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I absolutely love the airport road jackson store until i was approached by a disgruntled employee who had spewed vulgar profanity to me, i gave my complaint to manager imediately, the the store director, it was on video and i had a witness, somehow, the footage cant be found, and was told to get a personal protection order against this man since i explained how fearful i am, by the director, but this would keep me out of the store, so they would rather keep disgruntled employee than me a paying customer...shouldnt this person be terminated ? Instead ive been terminated for shopping, minding my own business.

Michigan City, In 46360

Visited the store today asked Meijer employee who was stocking the Coke products if the Coke was on sale. He didn't have a clue. He stated things change so fast he can't keep up. Went to next aisle there on the floor sitting cross-legged was a Meijer employee ( blue shirt and name tag) she had boxes all around her and was sitting there texting, yes texting, on her cell phone. Maybe Meijers has openings for "secret shoppers?" I


I now work for Meijer, yet shopped them for 20 years, hang in there boy's isten to your family...team doesn't work...UNIT...or family does, keep up the good work.

Wash and wax car wash

I used your brand wash and wax car wash in the gallon plastic bottle. The soap is blue in color. I washed my new 2013 Ford F150 and the black plastic covers on the side step bars melted into a black goo. The brush filled with gooy plastic as it became soft. Nothing on the bottle advises not to use on plastic. Will Meijer Corp pay for my damaged truck?

Store Location

I don't know if I have the right sight for this to go to the right personal or not, but I hope so. We have a Walmart in this area ,but I think there is a open opportunity for your store. There is 4 towns within 5 miles of each other. There is a large oil and gas development in all three counties. We have chemical plants, a new gas fracking plant to come on line In January.. We need something other then Walmart ,there is a lot of dissatisfaction with every on I talk to with this store, but its the only game in town. Thank you Hope you will take a look at our area. Greg

protection plan not worth it

I purchased a necklace with a value of $150. It was on sale and I used Santa bucks also. I also purchased the protection plan. The chain broke, so I filed a claim through the protection plan. I sent the necklace in. They are not replacing the necklace nor giving me a refund that will allow me to purchase a new necklace. I am only getting $19.00 back to "replace" a $150 necklace. This protection plan is a scam. I will never buy jewelry at Meijer's again!

I went to Meijer's gas station this morning to fill up. Upon inserting my credit card the screen popped up to enter my zip code. I had seen a TV program recently that this is a scam that merchants are doing so they can data mine your name and zip code to get your address to solicit more business and is also being used by identity thieves to gain your information. I went inside and talked to the store manager and she told me it was to prevent identity theft. I told her about the program I had seen on TV and she said it was a corporate decision. I then called Bank of America, my credit card company, asked them if it was required for their use and he said, no, they did not need to zip code and did not use the zip code. In fact, that info was not provided to them. I went to Shell to fill up and will go back to using Shell. Their pumps didn't ask for a zip code when I used my credit card.

loss prevention

Meijers falsely accused me of theft due to item not scanning in your Meijers McHenry store. The loss prevention lady, Laura, we so rude after I was stopped on my way out the door. She called police in after a box of donuts was not properly scanned. I was falsely accused and even the police officers were shocked at her behavior. This woman is the worst employee I have ever encountered. I am taking up a law suit for false accusations regardless of cost to me. She screamed at me, went thru my pockets and called me a shop lifter! WHAT? I will not be treated like this by anyone. Warning: Do not shop at Meijers! The store is usually dirty, bad customer service, old meat and produce and now falsely accused? I will certainly be speaking to Corp about this incident then filing a law suit regarding my good name

Not the Meijer we used to shop at and it will never be again. All about money and customers are trash that is the new Meijer Corp. view from the top looking down at all of us customers. SAD and you can not change it.

platinum card

The new change in the way the rewards are done are not beneficial to the customer and that is what is implied by the info sent out by GE Capital Retail Bank. Respectfully , Clare Jewell

Customer Service Reps

I notified customer service of my husband's death and was berated for not notifying them immediately. My card was cancelled, which held almost 1,300 points, I was told they could not be transferred to a new card after I applied for one. I cannot get it touch with a live, speaking person to explain my concerns. I tried to find out what the balance on the account is so I could pay it off, and couldn't even do that.

Excellent Store

I am amazed at the negative comments I have read. My experience with our local Meijer (in Newark, Oh) has been nothing but good. I do all my grocery shopping there and most of my other shopping as well. And I get my gas at their station. The produce is excellent, the meat great as is everything else including their own brand. The staff is always friendly and helpful, and on the rare occasions when I have had to return something, there has never been a problem.


After a computer hack at our local grocery store, one of several Arizona stores, many of the debit/credit purchases were made at your stores. These were all fraudulent purchases made with stolen debit/credit cards. Obviously there is nothing being done at the registers to check identification of card users. It would be a great help if some kind of security measures were used to prevent such fraud.

treat members like shit

the leaders treat us members like we are dogs and do not care about how we feel or nothing. our life does not matter to them..

Plainfield,In new store

The location of the new store to be is too busy of a area, should look at west side of Plainfield, In where most of the new houses are being built. Walmart is on the east side, people that are going to Walmart would be going from the west side to the east side. I know that Meijers has real estate already but work out a trade for the west side

I recently had 7 in store interviews for a total of 4 possible positions and didn't get any of the jobs. I'm disgusted. You wasted my time and my gas to drive to the store. I've shopped at this meijer (fairfield oh) for about 6 years and know it like the back of my hand I will NEVER shop at meijer again. You wasted my time and now you've lost a customer for life. Congratulations! I hope you're happy.

Paying your produce vendor

At the 2nd Street Market in Dayton Ohio I chatted with a vendor from whom I regularly purchase fresh produce all year long. I also buy his cakes and cookies baked by daughters. We laugh and share great bits of small talk about Walmart He quite selling to Walmart years ago and the reasons were largely lengthy disagreements on payments of invoices. I countered the flow of conversation by mentioning how good his experience had been with the Meiler distribution center in Columbus. He responded quickly that he nolonger did business with Meijer. I was stunned. After negotiation of five months and hand off ultimately to a vice-president a portion of the invoice was paid to him--- less $80.00. I hope this wasn't a University of Michigan graduate from Ann Arbor? Go Blue doesn't need to do business like Walmart. P.S. My produce is fresh.


Many of your customers would appreciate a baby registry tool for your store in Marion, IN. We would love to buy your products but have NO way to let our guest know what we want. Please help. I would hate to only go to Walmart because they have one and Meijer doesn't.

Much needed store

I have been to the Meijer store in Bay City, Michigan several times, when visiting my brother and sister-in-law, and always find something to buy there. I am very impressed with the store and would love one of your stores here in upper New York State. Personally, I am tired of Wal-mart and not very happy with it. I live in Amsterdam, NY. Would you consider building a store near here? I know a lot of people here would surely buy from your store. Thank you!!

check out is crazy

Why, why, why, cant you open up more check out lanes. Meijers is the closest grocery store to me, but the one I use least. Why? Mainly because check out sooooo slow. Krogers, Bushes, Country Market all at least try to get personnel on the lines when there are more than 2 customers in line. But at Meijers-they dont even try. I have complained to the store employees to no avail. That is why I usually drive farther and get done quicker for the same or better price. Plus Krogers gas deals or awesome.

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