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24 hour drive up ....NOT

at 4;30 am I went to your drive up @9000 85 th ave / 85th & county Rd 109. Drove up sat , honked my horn numerous times, NO RESPOND , drove around again to the drive up HORKED MY HORN AGAIn sat for 3 plus mins, drove up to window because I was not getting a respond from you 24 HOUR DRIVE thru employees, and a women with dark hair puleed up on her head waves me off....Another locaton with poor service and incompedent employees....1 star rating is giving them to much credit

One screwed up parking space

The McDonalds on Union street in Schenectady NY has a terrible set up for the drive-thru. You get to the window to get your items, and they tell you to go wait in a parking space for your items if it takes more than a minute to get it to you. Then you sit in the parking space, while all the other traffic behind you gets their items, and when you get yours, if there is still a car at the drive thru window, you have to wait for them to go, because it is too challenging and not enough room to back your car up and leave. It is one of the most stupidest set ups for a drive thru that I've come across. At least have the customer wait in a parking space that they can effectively leave...rather than having to waste more of their time, waiting for cars to get out of the way...who actually, in reality, were behind you. What the heck ever happened to this big old, 'first come, first serve' basis in placing orders...and why should I as a customer be expected to pull out of line to wait on my order...because some worker / process is completely ineffective. If you can't process it effectively through the drive thru service, then don't offer the product as an option there. Same, how banks, 'organize' their drive thrus...they don't take too many transactions or ones that 'hold up the line' on a regular basis. It seems almost every time I have attempted to use this Mcdonalds drive thru, the same thing occurs...pull out of line and wait for order to get done...and then wait some more, to be able to get out of the parking space, without backing into someone's car who is at the drive thru window. It surely doesn't make the Managment there appear to swift. Isn't it part of their job to ensure the restaurant functions effectively...inside and out. Duh. It truly is pretty pathetic when a customer has to bring up the obvious...I mean, really, I'm not getting paid to be an analyst and parking space specialist for Mcdonalds.

Bad service

Hello,  i just want to share about my disappointment with McDonalds service in BRUNEI. Today, 15th november 2012, I make a call at 2:56 to make a delivery order and my order came at 6:40. The woman on the phone did tell that the will have to send the food late because of the rain and i was fine with it,  but i wasnt expecting this late. I waited 3 and a half hours for the food. I did call at 4 to double check just incase they forgot or whatever. And when i call the woman on the phone was being rude and didn't even apologize to me. I was patient enough to wait 3 and half hours, by the time my food arrived i was really disappointed with how soggy was the fries and my drink was already warm, and there were no straw and spoon for my porridge, it is obvious and such a shame that my food was left for 3 hours until some one delivers it. It is really disappointing, that i really lost my appetite to have wait for my "express" delivery food! Last year, when i place an order even though it was during heavy rain it came exactly 1 hours. Thank you and hope mcdonalds can improve their service.  Sincerly, a very DISAPPOINTED customer,

Took a Monopoly game piece to a McDonalds in Troy MI on Livernois Rd. The game piece was for a free breakfast sandwich excluding a mcmuffin. When i asked for my free sandwich to be a steak egg and cheese sandwich i was told no. That sandwich was not included. Even though the only sandwich on the game piece that was excluded was a mcmuffin. False advertising. I will never patronize that Mcdonalds again.

I went to mc donalnds in butler missiour order some food one item was a mc double hmmmm the best thing u have there well so i thought i pulled away took two bites of my burger that had been sitting there for hrs apperntly it was hard took it back and was told the burger was half eaten so i couldnt get it replaced are you kidding me 2 bites is all i took was giving them the benfit of the doubt when i took the first bite and bit into it and it was hard and the bun was hard as a rock so took another one just to make sure it wasnt just one spot but no i will never eat at your location again because its a company policy bull its a company policy not to server food that you yourself wouldnt eat but guess what you did

unprofessiona!!!!l. forrestcity mcdonalds

Super informative wrtinig; keep it up.

I was very disterbed yesterday morning when me and my employee fornd a roach in our bag!! Ms. Bree saw it after she took a bite off her sauseage mcmuffin! I ran to the restroom and started to vomit! Im still disterbed by that today ! I have never experanced anything like it!!

I believe that McDonald's should have a artists month. what is shows young artist work on the Fries container and burgers container and bags also cups.like im a young artist I wolud lov

I pulled up to the intercom nearest to their building and two vehicle that went to the second intercom receive the service first. The other driver behind me waiting for a service thought it may be broken. As soon as it was reported that the intercom maybe broken, a vehicle pulled up, not knowing the issue, received help. I had transfer to the "working" intercom and waiting AGAIN to get a service. Finally, I did. The worst part was the employee who was handing out our food wasn't talking at all. I believe a customer service should initiate a friendly "hello" or "hi" or something. In addition, we didn't get a "thank you" comment. Here's my thought process, this is the store managers market and not employees market. McDonald is a customer oriented business. Business like this only survive because of its customers. I will have a zero tolerance to those employees who doesn't comply with customer service policy if I am a manager in this franchise. It's not a complicated task to hand the customer's order nor train a new employee to tend the cash register while taking an order. Most of the employees of this franchise only have short goal in mind. Get a job here and have an experience and look for a "better" job. I am not telling the store manager what to do but give her something to think about. It's up to her to decide. I hope she choose wisely particularly if keeping that employee who started it all is a wise decision.

customer service and quality of product went down that the customer is doing them a favor in ordering there food and manger hangs up on you instead of fixing the problem !!!!!!

