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Buyers be aware

Last year I bought brand new Nissan Maxima from Nissan dealership in Smithtown, NY. As a thank you for purchasing the vehicle they offered to install tinted windows. I agreed. Months later I got pulled over for illegally tinted windows. After explaining Mr. Joe Urso at Smithtown dealership that they installed illegal tint which should be replaced, his response was that they have "waiver" that says buyers are responsible for their vehicles!!!! He also said there is nothing he can do because the salesman that sold me the car is no longer with dealership???? So all of you Nissan buyers out there be careful what you are getting at Nissan, it will cost you money later on. It cost me $216.00 and aggravation.

I just want to say that all the workers at your Nissan Dealership on Hylan Blvd in Staten Island , N.Y are so very friendly and treat you like a king when you bring your car in. And I would like to point out one Tech his name is Reggie, I always ask for him, he is very caring and knows his profession. I think you should acknowledge him with a letter .

Arbitration Department

Calling arbitration dept. ,to the lady that have my case I have her name and number,calling for the past ten days and no one from that dept. call me back "on a case open over 50 days ago,I'm with out my new car " I buy it less that a year and the dealer can't fix it for over 70 days in a rental with out my car the one I'm paying for ,I'm in the repurchasing process ,calling them for an update like I say over ten days ago ,I call supervisors and corporate office with message on Friday 10/4,Monday 10/7,Tuesday 10/8,Wednesday 10/9,Thursday 10/10 and today I left message every single time and consumer affair sent internal messages" I always left normal message NOT disrespectful or anything like that only that I can't understand why their can't return my calls for an update in the past ten days on the case that has been open since August 6/2013 ,unbelievable and I still want to buy the same car again I'm very frustrated and in shock


i need to check the vin # for my nissan it is your product i should be abel to check it thru nissan

I purchased the 2012 Altima SR series on June 3, 2013 which had 40,000 miles. On August 17, 2013 as I was driving on the highway my car became very sluggish and started dragging I pulled to the side and the car began to smoke and within a matter of 5 minutes the car was on fire. The fire department was called and the police. According to the PFD it appeared to be an electrical problem with the car. Nissan I need a response on this matter. A Jay

2013 Nissan Titian Sv

I purchased a truck in May 2013. In June 2013 a transmission line split in half. Took to dealer and that was fixed, then two days later radiator had hole and AC condenser had to replace and AC unit rescaled. Then in July the transmission has some kinda of valve in transmission go out. Truck has been at dealer for over a week now for transmission. Makes you wonder if its more than that and they are not being honest. Calling the consumer affairs is pointless. Very expensive truck to have this many issues. Very disappointed with Nissan. I will be looking in to lemon laws.

Nissan does NOT stand behind there product!

I own a 2007 Nissan Xterra and recently had a problem with the transmission and radiator fluids comingling. This caused a catastrophic transmission failure that Nissan knew about since 2007. There is a class action law suit that settled for the consumer to pay the first $3000. WHAT??? This is a problem that should be recalled but it would cost Nissan too much money. When calling William Crockett in the Corporate office he told me that I should be greatful I only have to pay the first $3000. I will never buy a Nissan and I will make sure everyone I come in contact with knows how awful Nissan is to there customers. It is a disgrace. By the way this is happening to thousands of Xterra's and Pathfinders since 2005!!!!

Nissan does not stand by their product!!!

I own a 2007 Nissan Xterra and recently had the radiator and transmission fluids comingle. This caused catastrophic transmission failure. Nissan has known about this problem since 2007 and has not recalled the defective cars. It is a disgrace! William Crockett at Nissan NorthAmerica told us that we should be greatful that we only have to pay the first $3000. WHAT??? I did not buy a Nissan to may my last payment the day before my car died. I will never buy a Nissan again and neither will anyone in my family.

service dept

I would like to thank Buddy in the service dept for always looking out for my safety. I would never want to work with anyone else. He is courteous and thorough. I trust him with my Nissan Pathfinder and know I am driving in a safe vehicle if Buddy checked it for me. I don't worry about breaking down. Buddy please don't ever leave Nissan.

2008 Pathfinder

When my 2008 Pathfinder started choking I mmediately took it Ganley Nissan and they first told me it was fixed then I soon relaized it wasn't I called the dealership back and took my car back even rode in the car with the mechanic so he could hear and feel the problem and he insisted there was nothing wrong with my truck. I drove my truck around for at least two months when i finally took my truck to another dealership and they not only diagnosed my issues they told me the reason why the previous dealership didn't fix it was because everything was covered in my warranty. My car had a bad transmission and radiatior just like every other Nissan. This is covered under my warranty the other problem is now all of a sudden I have a bad tire rod and need an wheel alignement guess they are going to make some money out of the deal!

