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Bad management

Waited 1.5 hours while other groups that arrived after us was seated. When manager and hostess was ask what was up they didn't know know what had happened. The manager said give him 5 min and another 20 min later still no table. He said there was nothing he could due. We left and went to Joe's Crab Shack, we ended up spending 168.00. If you care the location was next to the legends in Kansas City.


We ate a several Red Lobster on our trip to Florida. Service and cleanliness plus food was excellent. I have always loved Red Lobster. It is my favorite restaurant. Will you PLEASE put one in Anchorage or Wasilla Alaska. I can promise you it will be busy all the time and will pay for itself. It will never be empty. A new Olive Garden went in a year ago and it is always busy.

Bad location

In fort Myers the waitstaff add food items to your check, be careful! The location is not good either. Corporate should open a new location near the new super target on San Carlos blvd., I hear Walmart is coming too!

bad managers

RL Maplewood Mn theres 2 managers that they think they own the place treat employees with no respect and intimidate employees they have favorite peopple that they treat different and everybody is scared to talk because you can get fired probably is sad how they make a nice place to work in such a horrible place. Some server have untill 5 tables giving bad service and other are attending less tables you cant tell anything cause you can get hours cut or less shifts to work to who ever concern should open an eye to this horrible managers and place to work...

poor management

my family and i visited Red Lobster in madison heights mi48071, i never saw a more unprofessional staff in all my twenty eight years in food service management

Rude sales at Red Lobster

I called Red lobster on N. University Dr. In Pembroke to place a take out order. I was left on hold for 6 mins. When I called back the gentlemen interrupted me when I tried to explain the length of time I was holding. He didn't apologize he said how may I help you as if to say whatever. The phone clicked off. I called back for the manager he never came to the phone. I called back and asked for the corporate office the young lady told me to google it that they didn't have it. Really. What these restaurant fail to realize is we the customers are paying for a service and without us there will be no restaurant or jobs. Why do we continue to accept this behavior.

9:10 PM

My wife and I went to the Rivergate Red Lobster in Nshville Tennessee at 9:10 pm tonight, there wer many empty tables, but they only had 2 servers on duty and we were told we would have to wait for10 to15 imutes since the servers could ony handle 4 tables each, and we woulfd have to wait till some of the custoers left, Needless to say we lleft since this was completly unacceptable. This is the first time I have ever heard of such a thing and can't believe it is corporate policy to treat theircustomers this way. .

Excellent result

We have enjoyed , our dinners at this chain. I have not tried lunch. We love the biscuits and sea food served at Red Lobster. I would go there any time.

red lobster bad

worst attempt at lunch ever. Tried to call manager got run around tried to leave a message on line and they wanted info they didnt need. tried to call headquarters and no one there at 3 in the afternoon. they have lost me as a costumer for good at this point. the food was never that good.

who cares

It looks to me like they don't care about the service you are getting or they way their so call managers are dealing with customers or their employee!

What are you doing!!!

This is my second experience that I want to discuss with you people. What in the world are you doing on the local levels. We went to the restaurant in Tyler, Texas on a Monday night and they had NO fish? That was two weeks ago. Yesterday we took our daughter and her family to the Red Lobster in Sherman, Texas. We waited over an hour and a half and while I was asking about the time we had waited the manager over heard and offered two booths instead of one table. We took the offer and she gave us two different appetizer trays. The ladies at that were responsible for seating were laughing about how they had screwed up the arrangements. I had asked them on two different occasions how long it would be. First time we were third in line twenty minutes later I asked again and we were fourth in line. Some double talk about how to manage seating in order. You need to get some action on this or I will never be in there agian.

Terrible staff at Camp Springs, MD location

Went for my 9th wedding anniversary and the service was terrible. Though our waitress was decent all we could see were workers in the very busy restaurant standing around talking story and complaining about customers. One guy was talking about how he wasn't motivated to still work there and wanted to quit. I couldn't believe how terrible they were! Not all staff but most!! I will NEVER go back to this location.

Amazing in Honolulu, HI

Amazing food, service, and atmosphere in Hawaii. Once we had a problem and the manager came right over and fixed it then gave us a complimentary dessert! Such a great experience!!!!

