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Samsung dish washer. Same problem for third time. Swag ice company never came out on first call but the dish washer had reset it self. However same problem again. Service company sucks. Can not get through to anyone. Goes right into to voice mail. Cal samsung CS back and was told they can not help... Really! I will never never never buy any more samsung products.

bad ice maker

i purchase a model rf23hcedbwww refrigerator. i can't remove the ic bucket even after a serice call. it won't despense ice. spent over $ 2000 and have no ice. terrible customer service. the ice maker ha issue which samsung refuses to address

poor quality tv

purchased a 55" samsung tv within a short time 17 lines across the screen. tv has been in repair for one month now, they claim the part is on backorder. customer service doesn't want to do anything and could care less. samsung has lost all future business. DO NOT BUY SAMSUNG. '

How to contact Samsung

888-480-5675 (Press 7 during greeting then ext. 10676) Samsung makes it very difficult to contact their corporate offices. This phone number will get you to the President's office.

notebook, ^ customer service in Philippines

I have taken my notebook that is 4 month old to be repaired, all ever done was recovery, same problem 4 times in shop. about to lose my job as I use computer as I work at home. what should take me 5 min. to type takes 20 min, cause curser moves where ever it wants. the longer ur on computer the worse it gets.

TV Sucks

TV has a line going through it Samsung does not want to pay for new panel. Terrible customer service.Would never buy a samsung product again.

Galaxy Tab 10.1

I bought a samsung galaxy tab in June 2012 as gift in Feb 2014 it would power up. I sent it in to be repaired they said that the parts were obsolete and it could not be fixed it had reached the end of its life cycle. So now I can not get any of my pictures and anything else I have on the tablet. So basically I wasted $500. All the can say is that they are sorry. If I could a negitative rating I would.

bad samsung

1 star??? it should be no star or a negative ...... bought a samsung washing machine last 2 years, withi these 2 years, sent in for 3 overhauls... yes, its overhaul... complain?? their malaysian distributor told me that its caused by the wrong use of me... the samsung washing sent back to me last 2 days after the 3rd overhaul, but instead of a simple washing machine, its became a musical washing machine.... samsung has really bad services records.... say no to samsung home appliances......

51 inch samsung smart plasma tv

Nothing but problems plasma panels keep burning (internal crack) from over heating samsung tried to blame me that I damage when there own technicians confirmed internal burn and defect but samsung tries different ways to get away with this issue just google there's millions customers like me. Shamed on them, we need action class lawsuit to fix this otherwise it's all about money and greed. No samsung products for me ever.

Lemon Dryer

I wish I didn't have to put even one star. I bought a dryer on 12/24 by 1/03 it stopped working. I had a reapir person out twice to fix the issue. I called Samsung as instructed on my receipt and they said it would take 3-5 business days to approve the exchange. I called after 5 days and was told it would take 3-5 "business" days to have the voucher sent? So I have been without a dryer for 3 weeks all because of paperwork! Unacceptable!! Samsungs customer service is horrible. I will never buy another product from them again.

We bought all new Samsung appliances; refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, and gas range. We have had to call twice on repairs to the dishwasher. Then, after calling about our fridge, we found water damage to our floor caused by the fridge. It took 2 months and 11 phone calls before they replaced the fridge. Now I'm waiting to hear back from them about repairing my floor. I sent in the claim on 11-11-13, on 12-6-13, 1-2-14, and again on 1-3-14. I am still waiting. I speak to a different associate each time I call. In all, I have spoken to 15 different associates, regurgitating the same excuses and giving me a new transaction number each time. Looks like I'll be heading to small claims next week!

Issues with my new samsung microwave

After trying to find out the problem with it. Seems to have a problem with the units because the customers all have the same complaits, so samsung need to make it right they need to se displays on the unit just now a year and couple of months old . The president or CEO of the company needs to have a recall on units, get it resolved please contact me. This microwave is hardly used I want somthing done .

Lemon Referater

Bought new Samsung double door ref, had 3 service calls in 90 days we lost mega bucks in meat and fish in freezer don't the other side of this junk Do not but unless you have a back up

Poor customer service

I purchased a smart TV form SAMSUNG .COM/direct. IT arrived with a broken tv screen. I have spent over 12 hours waiting and trying to find a customer service representative that knew what they were doing. Everyone tells me something different and I still have not been able to get the problem resolved. Not to mention they ship the smart tv's in the plain tv box with no protection at all. You can actually put you hands in the box. It is looking like I will need social media to resolve this problem.

SamSung Sucks

I bought a 43 In. Samsung T.V. in March 2013 in Oct. 2013 the plastic stand that came with the tv broke and the tv fell and broke the screen now Samsung wants me to pay to get it fixed they take people I wouldn't tell anyone to buy anything with Samsung name

Great Customer Service

I recently spoke with Samsung Customer Representatives about a product issue. Everyone I spoke with was very knowledgeable, professional and considerate. They expressed a genuine concern about my issue and did all they could to resolve my problem. They went above and beyond my expectations and I am very happy with the resolution. Thanks very much to all of you. Have a happy holiday. Janet Russek

Samsung HPT4254

For the last year and one half, this TV has been sitting unused. It has the symptoms, exactly of all the recall TV's I the htp 500 series. Clicking and not turning on. I was told by your website and call line, sorry. Why is my tv, which is having the exact same dysfunctional issue not recalled. My review? Samsung does not stand behind their defective product. I cannot believe this. I called the recall hotline, and was denied. What is Samsung going to do about this?

poor customer service

I ordered a Samsung refrigerator from home depot. Samsung called me to set up a delivery date. Unfortunately they scheduled a date when the delivery service is closed Monday's) ok, I understood so set up another date but Samsung short shipped the refrigerator and once again it was not delivered. Once again they apologized and set up yet another date. I postponed a trip to be home for the delivery. No one called, to give me a delivery window. I called Samsung customer service to find out what happened. They said they don't have any record of delivery date. I had no choice out of frustration over the incompetence of this company that I cancelled my order. SAMSUNG, YOU ARE GOING TO LOSE MORE GOOD CUSTOMERS like myself if you continue to give poor, inadequate customer service. Very disappointed!!

customer service

My 31/2 year old Samsung refrigerator broke October 12th, since then I been giving the runaround by Samsung, they told me before they were going to refund the money, but they call me a couple of days later to tell me I was denied the claim, I was just told that again today, but I don't believe them anymore. They like to drag their feet, I guess so you get tired and give up.

Samsung tab

Poor poor poor customer service. I mail my tablet in for service and it was damage in shipment they want me to pay $150 for a new one. $300 spent down the drain. I was thinking of getting a samsung phone I have the I phone now but do glad I didn't. With apple costumer service is great. I have I I pad and it was blacking out on me. I took it right in the apple stir and they gave me a new one just like that quick and easy. I had a small crack in my screen too they didn't even say anything about it. I did care that I had the crack because I had it covered under my replacement plan but the apple store didn't know about that and replace my I pad. Samsung on their other had force you to mail their product off and cares less what happens to it. They have the worst policy ever it made to cover them self. False warranty! Stay away from samsung!!!!

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