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I sent my son to Lincoln Tech in Union,NJ even though I felt that the environment was very unprofessional. You know your first impression is everything and I was immediately turned off. But as a mother you want to be supportive of your son decisions so I went along with him to register. I made sure I keep all of my reciepts but they waiting until he was a month ago from finishing to start with he owed money. I sent them the reciepts and the last calculations that they had sent to us. I believed everything was settled than a collections division has been writing us saying he owes money. I overpaid them by a couple cents now I want my money back. I haven't even talked about the fact that they had him come to a open house and no one was there for his field (EST). Plus they haven't found him a job as of yet. WHAT A RIP OFF SAVE YOUR MONEY THIS SCHOOL IS A HOT MESSSSSSS!

I am a LTI nursing student and recently was told that I failed maternity with 1.5 points. This is puzzling to me. Not because I failed but its strange that a teacher can award points if a majority of her student is failing and she does want a bad evaluation. However an individual like me that's trying but having serious medical issues cant get a point. That's ridiculous.

recently i had to drop out of school due to a infestation at my house .i was suppose to recieve a sitspend check from lincoln but they told me they could not release my money to me .i only had 6 weeks to go before i was done .i attended the vine st campus in cincinnati ohio .i just needed that money so i could prevent any problems at school. i want to finish my schooling but i need the money to buy new bookbags and for transportation .i wish someone in corporate office could and would help me . kathy fancher

Lincoln Tech Queens NY student. Very bad learning environment . The N work flies throughout the building 10x more than hello. The students are allowed to disrespect the upscale neighborhood that we are located in. If lived there I would call the cops and elected officials daily. 30k paid, I should have to deal with this of environment. Think I'm going to file a lawsuit to make them do better. Also for 30k most of the equipment that they brag about should work. Unfortunately the school is ghetto. Too bad I have to give 1 star to submit a commit .

You get out of the program what you put into it.

I have to start off that I was very hopeful, excited, and completely dedicated to going to Lincoln Tech. From the instant that I met with the staff I assumed that the experience would be positive. All went well until I started classes, paid my tuition, and finally asked some follow up questions regarding the tools/resources that were beed used. I have never been so disrespected by anyone like I was by Julianne. I was treated as if I should not ask the questions that I was, and please keep in mind that I had asked my questions in a respectful, adult, professional manor. The raising of her voice and the negative comments that she spewed at me is unforgiveable. She said that if I didnt like it that I could go to her boss, yet when I was leaving I heard her pick up the phone and brief him on what to say to me - at that point, why bother. People should be treated with respect and care at a school like Lincoln Tech, unfortunately my experience in Mahwah has been less than par. I have another 7 months and I pray that I do not have to consultant with her again.

I taught at Lincoln for several years and although I loved the students, the administration are thugs. They just want students to enroll, take and keep the money whether the students are able to handle the work or not. They stress the teachers by submitting them to awful scheduling, teach classes in subjects without any time to prepare, swap books last minute, short change students the clinical experiences they deserve and the clinical support they need. They take away vacation time, benefits and make policy changes at their every whim, and their is no support!!! Students can cheat on the internet, stand up and curse in class, be disruptive, uncooperative and rude, wear earings, nose rings and appear like hoodlums at hospital sites and there is no recourse!!! Many students would be better served taking extended lunch periods where they could file their nails and read magazines, if they could read!! Its horriblr for the student who really wants an education and is honestly trying. The whole institution is a bad joke. Save your money!!

