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Horrible service today from the staff and manager at the Arlington, Tx Highlands location. Some new girl was making my sandwich and didn't listen to a thing I said as to what I wanted on the sandwich! She was piling hot peppers onto the sandwich when I specifically asked for a few peppers. Then she threw the sandwich in the trash and told me the sandwich was gonna be made over--meaning I had to go to the back of the line of people to tell someone else what I wanted. Another sandwich being made wrong again, so I asked to speak to the manager and he was rude telling me people make mistakes etc... Really? It took 3 sandwiches before I just walked out of there because he was a jerk!

best sandwich shop

used to live in eden prairie Minnesota....used to go to potbelly and always got sandwich called the wreck....it was the best sandwich I have ever had....naples florida needs a potbelly

Love Potbelly

My office was in Las Colinas, Texas and my favorite lunch stop was Bakers Brothers Deli, good product but expensive and really to much food. What I liked about the Potbelly when it opened was that it was less expensive, not in quality but in quantity, a smaller sandwich. I love Potbelly's product and in No Way find them to be over priced when compared to other Quick Casual Sandwich Concepts.

Pot Bellys of Oswego

My last visit to Potbelly's in Oswego, IL. !!!!!! 3 times to make the sandwich and it was still wrong. Pot belly's in Winfiled is the best one around here. Training employees is a vital part of any organization, if they can't read or can't read in english, then don't hire them. The "I am sorry from the manager for the first mistake is acceptable, but by the 3rd time it losses meaning. Let's get it together Pot Bellys !!!

Pot Belly on Taylor Chicago

I visited the Pot Belly on Taylor Street in Chicago Illinois and let's just say I wasn't pleased. The staff was very loud, most of them had attitudes and was very rude. This is my second time visiting this location and the 1st time it was not this way. I'm not sure if it's a new staff of employees but they are very unprofessional. I will not be going back although I work right around the corner.

Went to opening here in Phoenix AZ. The place was alright, and the people were nice. But the cost for a sub and sandwich does not justify me going back, sorry. Everything is a la carte.

Went to the new potbelly in Indpendence ohio, the food was so salty it was a waste of money for the sandwich and the soup was ice cold for $5.00. When I told the manager he said that as hot as it gets. The soup was cold bad service and bad food will never go here again.

I walked into the Potbelly location in Tinley/Orland IL park location on 159th and harlem. I have to admit, the staff was very generous and outgoing. I cant recall gentlemen who was the manager there but I am giving credit when credit is due. They are very generous hard working individuals at the location and I recommend them to everyone. Keep up the great work!

Uptown store Houston

Terrible service. I am on hold right this minute and it has been 10 minutes and they said can you hold a minute. They never returned. I will keep you posted as i have it on speaker to see what transpires in the next several minutes.

I tried to create a wonderful surprise luncheon as part of a 12 days of Xmas surprise and called in the order the day prior to ensure everything went well. I explained to the person at your Rockville location that I wanted the delivery at a certain timeframe, that it was a surprise, even order an extra doz. cookies to ensure I spent the required 25.00 for the order so that it qualified for delivery and provided my credit card to pay for the order. I provided the address and they verified it was within the delivery area. I also provided my contact phone number in case there was any problems. Well, today the delivery went out, but the person I was surprising was asked to pay for the lunch!!! Of course he said he did not order a lunch! Needless to say the surprise lunch was ruined. No one from Pot Belly even called me to inquiry. Once I heard about the mess, I called and asked for the manager and was rudely informed that they took the credit card information the day prior to hold the order but did not send a purchase through and that THEY would not re-deliver the ORDER today! I have never dealt with any business where something so simple as a lunch order could not be processed. And more importantly when I called, the manager was rude and would not even send the order back out! Is this the kind of business Pot Belly represents?

Today Potbelly served me a salad with lettuce that tasted strongly of oinion, which I hate, and riddled with rotten tomatoes plumb tomatoes. While the staff were courteous and friendly, the overall experience is tainted with this disgusting salad. Yuk.

