate for more. This is the 3rd time ordering tickets with this company and I have yet to get what I ordered. Needless to say I will NEVER!!! use this company again.

I bought tickets from Ticketmaster in 1 of youre outlets at Fred Meyer and this was for King Tut exhibit but come to find they are not tickets they are coupons to trade for tickets at the Pacific Science Center in Seattle but here is the kicker you have to go to a website in order to register day and time. This website that is provided does not allow anyone to register their tickets it is just the store website and nothing more, so I have to say shame on you Ticketmaster and Fred Meyer store for this, i got to waste my gas going there and paying for parking and my time on Fathers Day, thanks so much

BEWARE Ticketmaster new "Paperless Ticket"!!! I purchased tickets for Red Hot ChiliPeppers Seattle show in November with intent of giving to son. It was only after I got my confirmation did I realize that it said the only entry into the venue was by swiping the credit card that purchased the ticket along with the valid ID. In other words there is NO way for you to give or sell your ticket if you can not or do not want to go. Website said that sometimes you can transfer but for whatever reason they will not allow this for this concert. I went back through the ticketing process to see if other ticketing methods were an option but it was the only way to purchase these tickets. The web just said "Seat locations are electronic Ticketmaster Paperless Tickets" I honestly really thought that just meant 'print from home' like I have done for years. I immediately called customer service and have been fighting them for over a week and they will not refund or just transfer the method of payment to my sons debit card. How can they possibly claim they are trying to give customer service when they monopolize and make purchasing tickets so difficult. It would even be understandable if it was an option like save money if you purchase the ticketless or non-transferable only ticket versus a refundable/changeable/transferable option but they gave NO option at all. I finally got a customer service agent to admit this is a prototype and the ONLY events where you can transfer tickets if Major League Baseball. I am furious.

FRAUD I went to The Greek Theater site to buy tickets for Neil Diamond was redirected to Ticketmaster who apparently then redirected me to another site where I purchased tickets again thinking I was on Ticketmaster web site. I need to change the tickets but there is no recourse. If I had actually purchased the tickets from Ticketmaster I would have recourse but Choice Admission offers no recourse. The Greek Theater is complicit in this fraud. Ticketmaster is selling tickets to select persons allowing them to redirect purchasers from Ticketmaster web site to them. Theater owners using Ticketmaster sells just facilitates this fraud.

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