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EHT- Bad Franchise

Twice now, we have called the Egg Harbor Twp. location to get lunches catered. No answer. The Millville, NJ location finally stepped in, & saved the day. It would be our areas loss if the Egg Harbor Twp. franchise closes. If it does its not b/c of the food, or lack of interest, it would close b/c of that franchise's internal mistakes & lack of management which led to poor #s.

Moes Knoxville tn

Best Moes I've ever eaten at..... Good energy, very generous, friendly!!!!!

Moe's isn't a good company to work for. Their employees are the least they care about. If you get injured on the job they do not pay for the medical bills you receive.

drunhill mass moes

I recently visited the moes in drumhill of chelmsford ma. while there I was at the register and the employees seemed concerned while frying chips. I then noticed they were using a water bottle to put the flames out from inside the fryer. it looked from my view that the left side had caught on fire and the general manager was standing there just watching .


Thursday November 28th,2013 Undercover Boss Marathon. Awesome Telecast and Jeweled Testimonies from staff as well as CEO"S of your company. Your airing, has open the viewers eyes as to what really goes on within the establishment. Who ever heard of an Fast Food Resturant .Giving away sooo much love.In the way Your Company has???????? When folks complain is because they have missed the point of focus.I applaud you all for such a fine Job .God Bless u

Needs new management

I am an employee at Moe's in Marion, In. I have worked there for the last 6 months almost problem free until recently. One of many bosses that work between the Marion store and another Moe's was very rude to me and also unsalted me. He used foul language when he was yelling at me and refused to listen. That is not exactly proper management skills.


I work for Moe's in Marion Indiana. Until today I thought I had a great job. A manager from another store came in today and was being very rude and using profanity while he was yelling at me. I don't believe that was the proper way to communicate with an employee. I have worked for this establishment for 6 months and never have I been made to feel so under appreciated for doing my job as I was trained to do.

Moes Dunwoody

I was very unhappy with my service. Employees are very rude. They didn't say welcome to Moe's when I walked in. I saw several roaches which is disgusting. One of the roaches I saw was in the serving tray the gentlemen I think his name was Francisco shook the tray and proceeded to put my food in it. I told him I wanted it to go. he throw my food in the bag chips on top and walked away. I asked for the manager but he wasn't there. I have called several time but every time I call the manager isn't there. I will never go back to this location and I love Moe's.

Moes on Daniels st in Raleigh

Seriously disappointing. It's like they went threw change of management. I have 30 minutes at lunch, waiting waiting ugh, managers standing there doing nothing. What about jump in and help. Instead they speak rude to there employees. Foods cold by the time you get it!!!! Corporate really needs to rethink management, after years of bringing my family here, until somethings done I won't be going back. if I could give them a negative star I would.

Checks Are Always Late!

I Work For Moes Southwest and grill, and Our pay checks are Always Late! Is there any thing that You can Do For us? Please, its our Money, and we expect it to be on time, as well as they expect us to be on time to Work! Thank You, I will Continue to complain until something Noticable is in effect.

refused to be served

me, my wife and daughter went to Moes to eat 1 night at 941pm and they refused to serve me unless i took it to go. we had been at a ballpark playing a double header and wanted to sit in the air and eat. i was floored when the lady said that they wouldnt serve us unless we took it to go. i understand that it was 20 minutes b4 they closed but you dont treat people like that and she was very rude about it..i will never go back to that moes agian if i go back at all to any moes.

Fix the music!

Please update the music! I'm a vegan and go once a week for the tofu an afresh ingredients. But the music is mostly torturous. I'm 56 years old but sick of the old stuff. Lot of great new music out there. Listen to tv commercials, movie soundtracks, tv shows , etc..

Great Service

I flew into Burlington, VT, May 16, 2013. My son-in-law and 2 grandchildren (2 & 5) ate at Moe's. Good service and good food. Best of all, 2 weeks later when I was back home in Michigan, I was filing my charge slips, and I realized I was charged for 5 dinners in lieu of 4. I called and spoke to the manager, and she was so kind. 5 days later I received a check in the mail! Thanks for the great service!

