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MB of Sugarland, Texas

On July 27, 2015, I went to MB of Sugarland, TX for my A service. Which the Service Advisor Nathanial Lombardi advised me that it would only take about 1 hour, I was being handled by Premium Express. I arrived at the Sugarland location promptly at 8:00 am. However, that did not happen, around 10:00am I was advised by Nathanial that there was a problem with the valve on my rear back tire and it would cost me approximately 62.00 to repair. So I advised him to go ahead and repair it. The technician Marco advised Nathanial that my sensor vale stem is rusted and the tip was broken, So, I advised them to go ahead and repair it, but I had some suspicion because, my tire sensor light had not been on before now. I left the dealer after I paid $186.19 for the service rendered. However, before I could drive about 2 blocks away the Tire sensor light came on so I returned to the dealer, mind you this was the 2nd time that I had returned because the technician neglected to put on the valve cap. To make a long story short, which was not by the way the time that I had to spend at the service center. Around 3:00pm I asked to speaked to Vice President of Fixed Operations (Steve Stojack) to explain my situation to him. By this time I was a bit salty!!!! Mr. Stojack advised me that the sensor valve is aluminum and it does not rust, so why was I told this BOLD FACE lie. Marco, the technician broke the sensor, but did not want to take responsibility for his actions, so he blamed it on RUST!!!! This is very shameful! This was my first visit to this MB location, and I have not been so humiliated in all my time of owning (5) MB vehicles. I came from NJ and had been dealing wih Service Manager Glen Gaito, who by the way is an excellant Service Manager, and he really cares about his customers! Well Steve refunded the amount of $186.19 to me which I thought was the right thing to do. He also gave me an apology. Thank God for someone that cares about the customer, and not trying trying to rip a woman off, by telling the truth. I appreciate what Steve Stojack was able to do. To sum this letter up, who can you really TRUST!!!! This was a horrible experience for my first time to be in Sugarland, Texas.

House of import (Buena Park )

Bad customer service is like they don't care if they sale or not don't go here they bad and they won't help you. Really bad dealer I just loos my time with this idiots.

Tech Questions

MB Corp Offices needs to have someone on hand to answer technical questions. The only answer I could get was "see your local dealer" when I asked why my oxygen sensor is out after only 3,000 miles.


Never take your car to Cherry Hill Mercedes for Service. They do not know what they are doing. Replace parts that were not damaged and charge the customer for labor. Poor Customer service!!! Returned my car with grease prints all over including interior.

just had my vehicle serviced in December for $1700 now today August 27 they had to fix my transmission and it cost me $2700 at Ft Meyers Mercedes. Only had 43000 miles on my car and I never have taken it out of state and garage kept. I merticuously care for my car. Not a happy customer


It is very sad that these people are allowed to do the things they do and no one does anything about it.

dealer won't honor manfacturer authorized repair

IN 2003 mercedes realized they put in a bad part as a brake system reservoir with a dash alert to go off at 100,000 and authorized dealers to fix/replace it at no charge. When i bought the car only three years old from a Marin county, ca. dealer they never disclosed it to me and never fixed it. now the alert has gone off as planned and they tell me that Mercedes won't fix it after ten years. Yet it took ten years for the alert to go off and inform me of it all. Would not buy a Mercedes new or used from R.A. B Motors in Marin County california. Not honest and not honorable.

Don't Expect Decent Service

I have owned my Mercedes for 20 years. That's because I take meticulous care of my car. In spite of that, it was returned to me several days ago from the dealership in Cary, NC., with front door damage which they refuse to accept responsibility for. In addition, the car was covered in filthy hand prints, although they INSISTED it had been washed, and the gas tank was on R. This is why, once again, I will be forced to return to an independent for service in the future. I will mail a complaint to Germany headquarters, and to the USA headquarters, but doubt seriously it will matter. If it did, the service would had improved over the past 20 or more years of various complaints by Mercedes owners.

2012 ML 350

Purchased a 2012 ML 350 back in october. Each time i put the car in reverse their is a vibrating noise coming from the rear drivers side. I have take the car back twice already and still not fixed. I will be taking it back again 4/30/2013. each time i take the car back they tell me they cant duplicate. MB in Weschester. It seem as if this a problem with some of these cars as i see other people on the internet with the same problem.

very dissapointed with the quality of ML550

American Chevy Tahoe and Japanese Nissan lasted each over 10 years and almost 150,000 miles without the necessity to exchange rusted bottom transmission cover and brake discs. Our Mercedes ML 550 garaged and driven in the same conditions as the above cars needed both after 4 years and 45,000 miles. Unbelievable.

