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To Whom it may concern: On August 6, 2011 at approximately 7pm, my family and I visited SeaWorld to celebrate our dad 84th birthday. After approaching the ticket window, and trying to get my teachers pass, I was told by a female Latino employee in a very rude manner that I needed a pay stub from May. I then pulled out my teacher ID card and asked if I could get my teachers pass using my ID card. She then told me no. I then asked her why May when it’s August and she said that’s the rule and that she wouldn‘t be able to help me. I then said that the only way I could get a pay stub from May was if I could get to a computer and use the internet. She then said that if I didn’t have the pay stub, that I needed to step aside. I then asked her why was she speaking to me in rude manner. She said that she was not being rude. I then told her to get a manager because she was acting like a jerk towards me and that’s when she began pointing at me saying that she was not a jerk and that I was the jerk. She continued to yell and roll her eyes and head at me while in front of other customers and my family. A young white male identifying himself as a manager then ask me how can he help me and I told him I was trying to get my teachers pass and I only had my teachers ID and insurance card. He then told me that I would need a pay stub from May and I then asked him if he could look in system for my teacher certificate because that’s what they normally do when I get my teachers pass. He then asked me for my first and last name and I told him it was Aisha Osborne. He began typing it in the system and he told me that he could not find my name. I asked him if he was sure and he said yes. I then said sir they always find my name in the system. He then told me that the only name he saw that looked similar was Aisha K. Osborne. I then said, that’s me. He then said but this name is Aisha K. Osborne and I then said sir you only asked me for my first and last name not my middle initial. I thought that since he had located my teaching certificate that all would be well and I would be able to get my teachers pass, so I then told my family members ( a total of 8 members), to go ahead and enter the park with their passes and wait for me at the gate. My family did enter the gate and wait for me. However, I was never given my teachers pass despite the system showing my teacher certificate. I then went inside adjourning building and asked an employee if I could speak to a manager and she then told me that she would get a manager for me. While waiting to speak with the manager, I noticed that the another white older female, along with the female Latino and white male manager that I was speaking with earlier, were all leaving the ticket window, talking amongst each other about me while heading towards the adjourning building. I continued to wait for the manager who then came out of that same building. As I began to speak with her about the situation, she cut me off and began to tell me what her employees said without allowing me to finish speaking. I then informed her that I would be contacting the corporate office in regards to the lack of professionalism and service that I had received. She did not seem to care about anything I said and continued to display a lack of concern for my issue. The manager later refunded me for 1 ticket I had paid for but the other 7 tickets my family used to enter the park were a lost. My family was so concerned with the lack of professionalism displayed by these employees and the way they treated me, that they were no longer interested in visiting seaworld and left the park after only being in the park for less than 1 hour. This completely ruined my dad’s birthday and our family vacation. My family traveled 3 hours for this vacation, and were very disappointed. Sadly, this was my dad’s first time at SeaWorld and he really looked forward to this trip. We did everything in our power to make sure he got his chance to visit seaworld, even waiting to the sun went down to make sure he would be able to enjoy himself. Sadly, he was unable to enjoy it and I am not sure we will ever get this opportunity again. In all the years I have attended seaworld, this trip has summed up to be one of my worst and most disappointing life experiences. Aisha Osborne aishaosborne@hotmail.com

Screw seaworld over priced hot staff is horrible can't believe they would say or advertise on tv as something that this company is no longer but money grubbing!!!! Wow what a shame. Do not go I urgh u! If you do plan on going you should bring at lease 1000 dollars and don't use your debit cards or credit cards there finance department is a joke Nita Perez apparently doesn't work on mondays, Tuesday's, or wednesday, so take it from me these ppl are not trying to help or coordinate a big event for seaworld!!! Seaworld has lost it's quality.

Didn't make it even in to the park guest services lady in Orlando Florida horrible manager trying to get involved in the situation up front both were Spanish seemed like plus with no experience could not handle the situation of charging my card 3 times until it declined. Then I paid cashed for the tickets continued on but thought hmm y didn't my card decline bc the clerk ran it 3 times manager couldnt take hold off with authorization code bc she doesn't have the code was given number to Nita Perez financial department to seaworld apparently seaworld has only one financial department and the lady is off time called exactly 4:30 so now at this point days half ruined bc of no funds 266.20 x 3=798.60 plus cash I paid to get in @ 319.00 was the correct total but the clerk mistakenly ran for 5 people @ 266.20 3 times once I found out my funds were not in there and being held I then asked for full refund left bc we weren't going to have the funds to go through the park worst experience ever due to human error. Still disputing payment n amount on card.

