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I have been trying to get ahold of somebody so that I can pay a balance. I have been attempting to do so for about 2 weeks, and I just keep getting transferred, and every person I talk to is rude, or hangs up on. this is including supervisors

stuck in the cold

I have been talking back and forth with txu and oncor since 4:30 today. I payed my bill before then there is a freeze tonight and still no lights! My babys need there breathing treatment and still txu reps are brushing me off.

stuck in the cold

I have been talking back and forth with txu and oncor since 4:30 today. I payed my bill before then there is a freeze tonight and still no lights! My babys need there breathing treatment and still txu reps are brushing me off.

I am requesting that TXU ceases immediately sending me their mail out,phone calls and etc.This is so very unacceptable.You call and of their numbers to try to get a human to listen it is like talking to a wall.TXU would be the last person I would have my electrical needs provided by.

not caring about older people

my father is 73 years old and resently had a bad fall which left him with a brain injury at times hes in his right mind but others he not well i have just started taking over his bills and i found that he has a disconnect notice for TXU because of late or missed payments whrn i got this notice i call and tried to make an arrangement, the person i talrd with on 05/20 was very helpful but the one that i talked to on monday were unconcerned as i have ever seenall they kept saying was you need to pay this and pay it ASAP. in essence the lights were turned off in the heat of the day today and im very upset with txu not very good customer service..

this company is pitiful, they are so money hungry, will not extend me 2 more days till my social security check posts, they want a 17 payment to extend. i have been with them 40 years and they dont give a damn, they act like dictators.

free nights not really free

i signed up for free nights and weekends. my first bill was $59.44. my next bill is $266.80. This is rediculous, and something is just not right. The repersentative slipped and said, your bill triples in the day. Then he acted dumb founded when he knew i felt in my gut, what he just said to me. whats done in the dark about this company has come to the light in Jesus name.

Same here PHYLIS....my X business Partner called TXU- stating he was Mr.C. had them turn on power @ two different houses, they turned it on, but not under Mr. canales.. but my name)______ C. This constitutes I.D Theft, and Fraud.Becuase he did this to have me served. knowing i woudnot recieved the court documents and he won by default.... they have the phone recordings.. i've spoke with Corperate security= Berry White. and the fraud department._____________i forget his name. and now a new securty person .. goes by princess. the detective in Tyler{Rathman } would not do his job...but i have to get a court order befor they will give them to me,,,,

If you have problems with any utility company(s), contact the Public Utilities Commission if you don't see satisfaction after trying to resolve it first with your electric company (which I know never works). Here's the website you can file a complaint with if you don't see satisfaction after talking to your electricity company first. http://www.puc.state.tx.us/consumer/complaint/Complaint.aspx Good luck everyone! A.

My husband and I switched to TXU , I so regret it !!!!! I pay my bill every month I have never been cut off . i just got hit with a 310.00 deposit without notification. And you are so right they do not care about their customers . I will tell anyone i know DO NOT GO WITH TXU they are money hungry company .

TXU- all of these comments are a reflection of your poor service, MISidentity verification of your current and ex customers and your collect by any means necessary tactics. I moved from a residence in January 2009 and called for a request to have a final bill forwarded to my new address. I made the payment over the phone. As of today, TXU has a bill for over $650.00 on my credit report. I asked why this was on my credit report. I was told that it was for services at my last address for the months of July 2009 through November 2009. WHAT????!!! Why do I have a bill at that address? Who allowed it? Why is service still active after more than a month or so of unpaid bills? No one could explain. they offered me payment arrangements which I would rather go through everything that it takes to get this off of my credit report before I pay a bill that does not belong to me. They have still failed to send me the statements for this time period. Thank God for other choices and patience to wait until this junk falls off of my credit report. Is there a rating less than one star like maybe a firecracker spark.

I purchased a home from dads estate in 8/2009 and opened an electric account in my name at that time. Everything was fine up until 06/2011 when I switched my service to another provider and had been with them 6 months. At the end of the 6 month period my contract was up and TXU had a better rate, so I switched back to TXU in 02/2012. When I left TXU my account was paid in full and had a small credit balance. I received my first bill for 2 weeks and it was over $600 so I noticed that they had transferred $529 to my account from another account number that did not belong to me . I called them and inquired as to what this transfer was and whose account the amount was being transferred from. It was an account that belonged to my dad and had been closed and taken care of in the probate process of his estate. They say they never got notice that his estate had been probated and that since I had the same last name and resided at the same address, it must have been my account. They even went as far as reporting me to all three of the credit bureaus using the original probate date as the start date of the debt and used my SSN from when I did sign up for electric service after I bought the property. After many calls from myself and my attorney and faxing them a ton of documentation showing that it was not my account, they still refuse to remove the amount from my account and will not remove the account from the credit bureaus. My attorney said he can fight it, but the cost would be far more than what the amount is, and now they have sent me a disconnect notice and have also put a stop order on my account where I cant change providers til this is paid. Im stuck between a rock and a hard place on this. TXU Sucks!

TXU does not care about its customers!!! This is my second time giving TXU a chance; and boy do I regret it! This time I've been a returning customer for almost two years. I paid my bill on time every month (even the $400 bills in the summer) up until 4 months ago. I lost my job and got behind, I was paying the bills, but not before receiving a disconnect notice. This month I received a $546 bill ($136 monthly bill + $410 security deposit). I called and all customer service wanted to do was make a payment arrangement for me. Why would a company create more of a hardship for their customers...I'm already struggling?! I switched my service. I'm more willing to pay a new provider a security deposit upfront, then to give TXU $400 for service I already have!!! TXU the next time you're sending people door-to-door to get former customers to switch back SKIP MY HOUSE! Please and thank you!

