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The bank closed my account with no phone call, no warning no nothing!!! I went to the store to get meds I just had major surgery. Card decline. I went to the bank where I opened the account, talked to the branch manager...she said I was going to call you this morning, but I had a confrence call and I was going to call you later. The reason they closed it, the teller stated that my husband stood in lobby and started calling the women the B-WORD because they asked him to remove his hat. Now if you roll back the tape, there are men in the lobby with hats on, so why single him out. Nothing like this took place. This branch is in St. Louis, Mo 3536 Page Ave. The branch manager is Tasha Pettis. I was trying to explain to her that I had not penny to feed my child nor get the meds to keep me healthy! I have talked to Nathan Kreke and ask him to roll back the tapes. On top off all this the Branch, Tasha was not in the office on 4/29 because she was on vacation...so you are going off here say. Mind u there is a guard in the lobby @ all times...so if all this occured, why didn't the guard put him out! Mind you I am the primary account holder to this account, so once again why wasn't I notified. If they keep going on this this fashion, they will go out of bussiness!

I opened an account because I wanted a familiar bank. I'm tired of dealing w banks that are bought & sold. I like familiar faces. I hate my bank of 30 yrs because S & T killed me with their unfair bank fees. They make it impossible for overdraft protection - its like applying for a loan. They don't want you to have it!! They make sure you will have overdraft fees - they're very sneaky! I filled out an application for PNC since they were promising new customers $100. I thought everything was done online (the offer was only good if you applied online). After weeks of my direct dep not changing (First Niagara did this FOR me), I finally got someone who KNEW what I was talking about at PNC. I needed a paper from my employer - if they'd have just TOLD me in the 1st place. All banks are different. So I dropped it off at PNC. But after it took time to "process" my direct deposit didn't start officially depositing my pay till 3 days after the 60 day time limit. Soooo they refused my $100.00 Sigh I'm looking for a new bank - again.

I got an insurance check for repairs to my house and I have had to send it this off to Gmac for a signature and got it back and now the bank PNC wants me to sign this over to them and they will cut checks to my contractor for the repairs, I believe this is a joke, Why would I give you my money for the repairs on my house. My contractor will not start without having a down payment. This bank sucks and so does the customer service at this bank. They should have never been given an money to prop this kind of business up. I hope they all go down. STOP PUTTING MONEY IN THIS BANK LETS SEE HOW THEY DO THEN

i used to work there. they still owe me $500+ and calling corporate is really shitty. do they have real people to talk to- working there? i couldnt tell.

So these guys are willing to take me take payer dollars for a bail out, but then don't allow me to bid on there new building projects because I'm non-union. And to add insult to injury, I'm an account holder and my branch manager said they can't change corporate policy for account holder. My personal and business accounts are now at Chase.

This is by far the worst bank I have ever had to deal with in the world! And I have been to other countries! Employees are morons, managers even worse! I am going to close my account and just wish they'll all go to hell!

PNC is horrible! Their customer service today was extremely poor. I was turned away from withdrawing $40 out of MY bank account because my signature from 11years ago did not match my signature today. Not only did I provide a drivers license, check book, credit card, acct card (with the acct#s listed) they refused to give me MY $40. The reason they also stated was because there was a lot of fraudulent activity at that branch as if to say I may be one of those persons....I have had a facility treat me with such poor customer satisfaction and lack of respect. Oh, let me not forget that their ATM machine was out of order.

Every month you can see the$ 100.00 online promotion advertised, So I signed up by opening a checking account. A new PNC branch opened in my neighborhood and I thought this would be a great idea. After satisfying all of the promotion requirements I inquired about the bonus. I was informed that I signed up for the bonus in January>that expired at the end of December. When I contacted customer service, the rep was so rude to me. I was told that in order to stop people from opening anc closing accounts, there would be a long wait time. I then contacted the internet rep who stated it was already investigated and she would be surprised if i received the bonus because they had already determined that I would not qualify. Needless to say I will bank elsewhere, because this is unacceptable.

I open an account at PNC for my son who is attending CMU. Unfortunately, searching for a job, my son was scam by this Envird Staffing Solution Corporation, stating inorder to obtain this employment you must deposit this check to start your job. Like any 18 yrs old college student searching for employment and trying to help his single mother pay for college tution, he thought "great!". No, it was not, my son deposit the check of $3,000.00,as indirected, and PNC allow him to withdraw the money in less then 24hrs...here the kicker, the money was not in the account to cover the money that he withdrawed! Why would this happen after 911! I call the bank, spoke with manager of that bank, made police report of this. PNC charging so much fees were as I can not catchup. This has cause such a hardship and it amazing in how they just do not care! Needless to say, my son feeling awful in what has happen and how PNC are not for the consumer.

U guys are right Pnc bank has terrible customer service on the phone, i mean the rep was over talking me and just rule interrupting and had the balls to tell me that i'm wasting her time, they wonder why people don't like banks and why they are all going down under losing their jobs, if not for us they would not have jobs, so i never feel sympathetic for them @ all. I'm in the process of changing banks as i speak, And even i tried calling the corporate office and was put on hold for half an hour and when the operator came back she stated that i need to leave a message on a voicemail because everyone was busy. Wow! they have no clue as to how to keep and run a bans @ all.

This is a horrible bank with terrible policies. I have never in my life been told my card privleges have been revoked. I have never been spoken to the way their reps have spoken to me over the phone. I wish this bank would just fail and be bought out. They can go to hell.


Your online banking service is by far the worst and most user unfriendly service in the country. When I call for assistance my call is conveniently "dropped" when I call again the uneducated idiot transfers me to the exact same division that did not answer my call in the first place ! I specifically asked to speak to the individual in charge of the division but NO !!!

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