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Hello - Until Panda Express responds to my inquiry how they can claim that MSG is NOT used in preparation of your recipes, I will continue to give them only BAD PRESS ! ! ! Panda Express states that MSG is NOT USED in the preparation of your dishes - - - then why does my lady get rashes, swollen tongue and lips, as well as other obvious allergy reactions, even when she only eats a rice-based vegetable dish! Logic tells me that Panda Express kitchens do NOT ADD MSG at each facility because it is ALREADY ADDED IN the recipe at the corporate kitchens before the various dishes are shipped to their restaurants and that is why Panda Express can claim that MSG is not added at the restaurant where the food is served - - - An extremely disappointed guest who has been asking you to reply since Jan, 2011!! Dieter Wagner, California (PS: Oxnard, Calif. Facility) So, technically, the employees can say that they do not use MSG when the dishes are served at your your facilities. Corp. Management is LYING and misleading the guests who trust your statement! Shame on you!!!!

Walked into a panda express in brownsville Texas and WOW the girls were rude rude rude it was 30 mins before they closed and they left my friend and I standing there for 5 mins without even saying hi to us or letting us know that they would be right with us. My friend asked if we could get help and the girl talked like she didn't care that we wanted to eat there.... I am sad to say I won't be goin to an other panda express any time soon I also posted on facebook and Twitter about my bad experience there

I've been eating at panda express for a year faithfully now. Two to three times a week and have never had a bad thing to say intill now. I went through drive thru and when I got to work, And opened my plate it was as if it was dropped and Only a a few pieces of chicken that my five year old Wouldn't get full off of, egg roll was way over cooked, And rice had no flavor at all! Called store and was never able To speak to someone so this is why I'm here!

Service on phone when ordering was very good and when we went in, same; the service was very good. Unfortunately, the Santee, CA location had the worst fried rice I have ever tasted in my entire life. It was horrible and taste more like spanish rice. Very disappointed because we love Panda Express and the price is good usually for the value. Too bad

With all those woks; why can't the corp add some gluten free items. Makes no sense and I miss the food!

I recently went to eat at panda express in surprise. Not my first choice but the wife insisted. Upon ordering, i was impressed with the level of service. Thanks to a employee named Bree and her courtesy and attentiveness i will be returning more often. Thank you Bree and panda express of surprise, im sold.

I use to work in Merced, Ca panda express. I get along fine with everyone and never had any trouble there. As soon as I transferred to Sacramento Panda Express on FLorin Rd, my manager name MARTHA NARVEZ was RACIST. she tried finding every small reasons to write me up and to get rid of me. I got injured from there recently and was told from doctor not to work. She FIRED me saying that i was lagging and seem like i didnt want to work when she never put me on schedule or talked to me. I filed for EDD and she even give them FALSE INFORMATION! she is RACIST and needs to be FIRED. I am jobless now all because of her!

I work at Panda Express I have for 9 years now. I am so tired of the job! The reason why is cause of all you customers have no empathy for your other people. You see we are just trying to do our job and yet come in with a crappy additude asking for more meat asking for no onion on your food you can see there is alot of veggies then don't get the item. Move to another restuant. I have great customer service I do it all smile while you walk in offer sample so on and so forth, but you all are in crappy moods and always have something to complain about. Even when we bring in new items we have to take others out to make room duh and why do you say "I loved that item why did YOU take it out?" I didn't do anything I didn't cook the food put all the veggies or take out the items I do my job as best as I can do you? Have a couple of veggies it's good for your health. I HATE my job I hate complains to hard to soggy to dry to much veggies it's always "2-3 peaces of meat" in your item come on give us a break!

