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Awful customer Service Parts

We bought four vehicles Nissan from Wood River Illinois for the last ten years , and last year I brought my truck for just simple oil change and that day my engine was burned due they forgot to put the cap of the oil valve, and they replace my engine but it took them three months to fixed it, and every time I came for my oil change it took them two hours to finish my change oil, and just last week I brought my Nissan Van due to my back door stopped working which this vehicle is only one year old, and after 4 days service department called me to come in due to parts are in, dropped my car to the service area, called my friend to gave me ride, drove 20 miles from my house to the Nissan dealership, spend money for gas, took-off from work and after 4 hours Nissan service area called me they cannot fixed my door due to one part did not arrived, how can you called a customer to come in and not checking all the parts are in before calling the customer to come in and at the end of the day my car is not fixed, go through all of that hassles and my car was not fixed,they are just so unprofessional, uncaring people in Wood river Nissan dealership.

horrbile customer service

After my experience with Nissan I will NEVER own another Nissan vehicle. I previously bought an 06 Altima about a year and a half ago and it ran fine, but I began having issues with the car cranking but not starting. Garland Nissan in Hopkinsville had my car for about 3 months and could not fix the issue and finally told me they were done working on the car because they couldn't figure out what was wrong. After trying to deal with Nissan Customer Affairs, I am still very upset that my car is not fixed and they are not willing to do anything to help me with my issues. Because the vehicle is no longer running (been sitting in my driveway at home for 3 weeks and will not start) I can not trade it in, and I really can't afford to buy a new vehicle considering I am a full time college student.

scary products

Now this bothers me being i jusst brought a 2011 Versa for my mother he dealer was very rude where it wqas bought if your buying in niorfolk keep looking don't buy at a norfolk air port nissan very bad sevice

Crank but no start

Question type: Maintenance & Repair I have a 2010 nissan versa 124,00 miles. It stalled one day, and I have not been able to see the issue. I have good compression, air (new throttle), fuel (new pump) spark (new plugs) crank sensor (new) and timing chain tight, and correct. I have no further idea as to what is preventing the start. PLEASE HELP I am ready to spread the word that this product is a total waist of money.


1997 Nissan p/u towed to dealer after breaking down on highway. Dealer has had the truck for 4 weeks & can't find a part for their own vehicle & want me to find it in a "JUNKYARD"...Unbelieveable after supporting NISSAN FOR 18 years,

Nissan is aware of the transmission problems with their vehicles but yet still ignore the problem. Now I have to go in debt for another vehicle because of this. Everyone be warned..... DO NOT buy a Nissan product.

Stay away

Nissan you guys are a joke. You dangle a car in front of someone then take it back after a week. To anyone who wants to purchase a car from any Nissan save your money because they will rip you off.

engine service soon

new Nissan Juke had the car for 1.5 weeks service engine soon came on took it to the garage reprogram it the next morning service engine soon again took the car back been in the garage for 2.5 weeks they can't find the problem what is doing is you start it and the car runs flooded and the tack runs up and down take off and the engine has no power. this is a turbo engine help me please.

JUKE pours fuel all over engine

NIssan juke repaired under recall for fuel leak then we paid 450.00 to repair one more . Now leaking again Nissan will not pay for it I guess they want someone to DIE. please stop buying Nissan

Great Cars - Bad Dealers

I have always enjoyed my Nissan, and have owned/leased several over the years, but when negotiating with Nissan Capital in Atlanta GET IT IN WRITING. These guys will tell you one thing and then do something else!

Terry chaplain Nissan lumberton

Don't go to lumberton Nissan service dept. is awful ! So then I talked to Terry Chaplin the owner his self and he's hateful too so I know where us employees get it from! 1,500 later they still can't tell me what's wrong with my car!! Don't go there

no money involved,no service

No wait!!! I will tell anyone to buy a Nissan vehicles, they care just about you buying I have a transmission problem since the truck had 10k miles and they don't want to do anything with it, I will not buy Nissan car or truck from Nissan anymore period

Love my Rouge

I live in Atlanta and we just had a really bad experience with snow and ice. I was really nervous because I had never driven in this kind of weather. I watched as very popular high performance vehicles slide, stalled, and were just stuck. My rouge never once stopped, nor did it slide on the ice. I was able to drive right pass the "best cars" and finally made it safely home. I love my Nissan Rouge, if ever you are looking for a real customer experience for advertisement, please think of me!

Nissan North Salt Lake, Utah

Due to a arrogant, rude General Manager we have been saved from making a mistake and buying a Nissan. We have purchased 5 Nissans in the past 20 years, but after the encounter at the dealership with this man I came home and read this website. (Mind you, the low on the totem-pole salesmen were great.) After what I have just read I do not want to buy or own a Nissan! I don't even want one from another dealership! Thank you, thank you sir. If you had not been so rude I would belong to the losers Nissan club.

terrible customer service

Pittsburgh East Nissan is terrible to work with. First bad experience was with a female salesperson who wanted to sell anything but what I was asking about. Second bad experience was with the person who answers the phone. She was extremely rude and told me to go to another dealership. Third bad experience was with the Manager of the Dealership. He yelled at me trying to defend the woman who answers the phone telling me she didn't have the answers to my questions. Then why was she trying to answer them. Third strike. I will never buy another Nissan; ever.


2013 Nissan Pathfinder platinum, Transmission, radiator,power seats,memory seats, hood alignment. mileage 2489 miles. NO HELP WHATSOEVER FROM NISSAN. The vehicle was repaired, this car has serious problems, THERE IS NOT RESPONSE THAT THE VEHICLE JUST STOPPED AT 70 miles per hour on a major highway,with my family onboard. I also payed to tow it, and they would refund the money later with proof of tow.

nissan corporate is worse than the dealerships!!!!

I've had numerous complaints about Nissan....don't even get me started. My recent one was when I complained to them about my paint oxidizing on my car after only 2 years. They very abruptly told me that it happens, and there is nothing they can do. That dealership is now closed. So I called corporate.....after talking to a very VERY inexperienced Nissan employee, I hung up on her. She was AWFUL.


My car was taken to Nissan of union city in Georgia for head gasket repair,after a month they started my car and called me to say it had slung a rod and I needed to replace the motor !!! The tech Obviously wasn't qualified to work on my car !!! They still have my car 4 months later And no one will return my calls !! I drove the hour commute to check on my car to discover it sitting in the lot,uncovered in the rain and freezing temperatures with greasy car parts on the leather passenger seat !!! I am taking legal actions against them!!!

Noise Problem

My new 2013 Altima 2.5(2000 miles) has a high pitch noise that I did not hear when I first drove the car. It is getting louder now. I took it to the dealer and they said that no problem was found and they could not duplicate the noise. I will take my car to another dealer and see if they can locate the noise problem.

thank u

i own a very old car and its just falling apart well I wanted to go to boston mass and I live in ct so I decided to rent a car since mine the heat was not working and has a oil leak lol but anyways I went to enterprise and they told me they only car they had available was a 2013 Nissan Altima I said that was fine,well I have never driven a nissen and I have to thank u all for making such a wonderful car,was so roomy and comfortable and the ride was very smooth I just fell in love lol maybe someday I can afford one but for now thank u for giving me a chance to drive one of your cars.keep up the good work u make a wonderful car. thank you Martha laflamme

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