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You have a multi million dollar business and we are all watching it go down the tubes. I am sure both your parents and grand parents would marvel over your stupidity


What happened to my review? Because I mentioned we as customers should boycott the company until Arthur T. Is reinstated , you won't post it?

I stand with the employees.

brockton location

Brockton store has the rudest clientele and some of your workers are not far behind,your cashiers carry on a conversation among themselves and not paying attention to there job, and your grocery associates ignore you when you ask for help don't they speak English? will never shop again at this store, low prices is not worth the aggravation of dealing with rude, uneducated, ignorant people..


I worked for market basket for 2 years. I think its wrong in the way they are treating the employees. I was fired for eat one piece of bacon. The problem that I have is that. Is it right for the manager to eat samples that is for the customers? Also I worked in the bakery. When I make cookies the head bakery manager eat cookies and cakes that comes off the truck as well the employee in the work area. When I ate one bacon I got fired. I think the manager show be address the same I was. I just want to know if am right or wrong?

cuetomer service

I wanted to mention how much I appreciate how sensitive your employees are to people with disabilities. I shop at 3 of your stores, Leominster, MA- Ringe, NH- and Swanzey, NH and I have seen employees at each of these stores help a person in a motorized cart who needed help reaching something out of their arm's length. I tell everyone how helpful your employees are.


For someone who works for market basket with a disability. they should not feel that a department is holding their disability against them. I came to work for mb because a friend told me they are a good company to work for. this is not good for any manager in any dept to make an employee feel this way.

Best market so far

To whom it may concern; Last summer while vacationing at Cape Cod, my wife and I stopped at the new Market Basket in Sandwich. We were totally amazed at the selection, quality and pricing of all that was available. While at a conference in Lowell, Massachusetts we visited Market Basket and a return visit to the Cape recently was equally pleasurable. Your personnel have always been most helpful and courteous. Sadly, all we have in our area (Westerly,RI) is a Shaws (soon to close) and a Stop and Shop. Both tend to gouge the locals and tourists alike with far less quality and selection than Market Basket offers! How about sending a store down toward southern RI?

Customer Service

The managers and associates at the Market Basket in Swanzey, N.H. are very helpful and friendly. Very clean and well organized. Would enjoy working with a company that cares about the employees as well as the customer.

Best of all stores

Just love all the market basket stores that I have gone to, especially in salem, N.H. There is one in Ashland, Mass. but find it overcrowded. The space does not accomadate the amt. of people who shop there. So wish there was one in Framingham, ma. we have enough of the over priced Stop and Shops....

Stolen Pocketbook

I recently was at the store in Plaistow NH and in the parking lot my pocketbook was stolen due to my stupidity. When I approached the management inside they were so great they were wonderful they went above and beyond to try to help me . They were so comforting and a couple days later I went back to see if someone turned it in still the same way. Way to go .

poor basic customer service

Went into the local Super Market in Portsmouth last night and bought just a couple of things: Girl at check-out, no smile no hello a big open mouthed yawn (no excuse me) and then she took my money with no recognition. I finally had had enough and said "it would be really nice to hear a thank you" Her response: "For what ?????? I would like to point out that in that past I have spoken to the management of the same store because the checkers are having constant conversations between themselves and ignoring the paying customer. All I’m asking for is a hello and good-bye (if I got a thank you that would be a plus) How many of you think I’m being unreasonable? I think from now on I’ll go a store up the street and pay a bit more for the same groceries, but the checkers are better trained..

The store smells like sewage

I was just in the market basket in Ashland and the bread isle and cookie isle smells like sewage and is the smell is going into the fruits and veggies isles. It's disgusting and I could not finish shopping in there. Someone check out that smell!

closing to early

My husband & I went in the bstore at 5:45 on Sat 2/10-2013 there was no sign o the door just said enter, when we got half way through the store & a women anonced that all everyone is to come to the front register now the store is closing now at six o'clock. to me there should of been a sign on the door saying of closing early & I could not understand why the storm was over as od noon time that day.I though this was done rudely seeing the storm was over & other business was open, which we ended up going to Walmart. Thsi happened in Epping N.H.

When "Thick Bacon" is anything but

As Market Basket won't reveal their site I am writing this review for all to know not to be deceived. I purchased Market Basket's "Thick Sliced" microwave bacon for the thickness rather than the Hormel brand we normally buy. The supposed "Thick" bacon was about 1/32" or about half as thick as the Hormel. The strips were so thin that they broke as you picked them up. Don't be duped, don't buy Market Basket brand microwave bacon.


Just got back from Tilton Nh Market Basket. We drive 35 miles to this store as the prices are so good. better than anything around, Hanniford, Walmart, Shaws, price chopper. To our surprise the prices have gone up about 40%. I know people who drive 65 miles to get there. I could not figure out why, for the first time ever, the store was empty of shoppers. now i know why. this will be our last stop there, You have lost $1000 of our money every month. as i'm sure, as the employees have told me, you have already lost 50% of your shoppers. Wrong area to demographically to raise prices. You'll be closing that store soon.

Woodcrest Elementary School Principal

Woodcrest Elementary School wants to thank Market Basket for participating in KBMT's Channel 12NewsNow.com's Star Student program. We want to acknowledge Market Basket's generosity in rewarding these special students with $10 gift certificates. We appreciate corporate sponsors such as Market Basket that help us encourage academic excellence and PNG Pride standards in our students! Market Basket continuously commits to community projects that enrich the lives of our students, parents, and teachers. Thank you, Market Basket!

I am very dissappointed in the new Market Basket on Elm St. in Manchester. I was always told that the employees are polite and bend over backwards to help you because they like own the store. (share holders) I have encountered the rudest uncaring people of any store I have ever been in. Even the managers are space shots. They fail to carry popular items and they tell me because noone buys it. I said I do. No Hood milk today when I went. No Betty Crocker Chocolate Chip cookies with walnuts. It goes on and on. I will go back to the Hooksett Market Basket where they are very nice or maybe Stop & Shop where they always have the items I am looking for. I hear Market Basket is opening another store. Watch out for the "Greed" factor and your very bad employees. You might just find yourself filing bankruptcy!!!

I just finished doing my grocery shopping for my kids and I. I bought market basket hamburger patties that are packaged at the stores meat department, I discovered a hair inside the package. I checked the other meat package and also found another hair. I am so disgusted. I just hope they better start improving how they handle their meats. I will never buy those or any market basket meat that has been packaged from the store.

Bought chicken cutlets and cooking them tonight the last one was bad. you touched it and it fell apart like shedded stuff the rest was better but i can tell it was not good becasue after i cook it and cut it it shredded as well that is why people buyy there meat at hannaford sorry i didnt can you stop this? people have little money and when they buy something they expecet to be good get you moneys worth i have no idea how your management is but they are not doing the job for the consume but the job for the numbers tell me this is not so

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