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Very bad experience with Shopko online. My daughter ordered 2 full size dressers online and they deliver 1 white and 1 oak (both should have been oak). She called to repirt this and see what would be done to fix their error on Oct 15 and was told Corporate office would call her in 72 hours. I called on Oct 21 because no one had contacted her. I did the whole "run around" on the phone with Cesaer (ext. 3011) to have him tell me that they should have called in 72 hours.... And that SHE will have to return this dresser to a store or post office. At this point I tell him she is diabled and in a wheelchair and then he offered to put a $20 credit on her acct to help cover shipping. SERIOUSLY?? He then said he would generate a report and Corp. office would get back to us. It has been ANOTHER 48 hrs with no response. That same day I spoke to another call center person named Jessica who put me through to a "supervisor" who pretty much gave me the same run around AND half way thought the conversation told me my daughter could return the DRESS if she wanted too. I had to correct her and point out again that this was a 120# dresser and she CANNOT return it in a wheelchair FOR SOMETHING THAT IS THEIR ERROR. It is now Oct 23 and we still have not recieved a call from Corpoate offuce. I was given a # to place a complaint and it was to another call center for "in store complaints" only!

Shopko bought out Pamida stores inc.. They have been misleading people with having signs posted out side of the stores that say up 80% off and then when you go in the store they have signs that state everything is 60% to 80%, went in yesterday and it stated 70%to 80% off but when you walked around you still seen 10% 30% 40%and 50% off. if this is the case why is Shopko misleading customers by saying that everything in the store is 70 to 80% off. I will boycott Shopko for ever and same with others that i have talked to. They do not want to get misled like they try and do. Oh ya when you ask the workers in the store they will not answer you when you ask. they just turn and go about there work.

Poor, Poor, Poor! While shopping at Shopko, I found there service horrifying. Every question I asked was responded with a "that is a corporate rule" What happened to the "Hometown" This is a brand new store and I would think they would welcome customers. Guess they don't need them! Will be interesting to see how long they are in business!

Horrible Service, wish I would have read the reviews before I wasted my time going there! I was excited that in our very small town a new business would be a asset, Well it isn't. The customer service leaves much to be desired. Crazy!

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Wautoma,WI will you be adding a Optical Department soon? Need a cheaper Optical in area

Wautoma,WI should run ad in Argus paper for residents who want optical department to call your toll free #

This is in reference to Order#wassent as an exchange for an identical unit that was found to be used rather than the new product we purchased. Upon discovering the original unit was used, my wife attempted to contact Customer Service several times, and then was finally contacted. She was told by a supervisor that this was a mistake that never should have happened and that she would make sure that it did not occur again. The original unit was returned with the expectation we would be receiving a new unit in exchange. This chain of events made it impossible for my wife to take the unit on a family vacation. Furthermore, my wife has autoimmune health issues and the fact that the original unit had obviously been used and handled, given the number of fingerprints on it, this could have posed a serious health concern for her. This unit arrived via the USPS but given the length of this situation, I had to make a special trip to the US Post Office to retrieve it. The outer box was sealed and the packing material was intact. When I removed the packing material I found the seal was broken on the box, and the opening corner of the box had been well-used. The covering sheet for the screen was not even on the screen, but was stuck to the plastic packaging. The users manual was wrinkled and obviously used. Upon examination of the unit I found that it had fingerprints all over it and so it must have been yet another used unit. Again, another health concern for my wife. THIS IS A TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE SITUATION THAT NEEDS TO BE RECTIFIED. IT IS NOT OUR FAULT THAT THERE IS SOME PROBLEM WITH THE SHOPKO SHIPPING DEPARTMENT. THE FACT THAT WE ARE RETURNING THIS ITEM DOES NOT MEAN THAT THE ISSUE HAS GONE AWAY, EITHER. SHOPKO NEEDS TO TAKE EXTRA STEPS TO CORRECT THIS SITUATION TO OUR SATISFACTION OR WE ARE FULLY PREPARED TO TAKE THIS FURTHER. We are awaiting Shopko’s offer to correct this ridiculous situation. Well, we waited, called back (placed on hold for a ridiculous amount of time)and was told the "Corporate" would reply within the usual BS time period. They never did even give us the decency of a return call. Called them again today to see what they were going to do about it. Placed on Hold for a long time of course. Then I was told that ShopKo had done all they would do for us after this silly situation. I told whomever I talked to that a simple offer of a Gift Card...anything...would have retained us as online customers. Nope! They couldn't (or wouldn't) do that. So, ShopKo, I will be stating the factual aspects of this botched attempt at retail business and "customer wervice" not only to anyone who will listen, but to any state government department that should monitor such misrepresentation of product.