I purchased tickets online and was only in San Antonio for the weekend so I had a limited amount of time to use them. Went there on Sunday and they were turning people away because the park was full and there was NO PARKING!!! We had to leave on Monday to come back home so we were unable to use the tickets. I called and spoke with the manager and she was EXTREMELY rude and sarcastic...saying that even though it was THEIR FAULT that they weren't letting people in the park due to overcrowding, they STILL wouldn't give us our money back. We live a good 6 hours from San Antonio and don't know if we will be able to make it back before the tickets expire. ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!!! I will be telling everyone I know how rude and unaccomodating the staff is!!!

Ordered tickets online, big mistake. They charged me twice and I can not get help from the headquarters to have the charge removed

I am very disgusted with the way I was treated today!! I have been a pass holder for years now and was treated like pure crap today. I will never go back I will be telling my family and friends the same thing.

I just read the article in the news that said the killer whale Tilikum that killed trainer Dawn Brancheau in Feb 2010 is now back performing with the trainers. Seaworld trainer curator Kelly F. Clark is quoted as saying that it is important to the animals physical, social, and mental enrichment to be back in the water. What about the dangers to the trainers? OSHA accused Seaworld of recklessly putting trainers in the water. I will not be back again to any Seaworld property. I felt the handling of this horrible preventable incident was mishandled by Seaworld from the start. Bottom line: Safety is paramount and so is responsibility.

Due to major lawsuits, the company's leadership still tries to make profits to maintain thier high end lifestyles at the expense to customers and basic services in teh parks. Shame on them, as a republican and right conservative, I tend to back up these wealthy individuals at times, but as a visitor of the park recently, this is just out of control. Grow up, Sell the Aspen Home, the Vail Home, the Aruba Home, and live like normal americans. Stop making us wait in line for 45 minutes because you want to save $4.35 per hour on labor costs. You suck!

Very poor customer from the people who handle the department for customer's annual passes. I never received an email from any associate stating that my credit card was not going through. The associate stated over and over again that they did, and that I must not have checked it correctly? Really? Send me the original email that shows that you folks sent me the email. Oh wait the associate say you couldnt.

Sea World Orlando does not recognize an Air Force Academy cadet as being qualified for the military discount. I would suppose that this would also not apply to our fine future officers attending West Point and Annapolis. Too bad. These young people have taken a military oath, qualify for military health care, and would be considered AWOL if not reporting back on time for duty. Why Sea World do you say that they are not eligible for a military discount?

sorry me again would someone give katina the killer whale a hug for me and give her my condolences she lost her daughter and could someone find out about the killer whale kiss i mentioned earlier

SEAWORLD IS THE BEST ,SEAWORLD IS THE BEST ,SEAWORLD IS THE BEST.GOD BLESS TAIMA AND KALINA REST IN PEACE GIRLS MAY GOD PROTECT YOU FEED YOU CARE FOR YOU AND GIVE YOU MANY MATINGS AND CALVES P.S. GOD BLESS YOUR GIANT HEARTS just so you all know i cry every night for taima kalina gudrun and all other killer whales that have died because i love them so much. Since i was a child i have wanted to get a kiss from katina the killer whale if anyone knows how i can arrange it please someone has got to know this has been my dream i will pay as much as i can for that kiss and to have a picture of it please give me the phone number to contact the person whoever can set up the kiss i would greatly appreciate it and where can i buy killer whale birth videos. Also my condolences go out to dawns family. SEAWORLD IS THE BEST PLACE IN THE US YOU WILL FIND NO OTHER ADVENTER PARK LIKE IT SEA WORLD IS THE BEST

I have been trying to get a refund from seaworl for 8 months now, it is not a fun place anymore, not very clean, poor attitudes of the employees. I need to get thsi resolved. I would not reccoment seaworld anylonger to anyone!!

melanie. You are very rude. Sea world like other companies, set up policies and guidelines that every employee must follow. You work for a charitable organization? You should't speak of innocent people like that who follow the rules. I know the person who helped you. She stayed on the phone with you for half an hour when she is only allowed maybe five minutes of talk time. And guess what, the ticket you purchased had the right expiration date and that girl actually got her supervisor to change the expiration date. By the way you talk I would want nothing to do with your organization.

