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service& food quality Not a very good birthday dinner

My husband took me to red lobster in Sebring, fl. Instead of a fisherman's platter. I asked for just scallops. When my meal arrive, I received 4 prices of broccoli, 4 scallops and a small serving of rice. Honestly, I was not only disappointed but starving when I left. I was thoroughly discussed.

lobster too bland

got a the world best recipe curry ,coconut milk recipe. loved by everyone who tried it.

love the food

Closest is Kennewick, Wa. and too far for us now so we really need one in Walla Walla, Wa. No sea food restaurants here any more.

Not letting a person have a drink of legal age

I was at dinner with my 21 year old college daughter who still has a learner from dc and I wanted to get her a drink I was denided

The Torrance Red Lobster is a great place! the servers and staff are awesome! we had a great time for a birthday celebration this month and really appreciated the special attention we were given.


I tried to call twice to order take- out dinners. Each time I was put on hold for 15 to 20 minutes. Since they were located only couple of miles from us, I went to the Red Lobster to order the take-out dinners directly. I ordered the take-out dinners and waited 40 minutes for the take-out dinners. Red Lobster needs better management at ths location.


I've been to this location (Garden Grove, Ca) many times. with excellent service. This is the one bad service I've experienced today and the Manager was very rude. I will not go back again. Very disappointed.

lazy managers

Fairview Heights,IL has the best food but the worst managers in the world. Rude and lazyness. I see why so many people keep quitting. Red lobster in Fairview Heights,IL needs a manager that doesnt mind helping the crew instead of pacing back and forth doing nothing. The food sits in the window so long because the managers act like they cant take the food out to the guest when servers are attending to other guests. Im pretty sure the numbers arent what they use to be but blame the bad managers that do nothing.

Realy love red lobster,you use to serve a sweet and sour bbq sauce with the chicken fingers and I would buy it buy the container to take home .Its the best dipping sauce why did you ever get rid of it and can I get some?I believe red lobster made it them selves . thank you hope to hear from you soon. kim chiappetta

what the crab

Me and my bf went to the red lobster up her in sevierville tn,and the environment of the restaurant was great..when we sat at our tables the waitress gave us our menu I told her I had an allergen to glutten and rudely she bit my head off about my own sensitivity...we continued to try to have,a great meal with our sweet teas...we ordered a appetizer and my bf sent it back because it was cold when we received it 20 mins..later..I think we will think about returning there and all I wanted was crabcakes and,crablegs with a salad...


My husband and had dinner at The Red Lobster in Amarillo, Tx. The service was terrible, they ran out of everything we ordered then brought me a substitute without even asking and it was terrible. They brought another item and it was mediocre. We sat down at 8:30 pm and it was 9:00 before we were served. The manager was of little help.You can be surr that we won't be coming back to Red Lobster.

unsatisfactory service

a friend and I had dinner at Red Lobster on Dogwood Drive in Conyers, GA tonight on dec 21. We spent over 50 dollars. Neither of us were satisfied with the service or the quality of the means. Dry lobster, fair sea scallops, lousy salad, biscuits not thoroughly cooked broccoli looked like it came out of frozen florets and too salty and extremely slow waitress.


One of the managers at Red Lobster in Chico, CA discriminates against people's religious believe in celebrating Christmas and the way they celebrate it.


Been meaning to write for awhile. Had such a great experience at the restaurant in Nanuet NY. The waitress was pleasant and efficient. You could use 20 more just like her. Barbara R. You are fortunate to have such a wonderful representation for your company.

laredo restaurant

Nice, elegant place. Contrasted by trash on floor. While there, nobody cleaned trash evident on floor. Management should be made aware of such.


Richard, waiter at the Lawrenceville, NJ location is AWESOME!!! Wish they were all like him! I only go there when he is working.

5 stars

We were passing through Bristol, Virginia in July 2013 (on a bus trip) and I accidentally left my cell phone on the table when we left. When I realized what had happened I knew I could not go back for it. My husband called and the wait staff found it and turned it in to management. Not only did they keep it safe they mailed it to my home and would not accept payment. Thank you all for your honesty, kindness, excellent service and delicious food! Special thanks to the person who found my phone and to Jay and Bill for seeing that it was returned to me! Thank you again and God Bless you all.


red lobsta biscuitz are da beez kneez

Bad management

Waited 1.5 hours while other groups that arrived after us was seated. When manager and hostess was ask what was up they didn't know know what had happened. The manager said give him 5 min and another 20 min later still no table. He said there was nothing he could due. We left and went to Joe's Crab Shack, we ended up spending 168.00. If you care the location was next to the legends in Kansas City.


We ate a several Red Lobster on our trip to Florida. Service and cleanliness plus food was excellent. I have always loved Red Lobster. It is my favorite restaurant. Will you PLEASE put one in Anchorage or Wasilla Alaska. I can promise you it will be busy all the time and will pay for itself. It will never be empty. A new Olive Garden went in a year ago and it is always busy.

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