Besides the food not being the best. Potbelly's isnt that bad. You wouldnt understand what the employees have to go through if you're not behind that counter. The company is really strict and takes the way employees work VERY seriously.I can only speak for the Potbellys I work at in DC though.

Poor customer service at location on Diehl in Warrenville, IL. Girl at front desk complained that we came in on a holiday to order food. very rude. You're open for business sowouldnt you like the extra revenue instead of wasting payroll on a no income day? Makes no sense.

Me and my boyfriend decided to go grab a bite to eat at potbelly but we decided that it would be faster to just call ahead, so we did and when my boyfriend got in line to get his sandwich the employee behind the counter asked what would he like to day, my boyfriend replied he called ahead. The employee went on with a attitude and told him he can go ahead to the register and that he does not need to stand in line, as he walked away he gruntly stated " you F*** N****." we deffently will be giving potbellys a call and hope that it is handled. This happen at your fairfax corner location in fairfax, va

I can not believed that the new manager treats her employees like animals I was there with my family eating when this new store manager just scream from across the restaurant what are you doing get to work The employee said taking an order then she said ok do it fast. Wow this new manager has no customer service manners and also she looks like she is always mad and her tone of voice is so harsh. I always get good service here all the employees are real friendly but know that this new store manager came along they all have long faces and the tension is real notisible. I have come to this location for a long time I think that is time to try something different. My family agrees. Location is Potbelly 7601 S. Cicero, Chicago

I will never go to a potbellys again. I was at lollapalooza and had to evacuate due to weather. Went to potbellys off of 55 e. Jackson downtown Chicago, ate lunch, started pouring down buckets of rain. Potbellys locked the door on customers, for wasn't even packed to capacity. They violated a health and city code and Chicago police wouldn't even do anything. I've filed a complaint and will never buy a product from potbellys again

Never had a problem til recently. Love potbelly, when they actually get it right. Two times in a row now, I've received either the wrong toppings, or even worse, the wrong sandwitch all together.. Not sure what has happened recently with potbelly Plymouth MN, but I might Have to stick to jimmy johns. They just can't get it right., that potbelly! Bummer.. Usually I'd give em 4-5 stars. Multiple mistakes in a row Is unexceptable.. Sorry!

I was shopping in downtown naperville this afternoon, and decided to run in Potbelly,s for a farmhouse salad. It was ver slow. Tables were not clean making it uncomfortable for me to find a place to eat. Employees behinh the counter were joking around and having a goog time. Not a good experience.......Wont go back.

I have now been to potbelly on golf rd in schaumburg/rolling meadows twice and will never go back.nafter being asked by three diffrent people repeating the same question more than once I was given the wrong sandwich. Spending $8 on a sandwich and chips on my lunch break to have to starve allday is not a good feeling. Lay the kids off the drugs, it is not a hard job to put lto on a peice of bread!1!

Went to the College Park Pot Bellys and waited in line until my turn. Then had to wait for the lady to clean up the work area, dump the trays and move the trash can and then take my sandwich off the cooking conveyor without changing her gloves or washing her hands. When she finally looked up I said Mustard and Mayo. At which time she said what happened to hello and how is your day. Addressing everyone in line can you imagine just saying Mustard and Mayo not how is your day and how are you. WHAT DO YOU THINK SHE WOULD HAVE HAPPEND IF I WOULD HAVE SAID WHY DON'T YOU SWEEP THE FLOORS AND CLEAN THE TABLES AND THEN PICK UP MY SANDWICH WITH THE SAME GLOVES OR WITHOUT WASHING YOUR HANDS. My only comment was I had somthing else on my mind and if that is a problem I do not need to come here for lunch. I have been to this location several times over the past months and condiment preparer always appears irritated. Maybe she needs a different job, but it does not matter I will probably not be back.

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