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NASCAR is cool!

why I stopped watching

Endless tv commercials interupted with occassional racing and a bunch of gear heads with serious English syntax issues.

racing on nbcsn

Millions of people do not get nbcsn.. last night was the first race i missed in 20 yrs.. this has to be fixed. or nascar will fall off!

nascar doesn't care about the fans

‪Nascar‬ is all about Money not the Fans! Cable and satellite don't improve rating they just limit the amount of people that can watch. Nascar broadcast most of races on cable/satellite channels unavailable to antenna TV watchers.


whose relative came up with the new way of qualifying??

Pledge of Allegiance

I would like to suggest that the Pledge of Allegiance be said at every NASCAR event, this would be the ONLY sport that would support it. We have prayer before each race and I believe that if we start it; other sports might start copying by example.

Classic Car Racing

wouldn't it be awesome to have the top drivers of NASCAR race in classic cars from back in the day of Richard Petty.... say late 1960s or early 1970s model race cars. Petty & Yarbrough cars all over again! I believe it would bring in a huge interest & Fans to a venue like this. This could be a once every two years or something type venue.....same type of engines and body styles of the past and have some of the old drivers there standing by their old cars.... would be big

No longer Nascar,Hendrick Racing Show

My husband and I are going to miss going to Nascar races and watching the races on tv,but we can no longer tolerate the blatant cheating being allowed in the sport. Not all of us are Dale jr,Jimmie Johnson or Jeff Gordon fans. There are a different set of rules for Hendrick cars and all of the other teams. I feel sorry for the other outstanding drivers and when they make a public statement they get a secret fine from Nascar. Communisim. I predict a GM car will win the championship and President Obama will be there to present his government motors the trophy.Nascar is no longer a sport it is an exhibition.

tnt broadcasting

I have called prior to mention about tnt broadcasting and how terrible they are for NASCAR. I am a avid fan of NASCAR yet when you allow tnt to broadcast your sport you are doing a dissatisfaction to racing.They are awful broadcasters. Please see if you can get the FOX crew back.


Your system of Qualifying on short track is gonna get someone hurt, and tare threw millions of dollars cars for no earthly reason. Please Get your head out of your backside. A devoted fan

let them race

i dvr and wacth the last few laps.long time fan/almost gone fan.


shame on you NASCAR, stop rigging championships for JIMMY JOHNSON to win,, he is good, but not that good,your gonna end up losing fans and sponsers, you lost me, and about 20 other people, if you keep rigging this for JIMMY JOHNSON nobody will support NASCAR anymore

Bye Bye nascar

I have been a nascar fan since Petty, Baker, Alison and Yarborough days. But no more!!!!! Tired of All of Johnson's wins, NO BODY is that good to win so many races with out doing illegal changes to his car. Why does he get away with that, once a Cheater always a cheater. Guess nascar has proven that money does talk. Denny Hamlin won the last race but nascar didn't even acknowledge it. That was not fair to Denny or any of the other racers. You need to recognize all racers and not just one person. I am done with nascar and so is my entire family who have all been long time nascar fans.


Please discontinue the practice of releasing hundreds of balloons before the race. This does tremendous damage to the environment and to the wildlife. Whatever goes up must come down and those balloons will land in waterways, lakes, oceans, trees, can attach to birds and be swallowed by sea turtles. Please find a safer event or not do it at all.


Nascar should DISQUALIFIED Jimmy Johnson, for coming down on # 9 Ambrose in Saturday night Race...Cheap Shot by Johnson!!!!... I have had it with Nascar and Lowe's....I been going to Nascar for 30 years But NO More...Oh I fogot I live at Dega....

diversity sucks

This is from once was a fan, here's an ideal MR. BIG NASCAR hey why don't it change its name NASCAR = NAACP NASCAR = NAACP NASCAR = NAACP 1. nascar has done nothing but sold out on the people that has help nascar get it to where its at today.... 2. done nothing but run Jr. Johnson out of the sport.... 3. turned its back on the tracks that helped the sport to get where its at today, such as; Rockingham Motor Speedway, North Wilkesboro Motor Speedway, Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway.. IN closing, Your t.v. ratings are go backwards... Track attends is going down... The main one that your losing are fans. I was a long time died hard fan, but you just lost another fan today....

TNT coverage

TNT is the worst coverage for Nascar I have ever seen. Watching 2 min. of race and 5 min. of commercials. If it weren't for replays we would never know what was happening with the race. Can't wait to switch networks. Very disappointed.

Nationwide Racing

It is my opinion that Sprint Cup regulars that race in the Nationwide series should start at the rear of the field, this would solve the problem of cup drivers leading from start to finish, also would give the nationwide driver an opportunity to start on the pole.I believe racing would become more exciting. Ie: Bush Kahne & Lagono moving thru the field...Nascar should allow then the qualifying awards as normal such as the pole award, but move them to the rear of the field, just before the green flag. Same. As an engine change etc... Just my opinion ?

nascar home

Your new NASCAR home page is a piece of shit, just show us the upcomming weeks TV schedule and forget all the crap, this new page is crashing a lot of home computers, we do not have the band width to open your new page, a long time follower is deleting your site, have a nice day, to bad it's just about money and not a real devotion to the racing, Don.


I believe that the fines to Joe Gibbs racing is deplorable. They had nothing to do with the infraction on the factory engine. NASCAR seems to be doing its best to ruin the sport. How about using some common sense, it' free. Jerry Thompson -long time racing fan

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