First and Last

I ventured into the Moe's in Davie, Florida for the first time yesterday due to a write up in the local paper regarding their opening their 500th store. The refused to honor a nationally listed promotion at first, blaming it on corporate saying to many people requested it. Their web ordering had crashed and the cashier was just plain rude and argumentative. The manager finally stepped in, honored the promotion and apologized for the employee's rudeness. It shouldn't have happened in the first place and he waited until I was obviously very angry. Who needs attitude when you are a customer of a business. I intend to network with all of my contacts nationwide on linkedin and facebook to advise everyone to stay away from this chain.

I Love Moe's ! Great place to eat and great friendly atmoshpire . I eatr at the Moe's in Lafayette , Indiana . Plus my son works at the Moe's in Conway South Carolina .And he loves working for the company .

The good one

Corporation has to follow through on their promises. I joined their E-mail club and am still waiting for my coupon for a free side ,plus beverage. I gave info and spent time!!!! Still waiting.

Poor labor practices

My a 17 year old son worked for Moe’s in Ithaca, NY by law he can only work until 10Pm on school nights. The owner has the kids punch out on their time cards at 11:30 (which is wrong) and makes them stay to clean until 1:30 am, they are told that corporate watches their profit margin and when they don't make enough money for the day the kids have to punch out early but stay to keep the stores profit margins in line. I made my son leave this job as he was only supposed to work very minimum hours just for some gas money. He is only 17 and this is not his life’s dream, He has been trying to call the Owner to explain why he cannot work at his store any longer but the owner will not even give him the courtesy of a return call. As I said earlier this is a 17 year old who cannot even use this job as a future reference. I have been a supporter of Moe’s but now I will not step foot in the door now knowing how this owner is taking advantage of our youth in the community. Moe’s Corporate should screen these owners better as it is their good name that is being dragged through the mud. I personally don’t see Moe’s around in the next few years. Mike Ladue Parent


I was just in the location on north dale Mabry hwy in Tampa. The line cook was extremely disrespectful and rude. First he made a joke to his manager about having cream on his pants which was a disgusting thing to hear from the guy preparing your food. Then he preceded to ask If I wanted some of his"famous cream" on my food? I had to walk out before I physically pulled the guy over the counter and hurt him. MOES lost a customer for life today sad thing was the manager was standing right there and let it happen.

LaGrange, Ga Moe's Rip-off

Save your money and do not eat at Moe's in LaGrange, Ga. They advertise one price on menu and then over charge you when you pay. When questioned, the management lied to my wife and I saying we did not order what what was on the menu, that we ordered something different. The bathrooms were nasty, urine everywhere....One guy behind the counter serving just wiped food off serving tray onto floor behind counter, I guess to feed the rats because I'm sure they do not vacuum behind there. Hindsight would have gone to Subway next door or could have gone to Olive garden for what they charged us at Moe's. will not eat at a Moe's ever again!

Out of Order

I went to the Moes in Paramus, NJ Route 17 last night with my 2 children. I was hesitant to order by the looks of the messiness of the food. The gentlemen getting the order was very sloppy tossing nachos in the box and putting on the toppings. When I handed the young cashier my debit card and waited for her to hand it back to me, she rudely placed it on the counter (although my hand was opened to receive it). When I mentioned it to her calmely explaining it is polite to hand a customer their card/money back the same way they gave it to you. Little McNasty began to get rude and snotty. When I went to say something again to her she walked away. I asked for the Manager and told him what happened and that I wanted my money back, they can keep their food. I asked for her name and his and it seemed as if they were making it up. He turned to her to get her name. Now what manager does not know the names of his employees! He barely apologized. I did not raise my voice or get rude but was furious out the way I was treated. If you are looking for a clean good dining experience please do not go to this Moe's NASTY

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