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I got Robbed!!

Went there with my wife for dinner everything was Great service ,Food,Atmosphere ...Turns out the server at Red Lobster in Sanford Fl by Seminole town center ..Robert K. Stole my Credit Card information to purchase a meal

Horrible service, cold food

We went to the Langhore,PA location to celebrate my birthday because last time I went there with my mom to service and food wa behind excellent. This recent visit was horrible the wittress Carloynn A. Had a nasty attitude and just didnt want to be there waiting on people. We told her our appetizers were cold that took 20mins to recieve which were chicken bites an she said what do you mean cold? Grab the plate an took them back and didnt give u an update on the food. I can go on and on about her lack of customer service but that would be a whole chapter. Corporate please address this matter I talked to the manager and she took it light and she was really young too as was the witness maybe they are friends and see no wrong in each other. If they continue that they will run that business into the ground.

greasy food

I chose lobster scallops and shrimp with green beans. all the dishes were saturated with butter as if it had been precooked beforehand . four of us with bill of $122.27 thats with $20.00 tip waiter wasnt the problem. red lobster snowden river pkwy. columbia, maryland this is the second time had a bad experience there will not go again


The food has gone down hill for the last 5 years. Used to eat there twice a month. But stopped eating there.


My family and I went to red lobster on south Hamilton rd., Columbus, Ohio to celebrate my daughter turnin 13 years old. Our service was below average. It was almost as the waiter did not want us to leave because he would be say again. The food was adequate but not up to RL standards. We were told to complete a survey and so as I entered the information, the site kept directing me to other sites. That is not only infuriating but no way to conduct business. Comete bait and switch. Miss advertising and making it so the next time we wish to spend $100.00 on dinner, I think we will choice another resteraunt

extremely small portion

i visited the jensen beach red lobster in florida on jan 16 2013 at 12:30 pm, for my birthday lunch my mom took my sister and I . i ordered the stuffed flounder with rice pilaf when it arrived i was so so disappointed and shocked at how extremely small the portion was. please give the customers what they pay for!!! sincerely theresa jesselli

Poor Service

On December 31, 2012, we tried to have a nice lunch at Red Lobster before going to a movie. We ate salad, bread and had sodas. We sent two employees to the kitchen to find out what happened to our meals, and neither came back to us. We finally found the Manager after we had been waiting for our food for 50 minutes and said good-bye. Today, we tried to eat there again. That wasn't one of our best ideas. We wanted to sit in the bar area, and could see 4 empty tables, as well as many empty tables in the main dining room. We were told it would be about 10-15 minutes before we could be seated. We don't mind waiting when there are no tables available, but when you can see at least a dozon available tables, there should be no wait. To give our name, we also had to wait for the person who takes names at the entrance to finish a lengthy conversation with a customer who was also waiting, and it had nothing to do with what he was there to do. We left again and had a lovely meal at a French restaurant across the street, and we were made to feel welcome there and got lots of attention.

Red Lobster port richey florida

First time eating at the Port Richey, FL location and I am very disappointed. The shrimp was over cooked, rubbery and the breading was burnt. The chicken was like leather and the french fries were soggy. (left over heated up). I ordered to go and when I got home to serve everyone, we all spat it out and threw it out. I called corporate to complain on how disgusting the food was and she at least made the effort to replace my meal at no cost and send me a gift card. But now Im scared to go pick up the replacement meal, only god knows what they will do to our food in the kitchen... spit,etc, we have all heard what they do to our food if we complain right>?> Uhhh My husband has cancer, so Im scared to give him the replacement meal, cause if they have done something to it, eating bad food could kill him....

Poor Service by Manager

My brother and I took our 85 yr old mother and 82 yr old father to the Red lobster at Cool Springs Galleria Franklin Tennessee back in the Fall 2008. We ordered our meal, receiving our salad we received 6 pieces or 7 pieces of lettuce, and one onion, and a few cucumbers. We looked at the salad and laughed. We asked the waiter to put more in our salads to make the salads more since there was nothing in the bowl when we received it. The waiter apoligized and said he would . He would make the salads like we had requested. A few minutes later the manager returned with our salads at which he put our original salads back on the table and said these salads are premeasured at 7ounces and could not make the salads larger. At the point we told him that we were leaveing and would not be back. The manager did not care at all. And for so 50 cents more worth of lettuce you loss addtional customer for the past 4 yrs. What is the cause of all of this? And what needs to be changed and what have you learned from this. Even our friends have spoke of stories of bad meals at the Red Lobster. Time to take and notice and make a change.

