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Don't buy Phillips!

Bought a new Phillips Airfloss Pro in mid March, it broke by mid April. They told me to send it in for replacement. It is now late July and I still have not received any replacement!

Bad TV

I bought a 50 inch flat screen philip TV barely 12 months ago and one aftenoon the TV shuts of and turned on by itself and I thought may be some thing heavy was on top of the remote. I checked the remote to make sure nothing was on top of it and within twenty minutes the TV shuts off again then I knew that something was wrong with the TV. I called philips service number and was told that there was nothing they can do for me. I guess buying any electronics from philips is a bad idea and I would recommend a national buycout of philip products. This company lacks corporate intergrity and has no regard to the buying public.

Very upset

I purchased a Phillips 40 inch LCD TV in August 2011. By April 2012 it shuts off and stops working. I called and they told me that it was a bad TV and they will send me a replacement. I get the replacement and 8 months later the same thing happens to this TV. It shuts off and won't turn on. They told me that it was nothing they can do and the TV was my problem. So now I have a TV that won't work and I'm out of $600. So with Phillips TV's you have to buy a new one every year. Major disappointment!!!

Exactly. Who needs an LCD display for a tohsobruth? The cool thing about the Oral B Triumph display is that I used it as a clock in my bathroom. The cool thing about the Sonicare tohsobruth is that it cleans my teeth better than the Oral B Triumph. The only reason I bought this tohsobruth is because I lost my Triumph tohsobruth at the bus stop. So instead of buying that same one again, I thought I'd try the Sonicare since they wre about similar enough prices and I figured that the Sonicare would at least be just as good. After using it for about a week, I'd say the Sonicare is better. The Triumph is not a bad tohsobruth. I just like this one better. The vibration tickles my whole hand when I brush. I find it quite comforting.

Customer review from the Amazon Vineâ„¢ Programme () This Powertouch PT720 is one ugly razor to blhoed, with it's yawning black chasm of rubber incorporating the click on/off button [cynics might say it's to entice you further up the Philishave price ladder]. However the actual click button is better than previous efforts on Philishaves I have owned, probably due to the use of that black rubber. I much preferred the original slide on/off switch of earlier Philishaves, but at least this button doesn't accidently click off in use [Speed XL] or feel a bit hard to push [RQ-1180]. It may still be a problem if you have very limited movement in your hands though. In use this Philishave razor shaves my face very well, better in fact than my 4 year old Speed XL Philishave razor that cost well over a3100 this is simply due to the fact that this razor has new heads and a new battery [Philishave recommend you replace the heads every two years, but they are quite expensive so few bother that often]. All Philishaves have versions of the lift&cut rotary razor heads, and all seem to dry shave similarly well. So you get a classic cordless dry Philishave quality shave for a budget price, and the battery lasts a decent 40 minutes so why pay more? Well the Li-ion battery recharge time is 8 hours, not just 1 hour with the more expensive sibling PT860, and worse still there's no flip-out beard trimmer as with the PT860. The latter is a problem for me, I use the flip-out trimmers a lot for sideburns and the odd long hair. The 8h recharge is less of a problem about the house as you can simply plug the recharge cable in and use the razor off the mains [or you can recharge for '3 minutes' and get enough to finish your cordless shave]. There's no charge cradle required. The razor has a single LED that flashes red or green to inform you of battery life/charge status. Despite the raft of cool LEDs on more expensive Philishaves these don't actually help any better, the bank of LEDs just plummet to zero at the last minute so the PT720 s single one is just as informative. The razor head pops up easily via a release and hinge, and cleaning is the usual quick daily brush out [brush & plastic head protector supplied], with an occasional head dismantle serious brush out every week or so. The secret of the standard dry Philishave is always shave before you wash in morning, as the oiliness of the skin is essential for a smooth shave in fact if you try using a normal Philishave directly after washing and drying the razor head tends to stick' on the face. Plus you have to shave daily, the rotary blades don't like long hairs. If you are new to Philishavers it does take a month or two for you and your skin to adapt to any new shaving system [I love the Philishaves system, but some never get on with it, preferring wetshaves or Braun/Remington type foils]. The razor isn't water proof so it's dry shaving only no problem for me I've used the dry Philishave system for 40 years since 14 years old as I want to avoid all the wet shaving palaver [my thick black stubbly beard and skin really doesn't take to wet shaving with a blade]. Plus the water proof Philishave razors can't run off the mains when the batteries flat like this model. In use the razor works like any Philishave the Philishave pamphlet recommends circular shaving motions only, but sometimes pushing the razor head straight against the lie of the stubble also works well and hold the skin taught as with wet shaving [for some reason only the Philips website mentions this]. This PT720 is light but very bulky, larger than any other Philishave I have owned, and I actually quite liked that I found I could grip it in different ways to push it against the skin and found this less aching on the arms/wrist. So the easy-grip' claims are correct for my medium sized hands. I also like to push the Philishave quite hard against the skin and this razor allows that with its classic solid fixed head [the waterproof versions have a lighter detachable head that prevent this]. Although not waterproof the head can be washed under the tap to remove bristles, but this is a lot messier than the dry brush method I always use. The only thing I would add is that the language free pamphlet is pretty awful, as it covers every razor in the range and decrypting the charge cycle info and symbols is quite challenging, but as there's not many features on the razor there's not much else to learn. There isn't any travel case supplied, so search out a cheap zip case for storage in the bathroom before you locate one you might want to keep a brown paper bag over the shaver head [did I mention the razor was ugly]. So a perfectly functional dry Philishave electric razor and more than adequate for any Philishave fans. The lack of a trimmer counts heavily against it for me [which forces me towards the PT860 which includes one]. And those that travel a lot will find the 8h charge cycle unacceptable [again the

