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Lincoln Tech Institute is a very professional college with antique teaching tools. They promise you the world when you arrive...then...once in the program of study you find that the trucks are all old engines that are no longer worked on and the text books are based off of old trucks. I am thankful that I have years of knowledge and certifications in gas engines so when I went to this joke of a school for diesel...it was easy for me to pick up. For those that are fresh out of High School or your backyard mechanic, this school will be very difficult to learn from. Plus, all they care about is MONEY!!!!! They will pull you out of learning time to try to get paid for the month ahead. I personally would NEVER RECOMMEND ANYONE TO GO TO LINCOLN TECH INSTITUTE!!!

The same thing happened to me. My HUSBAND and another co-worker had an affair.She gave my a HUSBAND a cell phone off her personal plan and she was using her Linclon Tech cell phone to contact him so I would not find out. When I did find out he attack me and the police were involved. My husband moved out and the next day went to the Linclon Tech Christmas party with that woman. A week later they both told everyone at Linclon Tech that their are seeing one other! They are both MARRIED! So, you mean to tell me Linclon Tech supports affairs and adultery!!! My family has been ruined also!!! I am digusted that Linclon Tech would support such a thing! Their reputation is supposed to be an upright,honorable company! Then why have NO rules or regulations on co-workers dating? Especially MARRIED ones!! They may support a lot but, they DO NOT support families and marriages with in there company!!

I too have been promised many things as well, and it too was NOT delivered. In the begining the school called me every day, until the papers were signed. The assistant lead aministrator requested I take a tour to see if, "I", was right for their school, it should be if the school was right for me. During the tour Me and my fiance were told that part of tuition included all of these tools and a "snap-on" tool cart, there was a lie, and the tools are garbage, some were broken when I recieved them. We were also told I would be attending a "hybrid" class because of where the automotive industry is heading, there was another lie, they don't have any such course. Tuition did NOT include everything I needed to start school, such as boots and we aren't allowed to attend class with out boots. Now I have attended another college where I recieved a refund check, because I recieve financial aid, and the purpose of the refund check is to purchase the additional educational supplies needed the tuition may not provide. The other college cost more than Lincoln for the same amount of time, however Lincoln stated that there were no additional funds for such things from my financial aid, mind you I was not housed on campus either, there are no dorms in Columbia, Md. When researching this myself Lincoln refused and stated they could not provide me with a detailed statement or reciept showing where the money was used and what for. I recently became sick with the flu and after 5 days the school droped me from class, even though i had attempted to call the only person availible to contact about my illness, I was seeing a dotor and had the needed documentation about me being sick, the only individual availible to contact also failed to return my two messages, instead I was droped. I have discussed with the school about re-entry and I was told I may have to pay for the whole 20 day course I attended for 14 days, although financial aid has already covered that course and future courses. Being attendance is important, I have a 4.0 and recieve A's and B's on all my assignments, why should I have to pay additionaly for the course I became ill during when the instructor still got paid for my absence, and if thats the case why didn't I recieve a refund for the days which the instructor was abscent. There is much more, hopefully someone at corporate will help me in resolving some of these issues. After all the school group was supposedly investigated by congress for the lies and issues which myself and others have stated in this web site alone. We may be students but we still have rights, and further more I'm paying or school so there is NO excuse why a detailed statment can not be provided and other issues come about.

Lincoln Tech allows their employees to have physical and sexaul relationships. Because of this they have ruined my family. By allowing my boyfriend and another coworker to have this type of relationship in a work enviroment. Its not right that they allow this to go on this is what sexual harrassment laws were for because of this type of stuff happening at a work place. But it is ok for them to allow their employees to have this type of thing going on. thanks for ruining my family lincoln...

They talk the talk but do not deliver, try getting in touch after they have your money....no luck.. Do not waste your time or money!

Career services is a joke....They just take your money and run with it, no help afterwards. I am reporting them to the BBB and NJ Unemployment from whom they receive lots of students and money. They should go out of business.

I just need to speak with someone personally...

The Lincoln group of schools, in my opinion, is a joke. I was scheduled to be a student there, and went as far as attending for almost a month. Everything that I was promised was a lie. I needed medical care while attending school and I was assured that there was a nurse or doctor that visited the dorm rooms at least once a week. When I arrived no one had even heard of that. Before signing I was called by the school at least twice a day, and after the papers were signed and I had concerns I couldn't even get someone to return my phone calls. There is so much more that they screwed me and other people over on, but I am too upset to list it all. I would advise everyone who is considering attending to reconsider other schools or to get everything in writing. I hope no one else has to get screwed over because of this school.

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