Lack of knowledge and service

I was the not so proud owner of a 2007 Nissan Xtera. I no longer have this vehicle. I had a problem with the coolant and the transmission fluids comingling, a problem that Nissan knew about, but failed to inform their consumers. I had just made my last payment, and gee .... my warranty had expired, and my extended warranty had expired(by three days). I was quoted $5100 for a rebuild transmission and radiator... Called corporate office - got no wear... no apology, explanation; they just kept telling me that my warranty had expired. Needless to say I have had to purchase a new car. My trade in was 1/3 of the retail value of my car... Got it put to me all the way around... Shame on Nissan!!!!!

Nissan dealership in Billings, MT

I think it is important for consumers to know the good and the bad in regards to Nissan services. There are mix responses to the vehicles themselves, but I see consistent complaints of poor service. Wonder if the company reads these posting or responds? I have a long story of how poorly the communication and customer service has been with the manager "Tadd" at the Nissan dealership in Billings. It has been very frustrating and wish my truck had broken down in a different city. They have had my vehicle for 3 weeks now, lots of excuses, never call unless I do, make promises they then do not keep, very obvious of no customer service training. A strong sense of insincerity.....doubt I will purchase a Nissan again if they cannot support their product.

Not happy where's my DS cad????

Terrible service, why sell me a 2013 sentra with no DS card on my navigation system. Why does Julio Rodrigues at Mission Hills keeps telling me come back tomorow for sure we will have it. Why is my 2013 not have its DS card for navigation. Im just fed up with Nissan.i'm not purchasing another car from Nissan. Now i got to wait until he calls me and tells me we don't have it, when will i get my chance and try the navigation sytem??? I want to return car. I want my money and wasted time back.

Regional vehicle clearance

We were looking at looking for suv, were told if we could down,7000 down plus 695. a month short term, was told the price. The person in charge, was not people person. This took place at Premier Nissian in P aris,Tn. Also was told us,they had their banks but find out not.Please look into this matter. We will not be back.

Nissan versa

So we just bought a Nissan versa 2014, and the car stumbles and it turned off TWICE ON THE FREEWAY!! So we took the car to the dealer and all they did was give us a number to contact corporate and that to me is not a way of handling the issue, because how about it turns off just about of no were and I get a car accident and I didn't get approve for the gap insurance well that is not good you should either recall the cars or give us a car for now but no, is something happens it will be a lawsuit on this!!!!

Worst franchisee

I have had the worst experience with a Nissan of Melbourne. It was so bad the owner of the dealership called my wife to threaten her on the phone. This was explained to Nissan Relations Specialist several times and so far nothing has happened. The sales people failed to fulfill what they say and the owner doesn't want to honor anything they have said to us. This is my 2nd and LAST Nissan ever! FYI, I paid cash for the entire vehicle.


I am a returning customer at downtown la nissan who purchased 3 vehicle in the last 9yrs. I recently went in to trade in my pathfinder for a rogue. When I returned home with my new car I realized I had left my wedding ring in my old car. After contacting DOWNTOWN LA NISSAN I was told my car was sold. I went in to the dealership to find my car parked in their secured parking lot. My wedding ring was missing and management refused to resolve the matter. Instead, they accused me of making up the story about my stolen ring and told me there was nothing they can do. Any dealership with honest employees would have turned in my belongings and given my a courtesy call.I will never recommend nor do business with Nissan again!!

2003 Nisson BAHA

I think your company was way before it's time with the Baha. I get stoped all the time with people asking me about it. Mine is a solid color gray and people just love it. I get compliments on it at least once a week. I can't express enough how I feel. I think stopping their production was a big mistake. A young couple just stopped me in the parking lot of the supermarket an hour ago that's what prompted this note. You really need to reconcider this truck.

No more Nissans for me

I have purchased four Nissan vechicles in the past 30 years. On my last purchase I was asked to fill out a questionaire on my purchase experience, which was not to pleasant. Because of my answers , East Coast Auto Mall got a lower rating and the Sales Manager informed me that I would be rejected from using their service department. So my reward for filling out an honest survery is to be penalized by Nissan. I will never buy another Nissan product again.

Catalytic Warranty

In my Nissan Armada, my Catalytic Converters broke up, went into the engine, and destroyed the engine and the muffler. Took it to Nissan to have it fixed under the Cat. warranty, but Nissan blames a faulty fuel pump. The fuel pump has never shown any problems and no error codes were ever recorded. (My mechanic disputes the faulty fuel pump theory). Nissan quoted me $16,000 in damage, and they refuse to fix the issues which fall under warranty. My kids and family will never buy a Nissan again.

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