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Lyman St Westborough Horrendous experience waiting for 50 minutes with no customers in line at the service desk,only for the employee to tell me they do not feel comfortable completing my transaction on their account due to the amount of money that was being handle. I was very polite and said thank you, have a nice day and left.

Forgotten employee

15 hour scheduling

Worms inside chicken

My wife purchased a rotisserie chicken yesterday, when she went to carve it for dinner she found the cavity of the chicken full of worms. She returned for a refund, but was not satisfied with the reaction by the manager. This store is on Bald Hill Road, Warwick, RI We will never purchase meat products from any Stop & Shop store again.

Seymour store way understaffed

I have yet to shop in your Seymour store and find maybe three registers open and have to stand on long line with just a few items. Today was no exception. Fortunately i live in Southbury where customer service ins number one. This Seymour sitUatIon should be corrected!

0589 store

why is it that after you buy a product at this store, you can never purchase it again? mgmt at this store is pathetic. we need another store close by so that we no longer shop at stop and shop


Im not impressed with the Rockville CT Stop and Shop. There are only a couple of people in there that like but the store manager isnt a very good manager. Very Rude.

East Hampton , CT

Very poor customer service skills from employees !!!! They need to train them better at bagging.

I go to the stop and shop in long island city ny I never feel so please the help when I go there its a clean store and the workers are so helpful the cashier I always go to her name is barbara sweet young girl always with a kind heart she always goes out of her way for me I never get that from others stores we need more people like her in all stores so I give stop and shop in long island city a+ its my favorite store thank you barbara for always taking care of a old lady like me ..


The prices are too high.

s&s jobs no jobs

2nd time advertisement jobs on door of ridge field ct s&s., manager said go on computer, i went on computer and no jobs, please is this a cover to get their own people in and by law they have to post on store door .

Peapod Service needed

We live in the Bronx, New York in Co-op, City where there is a lot of Senior citizens. They are unable to get to the stores. The closes Shop and Stop in Pear Tree Mall in Co-op city in the Bronx area. Could you please make it fast. Thank you Hopkins' Family.


I go to buy a gallon of milk after work and I have to wait on line 23 minutes. There should be a separate line for Western Union at the customer service window. These transactions take about 9 to 12 minutes per customer. I once waited 40 minutes for a rain check. please do something about this. It's a great addition to the Rockaways but service needs to be improved. Thank you. Rockaway N.Y.

high prices

Their prices are too high for me. I will take my business else where. Walmart, market basket, they have better prices then stop and shop.

A unique pretzel

I am about to move to Easthampton, MA, and each time I have visited the Stop and Shop in Northampton, I have been impressed. I spoke to the manager recently about Unique Pretzels, because they sell a "Unique Pretzel Shells," which we can get in Upstate New York where I now live. Every time I introduce them to people, they rave about them, because they are all crunch and no insides. Particularly women love this, because they are satisfying without all the calories. The manager in Northampton said he would try to get them. Please take a look at them -- they will be a winner if you do.

East weymouth deli

I have never recieved service like this before. Usually I just get a few things but today I was making my own sandwich plate for a Halloween party and got over 60$ Werth of deli meats plus at least 20$ of cheese. All the workers were so polite and the manger was even gave me some great ideas usually shop at shaws delis but now il be a regular because of their great attitude keep it up.

Healthy Ideas

I love the "free" magazine - Healthy Ideas however when you try to remove the coupons they rip apart. All the coupons should have been on the last pages and separate from other material.


I wonder if this store is obligated to hire parolees or something. Once one of the workers cursed and screamed at me to get ------- out of the way when he was steamrolling a line of shopping carts in the doorway. I am over seventy and very small & this was very frightening. He was totally out of control and almost banged into me. I did report this, but no one really was interested in what an elderly person had to say. Today I asked another man where the cat food aisle was & he just turned away saying, "I hate cats". I would not even bother telling the manager because I imagine it is he who hires these people. This store is well-stocked, immaculate and so convenient for me , but I really do not enjoy shopping here. I understand the need to employ thes kinds of people, but no one is supervising them.

Store 7 in mansfield mass has one of the best workers I have seen in the store! They help you as much as possible and always polite while doing so. Unfortunely they lost a great store manager and he was replaced with todd hurteau, I've seen him talking to his employees like they are uncapable to do anything themselves and everybodys look on their faces is depressing its sad to see such happy helpful people, turn around just cause of a "know it all" manager...this is terrible


Went in to Sayvile store this morning...no organic whole milk, out of shredded mozzarella cheese, and no large ribs of ricotta cheese. I was told the manager w on vacation and he is the one that does the ordering.. Are you kidding? No t a happy customer.

employee's and more!

Lets hire people and lay them off right before their six month probationary period is up,because they go to college and can't work 20 hours every week.Collect union initiation fees and union dues for six months.Bring in fresh meat and start the cycle all over again.You're stores suck.Everything is overpriced.Produce is rotted half the time.Seven bucks for a pound of land o lake cheese..2.99 at IGA.

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