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very disappointed you dropped the senior discount yes you have a senior menu but none of the specials are on it feel it is a slap in the face to say seniors should only eat certain things

Disappointed with menu

We are very, very disappointed that you removed your beef tips and steak and eggs from your menu. We actually got up and left the restaurant.

Manager mandi

Perkins in Doylestown Pennsylvania was there today for Thanksgiving the manager Mandy had no common sense and was rude to customers there were six people in the restaurant and it took over an hour and a half for us to get our dinner not happy at all .also my daughters chicken was not cooked right we send it back and it came back the same way it's up it's horrible service is slow and they have no clue will not be going there anymore for any kind of meals

bad very bad service

My friends and I decided to go out to a late dinner it is now 3 in the morning and we have been here since 12 am and only saw our server 2 in that amount of time when we got our food it was cold and lord knows how long it was sitting in the back.

check stubs

ineed my check stubs from when i work at the anoka Perkins stain number i think is 10 and i need them for proof of my s.s.i of conformaion


My husband and I went out for a late lunch two days ago and the manager workin treated her employees very rude. She did get our drinks, our server was taking food out to a table. When our waitresssaid thank you to the manager, she blantonly ignored the waitress. We are just glad that we had a very sweet and outgoing young lady that took excellent care of us. Rapid city Sd Lacrosse. st.

TV Commercial

Your commercial where a waitress speaks so fast as to be totally unintelligible is the MOST obnoxious, disturbing message I've heard put out by a company. Why don't you want the public to understand what you have to offer on the menu ?? It sets my nerves on edge to hear such gibberish !!

Food quality/service

On Dec 7 , We went to Perkins in Worthington Mn. It started good then went downhill once we received our meal. My husband had got the kickin' chicken. The menu said that it was a chicken sandwich with pepper jack cheese, lettuce , tomatoe , bacon and spicy ranch sauce. He received it without the pepper jack cheese and ranch sauce, the lettuce looked fake and bacon tasted like rubber. The chicken was also pink. We don't understand how it could be pink because it took 45mins to get our meal. Also our drinks were gone when we received the meal and our waitress didn't refill them until after we were done eating and getting ready to leave. We will not be going back until something changes!!!

Rope in my pie

I went to the Perkins in Apopka,FL and I found a piece of rope in my pie. It was baked into my pie crust. The whole experience sucked. The waitress was m.i.a. most the dinner. The pot roast was more like carrot roast that's all I tasted was carrots, carrots and more carrots.

food quality/service

I came all the way to staten island, hylan Blvd with my husband and the food was terrible, that's not what I experienced in Orlando, fl. I was so dissapointed the food was horrible and the service was bad they didn't take the plates and dropped a fork with grease on my pants. The chicken pot pies was watery the texture was not the sameaas I rremember. We were dissapointed. I asked for seltzer to get the grease out my pants and they didn't come back. I'm so dissapointed. And the sampler was cold and the cheese quesidillas was over cooked. So unhappy.

Steak medallions

Very disappointed to go to my local restaurant in Minot, North Dakota and find no actual steaks on the menu. This is cattle countryand we don't do steak "medallions". Please bring steaks back!

Extremely slow

I have dined on a number of occasions at the Perkins Restaurant in Great Bend, Kansas. I have walked out twice due to extremely slow service. The first time after being seated my wife and I waited 20 minutes for a Waitress. We were the only couple in the place. 5 Waitresses were gabbing with the Cook. The second time we submitted our order and waited 45 minutes for it. The Waitress said the order was lost in the kitchen? Terrible management. Terrible training of Waitstaff. Terrible organization of personnel during peak and off peak hours.


As I entered Perkins in Kearney Nebraska as my first I'm in Kearney, I was greeted with very kind people. Our waitress Heather was on top of her game and my grand kids just adored her. however during our experience the Manager (short man with no hair) was being extremely rude to the waitresses and cursing in ear shot of the guests. This is a very big problem for me for the fact my grand kids were with us. When my family was leaving I seen this same man making out with one of his waitresses while smoking outside, rather than helping an elderly couple with the door. This was a very Unprofessional experience and I can promise you I will never be going back to that Perkins ever again unless change of authority.


My family and I dined in at kearney Perkins in kearney Nebraska, I would have to say this was the worst experience ever!! Our waitress Breanna was very kind and smily. Although the management sucked the waitresses were amazing. My wife left Perkins very upset because a manager by the name of Jon was using inappropriate words towards waitresses and was groping on on of the female waitresses. Not only is this inappropriate but as a business man and family man it was unacceptable. I hope in the sake of the Business things change or you will lose many guests at this location.

Perkins Flag

I want to thank you for responding to my message regarding the midway Perkins Flag in St. Paul over the 4th of July weekend! I am a veteran myself. The Minneapolis Veterans Administration Medical Center could sure use a beautiful flag like yours!:) it would cost u about $3000-4000 to install a Perkins sponsored American flag, with a sign saying"sponsored by Perkins." God Bless America sincerely zach paul

Perkins Flag

I want to thank you for responding to my message regarding the midway Perkins Flag in St. Paul over the 4th of July weekend! I am a veteran myself. The Minneapolis Veterans Administration Medical Center could sure use a beautiful flag like yours!:) it would cost u about $3000-4000 to install a Perkins sponsored American flag, with a sign saying"sponsored by Perkins." God Bless America sincerely zach paul

very bad service

I am very upset with this company. Last night my husband, his 95yr old grandfather, and myself was at the Neptune New Jersey Perkins. My husband's grandfather ordered his dinner which was chicken, when it was brought out we all started eating and I noticed his chicken wasn't fully cooked. This wasn't the first problem we had this was the third problem with this place. I used to love going here. We are done and will tell everyone!


This is about the Perkins in Johnson City TN. I saw the manager hugging waitresses is this appropriate? Also the bathrooms are filthy the service is slow during dinner. I also heard management and a male cook arguing with the waitresses using foul language. You advertise as a family restaurant I will never take my family to any Perkins if this is what you call a family restaurant.

Mammoth Muffins

Mammoth muffins...hardly. They are smaller. Mammoth refers to something being large. This is not the case here. I am also wondering if corporate people work on Christmas Day like all wage employees and managers are required to do? I wouid suppose you are on a beach enjoying a cool poolside cocktail and dining with your families...or just at home enjoying family time while counting the money being made in your stores.

bad service

I took my family out to dinner on friday 24 2013 @ 7:00 pm got seated a 7:05 didnt even get drink until 730 . Finaly around 800 they took our order. Its is now 820 and still no food . I am a military member .and I Will be letting all my friends not to go to your restaurant for less than poor service. I feel just cause I came in with 3 kidds I got shoved into a corner. And pushed a side . The location is green bay wisconsin on south onida st

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