i would give it zero starts if that was possible. when i wanted to sign up i had a representative ask me to give an interview to see if i was good enough for their school and then a second interview. i was like whatever just do it. so my first class was ok and after that it just kept getting worse. they give you your school shirts but take months before they get around to getting you your pants. same with your tools. they take their sweet time. the tools are very basic and most everyone already had better and nicer tools than what they give you. the tools are all from napa auto parts but to me they are poorly made. i have had issues with teachers sitting in class and making you read the book and telling you that they wont give you homework but end up doing it anyways. i took night classes cause i have a life and dont have time for homework. it wasnt as hands on as i had hoped. and when it is hands on there are 30 people all gathered around one car and the instructor is just telling you how to do it and then puts you in groups of 5 to 10 people and alot of the time you dont get as much hands on. im also a girl and i had issues with guys advancing on me inappropriately and one guy grabbed me in an aggressive angry way in the shop. and all they did was make him apologize like he was a kid and didnt know better. i felt he should of got more of a punishment. there is also death by power point and half the class falls asleep and dont care. so i dont like the school and i wouldnt recommend it at all. i would steer clear of lincoln.

This school is definitely a joke. They hold refund checks and then say things like "corporate has not sent them yet." Please know that if you are attending this school you have a right to get your refund as soon as there is a credit on your account. Don't be tricked into thinking they have to wait for some special date to get your money to you. They are a bunch of liars and thieves. They talk real smooth to get you in the door while making all these promises but they never deliver. Once you are enrolled you are considered a money maker and that is all they care about. After you are enrolled there is a slim chance you will be able to reach someone about questions and concerns you might have. This school is accredited but not throught the north central association of colleges and schools which is the best accredidation there is. Lincoln is accredited through ACICS which is a joke. The credits received through Lincoln will not transfer so dont let them lie to you and tell you they will. If you ask about accredidation they will say something like "it depends on the school." That is a bunch of b.s. They are not good with helping people find jobs so by the time you complete the program you are stuck with thousands of dollars in student loans that you will never be able to pay back. If you want to attend college please choose one accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. If you see a Lincoln College of Technology please run not walk in the other direction.

I started strong with a good teacher and then all hell broke loose. Administrative employees where quiting. Students monies were all mess up. I personally have a very bad repore with my teacher for Pharmacology and Elelctronic Health Records. He has to teach 26 chapters in 6 weeks. We waste so much time and we are basically teaching ourselves. I could have stayed home taught myself and not have a teacher who is a miserable bully. Whats worse, he is best friends with my next teacher. I'm hating my decision about Lincoln Technical. Someone needs to tell these teachers to break up their little gang, and get to work. They work for me. I expect an education.

I am wondering were all of these bad inputs are coming from... I attended Lincoln tech in Denver Colorado. The site was a bit worn down but has actually moved to a new building with very good equipment. I received what I consider to be a valuable education from this school and am very glad that EVERY instructor and front office person was nothing but nice and willing to teach me what they know. After reading the hand book and seeing things happen in person they do not tolerate sexual harassment of any kind! The only thing I see posted in here is people who are upset because they did not finish the program, were never even in the program(family members), and people who were unable to follow a simple set of instructions to complete their education. Grow up people and stop blaming others for you failures!

The LPN program at Lincoln Tech in Moorestown is a very disorganized program. The teachers are supposed to help you learn, on the other hand the ones with the experience to teach can be counted with one hand and included in these are 2 who are not around to teach anymore who are amazing educators. The frustration that is felt when one needs to be teaching itself to be able to pass a class and is one that should not be felt. We are even tested on material that is either not tought to us (they say everything that is on the books is fair game for the exams even when they are not on the power points or have not been discussed in class) or on material that we don't really need for the NCLEX or HESSI. If I would have known this I would have gone to a different school all of this money 29,000 to teach myself I could have done this online. We don't have nothing but 1-2 days in b/t semesters vs. The lincoln at East winson which has a week in b/t and graduates at around the same time. I thought these school were all standards and supposed to follow the same curriculum and protocol, I guess I was wrong about this. This school needs a lot of help to be able to succeed and prepare their LPN student to be the best nurses they can ever be. Coorporate needs to be a little more involved and take matte into their hands to help this institution and their students succeed. The teachers need a lot more training in ethics and teaching skills.