I went to the Shopko Hometown Store in Kewaunee, WI and the check out girl was talking horribly about a woman walking in the store, who was overwieght, I was appalled at what this girl at the check out was saying. Her name tag was Kaylynn. I asked her why she would talk like that to a potential paying customer. She looked at me and said mind your business. I was taken back. I walked out of that store and never went back as long as the young teenage girl is working there. Is this normal to keep an employee with such bad manners in your store? I would have had her fired in a heartbeat. I have told several people about this and they will not shop there while she is there also. I was told her name is Kaylynn Herman from Algoma,WI and from what people say, this is a typical thing she does. She must hide it from her boss. UNBELEIVABLE!!!!

I was in the Janesville Wisconsin store with my sister from out of state and she bought me a real nice purse and within 2 weeks it was all torn and so I went to the store and asked to exchange it (I did not have a reciept my sister had it and was unable to get it to me for a few mo due to her being out of town)when I went to look for another purse I could not find one I came back to the desk and the employee told me there is nothing we can do about it........... I got alittle angry I do work in retail myself and I would never treat anyone like that and I didn't appreciate it either. The mgr came over and during our conversation he told me the custoomer to shut up I then asked for his mgr's numberhe said he is the highest. I was given my money back after about an hour and will NEVER NEVER shop there again and I will tell everyone about this too. POOR POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE

I just moved to Minnesota from Washington State and am in need of everything except clothes for my new home. I am a first time Shopko customer. AND a last time Shopko customer. The store in Fairmont, MN, had a futon I truly liked on display. The associate I questioned on a thursday told me this item would be on sale the following week for a Substantially lower price. This was fantastic news and convenient since I had not brought my truck. When I returned the following monday with the LOCAL flyer in hand, I was told that they had sold out of that model weeks prior and were not alotted to order more. needless to say, after having made the return trip of 50 miles to get this futon I was upset over WHY THE HELL YOUR STORE PUT SOMETHING THEY DONT HAVE AND CANT GET ON SALE ??!! The very accommodating manager graciously sold me the floor model for a very slightly lower than sale price. When I got this Item home I found that it was in far worse shape than any floor model I have ever seen. the cabinet in the bottom had been DESTROYED be what appeared to be forklift forks or possilbly dropped lengthwise on a liftgate. The storage underneath is completely useless. I would not be able to even garage sale this item for half of what I paid, and I have yet to even sit on it in my home. Furthermore, I purchased a television stand that day and got it home to find, the bottom half of the box that was placed out of view when loaded by the associate into my truck, was damaged in such a way as to indicate being dragged behind a vehicle for several miles on a freeway. And last but surly not least I also got a rain check for a toaster that was on sale...when I returned to obtain this Item the display model was gone and out of 11 TOASTERS ON THE SHELF ONLY 2 WERE IN STOCK. AND the manager informed me that the store is not privy to what items they are being sent on any given delivery. If this is the kind of merchandise your store sells and the availability you offer it is a wonder you are in business at all. Due to the lack of patronage at the Fairmont, Minn. Shopko I would assume that this is probably the norm for products you sell. If I was left to guess, from the entirety of my 2 conversations with management and the lack of in store stock, I would have thought, this particular Shopko was going out of business. AND IT SHOULD!!!!! I would however like to make it known that the store manager GREG was as compliant and amenable to my wishes as he possibly could be. He is a credit to his position and quite probably should be working for a more reputable store. His customer service associate however, more than very clearly does not need to be a retail a position of any kind and should probably attend social skills and customer service training for herself. Please feel free to contact me at www.salleecor@yahoo.com/ ........ if I do not get a reasonable reply to this complaint I will be happy to post the pictures of damge and video of my Shopko experience on youtube for ALL to see.