Discovery Cove - This place is amazing..... and so worth every penny you spend! My husband and I recently renewed our Wedding Vows and decided to go to Discovery Cove as a mini-honeymoon. I am so glad we did.... to experience all of the sea life up close and personal and be able to swim with them and touch them is an incredible experience. We live in Florida and hear people complain about the price, but I have to tell you after having birds eat out of my hand, petting stingrays, swimming with the fish and swimming with a dolphin (not to mention not having to pay a penny for food or a drink all day) the cost is absolutely reasonable. The staff was very knowledgeable about each species of bird or fish that we inquired about and they were more than friendly from the moment we came through the doors ----- there was no typical "Park Rudeness" from the employees or even the other guests for that matter. If you haven't been, go----- you will not be dissapointed and you will feel like you are in another world for a day!

My wife was assaulted by a Porpois in Orlando. My wife was in the tank with the animal, which proceeded to become aroused and attacked my wife vigorously. As she scremed for help, the trainer just told her to stay put and let the Porpois finish his buisness, laughing and taking pictures with his cell phone. This was 6 years ago and after $120,000.00 in therapy, my wife still wakes up screaming "Get back you Beast! Somebody stop him!". All your employess did was laugh and call her a "Porpois Fluffer"...This is terrible buisness and I will tell everyone I ever meet to not go to Sea World, unless they like getting that up close and personal with nature.

Sea World and their parks are great... until you experience a problem. I had a problem with a product, advertised as water proof, which it wasn't. It ruined a brand new pack of cigarettes. They would only refund the money on the product, they would not give any compensation for the pack of cigarettes that were soaked. Then took the product back. Don't buy anything at any Sea World parks other than food and beverages. They won't stand behind the cheaply made products that they sell.

I purchased tickets for a charity auction that had incorrect expiration date. I have tried for 1 week and talked to numereous "supervisors" to rectify issue. These are some of the most incompetent individuals I have ever worked with. I do not recommend their facilities. Consider other vacation options if you wish to have a good experience!

I am a Florida resident. I called a few months ago to cancel the auto renew option of the two passports I had. They said that they would expire on 9/10/2010. I looked a few days later at my bank account and I had a charge for one of them. I went online and said one expired 9/22/2010. I then called their number which a very rude and in my opinion ignorant person answered named Kevin. He told me it then expired ion October of 2010. He said they had missed a payment for one passport about 2 years ago and they are charging me now. I told him I was told that there would be no more charges and that this screwed up my bank account. I asked to speak to a supervisor. He kept trying to explain the same thing over and over again, which I already knew what he was saying, and he was refusing to let me speak to a supervior. I told him that I would go down to Seaworld, so I could talk to someone at Guest Services, but he took it as I was coming down to hurt him. Before I could even tell him that it was too find someone to talk to he took it and said he was calling the police for threatening him and hung up. I am a realistic person so: 1. I do not know his last name 2. He is probably in some building which is off property and God only knows where that is. This park has been going down hill for years. Customer Service has been really bad as well at the upkeeping of the parks. This is why I am getting rid of my annual passports. My email: danpr78@yahoo.com

I am a Florida resident, I bought my passport with a prepay money card, monthly payments has been automatically withdraw and had no issues till now. I receive this month an email stating that payment did not went true, I spoke to few people at your call center searching for a reason and now they say that system does not aloud payments from a prepay money card that I have the option to go every month and make at sea world, make few payments at ones, provide a bank debit card or get someone who has a one and payment be withdraw from their account. First of all when I bought the passport was never told payments can’t be withdraw from prepaid cards, Second had NEVER receive a letter stating now system won’t be accepting It. I do understand there is always changes and up gratings but I also believe if changes are made after the customer has a payment agreement this should not affect the existing. Now if I can change my payment method we won’t be able to use the passport? I DO NOT have another card and will like payments to be kept being withdraw as usually. Other option is not pay and if in the future I get a bank debit card in order to buy another passport MUST pay previews balance of past passport (witch I was not able to use). I believe I should be able to keep on making payments as I have done for the past year with a prepay money card. Can someone please provide me a phone number or a email address to fix this issue I will really appreciated. Your call center said they can’t. My email : rrodz1966@yahoo.com

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