I called your Customer Care Support on 06/02/2012 around 1930 hours and the customer care rep was very rude an unprofessional. I had some audio problems and questions for my 55 inch TV that I needed some help on and she started getting hostile and ill with me. The advice she gave before she hung up on me did not help. If I had an employee with an attitude like that, she would be terminated immediately! Because of this incident, I will avoid purchasing any Philip's products in the future and I will most certainly inform people how rude and unprofessional your customer care support staff is.

After reading all of this, I really don't have to type much. My story is similiar. Right out of the box, (And I do mean RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX) speakers didn't work. To repair shop 3 times, Still don't work. Composite jacks dead, HDMI 1 died today, Now running on HDMI 2. It's only a matter of time now. I feel like I have flushed $2500.00 for this 60" plasma down the toilet. I'm gonna go buy the cheapest thing I can, get my glasses prescription renewed, and be happy....PS. Thanks Wal-Mart for selling such a piece of....Today, in these times, everyone wins, execpt the consumer!!!!!!!

Bought a phillips because I thought it was a reliable brand. Wrong! Televsion went out in 10 months. There customer service is the worst in the world. They are very good at running you around. It;s going to take two days to email me a label to mail my 40 inch television back. In the mean time I will be out trying to find a box to mail this large television back to them. By the time I get the label and wait for them to receive the broken television and receive my check we will be out a television for 1 month.

I bought a home Theater System and the wrong remote was packaged in the box. I called to get them to send me the correct remote I even offered to send the one that was in the box back to them. They told me I had to buy a new remote plus shipping and handling. I'm looking at paying $50 bucks for a remote because they made a mistake and packaged the wrong remote. I paid $300 bucks for this system now they want me to pay another $50 for their mistake. I will never buy another Philips merchandise again.

home theater system only last 1 year. for 250 u would think it could last longer. philips whats going on?!!!!

I purchased at home theater DVD system about 2 years ago. While watching it, it just died. I tried all the trouble shooting. I took the system to a repair facility, paid 35 dollars for them to look at it, just to find out that it was not fixable. The repair facility tolld me to contact phillips for a possible equipment exchange. I called phillips consumer lifestyle just to be told it was out of warranty and I should take it back to the retailer. That answer was not sufficient for me. I called coporate and spoke with a VP, someone named Susan and she told me there was nothing that she can do for me either! By now I'm LIVID. At the end of our conversation she says she would give me her name and number if I wanted to call back with any questions. Here's a question for you Susan, by you giving me your name and number, will that replace my dvd system? I think not!! I'm digusted at the quality of your products. I thought phillips was a great brand. I'm further sickened by the frivilous, indifferent and apathetic attitude from this company. Now I use my subwoofer as a stool to put my feet up. You will hear from me again. Bet on it Oh by the way, my philllips plasma tv is starting to scramble the picture, lose sound and show half the picture as well....

