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Sales Associate

No stars. Horrible management. Cashiers, sales floor, and fitting room employees were often blamed for theft, cashier errors, UPC coding errors. Very large amount of cash on hand near entry / exit doors. Very unsafe.

Sales Associate

www.w2express.com is awful for password reset. Been on phone over 20 minutes and still holding. Need tax information.

previous employee

As an employee at ross, my manager stuck me in the fitting rooms. Every week she said she would train me as cashier and it never happened for 5 months. I would constantly get scolded for not having customers hang up the one item of clothing they had onto the t-bar. It felt like they assumed all customers were theives. It was boring and overall the worst job I have had.

Return Policy

I purchased a $65.00 purse from Ross store is Las Vegas Nv. This certain store told me if I returned the purse I would only receive a voucher because I wrote a check for the purchase even if the check had cleared. I have never experience this policy from this store before. Better look into your policy returns . I will be following up on this new policy to see if it is true or was i being taken advantage as a senior.

Store manager

I went to Ross store located at 5556 West Grand Parkway South Richmond, Texas today and met a very rude and unprofessional store manager whom I don't expect her there to do her job. She doesn't know how to treat and talk with customers in professional way. The way she treats customers just make us want to go to different stores where there are better professional store manager than she is. To be honest, she needs to go back to school and gets better training. She doesn't know how to make customer happy to come and satisfied to leave. The ex store manager is better than she is.


I'm a current employee at the location in Rockwall, TX. The only complaint I have is that they do not give us our scheduled breaks. I've had to miss several breaks because (no one was available to cover the fitting room) while I took my breaks... I don't think I should be suffering for something management failed to do... They should always have a person on the sales floor to cover another employee for breaks... No excuses.... Also I got hung up on by a manager for calling in cause I had a fever of 101... Seriously... Some employees work their asses off but some do absolutely nothing but still are able to keep their jobs.. How is this ok?!?


I only work at Ross cause its extra $ in my pocket, I don't need a job but wanted 1 & enjoy working at Ross but its a job... It's not suppose to be easy....


The worst ever shopping experience,do your best not to visit ross stores.


I shopped your ROSS Store in Sarasota, Florida the staff was rude, unfriendly and miserable. No Smiles, No Professionalism, lines of ten people waiting to checf out the Manager could care less. Cashier shoving customer's clothing into a bag, the customer pulled the clothing out and folded it as it should of been done. The entire store is a disgrace and the DM or area Supervisor should send in a secret shopper and find what I said to be true. New Manager and Staff are needed desperately.


I sent a complaint about a sweater that has literally "rotting" fabric in early November. Still, I have had NO response at all from Ross. I will not be in the store again and will advise friends of the fabric problem.

Music and store cleanliness. I'm sorry to say I was so excited to go to the new Ross in Oceanside, CA and what a disappointment. Mexican music was playing and the store was in shambles. We live in America and I felt like I was in Mexico. My family said the same thing about the one in Lake Forest, CA. Soooooo sad!!!! You have lost our business.

Horrible management

All the managers gossip and stick together. They don't care about their employees and are only concerned about saving their own asses. Hugely dissapointed in this store and the level of professionalism.

Customer Service

I love Ross's store but the store in Collierville I will never go back too. Everytime I have been there they have been nothing but rude and miserable to be there. They should be happy they even have a job. ROSS"S In COLLIERVILLE, TN I will never go there again. I usually do not take the time to write reviews like this but this is how much i am disappointed with this place.

Do not go to Ross in Pearlridge because their bathroom is only accessible to elderly, pregnant women, & children. So if you are none of these, you're out of luck!!!

the worst customer service ever

I tried 8 different dresses at a local ROSS store in OKC, near the penn square mall, when I was finished I tried to hand the clothing items to the dressing room clerk and she told me to hang up all the items. That is so wrong. I had to go and its not my job to do this. I rather pay a little more money for a dress at a big department store and be treated with respect, than shopping cheaper and having to put up with horrible customer service and disrespectful employees like ROSS. Also, when I complaint to the manager, he sided with the employee. Once I left the store, he followed me out and was looking directly at my vehicle while he was getting on the cell phone. The ROSS stores in OKC and Edmond have horrible customer service. Don't go there.


My little sister went to the lexington, SC store for an interview and was early so we decided to walk around while we waited on the manager. She comes in and the employee tells her that my sister was here so she said well she's early and begin to talk about my sister because she had to rescheduled the prior day in front of employees and customers so I feel that was very unprofessional of an manager so you can imagine how she runs the store but it hurt my sisters feelings she knew my sister was in school things happen so she rescheduled so what A MANAGER shouldnt have done that

Sorry to say but your store guidelines are far below other competitors like Marshall's and tjmaxx. First of all, I'm a customer and when I want to inspect whether what I am buying is working or not, this should not be a problem. For you to tell me I can't open a trash can to look at it, and for calling security to come, that's crazy! I'm sorry but Ross in fremont at the Fremont hub, you failed me and have lost your business to me and all my family and friends. I would rather give you 0 star at all to be the truth

I was just at Ross Stores in Redwood City, Ca. There was a line of at least 50 people and only one asst. manager checking them out. No other managers or store employees were on the floor and apparently none available. Called the manager, he did not pick up the phone or took no message. Called the district manager and his phone took a message. I left a complaint and phone number. Called corporate in Pleasanton and they are closed and no one to take messages. This is an appaling way to do business and needs to be addressed.


I talked to a customer service person today and her name was Susie and she was very understanding and helped me out with my problem with some Hello Kitty shoes i had bought my granddaughter that she had only wore once and they broke. She handled my problem and was very kind and considerate. I was so angry and she has made me calm down alot and i will still shop at Ross's know. Thank You


Went to th eRoss Store in Tyler, TX. I was going to purchase a blouse that was priced 11.99. I found the exact same blouse in a smaller size that was priced 9.99. I asked the associate if I would be charged the lower price if I took both items to the register. She went to ask someone and came back and told me that because they buy items from different vendors the prices are different and I woudl be charged whatever price was on the blouse that I bought. I have never heard of such a lame excuse in my life. At most stores, if two items that are exactly alike have different prices, the customer pays the lower price. At Ross, the customer pays for the mistakes of the employees

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