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Horrible repair service

Horrible service, had my samsung tablet sent out for repair, they fixed it in one day and has not sent back my tablet in month now and on phone with them everyday saying they are gonna send it out next day and they never do!!!!! Horrible!!!!!

tv turning off and off on its own

I started noticing the tv flickering off and on by itself. So we did some internet research and this is a well known problem. We called the customer service department and was told our warranty was out. I had satiated this is a known problem and should b fixed whether I had warranty or not. So needless to say they will not take the responsibility to offer to fix this known problem but want us to spend more monies to fix their problem that they've know but yet continue to put the tv's out there to sale in these retail stores. This will be our last Samsung product that we will buy. We will be adding our names to the class action lawsuit.

Washing machine

Bought a Samsung washing machine 7/2013, 6 months later the machine would just stop and not finish the cycle. That was "fixed". Now the machine is leaking water underneath. this is a nightmare. I will never purchase another Samsung appliance.

I have a Samsung dryer that is 3 years old. I started it with my last load for the week in it, turned around to leave the laundry room and it exploded. I opened the door, threw the clean clothes on the floor, unplugged it and waited for the fire and smoke to dissipate. I was told by repair man that the motor is what exploded due to it being faulty. Samsung will not cover the motor because it is not under warranty anymore. However, if I would have let the house burn, they would have covered that claim. Never again will I purchase a Samsung product and will tell everyone I know not to either. As soon as my refer, range, washing machine explode I will replace them with a LG or something else.

Samsung Appliances

Bought Fridge, Microwave, Dishwasher, and Range 3 years ago with new house. To date appliances have broken down 14 times. This means waiting for service 14 times and coming back to fix another 14 times. Total 28 X 5 hrs = approx 140 hrs. Was told by Pres. secretary too bad and nothing Samsung will do. Stay away fro Samsung unless you have a lot of free time and money.

Samsung Appliances

Purchased microwave, range, fridge, and dishwashers 3 years ago. They have broken down 14 times total This means 14 times waiting for service to tell me they will order parts and come back. 28 visits X 5 hours = approx 140 hours. Pres. secretary said nothing they can do, just live with it. Stay away fro Samsung.

Samsung fridges suck

We had bought RF323TEDBSR/AA after our first samsung fridge went out after only having it for 4yrs. got this one to replace it and the ice maker never worked right they repaired it under warranty 3 times. On the third time the repair man figured out what the problem was and said it is defective and can't be fixed. Since it is out of warranty now after I am not getting the full refund amount and they are pro rating it. So from day one I had a defective fridge bug since they could not figure it out until it was out of warranty I am out of money. I have had two fridges now in 6 yrs. They suck in making fridges I will know never by a samsung product. Very disappointed. I thought they made good products till now.

samsung s4 cell phone

My Son is a Police Officer. I am disabled. He bought me this phone for reliability. Wrong! I have had two batteries that I had to pay for. It won't keep a charge. I had the new phone f or 30 days when this started. I am not bu thing another phone. They can give me one. I won't stop Samsung until you fix this. This pho be was 300. I'm on a limited income. Can someone help me? This is my only means of communication. My Son got Hutt at work and no one could get a hold of me because this phone went dead overnight. Before I went to bed I had charged it to 100 percent.


So disappointed that Samsung Customer Services appear to be there in name only. Having had a problem with a new vacuum cleaner tube, I asked for a replacement. Having given them various info and proof of purchase they have not responded either by replacement or to my last three emails. I'm a disabled OAP and now find myself needing to appeal to Trading Standards.

• On 20 August 2014, I contacted them to clarify the status, where the maintenance supervisor told me that the device was exposed to water, which caused the problem I have told them that is not true where the device hanging on the wall, a large 55-inch and there is no water exist around. I told them if the water was subjected to the device's screen it does not work at all during exposure to water as they claim that this type of screen is very sensitive. Since the device's screen with vertical lines show the colors of purple / red [see photos attached] only where it faded away and stayed some other lines. I believe that they did not went to solve the problem by refund the amount of the value of the device, or at least replace it with another new device. • After consulting some of the electronics engineer and some technical locations, it was found out that the problem is one of the faults in the screen for led Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy s4

I bought a Galaxy s4 about a year ago and it already broke. The wifi stopped working and I brought it in and no one knew what was wrong with it. They said that the phone was the problem and that I would have to buy a new one. Also the phone turns off by itself and won't turn back on for about an hour or longer. The apps and camera stop working at times and the screen will freeze. Definitely not worth the money since it only lasted a year.

Bad appliances

I purchased three very expensive Samsung appliances (washer, Dryer and Refrigerator) from Lowes. I have now had the washer worked on three times, the dryer worked on twice and now the frig is broken and we need to have new sensors. DON'T waste your money and Lowes just washes their hands of it even with the extended coverage.

Samsung Refridgerator

Bought a Samsung Refrigerator approximately 2 years ago and have had nothing but trouble with it. Called their customer support yesterday to get the name of a repair service and was told that they don't know of any. Finally got the name of one from Lowes and the repair service told me that Samsung make the worst refrigerator of any brand.

Samsung dish washer. Same problem for third time. Swag ice company never came out on first call but the dish washer had reset it self. However same problem again. Service company sucks. Can not get through to anyone. Goes right into to voice mail. Cal samsung CS back and was told they can not help... Really! I will never never never buy any more samsung products.

bad ice maker

i purchase a model rf23hcedbwww refrigerator. i can't remove the ic bucket even after a serice call. it won't despense ice. spent over $ 2000 and have no ice. terrible customer service. the ice maker ha issue which samsung refuses to address

poor quality tv

purchased a 55" samsung tv within a short time 17 lines across the screen. tv has been in repair for one month now, they claim the part is on backorder. customer service doesn't want to do anything and could care less. samsung has lost all future business. DO NOT BUY SAMSUNG. '

How to contact Samsung

888-480-5675 (Press 7 during greeting then ext. 10676) Samsung makes it very difficult to contact their corporate offices. This phone number will get you to the President's office.

notebook, ^ customer service in Philippines

I have taken my notebook that is 4 month old to be repaired, all ever done was recovery, same problem 4 times in shop. about to lose my job as I use computer as I work at home. what should take me 5 min. to type takes 20 min, cause curser moves where ever it wants. the longer ur on computer the worse it gets.

TV Sucks

TV has a line going through it Samsung does not want to pay for new panel. Terrible customer service.Would never buy a samsung product again.

Galaxy Tab 10.1

I bought a samsung galaxy tab in June 2012 as gift in Feb 2014 it would power up. I sent it in to be repaired they said that the parts were obsolete and it could not be fixed it had reached the end of its life cycle. So now I can not get any of my pictures and anything else I have on the tablet. So basically I wasted $500. All the can say is that they are sorry. If I could a negitative rating I would.

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