I can't believe what I'm reading! I've had TXU for over 15 years and NEVER had a problem with them. I have a good rate, I choose good plans and renew the when the terms expire, I have never been cut off, I pay my bills ontime. Why do people cry when they get charged a cancellation fee? It says in the terms of their agreement what the early cancellation fee is, I see them on my papers EVERYTIME I renew! Get a grip and take responsibility for the choices YOU made. A contract is a contract! I'm glad to have them as my provider. Thank you TXU and I always recommend your company to others!!!


TXU has the worst customer service I have ever experienced!!! I have had issues with them since I signed up for service in July of 2011. No 1 person will give you the same answer and it seems that they make up things as they go. I have asked to have my concerns escalated on multiple occasions.... Do you think anyone has called me back.... nope!!! Big surprise there

I moved to a new address and asked TXU to send final statement to the new address. Instead they transferred service to there. I had signed up for GEXA energy and assumed that was my provider???? Which they were I paid a $350 deposit to get services with them. But TXU took over the metor ANC charged me two $500 deposits us two months bills and pug me on a payment arrangement for the previous bill and it was all together $2100.00of which I had to pay $237 a month plus pay an outrageous bill ranging from $470-$740 I lived in a 2700 sq ft house that never went over $400 and now reside in less than 1500 sq ft and these r the bills I'm receiving!!!! So monthly my bill is $237 plus current bill??? This is ridiculous so now I am licked I to TXU they put a switch hold on my account and cannot switch provider until amount is paid in full!!!! I cannot get caught up its just not possible. So they will turn my electric off on Monday unless I pay $1770.00 in full :( I have 5 children and Christmas is a week and two days away. They havng a heart at all knowing jobs are scarce rigt now out economy is in trouble??? The CEO OF TXU IS A BILLIONAIRE ???? While we just struggle to get by??? Does anyone have a heart anymore these days? I havnt a clue on how to keep electric at this time I'm out of options so they tell me. I have tried everything to get new provider and they keep on over charging me. Don't ever use TXU EVER!!! It Is the worst company

I am on yet another "ruin my credit for months" go-around with TXU who has NOW turned a several years old single TXU credit card fraud case over to a collection agency!!! Now the involved collection agency wants a case report from the Ft Worth Police Dept. to -PROVE?- I have done everything one CAN do to resolve the issue. I have been cleared every time, with my name being FINALLY removed from the three different credit reporting agencies, each time! I have averaged almost a inch of copied paperwork following all the procedures. Last time I was spared the full process when I inquired if someone at the TXU end could read, and knew how to check their own records. I do not understand how a ID thief can GET an account from a Company like TXU and run it up to -over- $1600.00 with only a name and SSN from a victim who has never lived in Tarrant County (Ft Worth), never had a TXU account or dealings, anywhere that I can recall. I have learned her roommate was allowed to turn on electricity at the same address when the unknown thief's electricity was turned off! Through the years, I also learned this thief's bill was "written off" by TXU! I am an almost 30 year State of Texas retiree (State Dept of Criminal Justice - Certified Law Enforcement Professional) Although power chair bound and housebound for over 10 years, people are inclined to talk to me, and I know how to read and do tedious legal paper work. How long does TXU plan to Harass and Harangue innocent victims?

txu has the worst customer service I have ever dealt with they have turned my electric off not just once but twice in 20 years I called and put in a move order and they put in computer to disconnect service but forgot to put in new address so I was at work and my husband that is disabled call and said they cut our electricity off I called and got know where they said I needed a city inspector to come out and do an inspection don't understand because I have had electric for over a month and also received a bill at new address NOW THAT'S BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE I work retail and would have been fired on the first incident but apparently someone with a desk pushing a pen don't care

We moved into our residential home in July of 2005. At some point (TXU tell us Feb 07 but d'ont have invoices to show us where we were billed as a residential customer before this) TXU switched our residential eletrical account to a business account with much higher rates, Taxes, delivery fees etc. They knew it happened due what they said was a computer error but I was never notified until I called in 2 weeks after seeing a bill for over $800 for my 1400 square ft residential home in East Dallas.  After days of phone calls and holding, I was told by a representative of TXU that I needed to switch back to a residential plan so they could stop the  business plan and have a residential rate to use for the adjustments. This was the only way I could get my refund I was told. Feeling like Id no choice in order to get my resoloution, I signed up for a 12 month plan at around (10 cents per KW/H) They had been billing close to 18cents a KW/H pus Taxes etc for at least 4 years and possibly longer .... still waiting on documentation which they say they don't have in invoice form as they are not required to keep it. They are now also refusing to honor what I was told regarding the adjustment from the TXU agent and Ive  been told by The Manager in the office of the CEO that I needed to accept their calculations, AND sign a release form if I wanted resoloution. I'd had a family member die and I needed the money to go home for the funeral. They were aware of that and still at this moment, they are still holding on to thousands and thousands of dollars of my money which they wrongfully charged me for. I want to ensure that this does not happen to anyone else so highly recommend that you don't use this company for your electrical service. They are the WORST I've ever ever experienced.

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