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Hour Cuts

Stop-N-Shop hires too many employees. It is taking our hours away from people who has less senior. The managers dont treat the employee right. The managers are rude and that isnt right to be cutting our hours. Pretty soon I will resign from Stop-N-Shop. Stop-N-Shop sucks and I am considering of filing a lawsuit against the company.


it is disgracefull that Stop and Shops corporate headquartes does not like to listen to complaints... there are several stores in the Mass area that lack leadership. Managers and assistant managers are extremely rude and manipulative. I think that stop and shop is one of the worst place to work and shop at. I have witnessed people being mistreated. I think Stop and Shop could you some traing classess

Pawtucket RI

OMG What a dirty store! Cashiers chewing gum.shelves are horrible! Store mgr. should be gone! I'm going back to Shaws.... Just an awful dirty store!!!!!

high prices

Your prices are too high!!! Every week everything in the store goes up by at least 20 cents or more. Your prices are too high, half of the time the store doesn't have the items I want, and I have to shop elsewhere for them.


I dont like shopping in the Attleboro Stop and Shop. The workers there are so serious and I cant talk to them when I have an issue because they are so afraid to say anything. The managers there are very rude and they mistreat there workers there.

Rip off

After going to the Holbrook NY Store for years I've had it the shelves are empty, the produce is old and not stocked who ever manages this store is robbing the company blind. apparantly the only thing left to do is never shop at Stop and Shop again. I'm just sorry I was too stupid to not do this sooner!


I am a long time customer of the Stop and Shop in West Caldwell nj and I can't believe There is no checkers in that store at 4 pm on a Thursday and only 1 Girl taking care of the u scan and 3 of them at that. I know it is about saving money but if You don't have help this store is going to close down it would be a shame because it is a beautiful store but i for one will not be going back if it doesn't get more help

where have all the butchers gone?

What has happened to the meat department at the Levittown NY Stop and Shop? The butchers are gone and the meat, wherever it is coming from, is not trimmed properly and of poor quality. Bring back our friendly, courteous butchers or lose more meat sales (and business in general) at this once thriving store!

stop and shop isn't great

The Winsted stop and shop isn't that great, there's not enough help, not enough registers open. I've waited in too many long lines. There's not enough product on the shelves. Also I hate there's a narrow path way to the bottle room, there's too many pallets in the way. A suggestion move those stinking pallets. Also get more help the stores, open lines when it's busy. Order more products too, more then once I've gone in the store and there's not enough products on the shelves. I've gone to other grocery stores to find the same thing. Stop and shop is the worst store!!


The store in Vernon Ct. is convenient and the products are usually of good quality. The staff are helpful, the practice I find aggravating is the constant begging for donations by the cashier at the check out counter, while I am trying to pay for my own purchases.

Store #0563 Consistently Terrible

In Holbrook, NY: Bottle/Can Return Room consistently w/broken and full machines (sometimes w/smiley faces on them from management!) on Sunday afternoons at approximately noon to one. Last Sunday was 2 weeks in a row. This time the manager present at the time did not even bother to come to the customer service desk when paged twice. Employees were sitting out front, smoking cigarettes at this time. I am limited in my shopping time and will not return to this store, or possibly any other at this time. Back to Waldbaum's I go.

horrible managment team

store 586 right now has the worst rudest inconsiderate manager maura in the chain everyones uncomfortable under pressure noone to talk to about issues because everyones afraid to open up.people with seniority are meaningless we pray she gets transfered they need to investigate stores like this before a lawsuit is filed if people hate there job then leave why torcher everyone else? tony needs to do something about her

someone has to do something

why are people hired as managers and get into the stores and torture and verbally mistreat the employees and make them unhappy dont people realize when your a good manage theres nothing the employees wont do for you..whenever corporate cpmpany shows up they want to appear cool but under neath it all the employees are miserable and the customers sense it it starts from managment store 586 sux

It went to stop and shop in norwich ct on july 16 2014 went to self check out I had a problem light when on the girl went to somebody else with no light on and the girl also accuse yiu of stealing she had no name tag on it was 11 am

It went to stop and shop in norwich ct on july 16 2014 went to self check out I had a problem light when on the girl went to somebody else with no light on and the girl also accuse yiu of stealing she had no name tag on it was 11 am

Gas Points

Called customer service because when I went to purchase gas with discount (based on receipt I received on 7/13/14), was told I have no points. Very rudely, Mundel, told me gas station was correct as I had LOST 51 points on 7/13/14. I asked why it wouldn't say that on the receipt and was told (again rather rudely) you have the website for that or you could have called us. I asked what I needed to get the discount now and was told "go shopping" Really. What a poor excuse for a customer service rep. No wonder everyone shops at ShopRite!!


Lyman St Westborough Horrendous experience waiting for 50 minutes with no customers in line at the service desk,only for the employee to tell me they do not feel comfortable completing my transaction on their account due to the amount of money that was being handle. I was very polite and said thank you, have a nice day and left.

Forgotten employee

15 hour scheduling

Worms inside chicken

My wife purchased a rotisserie chicken yesterday, when she went to carve it for dinner she found the cavity of the chicken full of worms. She returned for a refund, but was not satisfied with the reaction by the manager. This store is on Bald Hill Road, Warwick, RI We will never purchase meat products from any Stop & Shop store again.

Seymour store way understaffed

I have yet to shop in your Seymour store and find maybe three registers open and have to stand on long line with just a few items. Today was no exception. Fortunately i live in Southbury where customer service ins number one. This Seymour sitUatIon should be corrected!

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