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Who edits your copy? Haas ( avocado ) is misspelled on all of your posters and billboards!

I went to the new Subway on Palo Pinto St in Weatherford , Tx. The sandiwiches are not very complete in getting your monies worth. The young lady making the sandwich goofed on my order and swiped it off the bread to re-make and threw the rest in the trash. What a real waste when people are going hungry. She was not very polite, nor did I receive my senior discount as I usually receive.


just notices something that made me a little up set. when you had the any foot long sandwich for $5.00 i noticed my Philly cheeses stk sandwich was $8.75. then when the sale went off in October the Philly sandwich was $7.75 for the sandwich.then i was charged extra for extra cheese. that not right. I eat at your stores three to four times a week. i bet the news team would like to know the difference on all my receipts. please explain to me $3.75 for a $5.00 dollar sub then get charged for extras. i feel that i paid $22.50 over charged not counting the extra for extra. that's $22.50 that i have over paid not counting the extra cheese

Oh oh oh... 3 is tons of fun. (Dripping with sarcasm here) At least at tw they still have the cute ltltie baby face & no matter what they do it's only a matter of minutes before they make your heart melt. At 3 they are growing bigger and waaaaaaaaaay more vocal so not only do you get the dropped glass, but some smart ass comment to go with it. At the end of the day you realize you wouldn't change a thing because they're yours & you love every bit of it!! Good luck with the next 10 months! ; )

I was at the Subway located in Bowie Maryland locaed inside of Walmart, the sandwhich artist had cut his finger and was wearing a band aid, that bother me still to have him to want to fix my food. Then I thought how many people sandwhiches was prepared before I got their Sunday afternoon. Shame on Subway this guy should have been just the cashier.

They put jalapenos in my sandwich instead of pickles. I have really bad stomach problems but jalapenos I am sick for days after. I will never eat at subway ever again. And what happened to your bread. It looks goods but to thin when you eat it.

Associate at store in Vidor Texas is rude. Makes sandwiches sloppy i.e. throws food. She rolled her eyes at my my family. We will never go there again.

The father who staated that his daughter hadnt gotton a raise in my opinion has a good point. i happen to know a female that got in as a manager shortly only months of coming out of prison for drug and assult charges, so why is she even working at subs much more at the position as manager? where is the fairness in that? to top things off she had sex in the store, i know because i know who she did it with. but she is still there at subs @ 950 E Pierce St. Luling, Tx. michelle zamora. no wonder the food there is making people ill.

I bought two foot long meatball sandwiches from the Carthage, MO Subway. Four of us shared them, within hours we were all sick to the point one had to go to the ER. Where she was told she had food poison. Funny how all four of us got sick, and the only common denominator was the sandwiches from Subway. When I was eating mine, I stopped and made the comment that it didn't taste right, but thought I must be wrong. I returned to the store asking for the manager, was told she wasn't there, but she would call me the next day. Next day comes, no call, so I return to the store, guess what, no manager again. Just so everyone knows beware of food that taste weird, it will probably make you sick and no one cares enough to look into it. A very unhappy ex-customer of Subway

A week ago today, on Thur., July 26, 2012, I tried the avocado spread on a turkey footlonger----I kept thinking that the bad taste was just me. It didn't taste anything like avocado----in fact, it tasted horrible. I kept trying to eat and I finally spit out what I had in my mouth. To make a long story short----I COULD NOT GO TO WORK ON FRIDAY, JULY 27, 2012. I had to waste an entire eight hours of sick leave because of the terrible sandwich with the avocado. Well, I was sick all weekend with a terrible stomach ache. I emailed a friend on Sunday and she said that she got a Subway sub not long ago and that with the first bite, she had to spit that portion out and throw her sandwich away. She said that the avocado didn't taste anything like avocado----in fact, she thought it was spoiled or maybe had a bunch of horrible spices in it----JUST PLAINLY HORRIBLE. My friend was smart that she spit out the first bite. Anyway, I kept trying to eat my sandwich and swallowing that terrible green stuff.

Dear Subway, WHY do you show big meat filled subs on your ads when in the subway stores all you get is a pityful, tasteless, wrinkly small piece of bread, 2 rice paper thin pieces of meat, maybe a few pieces of 1/4" onion, and a dab of sauce??????? Many years ago I USED to go to our Subway alot. I got a sub with so much stuff on it it was over 6"s high! Loaded with meat, veggies, cheese, and sauce!!!!! So much that I had to take at least half of it home for later. Sad to say, I will NEVER go to Subway EVER again!! It truely ticks me off to no end to see the LIES on your ads! I have lost all trust for your shops. Just FYI.