Dear sirs, I'm contacting you after sending an e-mail to your head office in Brazil as you can see below. In view words I was complaining about the price increase of nearly 25% the last 3/4 months and about the food manipulation. Nobody uses gloves and the same person who is taken the money is after 10 minutes manipulating the food without any protection. I received a quick standard e-mail as you can see below as answer. Meanwhile the only thing that changed was the price. Now not nearly 25% anymore but more then 25% since I'm counting. I would like to take the opportunity to tell you something for my understanding meaningless: this week you have the Mc Happy Day. Everything very pretty but most families herein Foz do Iguaçu are very simple. If they have 2,3 childrens they can't pay to take all of them to Mac Donalds. I understand then that the "charity" has his limits and if the simple childrens in Foz do Iguaçu can't go even if sometimes to the expensive Mac Donaldas is their problem. I remember 20 years ago when I lived in Rio de Janeiro and took my daughter every weekend to Mac Donald's after a movie. Today I wouldn't do it. I would rather save some Mac Donald's time/hamburgers and go to a really restaurant. The price would be fairer. Mac Donald's is not for everybody any more. Mac Donald's grows in price and reduce in hygiene. Is a pity. Kind regards, Gabriela Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2012 13:10:52 -0300 From: sac@sacmcdonalds.com.br Subject: McDonald's tem uma mensagem para você To: gvw@hotmail.es Muito obrigado por entrar em contato conosco. Toda oportunidade para estreitar laços com seus clientes é para o McDonald’s uma experiência sempre muito valorizada. Informamos que sua mensagem já foi encaminhada aos departamentos competentes dentro da empresa para que o assunto seja devidamente apurado. Esteja certa de que em qualquer situação a empresa sempre atuará com a responsabilidade de jamais abrir mão do padrão de qualidade que a caracteriza mundialmente. Departamento de Relacionamento com o Cliente McDonald's Brasil Há 33 anos fazendo parte da vida dos brasileiros.

i went to the one in fontana by summit andd the 210 those idiots forgot my fries on both combos iwaited about 20 minutes in line when igot home iwas so mad idint want to eat anymore idiots man

I work at a McDonalds in Natchitoches Louisiana and I am FED UP with management and coworkers. Our shift manager has so much of an attitude, several customers have told me they are never coming back to our McDonalds unless we get some new management. I'm not a quitter but I'm about to quit my job because I hate it there so much.

today i went into mcdonalds located in coconut grove miami florida on 32nd avenue exaughtsted and asked for a cup of water the man said i had to buy something i simply asked why? and he said he was the ''manager'' and it wasnt neccesary to do so. after that he asked if i had a problem with it. i said no. and walked away. the ''manager'' pursued me with the thaught that i said something ''slick'' (disrespectful) got in my face and began to say insulting things to me. the worst part of it all is i am a 13 year old boy who had no intension of disrespecting anyone in anyway. my parents are going to investigate more into it and get the mans name. hopefully he is punished for his actions..

April 4, 12 7.01 pm I ordered 2 dbl ham. Fries. Soda. Cookies. Got it went home. There was 2 dbl chz. Called and talked to Mgr Kim. Came back. Was rude when asked to correct order and give me change, even when I thanked her, I was snubbed. She never said nothing to me. Picked up new order of 2 dbl Ham. Again, 2 dbl chz in hamburger wrappers. Tried calling multiple times with no answer. Its 8pm. I Have no dbl Ham, and store 6264 will not answer. What do I have to do to get a correct order?? Do I have to waste the time and gas for the second time to get correct food?? Teri 573.356.2772

My family recently went to your store here in Holly Springs. The order was for 2 Big Mcs, 1 10 piece nuggets, 2 medium fries and 2 quarter pounders with dehydrated onions. Much to my chagrin, we opened the bags at home to find purple, NOT dehydrated, onions on both cheeseburgers and NO MEAT on one of the big mc sandwiches!! I was astonished not only to receive cheeseburgers that were not properly prepared, but to leave off a meat patty? Really? Suppose we had been travelers and just making a pit stop? As a customer, I should never have to check the bags for accuracy. The employees should have the order correct before packing the bags to pass through the window. Maybe instead of spending thousands remodeling the store, make the employees at the outdated one better? We're in a tiny town and really don't have a lot of fast food options and rarely do we patron them. However when we do, we expect our orders to be correct. Unacceptable!

We went to McDonald in kennett, mo and waited in the drive thru for 20 minutes before going in and then the order was wrong. I will never go back there!

The worst experience ever....i went to two different mcdonalds both screwed up my order. the first time they forgot my med fries that i paid for and the second one was more extreme. the 24hr mcdonalds on union street in schdy ny 12308...horrible service. they cleared my order before they made it and forgot about my order. there was at least 10 after me that recieved thier food before i did. i was there waiting for 45 mins waiting for my food. then when i got my food it was cold and didnt have the extra bacon i paid for. i work in fast food so i kno how it is....this service was the absolute worst ive ever seen.

I had THE WORSE experience today at the McDonald's located at Carr 116 int PR 332 Guánica PR 00653. They explained they couldn't sell us any items from the value menu without us purchasing a full meal from the regular menu. When we bought the full happy meal they served a very tiny fries container for the regular combo. I would feel happy to know someone in the McDonalds company calls them and tells server Catherine and her 6 o clock manager how it works and the horrible impression they leave of the service and good deals provided by the chain restaurant.

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