Great Service

My family and I are from Macon, Georgia and we were visiting Augusta, Georgia. We stopped by Red Lobster on Washington road and had such an excellent dinner. The service was so outstanding I had to write in to corporate. The restaurants decorations were bea beautiful and the staff was so friendly. Our server Kalissa was by far the best server I've ever had dining out. She has such a beautiful smile, bubbly personality, and went above and beyond for my family. Food was excellent and my family had no complaints. She was such a brilliant young lady I had to leave her a generous tip and promised her I would write to corporate for her flawless service. G

savannah ga red lobster

waited 25 min. to be seated...10 more for a wait person. restaurant seemed to be changing shifts or something. 5pm sunday. restaurant was dirty. handprints all over glass in entry doors. ladys room smelled of urine. would have left before being seated if not for meeting someone set on eating there. stuffed flounder seemed to be nuked rather than broiled with nice color like it used to be. my husband not finished eating when the waitress tossed my silverware in his plate and grabbed to remove it! that's right. we were appalled. been enjoying red lobster for over 40 yrs. but it will be a LONG time if ever that we return. and it will be definitely not be in savannah.

crew members need drug test

i went to redlobster saturday nite with family at the 615 redlobster crew members were smoking pot in the parking area the place is under new managament always the managers need to make sure this isnt happening its bad bissness.


The red lobster in st pete fl on 34t st north. Manager Andrea was the worst. No personal skills what so ever. Very gross place. I will never go back. Please do go here unless you'd like a free meal. Quality of the food has gotten poor. The waitress who sat my food down looked at me and said oh no your by yourself. What terrible costomer service.

Red lobster in Marlow Hgts., MD

Once we got seated, after ten minutes server came out from back, didn't greet us we asked to be moved from booth since it was not clean, server walked away after replying "I be back", we then decided to get up and go to bar, the far right end was not cleaned leftover dirty plates and silver ware, when I asked bartender why haven't this been removed she replied, we have not got to it yet, but she was standing there holding personal conversation with others, we got into an arguement and never was served, manager came and DID NOT AT ALL acknowdledge the situation. I always have bad experience at this location, and never will return or recommend my family or friends, the services are always slow, and it is not cleaned and the servers are ghetto and not professional at all. Management is horrible, no customer services skills at all!

employee theft

I went to Red Lobster on Fri., April 12, 2013 to enjoy dinner with my family. I enjoyed my meal with my family and service to a certain point was great. I got my cell phone out to take a call from my son while enjoying my dinner. I put the cell phone on the table after receiving the call and finishing enjoying my dinner. We paid the waitress and left the table. I walked to the car parked in the parking lot and was going to call my son back..I set in the car searching for my cell phone in which I thought that I had put in my purse. I instantly walked back into the resturant and told the greeter that I need to go back to the table, because I had left my cellphone on the table. I walked back to the table and my cell phone along with the dishes that we had eaten out of were gone. The bus boy had left his cleaning supplies on the table. I asked a couple sitting next in the table up from us if they had seen someone at the table and I was told that the busy boy had just left. I told them that I had left my cell on the table and it wasn't there now. I shift leader came over and told me that if if was left on the table it would have been turned into the bar. She went to check the bar and comes back and tell me that it wasn't there and was I sure I had a phone. I asked her where is the busy boy that was cleaning off the table. She check around to find out that he had clocked out and left the building. The manager comes over and tell me that they we check at the end of the night and let me know if they found a phone. And I could check back tomorrow and they will let me know. I called the cell phone company and asked them to track my cell and it was showing that if was inside of Red Lobster. So I asked the manager are you all sure that the busy boy has clocked out an left the builing. Lesson learned never leave your cell phone on the table for 5 minutes unattended it will come up missing and you will never see it again.

Just nasty

Went to red lobster and couldn't enjoy my food because the wait staff and the management is horrible, PLEASE don't eat the salad, I passed by the salad bar on the way to the bathroom and it was just NASTY, you would think they had a food fight with it, salad was thrown everywhere, uniform of the wait staff was dirty, after reading other review you would think your company would do better hiring, one waiter told me he made over 5,000 in one day by himself so whats the problem you have the money to hire better quality of people, you do these amazing commercials baiting people in and when you get there the quality is just nasty!!!!!!! Won't be back, all this happened in Plano Tx

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