This is the Corporate Headquarters FOR SAN ANTONIO ~ NOT THE ACTUIAL WORLD HEADQUARTERS which is Franchise World Headquarters 325 Bic Drive Milford, CT 06461-3059 USA Update your records

New Store - Hockley, Texas Store opened about 5 months ago....all was fine.....clean....fresh food. Now? Now people are actually getting SICK!!! A couple I know personally had to go to the hospital after eating food from this store!! Last two veggie sandwiches I got gave me bad tunny troubles for 2 days afterward. Store's counters are dirty...old food...flies.....employees not wearing gloves.....dirty floors.....smells. They've had 3 manager changes in 5 months!!! You'd think one of them would have gotten it right!! Sorry, Subway but I'm back to eating Domino's Pizza next door

my daughter has been working for subway for 5 + years now and dont receive a raise but when a new worker walks in to work that person gets more than my daughter gets and like i say she has been working 5 years now and when she ask for the same wage as a new worker she never gets it and why because the manager has it in for her and the supervisor also goes along with this manager . and this office site is just a bunch of nothing but to vent steam and nothing never becomes of a complaint here or there on the work force . sad my daughter wanted to make subway her life job and gave up college just to serve subway . do as you like about subways miss managements but me ill never step foot in the door of this crazy place thats called subway .

Subway in Waxahachie, Texas = EVERY time I've gone through the drive thru, they cannot get my order right: wheat bread, turkey breast, no cheeze, all veggies but not the hot peppers (halopinos-can't spell it), Olive Oil & vinager & mustard. Not a difficult order, right? okay, I think I remember one time they got it right bc I was shocked and verbally said it to myself, "Well what do ya know, they actually got it right". Anyways, I've called the phone number and asked for Nik like it says to do with comments and she always tells me the same thing, "I am sorry, we'll work on it." This last time, today, I gave my order and pulled up to the window, the girl asks me, "You ordered a sandwich with all the veggies, right?" I said yes and repeated my request and she handed me the sandwich and I do what I always do, I forgot to open it in front of her and drove off...opened it and only two veggies and no olive oil or vinager! UGH!!! so frustrating, especially after she verified it with me then handed me the sandwich!!! I drove back thru the drive thru and said, "Now you verified I wanted all the veggies and knew this sandwich didn't have them, why didn't you go back and fix it before handing it to me!?" Then she went back and added the veggies and STILL forgot the oil and vinager! So that was the dryest sandwich and most frustrating Subway experience I've had yet! The Nik person that should be taking comments, when I tried to call right after leaving, I got hung up on about 4xs in a row...I guess that girl knew I was calling to complain because on the first call she said something and I said, "Hello, are you there?" I am guessing she recognized my voice since not 5 mins before I was in the drive thru....so they won't even answer the phone now. It goes to vmail of Nik at Subway. I WANT TO COMPLAIN! Who do I call!!? Oh, it's important to state that EVERY time I go through the drive thru I verify and re-verify to make sure they understand my order...but it still doesn't help. The only reason I keep trying is bc my 3 yr old falls asleep in the car and it's easier for me to drive thru.

While trying to order a sandwich in Store #5524 on 2/24/12 in Spanaway, Wa, it was apparent that the young lady behind the counter was very ill and yet was trying to make the food as she asked to be excused because she was about to throw up, i asked her to get her supervisor or manager and she explained that it was only her. i told her she could be working like that because she would contaminate the food and she explained as best as she could that she had been trying to get the owner to answer her phone but that she screens her calls and if she wants to call she will call. i told her to get something to drink and she said she couldn't because the owner had stated she needed to do it on their breaks only and that's if even if they got one at all! i asked the young lady where was her manager from and she stated the owners are from India i believe we have laws regarding slavery and cruelty against employees been treated like this at all. Not a good owner nor does she follow the health code laws.....

One of the subways in Wisconsin is verbally and psychologically abusing and harassing their employees. I believe the term is bullying. It is one manager only. I for one will never eat there again. Unless something is done about it I will stand there and let every customer know the specifics of the situations. Then I will go to other subways and let them know what kind of behavior subway is endorsing. Eventually it will hurt them in the pocketbook.

the last few times i have been into the kirbyville,tx subway Sheryl the lady that checks you out has been very rude an mouthing her co-workers while there is customers in the store i believe that this is a really disturbing thing to the store an its customers. its bad for the bissness an the employees to be treated like that in fron tof customers. i think she should be fired!!!!!!!!!! if not then it will only hurt the bissness.. She didnt even was her hands before putting on the gloves to finish my order last time. That was really what set me to acting on gettin the store the help they need!! Sorry but im not eating where people dont wash there hands before touchin my food!

When 5 dollar promosion end for Canada ? dmitri_lichnev@yahoo.ca

Went to subway at Washington Square Portland, ordered two 6" subs and a large drink. Handed the cashier my coupon from the Sunday paper which was buy one 6" sub and a large drink get a 6" sub for free. Cashier refused to accept coupon and took the 2nd sub away from me. Tried to talk to the Manager staff was very evasive. Called for three days to try and reach Janet the franchise owner at the Mall at 503-620-2252 finally reached her at 8AM and she was just as rude and tacky as what I found out is her daughter that is the Manager there. She said they don't give out free sandwiches that their rent is too high. I we weren't asking for a free sandwich we had a Subway coupon. She said we don't take them. I said to her then why don't you put up a sign saying that rather than take away a sandwich that has been already made. Anyways, I got nowhere and have called Corporate office in Connecticut to lodge a complaint against this franchise. How absurb to loose a customer over a 3.00 sandwich. Its just the principle now.

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