Expensive bad tasting rubber

We went to Red Lobster with memories of having an inexpensive good dinner. Instead we received some kind of microwaved rubber shrimp. Between the two of us our meal with the tip was 90 dollars. We split an app and had two soda's. The following day I can still taste the rotten oil that they cooked with. We will never go back. This was the Stonybrook, NY location.

Unsatisfactory dinner service

Last night my mother and her friend, my grandson and myself went to Red Lobster on Erie Blvd in Dewitt N.Y. It was the worst service and meal I ever had in my entire life. To start it off we waited over 25 minutes for the waiter to come to our table. It's not like it was busy, there were no people in lobby waiting and there were empty tables throughout the restaurant. While we waited we watched the manager flirting with the girl that was cleaning off the tables. He would either go over to where she was cleaning the tables or standing off to a side watching her every move, smiling at her. We couldn't believe it, it was so obvious. The waiter finally came and took our order, I explained my grandson and my order was seperate from my moms and her friend. My mom and her friend ordered the special with soup, salad, entree and dessert. She also ordered stuffed mushrooms for appetizer. I also ordered the soup, salad, entree and dessert and my grandson ordered chicken tenders with fries and coleslaw. We waited again, finally after 25 minutes the waiter brings us our salads and my grandsons coleslaw. He never brought the oil and vinegar for my mothers salad and he never brought me my extra caesar that I asked for three times. So I didn't eat my salad. When he came back I informed him we never got our soup or stuffed mushroom appetizer . By now we were very upset, so my mother told him to just cancel the mushrooms. Two minutes after are salad was brought out and we still hadn't got our soup or appetizer a waitress brings out our entree. I was very upset and said we just got our salad in which I refuse to eat because I never got my caesar dressing, but I wanted my soup before my entree. So she took our entree's back in. The waiter comes back after another 5 minutes with two bowls of soup and tells my mothers friend he will have to wait untill they make more. Now I am fuming!!! After 15 or 20 minutes later they bring our entree's out. I could not believe it, mine had been put under a heating lamp the entire time and the alfedo was dried on the plate which the lamp dried the alfredo up so everything was dry, it was horrible!!!!!!! I refuse to eat that. Then the waiter came back with a brown bag with soup to go for my mom's friend instead of asking him if he wanted it to go or have it now. I couldn't wait to get out of there and go somewhere to get a good meal. The manager came over and told my mother he would take the mushrooms off her bill as well as one entree. I spoke up and said what about me, we were on seperate bills and I never even ate. He said that was the best he could do. When the waiter brought out our desserts, he looked at my grandson and said you don't get one, very rude like. I looked up at the waiter and said yes he does and I pushed my dessert over to him for him to eat. The way he said it to my grandson was so disrespectful. I waited for my grandson to finish and I left there so damn mad. As we were leaving the women in the lobby asked how everything was and we told her it was the most disgusting meal and service we ever had. She said it was the talk on the floor and didn't blame us for being upset. She then apologized for the service and said have a nice evening. I stormed out of there. Yes I made a scene and customers were looking, but I don't care. When I pay for a meal I expect good service and food especially when I live on social security. It's not very often I can out and eat but when I do I want good service and food. I did not receive either one. Even when the food came out it was terrible, the mushrooms weren't even cooked properly, it was like eating raw mushrooms. My meal was so dry, I couldn't eat it. Moms and my salad had no dressing. I could go on and on but enough is enough! Not only was the service and food bad, you have managers that need to focus on their work instead of chasing employees around like a dog in heat.

poor everything

the food was terrible cold and taste like rubber service was worst ive ever had never go to st louis at st. charles rock road to eat big let down just nasty

Terible FOOD!!!!

Today 11/25/2012 i had taken my parents to the red lobster in Hanover Pa. for their 59th ann. Our bill was $86.00 the food was terible not to mention the tiny small portions they serve people these days. we are told it is to keep the costs down but you don't mind raising the prices anyway!! How about if we your customers only pay 1/2 our bill to keep costs down after we eat. Discusted & Dissatified what a shame.

i. wish. boston mass. had. a. RED LOBSTER

I. Really. Wish. We. Had. Your. Restaurant. Here. In. Mass. You. Have. Great. Food. And. A lot. Of. Commercials that always. Make. My. Mouth. Water. For. Crab. And. Lobster. Its. Sad. When. I have. To. Drive. To. To. Another. State. For. Some. Great. Food. From. Your. Restaurant

The customer service I received for my first visit was not pleasing I Ordered two times and the food was not desirable the third time the manager came out n told me it was costly and tht I would have to pay for the next order even if it was not wat I intended and very argumentative to the point where I did. Not want to order any more if anything I would never Payton money to red lobster in silver spring based off of the customer service from the manager Brandy Wells ..