We purchased a new Philips T.V. in Feb.10, by Aug.10 the T.V. shuts off ,you turn it back on it shuts off again.Go figure. Anyway we call C.S. they send out repairman,problem fixed,for now. July 11 same problem,this time,we're sorry it is no longer under warrenty.Refuse to replace part.Tell me they understand my frustration, but my $700 T.V. is my problem.Very unhappy with product.

Just wanted to make everyone aware that they SHOULD NOT PURCHASE PHILLIPS PRODUCTS! We just had a power surge and our equipment (a brand new 47in. flat screen, blue ray player, & wii) were plugged into a Phillips power surge protector. None of them work now!! A phillips representative told us that if we did not have a receipt for the $20 surge protector, our equipment was not covered.

Philips sucks, total garbage, never again

I purchased Philips coffee maker model HD7612 the coffee pot ( Stainless steel Thermos Carafe)of the coffee maker was broken because the pot holder was defective but Philips Corporation refused to pay for the part which cost me (109.05) dollars or replace it although the machine is still under manufacture one year warranty policy which covers every thing (except electric cord and Glass thermo carafe).

Customer service? What customer service? This once-great old brand has absolutely the worst customer service of any company we've ever dealt with. We've owned a number of Philips products, from TVs and healthcare stuff to shavers, but we'll never buy another item with the Philips label. Management of the North American operation has developed an elaborate screen to shield themselves from customer complaints. One has to wonder if corporate headquarters in The Netherlands has any idea how tarnished their brand has become due to management style and poor service in North America.


Support for my TV problem was very poor. I upgraded software and now I have no picture. According to customer service this happens "a lot". The folks in customer service have few options available to help the customer because their hands are tied. (How would you like to have a customer support job where you know it's a product issue yet "the rules" make you tell the customer they need to pay for fixing your product problem? I know I wouldn't be excited about going to work each day.) Perhaps a manager (with an MBA, not the school of "taking care of customers") is in charge of cutting their losses. The manager cuts support and slows the outflow of cash used to support the product (and the CUSTOMER). However, it encourages this customer to tell others, "We Won't Buy Philips Again". The end result will be lower sales and OMG! the lower sales means we won't have as many warranty costs so cutting support worked! (I should get a raise or bonus). From the Philips website... Philips corporate goals (stated three times) are; (1) Take care of Philips and (2) Take care of the stakeholders. Nowhere do they state taking care of customers. Ironically the customer pays Philips and the stakeholders. If Philips chooses to turn their backs on customers it will catch up with them.

I am a new customer the Philips products.I will never Buy a Philips product again very poor customer service.I got no customer satisfaction.My tv is $700.00 of junk. I want my money back . I will tell everyone I know to stay away from Philips products.I am surprised that they are still in business.They do not care about the customer.the better business bereau will hear about this.I am not done with this,I will get saisfaction ,I will get justice in this matter.

Philips televisions are garbage and their customer service is just as worthless. I purchased a 42" tv in March of 2010. The television was manufactured in February of 2010 and by the end of October the television was no longer working. I contacted customer service and the very next day a repair man came to the house and tried to fix it by banging on the back of the set. When his banging did not resolve the issue the repairman said he would have to call Philips to se what they wanted to do about it. to make a long story short, over a month later a remanufactured (piece of garbage) television showed up at my house. When we opened the remanufactured (piece of garbage) television there were numerous scratches and dents on the face of the unit and the top right corner of the face was broken almost off. I contacted philips again and requested a "new" television be sent and the customer service rep confirmed that a "new" unit would be shipped. One week later I had heard nothing from Philips so I called again only to find that the "new" unit would most likely be another remanufactured (piece of garbage) television. On top of the repeated television issues Philips refused to give a new warranty to the remanufactured (piece of garbage); only a 90 day warranty would be offered. This company knows the televisions are garbage and are replacing with remanufactured televisions accompanied by a short warranty so they can get out from under these garbage televisions. All I want is my money back so I can help the Sony corporation out this year by purchasing a VISIO. I will NEVER purchase another Philips product again. So much for brand loyalty and customer retention through great customer service.

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