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Store in Paramus NJ

Horrible store& management.Just look at your reviews! I am not the only one that feels this way!Please let Shp right move in the Paramus location!!!!


Always an issue with getting the scripts

the stop and shop baked beans

The stop and shop baked beans are terrible, I can't pass gas when I eat them!!!!

Spoiled Milk

The almost every time I buy skim milk at the Hicksville store, it's sour. Why?

the terrible plastic bags

The stop and shop bags are too small, I can't put more then 3 or 4 items in the bag! Have the bags a few sizes larger. They are the worst bags ever. These bags tear so easily if you put in light items.

low prices

ha! their low prices are too high!

bake beans

The stop and shop baked beans are terrible, I can't pass gas when I eat them!!!! I'll go to price chopper for their baked beans, those make me pass some serious gas...

high prices

the prices are too high!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

high prices

their prices are too stinking high!

every low prices are a joke

I was at the Winsted stop and shop, and their every day low prices are a huge joke. Half the time, the product goes up by 20 cent every week. I can head to other stores and pay a whole lot less. What a joke.

I love when the Stop & Shop in East Canaan, Ct puts a sign on an item that says "New Low Price." I bought the item just last week & it was 20 cents cheaper. Are you out of your minds? Do you think we're stupid?

scan it

I will no longer be using the scan it scanner as my husban and i have been audited the last three times we have been there. Heres an idea. Do not audit the same people all the time. Staff has been unhelpful and rude in the abington store

I will no longer be shopping in 17 it feels like they never turn on their heat the bathroom is cold and dirty and the dairy department and frozen always empty !!!! Over prices and I will be taking my money elsewhere!!!

dirty store

OMG What a dirty store! Cashiers chewing gum.shelves are horrible! Store mgr. should be gone! I'm going back to Price Rite... Just an awful dirty store!!!!!


The store drives me crazy to the point I will no longer be shopping at stop and shop And I use to shop there every week And spend at 200.00 per week that sale is gone for you I will shop some place else a letter will follow this review I think you should know what's going on in you stores

high prices

Your prices are too high!!! Every week everything in the store goes up by at least 20 cents or more. Your prices are too high, half of the time the store doesn't have the items I want, and I have to shop elsewhere for them. Not only that, there's less product on the shelves!! They aren't getting my business.

baked beans

The stop and shop baked beans are terrible, I can't pass gas when I eat them!!!!


the stop and shop has too many high prices

mad the store was open

Stop and shop open today! hello there's a storm going on!! They don't care about the employees who can't make it. All they care about the stinking profits.

not any help

Whenever I head to stop and shop, there's no help around, no cashiers to ring up, only one line open? What's going on? I can't find someone on the floor to help me? If they're cutting hours, there's doing the customer a disservice, I will shop elsewhere.

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