I saw they have a place in Florence,KY. Since I was just layed off I was thinking of taking some classes there. The 5 stars are for the people here who saved me from making the call to Lincoln Technical Institute Inc in the first place. Best Regards,

I am trying now, to get someone to answer the phone. I was a student a long time ago, and it worked out well for me. I was working full time, and went to school at night. I applied myself, and learned a lot. It opened the door for my future. I had great teachers. I just wish someone would answer the phone, now.

I can barely state how I feel, the way I have been treated, the lack of cooperation and the total lack of professionalism by Lincoln Techs Mahwah's campus. The rumors about higher ups bedding one another, and instructors sleeping with students. The instructors are mostly helpful and guided me the best they could, but the director of education is an argumentative, defensive, unprofessional woman to say the very least. The rest of the directors are just as arrogant. I, like many others have been forced to drop out wasting my money in this tough economic time. This school has repeatedly lied to me, promising me things and in the end all they did was take me for money. Lincoln Tech should be investigated, shut down or re-opened with new staff that actually cares about the best interests of its students. How many people have to call headquarters? How many people have to leave negative comments? Call your recent drop-outs and find out what happened. Do something already Lincoln Tech, before your school's reputation suffers due to a few staff members "innapropriate" behavior.

I would not give the school a half of a star. They are such liars and they are so full of shit, once they get your money they don't care about you. I would recommend this program to anyone. When u hear or see advertisement for Lincoln technical institute cover you ears and your eyes it's all crap.

They sometimes try to do better, but there is friction between management and staff and instructors. This school is OK for those who are already techies so they can get some certification attached to their name , Class A , B or whatever. These techies told me that they would rather appear only for a day and get their certificate. And this school is good for hardcore criminals who can't do anything else in their miserable life and on govt dole out can get grants to go to lin tech. In other words if you are at the bottom of the society you get a ladder to come up a bit. For the rest I strongly recommend to stay away. Lincoln tech takes the art of bullshit to a new level. All their top mgt drive around in fancy cars and even get their cars fixed free of charge in the school's shop. If students decide to bring their own car for diagnoses they are yelled at. Please stay away. I would give this school negative 1000,000 rating.

The worse of the worse. Instructors are thoroughly incompetent and make excuses for any constructive teaching demanded by students. The drop out rate is close to 50% in the first few months. I would be better off sitting at home and reading the text book which too is badly written. The Staff are a bunch of idiots who talk faster than they think. They just want your money. A classic take your money and run. Please do not go there. You will ruin every thing you already have, including your sanity. Students cheat on every exam and those even with a 30% collective grade are passed and allowed to go to the next class. Truly pathetic.

They don't even deserve that one star. you can never get a hold of corporate just rings and rings ---- check out address to see if they even exist. I would NEVER RECOMMEND this school so anyone.