To whom it may concern, On October 3, 2012 my family and I got together for lunch we decided on Red Lobster in Eugene Oregon. Of the 4 of us everybody likes Red Lobster but me because of a prior experience. I said OK as long as we don’t have Shannon for a waitress. I drove; when we got there I dropped my Mother and son-in-law off at the front door (she did not have her handicap permit with her) and parked around the side of the building, When my daughter and I entered the restaurant they were already seated, we joined them. The gathering of employees Shannon among them at the kitchen entrance all staring at us and talking. Was imbearsing, but what could I do? Just continue on. Right after we were seated Shannon came to our table and asked if it was correct that we had asked for Scott to be our server? We answered yes. Very pleasantly Scott did his job explaining the menu, bringing us drinks, bread and took our order. Shortly our salads and chowder arrived we visited and enjoyed, my mom left the table for the ladies room. Shannon came to our table telling us Scott was really busy could she get us drink refills? We answered “No its fine we’ll wait“. She then went to teaching a new server at the next table over rather loudly on how to serve a lobster. Then a man walked by our table slowly and back looking us all over, he stood over by his table, behind and to the side of me staring. My daughter asked if we could help him. His answer “Yea you could read quieter or I could just get the Manager to come and move you to a table somewhere else” Totally surprised we answered “O- OK” He then called Shannon to his table complaining telling her to go get the manager which she did. He then told his story to the manager. Of course we could hear, while sat there feeling embarrassed wow we better just eat and not talk; I had no idea our voices and laughter we bothering others. I could still hear the music and others around us talking. The manager came to our table asking if we would be willing to move. We answered yes, he left saying, and he’d see if there was another table in the restaurant. By the time he returned we were so uncomfortable and shocked we decided to leave and never return. The manager returned just as we were getting up, we told him of our decision and walked us to the door. While we had to walk past the man that had complained, my daughter was asking if they wanted us to pay .the man complaining was pointing his fork at us saying “ I hope you choke” The manager followed us out saying “I have to know what went on in there“. My daughter , mother , and son-in-law stopped to talk to him outside as I said I’ll go get the car, when I returned to pick them up in front of the restraunt ,the manager was standing at the door asking “ are you going to leave or ?” . Well needless to say we were shocked, upset, crying, mom not knowing what went on. We left. Drove around for a while trying to figure out what had just happened deciding where to go get our lunch.

Garbage..how dare you serve such left-over food to the public... Your restaurant in palm desert california ,should be closed down..burned.. And the grounds salted!!! When times are hard..people spend there Money looking for a good meal at reasonable prices as a special Treat..you have betrayed the public with the serving of garbage.....

My wife and I had lunch at the Newport Richy florida store today.The food was good the restaurant was warm,very musty smelling and did not look clean.The staff were very nice along with service being very good.Corporate needs to take a look at this store for the musty smell and humid feeling inside.Turn your air up and let patrons be comfortable.We pay enough for the food to at least have a cool and clean experience.

I had another great outing with my family. The Lobster was delicious. We were given quite a few drinks and the pacing of our meal was fantastic. I love the Red Lobster in Port Richey the most. Please bring back the buy a certain glass and receive the glass. That will make me finally buy a mixed drink such as the bahama mama or the Lighthouse. Sincerely, Holly Haley

In May 2012, my husband and I ate at the Red Lobster in Virginia Beach. Because of all the fresh seafood we can get in Massachusetts, there are no Red Lobster restaurants here. The advertisements still appear on the tv and some of the combinations look so good with very reaonable prices. When we saw the Red Lobster sign, we knew that we had to try it. My husband enjoyed the Harborside Lobster and Shrimp. As a minimal fish eater, I only eat fresh haddock. I was informed by our waitress that their haddock is frozen so I chose the grilled chicken ceasar salad. My husband and I both enjoyed our meals and the friendly, prompt service. Shannon D. was our server.

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