I am outraged at your customer service in the Lewiston, Id. store. I just went in to purchase a christmas tree. The store was empty except you the customer service desk which is where clerks were hanging out having a good old time. I choose the tree I wanted to purchase, walked all the way back to the front of the store to ask for help getting the 7.5 ft boxed tree. A clerk said they would go get someone to help. She took off and I told her I would be back at the tree dept. to show them which tree I wanted. She went through double doors, I went on back to the tree and waited and waited. In desperation I pulled the tree out and scooted it on the floor. I stopped at the double doors to let them know I had gotten it. They just looked at me from the double doors. Not a one came out to help. I found a cart lifted the tree into the cart, and paid for it. Everyone just kind of stared out me. I then went outside and tried to get the box out of the cart into the car. Thank God, there was a gentleman near by and he helped me. I told him I asked the store to help but they were too busy talking. Did I mention I'm 70 years old. someone better train the help to at least try and give service. This is outrageous.

very poor pharmacy tech's and service never have i had to deal with such incompatince in my life pharm tech is rude they don't tell you or keep you informed when there is a problem with your your meds or refill's. i am diabetic and on insulin and pharmacy likes to play games

I purchased eyeglasses for my 9 year old son on 08/19/10 at the De Pere location, at that time I was told there was a one year free warranty on kids glasses. My son this year over the 4th of July weekend was playing basketball, his glasses fell off and broke. I remembered that I was told there was a warranty so I called the Optical Dept. I spent about 30 minutes on the phone while she kept putting me on hold and checking his file for the warranty information, to just tell me there was no warranty and asked if I had it in writing, which I did not. I then proceeded to throw away the broken glasses because there was no point in keeping them. Then over Labor Day weekend I went into the Optical Dept at the Ashwaubenon location and to my surprise there is a huge sign on the wall that says, "Free One Year Warranty on Kids Glasses" I felt like ripping it off the wall and bringing it to the De Pere location and showing it to them in "writing" I then discussed it with many people and they agreed I shouldn't just let it go so I called to speak with the Manager. I spoke with Dawn on September 26th and explained the situation, and was told all of her staff have worked there for many years and wouldn't say that, but um yeah, they did. So all in all she took my information and said she would check on it and see what she could do and call me back I didn't hear from her for a few days so I called her back on September 29th and guess what, she had just gotten off the phone with the warranty company and the can't do anything without having any part of the glasses. If I would have been told that back in July I would NOT have thrown them away!!!!!!! Now I am left to purchase a new pair of glasses out of pocket for my son. I will NEVER set foot in Shopko again, I have spent a lot of money there and will not spend another penny there again. I purchased three pairs of glasses at the time and have had many, many prescriptions filled there as well, never again. If the warranty company wouldn't do anything then Shopko should have done something since they are the ones who misinformed me. Shame on Shopko.

