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Bad Business

I'm telling you that all of the reviews you see about the membership are true. I am experiencing the same issue. They will tell you that if you don;t bring your membership current, they will continue to charge you. What a scam...too bad because the masseuses are really good..


I cancelled my membership a year ago and they are still hitting my account. They say I don't have proof of cancellation. I am going to have to file fraud on them. Never again.


I missed an appointment without ever being informed they stole $80.00 out of my checking acct, I received no warning or signed no documents saying that massage envy had free reign of my accounts, people please find another place to go for massages, massage envy run there businesses through extortion.


I enjoyed my massages at Massage Envy. But then I joined. What a mistake! Difficult to schedule, they don't know what their message is, they are complicated, and they renew your membership without asking. They tell you you can gift your massages but read between the lines because you can't. That only happens once every 6 months! Forget it. Forget Massage Envy. Only envy those who didn't get a massage there!

Hour Massage?

Went there for a hour massage...not only was it not an hour.. Appx 40 minutes to be exact...There was NO massage and they charged me extra for the Bio freeze without disclosing the cost first...total rip off, don't waste your time!


Clearly Corporate does not read these comments. If they did maybe their 'employees,' 'owners' would correct their horrible practices. When my Mom passed away and I phoned to cancel that appt. for the day (I arranged it at 8:45 p.m. the previous night) because we were called at 4:16 a.m. to tell us she died in her sleep.....they said they would put in a warning because I did not give them a 3 hour notice. Seriously. Did not even say 'sorry for your lose'. Horrible people. After 2 years of weekly visits Massage Envy in Lafayette, LA made the final straw. You loose the monthly fee plus the 3 other weekly. Guess you do not want or need the money.


I got angry when told I would have to pay for another month to quit. I told them it was illegal and if they charged my card I would challenge w/ credit card company. I had remaining massages they told me I had to pay non-member price for sessions I already paid for. Crooked business practices!!!! Waldorf, MD


I signed up for a 1 yr. membership, at the end of my 1 yr. term I still had 4 massages left on my membership (already paid for) I did not renew my membership once the yr. was up. I call today to sch. a massage since I knew I still had 4 left and they tell me that since I did not renew, I lose the rest of my massages. This seems very illegal and I plan on reporting this to the BBB. I have already posted on every site I can think of Warning consumers about your company. VERY BAD BUSINESS your company should be sued or maybe a class action suit for all the people that got tricked into this.

No motivation for new customers

Very disappointed with the way they prohibit you from sharing your massages with new coming members which would try out the spa and end up liking it or signing up!! Too many hidden clauses which are not disclosed when they want you to join!? Going to a real spa!!!

Terrible costumer service. I asked to speak with the manager, she said she was. She refused to cancel my membership. I asked for corporate's number and she said she did not know it and couldn't give it out. All I want to do is cancel and get out of this place. I'm tired of the poor front desk service. I'm moving and I will live to close to massage envy for my membership to be canceled. I just want out! I do not and will not ever return to massage envy.

Worth more

Currently I work for a Massage Envy in San Diego. We are told in the San Diego region we are not allowed to make more than 17.00 per hour by the clinics and Regional person. What incentive does that give anyone with experience want to stay and work there? I have had the opportunity to meet other Massage Envy Therapist from around the country to make a lot more money than that and there is no cap. San Diego is one of the most expensive cities to live and $17.00 per hour massage is degrading, unethical and greedy. Massage Envy Corporate, you clam to care about the customers health and well being but what about your Therapist who provide excellent body work and who are loyal to Massage Envy? Do you think $17.00 per hour in San Diego is caring? Please help change this policy and show that you appreciate your Therapist!

Front desk staff RUDE

My wife purchased a Gift Certificate for a massage for my birthday. Tried to schedule the massage and they wanted my credit card #. Won't give I to them so when I went for the massage at the scheduled time, I wasn't on the book. The staff was rude, unfriendly and definitely NOT Helpful. Will not be returning, and hopefully my wife can get her money back.


I just had the worst massage I have EVER had at one of your locations. I'm waiting to be contacted by the District Manager today and, in the meantime, attempted to contact your headquarters by phone but the number is "no longer in service". I'd like to speak to someone live and am hoping this will initiate a live conversation!


they do not do what they said and are very rude1


I had an absolute terrible massage 4 days ago and my left are is numb. I have called several times and have gone no where... Horrible

sacramento spa not good

Iam a 90 year old women I have gone three times and want to cancel my member ship. They are telling I can not without a letter from my doctor.

save your time and money

The massages are mediocre, the turnover of masseuses is so rapid, you have no idea whether or not the last person you saw will be there. I have now tried to quit this service. First, the store told me I had to fill out a form. Now the store tells me the form was unsigned. So they need another credit card (for monthly draws) on file. Can anybody say Target? These people will waste your time!

Breach of Contract

Company claims to offer prenatal massages but then refuses to give them and won't let me out of my contract. Will be reporting to BBB along with seeking legal remedy.

Don't go

I received a promotional certificate for a gift. I have tried for three weeks to make an appointment - apparently, they over sold the certificates and I cannot get an appointment until after the expiration date. The customer service is very poor, full of excuses, and they do not try to help you. I work for a large school district and a county government center, I will make sure that I let everyone know to avoid this company. Too bad the company is not interested in providing good customer service.


The massage therapist were awesome. But the receiptionist staff was totally unprofessional, harassing and lack customer service, the manager was the worst of all (Pam) when we tried to complain to the manager she didn't care was the worst of all. I recommended all my friends & family to never go there. Oxnard,Ca the collection location

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