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mad the store was open

Stop and shop open today! hello there's a storm going on!! They don't care about the employees who can't make it. All they care about the stinking profits.

not any help

Whenever I head to stop and shop, there's no help around, no cashiers to ring up, only one line open? What's going on? I can't find someone on the floor to help me? If they're cutting hours, there's doing the customer a disservice, I will shop elsewhere.

I am weekly shopper at Stop and Shop. I usually buy Boars Head lower sodium ham and pay $9.99 lb. Today they raised the price to $11.49 lb. - Insane! I will be shopping elsewhere.

Bags in Teaneck

Stop and Shop of Teaneck NJ refuses to give paper bags to customers and forces us to use those disgusting plastic bags that are polluting our earth. I will no longer shop at stop and shop of Teaneck NJ and will go the extra mile to Shoprite where paper bags are plentiful at all check outs and much better prices. Stop and Shop is a bunch of cheapskates.

Teaneck Stop and Shop Sucks

In the last 5 trips to the Teaneck NJ store they have been out of bags. I won't shop at any Shop and Stops any more.

the prices are too high

their prices are too high! can't buy much at stop and shop

plastic bags

The stop and shop bags are too small, I can't put more then 3 or 4 items in the bag! Have the bags a few sizes larger. They are the worst bags ever.

the baked beans

The stop and shop baked beans are terrible, I can't pass gas when I eat them!!!!


Fix that huge clock in Plymouth Ma on samoset st!!


I am a employee at stop and shop of store 098 been the re for 9yrs not giving hour to the employees .playing favorites is not right .always there in time hard worker they do not appreciate the hard work that people do for them at the store I work for this was my number one job now im not sure about that.

prices are too stinking high

Your prices are too high!!! Every week everything in the store goes up by at least 20 cents or more. Your prices are too high, half of the time the store doesn't have the items I want, and I have to shop elsewhere for them. I won't do my shopping here.

No lighting in parking lot

Shopped at Abington store on Saturday late in afternoon. When I came out of the store there were no lights on in the parking lot (6:00 pm). Went back in to speak with store manager. He said he does not control the lights in his lot. How can that be!! The Target store next door has lights in their parking lot, the Wendy's fast food has lights in their lot. Daylight savings time was a week before. It takes over a week to change the timer. Come on Stop and Shop.....


The Stop & Shop in Peabody Ma needs to have there employees go to a training class on how to treat there customers there very rude especially when it come to coupens They also should not be able talk in different Language should not be aloud they should be able to understand english especially if we are asking them something they say i don't speak english or i don't understand

Hour Cuts

Stop-N-Shop hires too many employees. It is taking our hours away from people who has less senior. The managers dont treat the employee right. The managers are rude and that isnt right to be cutting our hours. Pretty soon I will resign from Stop-N-Shop. Stop-N-Shop sucks and I am considering of filing a lawsuit against the company.


it is disgracefull that Stop and Shops corporate headquartes does not like to listen to complaints... there are several stores in the Mass area that lack leadership. Managers and assistant managers are extremely rude and manipulative. I think that stop and shop is one of the worst place to work and shop at. I have witnessed people being mistreated. I think Stop and Shop could you some traing classess

Pawtucket RI

OMG What a dirty store! Cashiers chewing gum.shelves are horrible! Store mgr. should be gone! I'm going back to Shaws.... Just an awful dirty store!!!!!

high prices

Your prices are too high!!! Every week everything in the store goes up by at least 20 cents or more. Your prices are too high, half of the time the store doesn't have the items I want, and I have to shop elsewhere for them.


I dont like shopping in the Attleboro Stop and Shop. The workers there are so serious and I cant talk to them when I have an issue because they are so afraid to say anything. The managers there are very rude and they mistreat there workers there.

Rip off

After going to the Holbrook NY Store for years I've had it the shelves are empty, the produce is old and not stocked who ever manages this store is robbing the company blind. apparantly the only thing left to do is never shop at Stop and Shop again. I'm just sorry I was too stupid to not do this sooner!


I am a long time customer of the Stop and Shop in West Caldwell nj and I can't believe There is no checkers in that store at 4 pm on a Thursday and only 1 Girl taking care of the u scan and 3 of them at that. I know it is about saving money but if You don't have help this store is going to close down it would be a shame because it is a beautiful store but i for one will not be going back if it doesn't get more help

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