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garner store

i was in your garner store there was a lady with a small child and it was crying and one of the employee came up to her and asked could she hurry up and get her shopping done i was outraged at this ! i will not go back to the store if they are going to be this rude to the shoppers i will be going some where else to do my shopping


I am not happy with the new managment at the store in ashe county. The new manager has no idea what he is doing. I am on a fixed income and use ebt. Well the idiot manager and the cashier niether one knew what thwy were doing I told them that there was $16 on tjw card well u can only try it 3 times then it wont work. Thanks to the idiots who didnt know what they were doing i had to use money that was needed for medical bills. You would think a manager would know how to do his job

I have worked for Lowe's Food in Kernersville Nc for 5 months now, I enjoy my job and I love working for this company. But however some of the employees in the department are not doing their job right. And the department manager and assistant dept manager are not doing their job right. I haven't been fully trained, they expect me to figure things out on my own. There is so much drama in this department, from managers talking trash bout their fellow workers to employees talking trash about each other. I go to work to work as a team not to work against each other. The other day I was at work and the assistant dept manager looked at me in a hateful way and told me that I was "special" today. When I work my 8 hours i never get my 2 15 min breaks. I was hired in as part time, this is understandable, but they recently hired a new girl, 2 weeks ago i go to dept manager and ask her is she could work me 3 eight hour days, she refused instead she decided to work the new girl the 3 hour days, how is this fair? Also i always makes sure i finish a duty and clean before i take my break or breaks or lunch and i also ask the dept manager or the assistant what time they will be taking theirs so i can work around it. The dept manager doesn't have a problem with that but the assistant does, i ask one day and shes like i will take my lunch when i feel and if u mess with me u wont get yours til late in the day.. there is sooo much more i could say about this department but it would take me a week or more to discuss it.. This department needs help it needs proff managers with manners and respect. As i have failed to mention that one of the employees jumped me in the dept..

It iis a good two people job but one can do it with comomn tools. When setting the bottom section you will need a level and a scribing compass. Set the section in place with the level on the top edge, level the door and run the scribe against the floor and the pencil end against the door. This line will guide you in trimming the bottom so it fits snug against the floor even before you nail the rubber on to it. the rest is nuts and bolts. Set your rollers into the track and mount before affixing the mount to the door.

The store on College Rd #215 has a rude and hostile office manager named "Lenore".

I started working for Lowe's foods in June of this year. I did the orientation and all tests. I had an unexpected medical issue that came up and had the paperwork to show the managers to prove it. I had just started the new job when the issue came up, so it was not good timing but something I couldn't help. I was out of work for 6 days and was told by managers not to worry about it and just get better. Well, I went back to work after that, but then had a trip to Nevada to see my son whom I hadn't seen in three years. This was a pre-paid trip that I booked and paid for before I had gotten the job or knew I was going to be hired. I came back and worked the first week alot of hours. They over-hired for the new store they just opened, and although it was a brand new job at a new store, they were already cutting everyone's hours. I ended up working only a couple days a week, then it whittled down to only one day a week on the schedule. I talked with the store manager asking for more hours. Well, the following 2 weeks, I'd called on a timely basis to find out the new weeks schedule, when it had been 2 weeks since I'd worked, with them saying they had no hours for me those weeks. I called back for the 3rd weeks schedule and was told OVER The PHONE by the store manager that he was letting me go and I was terminated. I asked him to please tell me why and he hesistated and said"You are not the right fit for the company, without explaining further. In the few times I'd worked there I had always reported to work, never late and never called out.Oh, I'm in my early 50's and everyone from the other managers to the other cashiers I worked with, no one was over 35. I feel like the manager could have at least called me in to fire me for no reason than to do it over the phone. They are an un-fair company and the worst I've ever worked for. I will never work for them again. The manager at store 252,John, on Hendersonville rd. in Asheville, needs to go back to management school to learn how to treat people.