On Feb. 22, 2012 at approximately 4:00pm I was pulled over at gunpoint by Whitehall Police with my 13 year old son in the vehicle on E. Broad Street in front of the Animal Hospital. One of the officers yelled for my son to put his hands up before he puts a bullet in his head. Prior to the pull over, I had a confrontation at Panda Express located at 3769 E. Broad Street where they did not prepare the ordered food correctly and they refused to give me my money back, despite receiving their food back. The manager, Carrie of the store called a false alarm in to the Whitehall Police stating that I climbed through the drive thru window and attempted to rob the store which was completely invalid. I am a Registered Nurse and granted was extremely upset with the fact that the management refused to pay me my money back for food I did not want, nor had in my possession. I entered the store for my money, the manager stated I was threatening her as I insisted on her giving me my damn money. I call 911 the operator transferred me what was stated as an non-emergency line, where I was told by that operator they don't handle matters as such given they dont know the restaurants return policy. When I asked what should I do, the suggested that I call corporate. In leaving to do such, I asked the front line employee if the lady "carrie" was in fact the manager, the employee shrugged her shoulders with a smurk on her face. I left angry at the fact that they did not give me my money, yet I did not try to rob the place as they reported to the Whitehall Police. I want it to be known the type of customer service that exist at this Panda Express. I was very patient in waiting on my order initially where I had to pull up and was given a free drink, then to find it was incorrect and when told I just wanted my money back the employees presented a confrontation versus just refunding my money. I do not appreciate the fact that a false call was placed putting my son and myself at risk and under gunfire. The Whitehall Police must do their job, I respect that, however the entity placing the false call is out of line. I am filing a complaint with the Attorney General Office regarding the matter as well. Thank you, April L. Clark, RN, BSN

I worked at Panda Express on Saticoy and Louise in Van Nuys, California before I transfered to a different store where I felt more appreciated and less taken advantage of. Sonya was the name of my manager. I must say. I work very hard and make more sales serving on the counter than anyone else because I know how to be friendly with people and show them I care about their purchase. Sonya is a selfish woman, we are not allowed to eat unless we get over 6 hours. This woman has no heart and is not friendly to people. You will see her smiling when Andrew visits and when he leaves she is the pushiest most greedy woman I've worked with. I did all of the hard labor in the restaurant every day because I was told to, window cleaning 12 ft windows, clean and polish all steel, scrub side walk with soap water until no marks and then do the inside entire store walls with degreaser. I'm a perfectionist and she knows I do everything so thoroughly. So she gave me these chores for ONLY ME EVERY DAY. I've had ER visits for back pain. Which Panda has not helped me with. I worked 52 hours one week as part time and then 35 hrs the next week. Playing around with employee hours so we don't qualify for health benefits. Real crooked! This manager ruined my health !! She'd say did you go to doctor? Aw.. you need to go. Maybe you qualify, oh, not enough hours. Sorry. All other workers at this store would agree especially the cooks that they saw her making me do the hard work. Other counter workers just serve and it's totally not right. I have worked at panda 1 year! I quit ! You need to get better management. This woman Sonya doesn't even let us eat for her own BONUS. Very thoughtful when her workers are hungry. & she will eat right in front of US! I don't work there anymore. But just go. Don't even ask the woman . ASK THE EMPLOYEES ABOUT SONYA. THEY WON'T LIE.

I was an employee at Panda Express, but was forced to quit because they wanted me to transfer to a location that is over a half hour from my home and my paycheck (which was minimum wage) would all be going to gas for my car. I still have not recieved my w2 form for taxes yet. I worked at a restaurant that closed down and recieved my w2 from them but they have still yet to pay me for my last 2 weeks of work. I currently work at Dickey's Barbeque where I got my w2 as well. does anyone know the number for human resources for Panda Express so I can call and find out where in the world my w2 is so I can file my taxes?

GOT FOOD POISONING FROM BEIJING BEEF AT 7660 W. Virginia Ave Unit D Lakewood, CO 80226 on January 30, 2012. Was sick with diarrhea and vomiting ALL night long. I couldn't eat anything else for 29 hours after eating at Panda. When I called the manager today to politely let him know, all he said was "OK". IT is NOT ok. When I tried to call the corporate headquarters of Panda Express, the phone number is disconnected. I will spread the word to EVERYONE I know not to eat at Panda Express. The lack of concern from the manager and no way to contact someone above him was unacceptable! DO NOT EAT THERE or ANY of their locations unless you want to risk getting EXTREMELY ill!

I feel unappreciated, disrespected, and rejected by my manger.. my manager puts un-nessary stress on me, even when I show up early and stay late. I put as much effort as possible into my employment at panda express even though I get paid the least out of all the employees that work there, I am also given, what I would consider, the worst shifts. Maybe it's my imagination but I'm pretty sure I do all the floor checks when I'm working, and just about everything that sucks. Although I feel like the assistant to some of the employees, I take my employment seriously. I always iron my clothes before work, show up on time and make sure everything is clean before I leave and throughout the whole time I'm there. I make sure there is no finger prints on the glass doors and windows when I have chance. I try my best to be a good employee. I actually cried when I got home because I felt so stressed and like my manager hated me. I feel like my manager and probably everyone don't care if I work there, they will just replace me.... I've been very appreciated at my past jobs, I'm smart and pay attention to detail. I don't think that just annyone is going to work as hard as me.

your menu states that you have chicken and string beans as an entree at your Pleasant Hill Rd. facility in Duluth, ga. I have been there three times to order that and they say they do not have it today. I asked when they do have it and they did not answer me. I will not be going back there again. Very disappointed. If not available, then get it off the menu. Poor customer service.

