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employee shortage

We shopped at the Howell Meijer this evening at about 9pm and had to wait for fifteen minutes to check out as you only had three registers manned. I know your answer, use the automated ones, no thanks, they suck!

Need stores in Orlando !

Meijers needs to expand to Florida.

horrible employees

I have been shopping at meijer in Adrian mi. And now I am constantly being harassed and they always have rude remarks and they talk about me.

No Corporate Answering Machines??

I love shopping at Meijer and usually your products are great. However, I purchased a value pack of your macaroni & Cheese and 2 boxes so far have had bugs in them. I tried to contact Quality Assurance several times and was told that department didn't have a valid voice mail after nobody answered EVERY single time. Disappointed...

Black Friday

Why do you have to open your store on Thursday it's called Black Friday leave it at that, I live shopping at your store but give your employees a break, let them spend the holiday with family. And yes I am going to say this to all stores not just meijer. Just remember it's Black Friday not Black Thursday, Friday, Saturday.


I was in the Charlotte Meijers store last week, Halloween week and overheard one of your managers yelling very loudly at her team members. I don't think that was very appropriate or customer friendly. I do not want my children watching and listening to anyone talking down to their employees in that manner. I love that store, everyone there is very friendly, but I just wanted to comment on that.

Grilled Steak and Onion Potato Chips

Say it ain't so!.......these should NOT be seasonal! This is the best thing Meijer EVER put out, so why oh why make your customers SO unhappy??!! Bring them back....NOW!!! (Please?)

I have shopped at Meijers of West Saginaw in Lansing, Mi for years. Now on Saturday in produce they have one kid working on nothing out on shelves, no bananas, salads, or much else. One kid can not do the entire produce depart by themselves. Ended up buying very little, and will being shopping at Krogers or Walmarts from here on. This is an ongoing serious problem. Obviously Meijer no longer cares.

Disappointment gtrowing

We have been loyal Meijer customers for at least the 3 years. During that time it was always a pleasant shopping experience. Lately we have noticed that our Meijer is rapidly going downhill. Packaged lunch meat and dairy products are on the shelf even though they are a few days out of date. The store is not as clean as it was. Sale items are not always available. Lastly, their competitive prices are become much higher that Jewel and Walmart. Time to change stores

Clerk's error/omission

Shopped Greenville store, clerk didn't ask "Coupons, bottle slips, MPerks??" Used credit card, could have gotten discount but when I realized I'd forgotten, she said, "Too late." Great, so much for customer service! The discount was the only reason I used the card, could have paid in cash. :(

Meijers Chips

We bought some Meijer brand grilled steak and onion potato chips ... they was so awesome,bought 8 bags..... went back to get more and guess what it was a seasonal item. That is bad I mean really, why would you put items out as a tease then not make them anymore? why? They was very good... would love to see them back on the shelves like now along a whole bunch of other folks.When will they be back at the store?

Flip tops

I love Meijers and you brand name. I am getting older and have arthritis which makes using a can opened very hard. Would you please consider more products surgery a flip top. Thank you

As a Meijer employee I'm very sad to say that some of these reviews are true with my own store. I'm not allowed to slander Meijer in any way, however the truth is the truth. I won't share what's happened specifically, but someone really needs to wake up. Meijer stores are going downhill.


I have bought the Cesaer salad that was made by a private company & they have changed the way they are packaged.I will no longer by them again.They had the croutons & cheese in separate packages.

problem with director at meijer

My daughter had a interview with the director of one of your stores and the director of store was real mean to her he was yelling at her cause she applied to another meijer store also. She came home crying she was real upset! Uncalled for!!

Nothing but praise!

Wow...I am shocked by reading all the negative reviews about Meijer experiences. I shop at the Gratiot Rd store in Saginaw Michigan and have mostly had excellent shopping experiences. I'm in the store at least twice a week. The employees are friendly and cheerful and normally bend over backwards to help you. Sorry to hear other stores are not up to snuff but, the store I shop at keeps me very happy the majority of the time.

we are woman

I live in Adrian mi and shop at meijers. there is a lady, cashier that has a handicap per say she can't stand-up straight, something wrong with spine I think. she is kind, considerate and thoughtful. she could be home sucking up disability but noway she is always at work, and I shop there every week if not more. I give her a high five and you should give her a pat on the back and then some. what a woman !!!!!!

Meijers going downhill

The Canal Winchester Meijer's store is becoming a joke. I shop there every week and it keeps getting worse every week. Many shelves are bare sale tags on the floor and when you ask a Meijer associate about a missing product they all say "We don't have any control over that, everything is ordered by computer" Well someone from corporate should take a ride to that store and see what a mess it is. I visit other Meijer stores in the area and they are totally different. They look and feel like a real grocery and merchandise store. Sorry Canal Winchester store management you really lack management skills.

shame on meijer

Meijer fired me and my brother because 2 team leaders couldnt get along . And train us , we did nothing wrong. One team member cussed my brother out and didnt like him because she couldnt trsin him before he worked. She also faulsified points on his points system just to try to get him fired. She eventually got him fired as well as me. Because she was supposely sleeping with the man that hired us on and who fired us. We did nothing wrong. The easr washington location in IN, Indianapolis is crazy


employee fired today for helping a customer. SHAME ON YOU. this is not a good for Meijer! you will lose customers to other supermarket's like krogers and walmarts!!! Better start using some wisdom! remember you NEED customers to keep your business going! :(

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