James Butteri-08-23-2011 noon Shopko Optical Sugarhouse-2300 South SLC, UT Re: Customer Complaint I called to see if my eyeglasses I had ordered (2nd pair same prescription as previous) were ready, I was told yes. Shopko optical clerk-f-55-long blonde streaked hair to back-eye glasses-wedding ring-6'0-med-165 When I entered, the clerk seemed if she was feining some work on the back computer, I will be with you as soon as I am finished she said. I gave her my name, and she pulled out my glasses. Ever worn eyeglasses before, she asked. Then she opened up my eyeglass, case removed the glasses with her left hand, by touching thumb and point finger onto the nose section of the glasses. Want me to fit them for you. No. I said there are no bifocals on here, like my last prescription. We can have them for you in 9/90 days she said. No thanks, I said. Then she rambled on about how to clean the/my eyeglasses she had just touched and contaminated by using the store computer just minutes before without washing her hands, she mentioned something about a dry rag and the bathroom. Referring and instructing me how to clean the eyeglasses. She rang up the remaining balance, and I paid. And left the store. I wore the glasses, and realized the frames, were a different color than my last ones, and that they were not bifocals and were not as exact on prescription as my last ones-not as powerful, a lot weaker. When I thought how she improperly handled the glasses, as to intentionally dirty them, with the intent being the dirty glasses would rub off on my nose, and face, I decided to file a formal customer complaint. My email address is butteri@live.com, after investigation and termination of this optical clerk, you may refund the purchase price of the glasses to me, and I will keep the substandard pair. This is my action toward Shopko: If no termination and refund, I will never shop shopko again, and I will organize boycott of the store. May your company become insolvent. And may your Corporate Officers and employees live hell on earth. This communique is signed by James Butteri former customer of Shopko.

I purchased two lane chairs at Shopko.....left the box because it would not fit in my car, and I didn't know I would need it. I took the chairs home and immediately knew they were not right for my living room. I had the receipt, all tags left on the chairs, and shopko refused to let me return them as I didn't have the "BOX". The chairs are in two pieces, plastic covered, with original tags.....seems strange....don't buy anything from shopko.......the return policy STINKS!!!!!!

Bought a gel foam pillow from a "flea Market" type vendor with one of your labels on it where a customer had returned the item. It had your price on it that was refunded. I went on line to see if you had this item and found it online at $49.99 which was the same (regular) price when I visited the store to see if it was the same maker. I just bought one today at your Redding, California store where you had it marked $99.99 with a half off sale price on all the foam pillows. Seems to me you "jacked"up the price only to have it at what was your regular price several weeks ago.

i have frequented the shopko stevens point store for a number of years but after the last 2 visits i will NO longer shop there. i will give walamart and target my business. the store manager belittles its employees to the point of crying, quitting, unbelieveable that this Jackie can and treat people like this. i was shopping and overheard her tell a new employee that she was wasnt fit to bring jackie her lunch, or that this wonderful and helpful sales person was told she didnt expect much of her because this was a married young mother with no education. SERIOUSLY where do you get your managers from? this is a damm joke. anyone who yells and belittles another human beings self estemm and character assisin should be FIRED. and when this young lady simply asked jackie chojnacki a questions jackie told her well i cant talk to you right now when you have this attitude. that girl never had an attitude she wanted to know answers to the questions in a polite manner. perhaps you should send in a spy of sorts to watch this jackies management skills and you tell me whats wrong with this picture,. as to why your sales there are LOW noone wants to be there including the employees when they have to deal with her. shopko is looking for some law suits with her and she is crossing many lines of no return. i do not work for shopko but you canbet i will tell everyone i know post on facebooka s well becaue i CAN word of mouth is a very powerful things.!! shes like a little hitler disgruntled customer and appauled with your managment choices.

I had an issue with the returns section so I called to speak with a manager I was told that would be fine and they transferred me, she was extremely rude and unwilling to correct her employees mistake so I called back to speak with someone else. The next manager was still rude but she resentfully agreed to correct the mistake when I asked why the previous manager refused to budge she said "You weren't speaking with a manager that was a supervisor," in a snotty tone. I told her that's what HER employee informed for I was being transferred to, she apologized again with an attitude . When I went in to exchange the product the sales rep. started in on me as well! Displeased with the customer service here rude, caddy, women! This never used to be the case here it is a shame!

Beware dont buy online from this company. Items arrived damaged and they want me to pay shipping back to their store. The two items are 100 pounds. It would cost too much to send back. I have never had this problem with any other company. Poor policies, poor customer service. I have put my credit card charge in dispute. My cc tolm me they have 15 days to retrieve the items or I wont have to pay.

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