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I have been checking for three months now for bootcut jeans, I don't want the slim ones, just a pair of bootcut any kind. I need 7/8 x-short...can't buy them in the store, can't buy them online....so very frustrating.

store cust serv

I live in Clinton Iowa and the staff is very friendly to the thin and cute but the heavy and normal tend to get ignored and treated like they would rather have you sho at Cato next door. Too bad the plus clothes are way cute

paying more for larger size

I was a first time buyer and bought a top at one of your stores...went on line to look at your other things and realized I was charged 5 $ more than your skinny shoppers....that is discrimination people!!!!you are discriminating against larger size women. First and last time I will shop in your store or online.

I have applied for employment with Maurice's 2 times in the past year. I always see a posting for open positions, I have the experience and never even receive a call

Former employer

I went to work on Wednesday morning at store 0736 in Evanston, wy where the new store manger need to talk me. She didn't even thought it was ok to talk to me where all the customers could hear. Then I was given the corse to quit or just let here call me a lire. Will I no longer work for your company any more.

Credit Card

I like shopping at Maurices. However, I get tired of the high pressure they put on you to open a line of credit. Not everyone in America goes into credit card debt over clothing. Some of us still pay cash. Even after I say no thanks, they go on to off a measly 10 % discount if you open one. Who cares about a couple bucks, no thanks. I told one gal that I had to discuss it with my husband first, and she said he didn't even have to know! I was so ticked off that I did not go back for 2 years. No joke. Now, I prefer to go to a different location.

Maurice's in Hanford are horrible to their employers !

I went into a store in Hanford Ca and a really sweet girl put me in a fitting room after helping me find one I need. As I was trying to try clothes on I overheard a manager yelling and cussing at her in front a store full of people! After the incident input my clothes back on and left the store without buying anything I was so humiliated for the sales associate Angela who had to be treated this way I will not be back into the store anytime soon!

I have never shopped from your store before. I was told that Mnaurices had a variety of nice skirts. Because I do not have a local store in my area I placed an online order. IT HAS BEEN THE BIGGEST NIGHTMARE I HAVE EVER HAD!!!. I place the order on a Saturday and tried to call customer service and edit the order and was told to call back on the nest business day which was Monday. So I did. I was told the order could not be edited and that I could purchase another skirt in the correct size and when i get the other skirt I could return it. Which was a bit frustrating because I now had to pay for 2 skirts that were quite exspensive. I also order another item and when I placed the order the website showed it was in stock. When I received my confirmation email one of my items were not on there showing it was being shipped. When I called customer servive after 3 times I was told it did not ship because the item was OUT OF STOCK and that they were sorry and that all they could tell me is that their webite had not updated (mind you...this was 2 days later!! I then looked on the website again and it still showed the item was in stock!! They are not honest and make up excuses to justify their lies. My credit card has been charged for 3 items. One I will not get because it was "out of stock" and the second one is the wrong size and they "could not edit the order to give me a new size" and the 3rd item I will hopefully get in the correct size. I have spent over $150.00 for one item that may work for me and was told I would receive a refund for the item I will not be receiving and on the other item they could not edit I will have to return for a refund and either send it in (do i want to go through another nightmare??)or drive to another city who has a store and return it. DO NOT TRUST MAURICES WEBSITE AS ITS NOT ACCURATE!!. It will show they have an item in stock and they truly dont!! You will spend your money then have to go through a nightmare of a refund. Also they do not send you an email stating the item is out of stock so you will have no idea. You will get a "CONFIRMATION" EMAIL stating it was shipped unless you asl otherwise.

This Message is in regards to the Altus, OK store # 0758. This Store Has Been restaffed again and ounce again even with a new District Manager it has been staffed with the wrong employees. The Store Manager is completely RUDE and TRASHY.I was extremely offended by the way she was dressed, as far as i know your to dress fashionably not TRASHY!!!!. Maurices is one of the few places to shop and get good quality clothing around here, so its very sad that you don"t put a better effort in to finding better Store Managers.

