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The most amazing, helpful customer friendly airlines in the whole world!! Seriously you guys are amazing! Thank you. I will never fly another airlines AGAIN !!

International Group Travel

Currently on hold for 2 hours (March 9, 12:50 pm). This is in addition to one and one half hours last Friday and one hour earlier this morning. Unacceptable!!

no contact made for cancellation of flight

My flight was cancelled due to weather I understand this but no contact was given to me contact info verified at airport,cost me out of pocket expense of 145 dollars for travel. I am paying for southwest mistake. No reimbursement by supervisor at airport for travel was made.


Baggage was on wrong flight. Had to go to school with no clothes. Still waiting for my luggage. Some one please help me.

Can not get creidt for cancellation

I booked ticket for my duaghter and her boyfriend to visit us for Thanksgiving. They broke up and I tried to cancel his ticket but was told it would be his credit even though I paid for it. They would do an exception and give me a voucher but that would cost $100. It is odd how they can do an exception for a fee but not as good customer service. If I would have used poiints for the reservation I would get the points in my acccount.

military k9 rescue

just saw a facebook site how you help transport military dogs home to live out their lives with former handlers or place them in new homes. Thank you so much for doing this, they well deserve this after so many years of service and are so close to the end of their lives. they deserve a little peace and comfort and the feeling of being loved and safe after serving our country.

Bad service

They rip you off

Purchased Tickert for brother to attend my birthday. Brother was unable to make it so I cancelled the ticket. Now I'm being told the credit are under my brothers name even though I was the customer, it was my credit card and everything was done through me. Now I'm trying to fly to family reunion can cannot use "MY' credits -- This is unacceptable

Bumped Five year old

Southwest bumped my Five year old from our flight. Supervisor was unavailable to help. This situation was handles poorly. Southwest offered me $100 to smooth things over. Poor, poor management.

my 15 year old son was flying alone from detroit to st.louis but a blizzard was going to reroute the plane to tulsa due to the airport closing in st.louis. my son was taken off the plane to wait for st.louis to reopen. the problem came when the pilot told my son to get back on the plane because he was going to be able to land in st.louis. he got back on and flew to st.louis but the runways were still closed so they flew him to tulsa and told him he would have to stay in the staff area all night until st.louis reopened. he was scared to death. an hour later they flew him to dallas alone and left him in the airport alone. after talking to a lot of people at different airports they finally flew my child back home to st.lois at 930pm then they lost his bags which is a whole new nightmare. finally the next day at noon i was able to get his bags and drive my 2 hours home.

Lost over 300 dollars

My wife and I were to fly from Minneapolis to Nashville on the 29th of May but, had a change of plans due to a death in the family. My wife had called customer service and was told that we could make a connecting flight three days later. While we were at the funeral, our flights were canceled and the airline kept ALL of the money for the flight. The policy of this company is piss poor...

Dispicable Service

Southwest airlines has totally despicable service they steal money from costumer over and over again

Changed my flight due to bad weather

I opted to change my flight due ti inclement weather in New York as southwest offered this as a one time deal. I am absolutely mad that my early bird that I paid for didn't transfer. When I went to print my boarding card I got B 46 which is totally unacceptable. In future I will look to book jet blue and get a seat assignment

dear south west i am a very health problematic person and because of you i can't have my medicine because you will not want deliver my baggage what was delay because your aircraft broke at the departing and i was advise and conduct to other gate by your employ i arrive after 2and a half hour delay but my baggage not maybe for you is more important that baggage than a human life GOOD BLESS YOU south west just how you do

I just want my bags, please

I want to talk to a human who knows what to do to help me get my bags. I don't want to be given a phone number to call. I don't want to leave a message that will be returned in three hours or more. I don't want to make a claim that no one cares about. I want to talk to a real human employee who knows how to handle the situation. I don't want to be routed to someone who does not know what they are doing.

Dispicable Service!!

Flew SW Christmas week 2013, it was my first and LAST time I will ever use this airline. Corporate will be getting a follow up letter by mail as well as the BBB and FAA!!!! Rude! Unhelpful!! Inconsiderate!!! Absolute FAILURE to assist with my issues!! You will be hearing from me for sure, so get ready Southwest!!!

My wife (Barbara) & I had our1st experience with SoWest. We flew from Vegas to Flint (MI) on May 8. The experience was wonderful. The staff on both flights were excellent & kept the passengers in a light mood. We are very happy to see that SoWest will now have a thru flight w/o layovers. This will make for shorter trip times. We also like the idea of being able to make our res. so far in advance. The website is very easy to use.


What does Sothwest Airlines look for in future employees.So far,my bid for a Ramp Agent position has been rejected. Mr.Kelly,all i'am asking is the opportunity to show that i am a good fit for the company's personality,culture and values. Donald A Sable

trying to Redeem a ticket but can't due to "expiration" date

I purchased a ticket from Southwest April of 2012, and of course I couldnt make the flight due to a change of plans. I immediately cancelled the ticket and it was held as rapid rewards with an expiration date of April 17, 2013. The problem I have with this is when I cancelled the ticket with the SW rep she never informed me of any "hidden" information regarding using the ticket. So here comes the day when I have a family trip planned and I'm booking my ticket online and I try to redeem my ticket. Uh OH now I have to use my previous ticket before April 17, 2013. I'm trying to book a ticket for May however it's March that I'm booking the ticket. Well here comes the "Hidden" part. I spoke to a "Corporate" rep and was advised that I have to book a trip and fly before April 17, 2013!!! WHAT!?!?! Then I was advised that since I have absolutely no where to fly to until May that I can let my ticket expire and then be docked a whole $100.00 and use whats left towards a new ticket or let the ticket expire all together. I am furious! I have never dealt with customer service like this before. If they aren't trying to rape people for their money then I dont know what in the world is going on! So the gentleman informed me that I could purchase a ticket April 18th for my trip in May but tickets will more than likely be more expensive than today (DUH) and that's my only option. I then ask for a supervisor and all of a sudden NOW he is a supervisor and there is no one above him that can change anything, (was I born yesterday?) So now I have called corporate and I'm waiting to hear back. This airline is ridiculous and I have been flying with them for 10 Years!!! If they dont fix or even attempt to fix this issue with more than letting my ticket expire I'll def be contacting the Better Business Bureau as well as finding a new airline.

I have flown with South West for over 16 years and have always loved the airline, I had a voucher for a flight I cancelled and they said on the phone it was good for a year, so I cancelled the flight and then they said it was only for 3 weeks after that. I called corporate and they put me into customer service and they were really rude

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