We are writing this letter on behalf of the many graduates, families, and friends who were present at graduation night, Friday January 28, 2011, whose hearts were broken and humiliated due to the lack of organization and the carelessness within your administrative department, to express the grief you caused, and to bring it to your attention. Our family, along with many other parents approached the stage after Director Of Education, Julianne Nolan, wrapped up the night and congratulated all of the graduates, to bring it to her attention that there were quite a few graduates whose names were not mentioned and were not called to the stage, to receive their diplomas. Instead of correcting the issue at hand, Julianne Nolan and the rest of the directors on stage chose to ignore our plea for help and took on a defensive attitude with the families, saying that those were all the diplomas that they had received and the students who were not called did not hand them in as they were supposed to. When the right thing to do was simply call for those graduates who were left out to come forward and be recognized. Would we have gone up if there were no such grads? Would there have been all those upset parents if no one had been left out? Julianne Nolan and the director’s on stage reaction were defensive instead of helpful. Their response to their own mistake was poorly and disrespectfully handled. This is a poor representation of your school. The ceremony was unorganized and unprofessionally managed. It was obvious that someone, somewhere in your staff dropped the ball, either they don’t enjoy working for Lincoln Tech., or it was an act of malice. Even when the one graduate got up and went on stage to demand his recognition on his own, without family or friends speaking up for him, they did not even try! Even then, an attempt to call on the many others whom you had left out in shame, in front of the administrative staff, faculty, family, and friends (after they had waited months and months for those couple of seconds of earned honor), was not made. You took the dignity of all these graduates, who worked so hard to complete their education at Lincoln Tech., who got ready that night with enthusiasm. There were some who scheduled their vacations around this date in order to be there for their child’s graduation, those who travelled far and took a flight to be at this important event in the life of a loved one, the ones who rearranged their day to be there, those who took their small children out in the bitter January cold in order to be there to see their loved ones be honored, and to all of us who drove out in that snow, you ruined our night. All the missed graduates, who spent months and months waiting with great anticipation, to receive, with pride, their well-deserved diploma on stage in front of their families and friends, you robbed them of their dignity. You robbed them of that small joy of being on stage for that moment in their lives, which no matter what, at this point, can never get it back. It would have taken one person to make a better choice, to recognize the forgotten graduates and the night would have ended better and your mistake could have been recovered. How could you walk away that night and not have a conscience, knowing that you left a whole lot of people humiliated for no good reason? We strongly believe you owe it to these unrecognized graduates, whom due to your lack of organization ended up scarred with shame and humiliation. You humiliated them in front of their peers, their professors, their friends, and their families. You owe them at the very least, an apology! They entered your school with great pride, hoping they were joining a great school, a great program, and they would be equipped with skills to do a trade that would help them make something good with their lives. In some cases transferred from another school to your school, they were certain your school was worth it. Perhaps they made a mistake in choosing to go to Lincoln Technical Institute. If they had known that they would be disrespected at graduation and you were not going to acknowledge their efforts. Did they not go to class every day / night? Did they not overcome challenges on a daily basis like the rest of the graduates? Did they not sacrifice leaving their families to go each day / night to class? Are they and their parents not also charged and responsible for their tuition loans? Are they not paying their fees also? Perhaps you want to be known as a school that does not care about their scholars? Were these missed graduates’ efforts any less than the rest of the graduates? This is a shame! A shame on Lincoln tech., and anyone affiliated with Lincoln tech. There were so many people that were frustrated and shamed, trying and hoping to get their loved ones honored. In most cases, young adults, basically still children in many ways. What kind of example was yours to these missed graduates? What was the message you were sending to those who counted on you that night, after achieving a small but very important step in their adult life? What were you saying with your actions, your choice not to acknowledge them, after having spoken on doing the right thing, after giving a speech on “HELP” , help in this confusing world we live in, help to do a little something every day to make one person’s life a little better? Well, on January 28, 2011 you helped to keep the humiliation going and it’s still going, for those who you missed that night. We were really moved by that speech on “Help” that executive director, Jason Honecker, gave. We believed in all Jason Honecker Said in that speech, it was very moving. Were they just words to fill the commencement ceremony? Were they empty words? Will we hear from anyone from Lincoln Technical Institute, or will this letter of expressing our grief, fall on deaf ears? Will our letter get lost in a pile, be filed in a circular file cabinet, or will it too, be ignored as our graduates were that night? Or will Mr. Honecker perhaps do the right thing, of which he spoke of that night in his speech? Will Lincoln Technical Institute in some small way exemplify the call for help that was spoken of for the sake of leadership to this generation in much need of guidance? We speak on behalf of the many missed graduates, families, and friends who may be too ashamed to complain or write you. Those missed graduates worked hard to earn their diplomas. They deserved to be on that stage and be recognized. You robbed them of that irreplaceable honor. We sincerely hope that after our lengthy letter describing to you the disaster at Lincoln Technical Institute, graduation night, January 28, 2011, we cannot expect much. However, at the very least, we respectfully request that you acknowledge your error and apologize to all of the graduates so that they will see a better example of taking responsibility for your mistake and exemplifying the act of “Help” that Jason Honecker spoke of in his speech. This Will Be The Last Person We Ever Refer To Lincoln Technical Institute!!!!!!!

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