I am a Customer Service Leader at Lowes Foods. Our company is such a wonderful company to work for and to shop at. However, after the recent manager changes our store has personally gone downhill. Our new manager seems to want all new things and our little store is not able to keep up with her "rich taste". Some of our used-to-be regulars are not coming anymore do to this new switch. I wish we could go back to normal managers.

Going to visit the Lowe's food in Asheboro, and also the Just saved store. I enjoy shopping at Lowe's food. I hope to go by the deli: I heard about a fish fry Friday might just try me a plate. um sound good to me.

This weekend I am going to the beach hope there is a Lowes's food there. If there is I am going to check it out.

I stop by Lowe's food in Asheboro today, and went by the deli,and a nice lady ask me if I wanted to try some turkey. I tried it, and bought a pound It was boar's head oven gold she also told me if I ever bought anything, and was not please. She told me to keep my receipt, and bring it back because Lowe's don't want to lose no customer's her name tag said Vicky. I think that is the first a worker that has been so caring about the customer's and told me to come back and to have a bless day. I have read the comments, on the website, and if this is the same lady I would say she care's and I was very impressed, and I will take her advice, and when I am in Asheboro again I will make sure I come by. On my way back to Winston Salem. Thank's for great service I really enjoy shopping at Lowe's have a good week.

Hi, my managers have said they would fire me, if these comments did not get taken off, so could you please take Vicky Keene which of course is me, and my comments off please. and I will just make phone calls instead Thanks. I care about the customer's not just to get them to buy but to keep them coming back.

Today I found my self in Greensboro, did a little shopping, and enjoyed. The cashier was very nice and ask if I found everything I was looking for, even said have a nice day. that is a thumbs up. In a few more days I will visit the Asheboro store. Have a nice day.

I have said nothing against Lowe's food because I like working at Lowe's food.

I do not know Diane Garrison. But Thanks I love you anyway.

Well my favorite Lowe's food is in Winston Salem, I love shopping there it was great. Just wanted to let you know. Do not know yet where my next stop is or in what city.

Just want to let you know some of the workers are a little upset with me but their is at least one that understands, she ask me if when I was upset about things did this make me feel better to write to you all about things when I am upset, and of course I said yes. Anyway I have told manager's the things that bother me and they said they would take care of things. I hope so and I am going to try my best not to let things not get to me. I do care about people and I like being honest. The other stuff you all received in my emails is all true. I hope you all understand I care and Thank-you for your website.

Vicky Keene is misinformed and misdirected she does a poor job, if i go to shop there and shes working i choose not to get anythig. Ive talked to other customers that feel the same way she is costing lowes foods sales. She is loud makes me uncomfortable because when i go there she is always eating food which i know is against the health code. Also she is always trying to get me to ask strangers out on a date then rambles and talks to herself. I wish she was reprimanded for the very poor service she gives. I strongly believe she is a hinderance to the company.

I would like to know, when people apply for simple jobs at your food stores, you never even get a return phone call. but what astonishes me the most, I constantly see 15-20 year olds working continually, and I witness old and new faces all the time I shop at your stores. what is the mechanism you use to get called for a job, I cant believe a 15 yeard old with no experience what so ever as opposed to someone as myself who has retail experience cannot even get a return phone call or a job interview. I believe there is much nepotism taking place in your hiring practices at each of your stores. I will be speaking with the EEO over your questionable hiring practices very shortly, it is obvious blatant, and your hiring is very discriminatory towards a ceratin race of people, its disgusting to say the least..

Lowe's Food East Dixie Dr. Asheboro N.C. 27203. Even though I get upset. I am not a lier or a deceiver. I have a conscience. And I would like to say you do have some worker's who are clean who when they make a mess they clean up after their self's and others. They go beyond to help and do as we have been taught. That is the way it should be. even for though's who make a mess should take a minute to clean it up. put it up and not put it on other's. I would like to Thank Julie, Sherry, Maria, for under standing and do as they do. I still love working at Lowe's Food and all it's Kayos. Things is not the worker's fault. It is the manager.

I work in the Deli/Bakery and I am very disapointed in my manager.

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