beware of lease termination fees

Beware if you are the surviving beneficiary in the event of the death of someone who is leasing a Mercedes Benz. I found out the hard and expensive way. The language in the lease agreement is very broad, general and not specific to account for death. The estate is responsible for the balance of the lease and all associated fees even if you turn in the car and Mercedes in able to sell the car. Mercedes Benz makes no concessions or allowances even if they recoup their cost associated with the lease. I hope this helps someone.

over promised under delivered

I will never recommend anyone to my mercedes dealer in bloomington mn or to your corporate customer service.im going to lexus soon...terrible service and not satisfied with the lease or the car.fat payment and small car for the needs of my familly of 4.unpleasant experience and no desire to drive it any more.once my 120 days of lease is up im going to trade it for a lexus .

Prestige Benz Paramus, NJ

Hi, I purchased a 2012 c300 from prestige Benz in Paramus back in OCTOBER which was about 4 months ago, since the first week I had problems with my front windows they keep going out of sync, I been to service 7 times for it and they failed to fix it! Not only that they told to just use the windows manually and not click it twice to go up or down atomically! Which I thought was rediculos! Then at the same time I was having problems with the shifting and the car felt so heavy and dragging while I was driving it and want pulling smoothly as it should be, so I took it back to service and they told they had to change te valve body on the transmission because it's messed up! This is all happening to a 2012 car that only has 17000 miles on it! I went back to sales and told them that I wasn't happy with the car and I was sold a defected car and I requested a swap to another equal car because it's not fair to me especially that I put down more than half the price of the car! They told me that I would loose half of my down payment and not only that but also I'm loosing money on my car about 5000 from te price of the car! Horrible horrible service and so unfair! I asked for the history of the car it turned out they worked in the bumpers and windows before which they told me that never happened when I bought the car! THEY LIED TO ME AND DECEIVED ME! I went online to check the inventory I found that the price that they said my car is worth now is equal to a 2010 car that has 34,000 miles on it! Mine is 2012 with only 17,000 miles on it! THEY TOLD ME I HAD TO TAKE IT UP WITH BENZ THEMSELVES!i don't know what to do but I really need someone to help me get what I want and my money worth! It's only fair... But PRESTIGE BENZ ARE LIARS LIARS LIARS! DON'T EER BUY FROM THEM! they ARE CONS! Worst experience ever! So PLEASE HELP KE RESOLVE MY ISSUE WITH THIS DEFECTIVE CAR THAT I WAS SOLD UNDER FALSE MISLEADING INFORMATION! Thank you Sarah 

poor service

I have a slk230 which is a great little car recently I started having problems with the brake light and ESP/abs light. I took it to Mercedes dealer here in Myrtle beach on 2-20, 3-4, 3-14, 3-19 each time they wanted more money for more parts. Almost 1,000 dollars and the issue has not been resolved and I am out of money. Very disappointed in beach automotive.

i pickd up my new gl550 23013 from ray catina in edison nj on march 7/2013 i paid top dollar for the car no discount whatso ever cause they say there is none to get and now after 6 days of me leasing the car ,im already having problems with the car and there service stinks ,all im getting from the salesman that sold me the car is a whole bunch of excuses

customer service

I had a accident in my ML 350 w4 and the part was not in stock and MB can not tell me when it will be in stock . I have spent the last 30 days trying to get a answer from a company that promotes CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. What a lie. I have been a MB owner for over 20 years 12 cars in the family and this might be the end. BMW here I come. Even the dealer where I have leased my cars has stuck his head in the sand. they just try and wear you out. MB should be BM Bull---t Mania

I purchased a 1998c230 Mercedes my car only have 157,000miles very upset because the headliner needs replacing.I hope no one else have had this problem.


I previously commented on my experience at Prestige. Since then they have resolved all issues satisfactorily. I am withdrawing my complaints.


Hi We lease two Mercedes Benz ML 350 and the C 300 And we are lucky to have meet Paul Karkenny @ Freehold dealer. He has helped up in service and guide us with our service program As was un a ware that certain things were need to better the life of our auto. We both make it a point to go to Paul. He is very helpful and adds a little reason to go for service. We have never had a problem and our auto is always there as he promised it thanks you CI Serenita he is a friend and cares about you


the worst dealer in Orlando ,FL is Mercedes Benz . Mercedes-Benzes of south Orlando 4301 millennia Blvd. Orlando, FL 32839. I took my car 4 months. Ago I was charge $ 1500 . and I was told they couldn't fix the car??!! my car still in the dealer . to get up date about the car I have to call 3-4 times a day. pleas don't take your car to that dealer!!!!

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