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overcooked stuffed lobster

wrote it on Yelp Las vegas

coupons dont print

Got email offering Birthday 5$ off coupon. But it won"t print out!

service stinks

wait 15mins to see ANYONE...then the person sent said"your drinks"... .then we had to wait to see what waitress lost the bet to wait on 3 people....I tipped her anyway since this place needs to be closed. Food surprisingly decent...self serve might fix this.

Bread Bowl

My husband and myself enjoy going to Red Lobster for lunch. We really like the clam chowder in a bread bowl, however; the clam chowder is now served in a china bowl! This is not the same! Please bring back the bread bowl! Thank you.

Horrible service

A under cover boss needs to go to the red lobster on east west connector, austell, ga to watch the unprofessionalism of the managers and other employees who work there. The care for customers lacks. Please send help.

This Just Couldn't Get Any Worse!

This company needs to go out of business! Everyone should get together and file a class action lawsuit against these idiots!

microwave food

we received lobsters that we dryed out and tough, we didn't make a fuss but left.

Poor Customer Service

I have refrained from writing reviews/complaints about this restaurant chain but this is beyond ridiculous now. I have been to red lobster in Westbury and valley stream and it's the same, poor customer service. You walk in the door and there's no greeter, when you finally get someone to actually seat you it takes another 15 mins for a server to even offer you something to drink, if you make it that far without walking out after sitting with no one acknowledging your presence, and you do get water it takes quite a few minutes for your server to return and actually take your order. At times you have to ask another employee walking by to get your server. This is ridiculous, they should just close their doors. I recommend Grand Luxe Cafe or Capitol Grill...way better.


Went to lunch today at Red Lobster with family, the restaurant was empty except the waiting room, which had a lot of people waiting, the wait was going to be at least 15 min. when asked why the wait was going to be 15 min when the restaurant was empty, the lady said they have 21 guest in the back and all the waitress was waiting on them, and they were short handed on waitress, so we left and went somewhere else. This has happened before at this same restaurant, no waitress so we wont be going back, Joplin Mo 64801

Nasty food

Your red Lobster restrant at 5315 san dario, Laredo, Tx has the nastiest unappetizing foor I have ever ordered. They were out of all the "usual" items that I order at my local Red Lobster in Texarkana, TX. Laredo did not have any shrimp , scallops or Mane lobster tails. The waitress couldn't speat good english and would not get the manager for me. I saw our waitresss talking to a lady that I assumed was the manager, but she only froned at me and walked away. You may want to send a "undercover Boss" sown there and I promise you will close the joint down. I don't want any discount coupons of special offers because my family won't be visiting anymore.


On August the 7 ,14 was at the st. Augustine , fl. Location , service was great, from that point down hill , ask for boril shrimp , then ask for fried oysters , was informed they no longer sold fried oyster nor boril shrimp. At this point I ask am I at a sea food restaurant are not . I have dine with red lobster many times I think this will be my last.

website is baddddd!

The Red Lobster Website is so cumbersome that to even find a resurant close by is a 10 minute ordeal. Try to find prices for meals is a 15 minute job and I never was able to find them. I tried to file a complaint about the website and the forms I had to fill out had more questions than my tax return, only to get rejected because I answered one of their questions wrong and it is kicked back to the blank form again...finding a place for dinner should not be a 300 click ordeal.

It was a horrible experience. The manager was rude and there was a hair on my date's plate. He brought it back and stated it was not a hair. We told him we were not accepting that entre and bring us another. The "manager" brought half of portion in a to go container that we did not ask for. He was letting us know to leave. I told him that I was not paying for it and that he can keep it and that he ruin my night and meal. The server was more professional than the manager. Only 1 star for the server.

Lousy food

We visited the red lobster location in blues springs MO on 08/22/14. The Waitress was great but the food other than the salad was terrible. The lobster tail was rubbery overcooked, the calamari were the smallest I have ever seen, one could see that the mashed potatoes were for quite some time under the heat lamp since they had created a outer skin, the shrimp was also overcooked, and I had a crab leg that was foul to say the least.We didn’t say much when we left but me having lived at seashore for many years and knowing what seafood suppose to taste like and how it should be cooked can not excuse the lousy food.For the price they charge, I expected properly cooked seafood. We tipped the waitress because she deserves it but we won’t return because of the lousy food.


Me and my family came into the Red lobster there was a young lady sitting customers my wife told her we did not want to sit in the bar area. So the hostess got a real bad attitude with me and my wife while my children we standing and watching what this lady was doing. A MGR came and asked us to stay. As we are talking to the MGR. The young lady was laughing at us the whole time that the MGR was trying to keep us in the restaurant. I myself tried to explain to the lady what was going on and she was over talking me. Nobody should have to go threw this. Me and my family will not return to redlobster again in kissimmee again.

service& food quality Not a very good birthday dinner

My husband took me to red lobster in Sebring, fl. Instead of a fisherman's platter. I asked for just scallops. When my meal arrive, I received 4 prices of broccoli, 4 scallops and a small serving of rice. Honestly, I was not only disappointed but starving when I left. I was thoroughly discussed.

lobster too bland

got a the world best recipe curry ,coconut milk recipe. loved by everyone who tried it.

love the food

Closest is Kennewick, Wa. and too far for us now so we really need one in Walla Walla, Wa. No sea food restaurants here any more.

Not letting a person have a drink of legal age

I was at dinner with my 21 year old college daughter who still has a learner from dc and I wanted to get her a drink I was denided

The Torrance Red Lobster is a great place! the servers and staff are awesome! we had a great time for a birthday celebration this month and really appreciated the special attention we were given.

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