Little Falls, MN Maurices - Are you aware that the manager of the Little Falls, MN store advertises and has a "Maurcices Manager" garage sale at her home every year? She sells your clothes with the tags still on them. How is this possible? She places a sign on top of her vehicle advertising your company? Did you approve these signs and this sale? Are there not liability issues? Thought you should know. Thank you.

I have shopped at Maurices since the store opened at Westchester Commons a few years ago and came in today to purchase a gift for my sister in law. But after today, I will no longer shop here. I dont remember the womens name who greeted me when I came in, it started with a D.... Doreen, or something similar to that, she was wearing a hat....when I told her I didn't need anything she went on to the next customer offering up her help. I was busy looking at clothes and just browsing around when she approached me again. This time she says "our exteneded sizes 14-24 are located in the back of the store." I was actually quiet upset about this. What sort of thing is that to say to a customer. Clearly I know I shop in the "extened size" section and if i had any trouble locating it I would have asked. Have some common sense, but perhaps that was marred by the hat you were wearing that was about 5 generations to young for you. Thank you for employing such wonderful people.

I just recently started shopping at Maurices and it is now my favorite place to shop. The clothes are exactly what I am looking for but the service is what draws me back Time after time. I shop at the Fayetteville West Virginia store. There is an employee by the name of Paula there. She is amazing!!! She by far is the most helpful Sales associate I have ever encountered. She helps you with what every you need. If you can't find a size she will call another store, if you have an event coming up she gives you ideas on what to wear. She makes that store! I could easily go to Kohls but her friendly service draws me back. I have talked to several friends who also agree

Maurices, Harker Height, Texas (re: Tonya Harris) I wanted to settle something with your Regional Loss Prevention man up front. A lot of people still use CASH to make purchases and not all of them give every tom,dick and harry behind a register their personal information. Your security system is not perfect and not everyone is a criminal. I give my wife 300 cash money a payday to do what she pleases with. She spends alot of money on clothes. Spending that much money you also return alot as well. Your company is accusing my wife of theft. She had returns on her credit card. Did she originally purchase the items, yes she did. Is that theft? No In that particular store UPPER management was not available to emplployees when needed. My wife doesnt think like a criminal therefore she thought nothing of doing her own returns or sales, ringing out employeess and or family. My family is going through a major health crisis at this time and this has caused undue stress, pain and suffering upon myself and my wife. Personaly my first thoughts were to just sue you. My wife had always had nothing but good things to say about Maurices. I know for a fact that the customers and employees love her. If potential is recognized and developed it will grow. George Goldfarb lost a good employee with a lot of potential.

I am writing to inform you that I am no longer a devoted customer of Maurices. I went to use my Maurices credit card to make a purchase from the Hickory, NC store and the sales associate informed me my card was declined. I paid with a different source of payment because the credit customer service person the associate spoke with said I would have to call to find out what the issue was with my card. Upon leaving the store I call and found out that there was an unpaid balance and that it had been 2 months of late charges added. I do not carry balances on any my credit cards because I hate to pay finance charges. I told customer service I did not receive any statements to know I had a balance. Granted that I should have remembered that there was a balance, but I am a working mother and I depend on statements or email notifications to make sure I don’t miss payments. Once I said I had not received statements I was told electronic notification was sent, but would have remembered that, but I never received anything. I decided to pay the balance while I was on the phone with customer service in order to clear up the balance with my debit card. I did not dispute the late charges but never once was I told there was a $15.00 charge for a phone payment. I was trying to do the right thing to pay the balance but felt like I got penalized for it. I told customer service person to cancel my card. The very next day I received a statement showing the balance I had just paid by phone with a $15.00 fee. I called customer service again and the person was not very knowledgeable and put me on hold several times so I hung up and call back hoping to get a person that could give better assistance. The second person said they would put in a dispute for the $15.00. It has been two weeks and I have heard nothing. If I mean so little to Maurices as a customer then I will be glad to spread the word. Facebook is very effect these days.

