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Facilities Manager

No one in your bank can find the contact information for the facilities manager. I call your corporate office in Reading and cannot even connect. I have been a customer with your bank for over 25 years and cannot believe how difficult it is to get information.

No Help

The corporate officers are completely shielded by the bank personnel and their contact information is missing from their web sites. They need to know what is going on at the branches and staying insulated from their depositors leaves them in the corporate cave protected from their customers. Poor business model results in poor business performance.

Worst Bank

I've been waiting for a replacement ATM card for 3 weeks, calling every day and verifying the same information day in day out. Also, the branch banks in Freehold, NJ and Brick, NJ are falling apart. Drive up is never in working order, and they always put the new employee in the drive up, which leaves customers sitting there for over 30 minutes! Horrible bank, I've been a customer of theirs for 23 years (when they were Shadow Loan) and the service just gets worse. Please don't bank here, you'll be sorry you did, just like me.


I have never been in a bank that was so unfriendly to customers. The manager Vincent Marino, runs the Bay Terrace branch in Queens New York worse than any bank that I have ever been in. Customers are left standing and waiting for service by a staff that just ignores them. It looks to me that this branch is going to be closing soon. The customers will be happy to see it go. This is a disgrace.

Credit Cards

Every time I got to Whiting, NJ Branch they try to get me to take a Sovereign Credit Card.I tell them I don't want a card and they will continue to try and sell me one. I had complained to Sovereign headquarters. They had told me they would put a note on my file. They still continue to asked me to take a card . The last straw was, today. A company called RPG called ,today saying they are calling on behalf of Solvereign Bank. I told the lady on the phone I should not had been called and put me on the do not call list. She told me it would take 30 days. I iformed her I was already on the federal do not call list. Sovereign had sold my information to RPG. This is another way Soverign trys to squeeze money out of their customers. SHAME! SHAME!

Sovereign bank embezzles money from customer accounts and claims it is part of the user agreement.

Your branch at Post Rd. Warwick RI has not had a notary public for the last few times I went there over several weeks.As far as I know, all banks have a notary public. Please correct that situation, thanks.

bank or robbers?

I have spent 3 years trying to get this bank off my back. I returned a credit card machine and cancelled the service and for 2 more years was charged monthly dispite letters written, and bank manager assurance it was taken care of. Even after I closed my acount they kept charging me and than tacted on late fees. Now it is on my credit report over a year later. what recourse is there?

Needs a negative rating

Had a dually endorsed check and kept getting lied to on where it was. Apparently there is ONLY ONE person in this multi-billion operation that has the power to do this and she is too busy to call back with a status! Horrible!

Horrible bank and uncaring people. Account was inadvertenly debited by my morgage company twice. They paid back the second draft, but Sovereign posted $910 in overdraft fees because of the other bills being NSF. I have called and BEGGED to have maybe even half of the fees reversed - this is more than I make in a week!! Never again!!

The worst bank ever!!!!!

I had gone for a prequalification on a car loan and it had taken them four days to reply!!! Yes!! I had gone in a branch on February 7 and did not receive a answer till Febryouuary 11 when I had to go into the branch and ask them what had happened? They used the excuse that they closed at 12 on Friday because or a snow storm. I replied you had this application since Thursday morning. They are the WORST BANK TO DO BUSINESS WITH!

ATM Fraud Loss

We lost thousands of dollars probably as a result of 'skimming' our debit/ATM card and within minutes of discovery of loss reported it in person to our Sovereign branch bank. The reps there immediately contacted the Sovereign Fraud division to register the loss. Sovereign never responded to multiple status queries over a three month period.On our latest query they basically called me a liar, then blamed it all on the branch people and also informed me that now that 90+ days had passed they were not responsible for anything. Maybe they should read their own Terms and Conditions on loss of funds. Bank branch people have been very helpful, doing all they can to help, but to no avail.

These people are disgusting in every sense of the word. It is unfortunate that this website does not offer a half star for rating.

