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Polaroid Tablet TV PMID1000DC

I purchased a Tablet TV a couple of weeks ago and it broke down. It doesn't start. This is the second one en less than a month, since the first one showed the same concern, but now, the second one, I have to send it to the repair shop. This is a joke.... down here in Mexico, we can't get a reimburse. This product is the worst one I have ever purshased.


I will never buy another polaroid product. if you ever see someone in the store looking at one advise them not to. these products are a POS i bought a TV DVD combo and the remote and tv buttons stopped working. when i spoke to a support rep named Julie all she said we could do is unplug the tv or change the battery. that was all the knowledge of trouble shooting she knew to do and i had to just LIVE with the tv the way it is. WOW great training and showing how much you love your job. DON"T BUY anything from them

I sent in my tablet for repair on two seperate occassions, received it back once. It was signed for on on FEB 19th in New York, they assigned a ticket number to the tablet. it has been 3 months and 8 days since it was signed for. they say they shipped it to me but only furnish the ups# of the first shipment to me that was delivered almost a week before they accepted my 2nd shipment on FEB 19th 2013. the person in charge of the so called customer support is: Steve Martin Customer Support. I want the warranty made good, my repaired tablet, or a refurbished one, or a new one should be furnished.

10.1 inch

crashed after 2 weeks down for 2 weeks then at 3 months old it has crashed again polaroid is done your reputation zip

the product polaroid polar vision movie camera. this is an old product but was gaurented the purchase of polaroid fim for ever. but several years back i was told film was not available any more. the movie film is only viewable on their projector which does not work. now what. sorry i bought product

I'm a big fan of polaroid's. I love the fact that you can snap a photo and the carema will spit out a photo for you instantly. I love the style so much in the new version of CSSgirl (to be released within the next two weeks!!!) has incorporated their style in the new design. I thought I'd share how I went about creating the image and the HTML/CSS behind it! (more )

I bought a 22 inch POlaroid television back in December of 2012. The television was a Christmas present for my little girl, it worked almost four months then went out. I had to pay to have it shipped for service. They've had the television longer then we had it. It is now 1 day til September 1st they have had her television for five months and keep giving the excuse about the parts and POlaroid not letting them know how to fix it! Seriously if they fix the tv's for Polaroid shouldn't they know how to fix them and get the go ahead to fix it?! I got a number to call, 1-954-519-2397, the lady answered the phone once which I got to speak to her. Since that first time I have called several times, left messages, and she hasn't called me back. I will never, I repeat NEVER buy these products again whether its a camera, television, or whatever junk they make.

I hate to say this but I think you forgot sentohimg in your code the first HTML example class= kids.jpg should be class= polaroid src= kids.jpg Hopefully I will use this look' for a Photo Proofs for clients so they can write the captions on-line. Should look good once I get my head around what I really want to do.Thanks for a great place for some nice and simple PhotoShop steps. I only know the basics but have done well for a number of years. Thanks for presenting it so I can even understand the PhotoShop part.P.S. I just discovered your site yesterday and I'm reading a lot of it and my projects are waiting' I best stop this for now.TTFN AjK

They sold me a POS 22" that only worked for 3 months. I have been waiting for three months for them to fix it AND paying the cable bill. The really think we are dumb by using the old "waiting for the parts" EXCUSE!

My son bought me a 19 inch tv last christmas 2011 it is not picking signals on alot of stations. Icalled the company ,the tec said it was a cable broblem .Ihad it checked out by two tecs who told me it was in the tv . Icalled back polaroid told them what it was the tv.They told me to send the tv back and they would fix it or relaceit. they promised to email me with infomation on how to return it. Ihave not received amy thing from them yet. Icall every day and get the same runaround this compay shoud not be in business.If any body has an address please let me know.

In 2001 October Polaroid went under, bankrupt. It was sold a couple of times one owner went to jail for fraud All the new owners sold the use of the Polaroid name because of the world recognition it had to any one with the money. So the quality of those products is questionable and would not have the Polaroid standards.

I will NEVER buy any type of Polaroid product ever again! Two years ago I bought a 32 inch DVD flat screen combo TV. Last night while watching tv the screen went black then I smelt something burning, and then black smoke started coming out of the top. After looking on the Internet it seems that happens a lot with your TVs. Now I'm out my money and my TV!

I bought an i1237 Polaroid Digital Camera in November 2011 before Thanksgiving. Only used it about 5 times. Today I took (Jan 27 2012) 1 picture and it cut off on it's on. Replaced the batteries correctly and it still does not work. I am a 65 year old retiree and can't afford to buy another camera. After reading the complaints about your products. There seems to be a problem with all of your products. No receipt or original box. What can I do????

Well they got me to, My wife got me a Poplariod T7 tablet @ that Koals blackfri deal. Yeah its a bounch of crap. Worked great for about 1 week and started glitchen here and there. Yesterday i had a hard time trying to turn it on. Today same thing but after about 20 mins of getten pissed. Well now its on with no apps in it any more and it will not download amazon crap store,since you cant get apps anywhere else for these amazon only tabs its worthless to me. Oh yeah did i mention that my brand new 16 mg mini sd card is not working anymore, not in my laptop,tablet or anything. Its like it fried it or somethin. I just bought it 3 days ago. My advice, if it's cheap theres a reason for it being cheap. Dont matter who makes it, you get what u pay for. Theres a reason the Accer tablet cost $350.00 My freind has one and its awsome and problem free for a year now. fuk Polariod T7 junk

I recently got a internet tablet by polaroid and it won't connect to my wifi and so far nobody is answering any of my phone calls and im really gettin mad about them they really need to step it up if they want to have more business

These bastards sold me a 22" flat screen in December of 2010. 3 months later it started smoking and caught fire! Customer service acted like it was an isolated incident, b ut after checking around I found many, many people with the same problem. No refund, only a replacement tv that I have had for almost a year because I cannot sell it and I refuse to hook it up and have my house catch fire again! Polaroid I want my $200 back you thieves! jjohnson082083@gmail.com

I bought a 42" Polariod tv in 2009. It is not even 2 years old. I started having trouble with the picture about 7 weeks ago. The LIGHT colors were heavy with green. At first the picture would correct itself, then it started getting worse and not correcting. Now, it is there all the time. I have had to darken the picture to get get rid of the most light colors, it is so dark it is rediculous. The tv is not even 2 years old. I have checked the antenna and it works fine using another tv. It seems the tv is going out???If anyone knows what I can try, please let me know. "Ask a tech" is a costly joke.(I have a samsung that I bought in 1992 that still works fine). I thought Polariod made quality stuff but reading from the reviews, I was wrong.I bought it at Walmart. I don't think they even sell them anymore.

Tonight, my wife and I were watching TV and it caught fire! The sound was still on and the screen was black! Had we not been home at the time, or in the living room, our house, children or pets could have BURNED! Who do I contact to sue you for your non-existent, false UL rating? And for my house almost burning, and my home almost burning? Sell your junky products to your own country. I will never buy anything that's made in your country ever AGAIN!

from the reviews from your company i can tell why you are in bad shape. there is no live person i can talk to. there i am reporting your company to the florida better business unless i can hear from you in 24hours

I bought a Polaroid 4GB Music and Video Player with a 2.8" touch display in feb 2011 friday i want to get the list of music and the screen cracked OMG i was shocked i didn'r even touch it hard and it cracked so i have been calling and e-mailing the places on the box and nothing zero zip it shouldn't of broke like that come on 7 months noway now i am calling the numbers here

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