I am a college student at tiffin university in tiffin Ohio. I visited the store in tiffin Ohio last weekend and much to my surprise found a lot of really cute items. I was greeted as soon as I entered the store and a salesperson was very helpful. it was a great experience and I got alot of great items best customer service I have had in a long time. I don't remember her name but the number on my receipt is 151 and I think it was Shelly? Thanks so much!!!

I am writing to inform you of a grave disservice to your Corporation. Rutland, Vermont is a small community that has struggled with the economy and its retail needs. It has been brought to my attention that one of your stores, located in the Diamond Run Mall has had some issues with the Regional Manager. The Store Manager has worked for many years within this store and worked her way up from part time associate, associate, interim manager twice and finally store manager. I feel she has brought Maurice’s to the forefront in Rutland in retail sales, community involvement and all your charitable causes. This has not been an easy task in the climate we have here. Many stores have been closed corporately, moved on to a better location or just closed their doors completely. This is a letter to support Cortney Over-Allard with her struggle to deal with a Regional manager that has not been receptive to the needs of a manager and her associates, the communication needed to run a retail store, the interest and professionalism needed to run a retail store, and has used Cortney to promote her own agenda. Maurice’s promotes teamwork and this has not been happening. Cortney’s work ethic is superior to most, and she has proved this over the years with the time she has put in to the store. It is sad to think that a corporation, which Cortney has supported vigorously for many years, would let her down like this. She has promoted your store personally, ethically and professionally. Cortney comes from a well-connected family that has been established in the Rutland area for 5 generations. The threat of losing customers is very strong. I feel that connecting with Cortney and giving her a chance to explain what has been happening would be very informative to you. My concern for her is genuine and from a professional place.

This is regarding the horrible customer service I recieved at the Whitewater, Wis store. There was only 1 sales clerk and if she had not been bussy talkin with her friend she could have given me better service.My son drpped a top and when i was picking it up she started fixng it very figgidy infront of me.Then her friend and the employee started insulting me and told me to leave. There was no need for their ignorance I would understand if he was dropping everything and i left it on the floor but dont expect thing to not be on the floor in a narrow walk space.I felt very intimadated and harrassed olso fear for my three year olds safety.

walked into the westmoreland mall Maurices in Greensburg, PA. picked out a bunch of stuff for my four teenaged daughters....at checkout was told they had a no check policy but would take cash and credit cards.....left $400.00 of merchandise at the counter...walked out....will never return. went to another similar store, bought $400.00 of similar merchandise. that $400.00 would have done a lot to make your daily sales. from reading the above posts, looks like you have one hell of a company...and seriously, you should fire your webmaster, because the bad posts should be removed as soon as posted....

I shopped at the Merle Hay Store in Des Moines Iowa and I had a horrible experience. The girls that worked there were extremely snobby and rude. The manager was standing behind the counter the whole time and didn't approach me at all. I was shopping for xmas presents but instead of buying from this store, I walked down to Kohls and Yonkers and was astonished that I received more help at these larger stores than I did at Maurices. I will not return to this Maurices.

I spend so much money at your store...online....all because I love your "Silver" brand jeans and the Maurice brand is my second favorite Jean. About 6 months ago I told a girl in your porterville, CA. Store that my silver ( suki ) jeans actually came apart. The fabric in the Jean actually deteriorated after about 9 washes! They replaced them for me! I was very impressed. Then I was buying every style of the Jean you carried. Well....now two pair of the jeans did the same thing! The Tuesday Jean and the aiko. I tried everything to fix them but the fabric is junky. The jeans come apart. Now because I tried to keep from troubling the store with giving up more jeans I don't get replacements! It is so obvious where the defects are on the jeans and my attorney is preparing the necessary paperwork.

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