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fake number

this number lets you select from random options and then hangs up on you

Don't ever go to any radio shack you call the corporate office they give you run around just as well. There own employee broke my phone trynna fix a crack screen and no where on that receipts states they are not liable so techinally they are and all they do is give u runaround. Anyone know of s head person to call?


After reading all the post of costumer service, I'm not sure this will even matter. But your two managers in Peru Indiana are rude and don't help with anything. Both these ladies made it clear they were to tired to even answer a question. I guess good help is hard to find. Maybe News Center 59 should look into this and put it on TV?


Just called your number..you hung up on me, thumbs down.


The worst customer service at the Saugus, Ca store. Nothing but trouble in trying to return a defective plug. The employees are kids who don't give you the time of day. They are disrespectful. They don't stand by their return policy stated right on the Store Sales Receipt. I don't recommend going to Radioshack .

Always out of stock!

Why is it that every time we want a product at the Blythe, CA store they never have it!!!!!?????? I can't stand this store... employees are awesome tho. Wouldn't recommend shopping at this store!!!!! It won't allow me to give a NEGATIVE rating


I purchased about $250 equip 2 days ago and wanted to talk Dist mgr due to problems your people cannot answer .over all the quality of the sales people is ridiculous and very very disapoingihg. They suck to be candid. I am referring to 2 stores in North Houston. Please have a human brain call me that knows something. I am not this way normally but you are a sales organization and people don't realize that none know the products they think they are there to stand around.

I had a friend that worked at radioshack and he told me how they are always threading there jobs and that if it doesn't matter what the actual circumstance is they is nothing but negative reinforcement. That's crazy cuz he works really hard for them and tries really hard.

966 scanner(police)

I bought a bearcat scanner(966) the trunk tracker and ive had it sent to new jersey and he didn't know how to and a friend from radio shack In Cambridge ohio and one of them took it and charged me 45 .00 to program it and he couldn't and but the time all of that was done the 30 day's was up and now we have a scanner and cant use it cause nobody around here know's nothing on them, ive been in radio shack several time but nobody can program them.if you sell them somebody should know how to program them

pre paid phone card that radio shack would not exchange

radio shack is the crapiest store on proctor in tacoma washington i will never ever buy another phone or a phone card ever again i will take my business to a better store thanks alot radio shack for nothing

store # 13982

If you ever want anyone to help you. Dont ever go to the Radio shack in Palm Desert, ca. They dont help and there is only ever 1 person working. Also, it clearly stats in your policies that you need petsonal information for travelers checks, etc. No where does it say that with a receipt, and the return wad the next day that I had to give my name, address,and phone number. The cashier, # kvb. Was rude, told me she couldnt return my item even with a receipt without my info. I did not give info, and my item was finally returned, but very poor customer service as well as rude associates, and they need to learn the policies, or you should posy new ones. Very annoyed.

Radio shack sucks!!!!!!!!!!

Manager in Victoria tx on airline st. Was very rude whorls not help me not look at my phone to see what was wrong with it.i will not be shopping there anymore I will go with Walmart phone at least they will help me!!!!

Not in stock

After checking on line for availability, I went to the local outlet. I was told they didn't have the item nor did they ever stock it. Made the trip for nothing. Waste of time and gas. I am not pleased!!

worst company ever

Was told a lie so they could make a sale! Called their district office several times, and they still haven't done anything to fix the problem!!!!! Will not ever go back to radio shack!!


Today I went with my mom to radio shack to buy a new cell phone. The guy who worked there seemed to be helpful at first, but after I mentioned that I worked at chickfila, the employee started making off comments that werent even true about the Bible and attacking God and my company. Mind you I said nothing about my beliefsbefore hand just that I worked for Chickfila. And for the rest of our shopping experience he kept bashing on GOD and trying to argue with my mom and I about it. We left and I will NEVER go back to radio shack again if that's how they allow their employees to discriminate customers like that!

Worst company ever!!!

I have tried several times to shop at Radio Shack since it's location is so convenient to my home. Without fail, I have always been approached by a rude sales person, who makes it very clear they are less than interested in my needs as a customer. Now my Mother-in-law is having the same problem regarding a cell phone she purchased from them. I guess we ALL need to get a clue.....just stop shopping there, PERIOD. I am shocked they are still in business!!!

worst employees

Went to wilkesboro north Carolina store to get some things and they were so rude there was a customer called to check on an order while I was standing there and the manager asked has anyone called you called you he said no and she said real rude don't call back till we call you so I just walked out. Ill not go back

Bought a weather radio from there.Paid GOOD money for it.Like $70.00.Lasted about 2or3 years. was not used hardly at all. Just sat on desk in bedroom.Was not dropped or misused just stopped working.Lot of Money to pay.Will not ever buy another one from RADIO SHACK.Just hisses.Worked a month before.Tried moving it, checked power and have a police scanner with weather in the same place. worked find.That is the Uniden police scanner!!!!!

o Running a successful business I realize how important it is that you know about any negative experience that occurs in one of your locations. I had one today at the following location Boston Post Rd, Sudbury, MA 01776. I dealt with a young man named Liam who looked like he had been drinking. He smelled like alcohol and was slurring his words. I came in to purchase a tri-pod for a camera. The item was advertised for one price, tagged at another price and rang up at a higher price. Liam did nothing but argue and would not honor the actual sale price. He laughed when I said this was unacceptable. Its no surprise radio shack has gone downhill.

I was pricing Cell phones. Found a good deal @ Radio Shack HTC EVO 4G LTE upgrade for $99.99 (Same as Sam's Club instore & Amazon). They had $25 Gift card though which made them the winner. Few hours later the price is $149.99 Upgraders again, and though the promotion runs until for 3 more days they removed the $25 Gift Card too. WTF? I get it prices drop but the middle of the day... on a Cell phone it makes it REALLY F'in hard to plan your day when prices can go up by 1/3 and discounts vanish poof with no warning.

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