You would think the bank would be more people friendly and customer service focused. I have been with this bank for 30 years . It is getting progressively worse. They have a 1.1 rating . I would think they would try to fix that . Their representatives are rude & insulting. It seems like the main concern is to get as many overdraft fees as they can. Maybe they do this because they"re losing so many customers this is the way they make their money. Eventually these practices will come back to hurt them. They will do a survey try to find out what they can do to fix it but it will never be about customer service. After thirty years I will leave the bank . I heard Wells fargo is a great bank to deal with. Really customer focused. Sorry Sovereign you have missed the point.You wouldn't be in business if not for your customers, you should treat them that way.

Consumer line of credit

I have been a loyal Sovereign Bank Customer since my 1st mortgage 20 years ago, I have a checking, savings, CD's IRA etc but ever since I paid off my consumer line of credit it has been a nightmare dealing with Soverign I call at lease every week and tell the people I have paid this $40 to close the account on 12/17 but I continue to get letters stating that the account is not paid and will not be closed because you insist on me paying more money when I call the 877-768-2265 they tell me that everything is paid and the letter is a mistake and again I need to wait 10 days Mr. Primivera a rep at the Hamilton Square Nj helped my on 12/17 gave me copies of my check and the e-mail stating the account is closed and has called me to check to see if I have received notice from Sovereign that this is closed -- insane insane dealing with sovereign. Mr. Primivera (wonderful) and to make matters worse I receive an invitation to open another consumer line of Credit/. What are you people doing?

Thought banking could not get worse than Bank of America

No stars is my ranking, but that's not an option apparently. A warning to all well-meaning citizens who are looking for a Bank of America alternative. This is NOT it! What a sham this so-called bank is. I will be writing formally to the Executive VP of Customer Relations and to the Better Business Bureau immediately in the New Year. Total incompetence in every aspect--including that when I decided the incompetence was far to much for a new account holder and officially closed my accounts--the final checks written to me were WRONG. Who can't do the math to close accounts for personal, money market and business checking? Unbelievable that they can keep a license to do business!

there is not even a button for no stars,, you have to give a one, BAHHH ha! worst bank ever.. switching back to bank of america tomorrow.. sooo tired after dealing with such ignorant people

These people are horrible, especially the mortgage department, no concept of customer service and now that Santander bought them out, they will not even give you contact info to escalate matters to. Just disgraceful! That number above does not even work, apparently HQ is in Spain. These people need to understand that they are in business because they have customers, although they rip them off. Hopefully this Bank will be out of business in the near future. Even their VP of Mortgage in PA, Bob Cooper is a jerk, not to mention all their customer service reps. Keep up the bad customer service Sovereign, especially in this economy, you will get your just desserts. I have a list of choice words, but seeing as I am a civilized person unlike the employees at Sovereign, I think this review is damning enough!

My son's sovereign debit card has been hacked twice in 4 months. The last time, the bank covered 2 overdrafts even though he was opted out of overdraft protection. (This was confirmed at the branch). Prior to going to the branch my son waited on the phone with the fraud detection department and could not get through.This is what led us to go to our local branch. Apart from telling him not to use the debit function as the do not have the same legal protection, my equally large concern is the bank allowing overdrafts when someone is opted out. To me, this raises concerns that the hacking of his account is internal to the bank. I want to contact the head of corporate security about this. I am also considering contact the US Atty for the Philadelphia region as the illegal charges occurred across state lines.

What are the chances of someone high up enough at Sovereign Corporate HQ , to attempt to change the negative image of your bank has. Customer service, especially Loan Service is horrible. I've had incorrect withdrawals on my loan payments and threatening letters demanding proof of flood coverage when in fact after sending the info multiple times, the last of which was transmitted by my helpful and disappointed branch manager while I was present ..... the BANK went ahead anyway and purchased FLOOD INSURANCE and was charging me for the premium!!!!! I have no faith that this missive will be addressed and thats a shame ... 0 stars

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