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Phone Problems

I called 2 weeks ago abt phone problems and was told they would send Yet another phone and still have not received they have lousy service My rating is* star and they don't diserve that

Poor Customer Service

I purchased a 60 inch TV that had a black line growing through the TV. Samsung refuses to help with the issue.

Wore cell phone I ever have

I bought a galaxy S4 last only 3 weeks then the phone can't read the SIM card. Very bad product Never buy samsung product again. Go back apple better.

i have tried to get help from samsung for two weeks for a refrigerator issue no help just adding to my stress i would not recommend samsung to any one

Poor Support

It appears that Samsung could not care less about its customers! I have a Samsung S4 cell phone that has been giving me issues on a regular basis. Samsung's answer, send it in to Samsung. for two weeks, not get a loaner. Thus have no phone for the two weeks. Good buy Samsung.

My samsung galaxy 3 is the worst phone I have ever had. I am on hold with customer service and have been on hold for over 25 minutes. I am so mad that I am going to get an iphone. You guys suck. So now The customer service I am receiving is disgusting and I will never do business with samsung again! Ever. If my battery catches anything on fire I will definitely sue. My battery is almost as hot as I am I am so mad. Now I have been on hold for 30 minutes. You guys and your terrible customer support can go take a hike! Although I am forced to give you one star I would really give you negative stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bad Customer Service

I sent in My 32 inch TV to be repaired under Warranty, UPS damaged the TV and Samsung instead of backing up the customer they backed Ups. The TV was packed by a professional service. The TV stopped working during the Warranty period. Why would I or some else buy a Product from Samsung when they will not back the customer. Don't Buy there products is the only recommendation I can mke.

Samsung Washing Mach.

The product "Sucks"

Samsung Washer

I bought a new Samsung Washer and 39 days after purchase it quit working. Called Samsung and they could not figure out what was wrong so connected me with a service center. they could not figure what was wrong so said they would get back with me. Two days later I called them and they stated parts had been ordered. Two days later set up a repair date for five days later. Samsung would not take it back and neither would Lowes. This is the second and last Samsung purchase I'll make as my refrigerator spits ice all over the place and some time when no-one has used it. Your products are unreliable and there see to be no quality control as the products don't work as advertised.

I purchase a clx-3305Fw printer I had over a year I never used. I decided to set it up to print from Samsung gallexy s4 phone. I found out the image unit was bad, You can't print or received fax. The part cost $148.86 I paid close to 500.00 for the printer I never used. This printer was D.O.A when i first received it. Samsung's customer service would not work with me their customer service sucks


I purchased a bad quality Samsung chrome book. Lasted only for a year. The monitor stopped working all of the sudden. I shipped it to the repair, and they refused to fix it under warranty (my warranty was still valid). Very rude people, wanted my credit card to charge me over $200 for the repair which is the cost of the brand new chrome book. So ridiculous! Poor customer service. I NEVER will buy any Samsung products again. Bad customer service. Rude people that don't care about customers.


Bought all new samsung appliances (frig,microwave,stove and dishwasher) DW had a crack in it, customer dis-service claimed they would replace the unit. Have spoken with 6 representatives, left dozens of phone messages and numerous emails since April NO RESPONSE NO ACTION... F... samsung

cheap parts in high end tvs

Samsung puts cheap parts in their high end tv's. They also design poor circuits for them. After some time the capacitors go bad and parts fail. The company does not care and won't help you. They are selling DEFECTIVE tv's. If you must buy a tv from them buy the low end tv because it will fail and you will have paid extra money for junk that will fail.

Horrible repair service

Horrible service, had my samsung tablet sent out for repair, they fixed it in one day and has not sent back my tablet in month now and on phone with them everyday saying they are gonna send it out next day and they never do!!!!! Horrible!!!!!

tv turning off and off on its own

I started noticing the tv flickering off and on by itself. So we did some internet research and this is a well known problem. We called the customer service department and was told our warranty was out. I had satiated this is a known problem and should b fixed whether I had warranty or not. So needless to say they will not take the responsibility to offer to fix this known problem but want us to spend more monies to fix their problem that they've know but yet continue to put the tv's out there to sale in these retail stores. This will be our last Samsung product that we will buy. We will be adding our names to the class action lawsuit.

Washing machine

Bought a Samsung washing machine 7/2013, 6 months later the machine would just stop and not finish the cycle. That was "fixed". Now the machine is leaking water underneath. this is a nightmare. I will never purchase another Samsung appliance.

I have a Samsung dryer that is 3 years old. I started it with my last load for the week in it, turned around to leave the laundry room and it exploded. I opened the door, threw the clean clothes on the floor, unplugged it and waited for the fire and smoke to dissipate. I was told by repair man that the motor is what exploded due to it being faulty. Samsung will not cover the motor because it is not under warranty anymore. However, if I would have let the house burn, they would have covered that claim. Never again will I purchase a Samsung product and will tell everyone I know not to either. As soon as my refer, range, washing machine explode I will replace them with a LG or something else.

Samsung Appliances

Bought Fridge, Microwave, Dishwasher, and Range 3 years ago with new house. To date appliances have broken down 14 times. This means waiting for service 14 times and coming back to fix another 14 times. Total 28 X 5 hrs = approx 140 hrs. Was told by Pres. secretary too bad and nothing Samsung will do. Stay away fro Samsung unless you have a lot of free time and money.

Samsung Appliances

Purchased microwave, range, fridge, and dishwashers 3 years ago. They have broken down 14 times total This means 14 times waiting for service to tell me they will order parts and come back. 28 visits X 5 hours = approx 140 hours. Pres. secretary said nothing they can do, just live with it. Stay away fro Samsung.

Samsung fridges suck

We had bought RF323TEDBSR/AA after our first samsung fridge went out after only having it for 4yrs. got this one to replace it and the ice maker never worked right they repaired it under warranty 3 times. On the third time the repair man figured out what the problem was and said it is defective and can't be fixed. Since it is out of warranty now after I am not getting the full refund amount and they are pro rating it. So from day one I had a defective fridge bug since they could not figure it out until it was out of warranty I am out of money. I have had two fridges now in 6 yrs. They suck in making fridges I will know never by a samsung product. Very disappointed. I thought they made good products till now.

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