So funny we all agree that the employees at panda express are rude, stupid, even with their own coworkers and the corporation does nothing to fix the problems; they really need to train their employees properly or one of them is gonna put rat poison on the dish of the customers that they don't like A month ago I walk into these restaurant on Ceres CA and the manager assistant was moping the floor, it was almost time for them to close the restaurant and these stupid guy "david" throw water right on my feet, my AIRMAX were supposed to be red and black but now they are red black and brown after what the stupid manager assistant did, I call the corpo and after one month of investigation they told me that all they can do is give me a 25.00 dllrs gift card" so how can I get another pair of AIRMAX that cost $170.00 with their 25 gift card??? I guess they are gonna have to put teriyaki nike shoes on their meneu...

Panda Express Marietta Ga 770/509-6708 9/20/2011 6:41 pm The Marietta Panda Express has again put the wrong food in the bag so I am home with two small boxes of steamed vegetables for my kids. They are less than thrilled. Mistakes happen. I understand this. The problem is that I am home on a weeknight with my husband out of town. I have to get the twins to bed and do not have time to drive 15 minutes to the store, get the issue resolved and then 15 minutes back to get dinner on the table. So my options are - I can take the loss or drive all the way over there to get reimbursed or to have the order corrected. I am at home with the kids and they are headed to bed so I decided to call. That is when I became angry. The manager on duty could not be bothered to speak with me on the phone so I was talking to a kid who worked the register. Twice he told her that there was a customer on the phone, twice he was told no. It seems that the store manager is out of town so the manager on duty is covering everything. Maybe she is overwhelmed? I do not know. I left my name and number with the young man on the phone asking that the MOD call me when she has a chance. It is 9:53 and I still haven't heard from her. It does not matter though. The fact that she cares so little about a customer is shameful. My children love Panda Express but I cannot deal with a store that treats its customers with such disrespect. This is terribly disappointing.

My family and I have been eating at Panda Express several times, since we came to Arneill, Camarillo, ca. We've always been satisfied until today (Monday, Sep.12,2011 in the afternoon). The gentlemen that we were being helped by didn't greet us, didn't offer us a sample, and was being extremely rude, by the way his name was GABRIEL.  Their shrimp was so dry and over cooked we couldn't eat it; the fried rice was dry and tasteless. The chow mein was overcooked. Consistency is what makes a business successful. Too bad we won't be eating there again for quite awhile. You really need to train your staff some more.

Seeing as thousands of people eat at panda express a day i don't think they are too worried. Besides, they are all foreign people that work for the company... You may have to speak some form of asian language for them to get the hint. The people the workers for the company don't make very much money, so maybe you should all stop complaining and eat somewhere else... Because this place tastes so much better then any buffet out there. I love how people complain, you knew what you were getting before you got it. You can physically see it in front of you... Sooooo... not their problem it's yours. Imagine if everyone wanted more meat then the veggies, then there would just b e a pile of vegetables that are most likely going to be thrown away. Once again, if you aren't happy of how they do things... then you should stop whining. I love the Panda Express that I go to, and always receive great service and food.

I got sick as hell from thier food and got no resolution so far ib 2 days and counting

I went to one of the Panda's Express in Carmel In, the servers have no clue of what to do, when customers come in an order. They stand there looking @ the customer,instead of asking the next person in line can i help you. The noodles are cooked with whole onions, you served more onions then noodles, the same with the Bejing beef, you're served more red peppers then meat. If you ask for less onions or peppers you get this attitude an nasty look. Your prices are a little high for the service you rec'v. Someone needs to take charge before your doors close for good. Very poor service, slow unorganized,an also watch what they charge you, practically every time i go there they wnat to cahrge me a dollar more then what the meal cost. I called corp. office left a message for Elsa manager to call me lets see what happens.

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