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New member

My husband and I are loving our new LTF gym in Lakeville. We have lived in many places throughout the US and this is the best gym ever. Can't get over the positive view taken by employees plus all of the opportunities to try new things. Just a positive fun place for people of all ages.


Beware Lifetime of Apex NC will charge you once your membership has been canceled. When I called to inquire on this I got the runaround for three days. The Managers that I spoke to could not help and where very rude.


I am very disappointed in LTF! For a club that promotes family activities I cannot believe they cancelled infant care from 12-4pm due to lack of participants. How about the members that have infants and also use the tennis club facility???

Lousy Service

After asking 5 people for help and then going to the manager of the club in Arlington Texas I still got the run around. The trainers are rude and the manager gave the usual statement. " I have only been here a week". I tried to get help and still nothing. How hard is it to say you do not know about something, let me see who can help us. I may be a Senior Citizen, but I know a lot of Seniors who go to this facility and maybe we should talk about this location and maybe make a better choice. Seniors have more control over there money because they have to, so spending it is important for the bang we receive.

Sunday NFL Football

I am in absolute shock that the employees at the Lifetime Fitness at the Shelby Township, MI location were completely incapable of changing the television channels on Sunday to NFL Football. We were told that the Corporate Office controls all television activity and that they have no control of what is on tv. So, in the US, we were left with Canadian football and women's college basketball, oh, and a ping pong tourney. How is it that a manager is incapable of satisfying a customer request as simple as changing a television channel to a Football game...very disappointed and also embarrassed for the management that they are not entrusted to even decide on what channel can be on the tv's. LIFETIME....GET NFL ON TV ON SUNDAYS!!!!!! GET WITH THE PROGRAM. For as much money as we pay in membership...can not ONE of the TV's have football playing????

this is the worst Gym , the worst staff , managers everything , save your money it is sick, I had ..a bad experience worst ever in the pool area , they took forever to handle it and never got back to me , had to call corporate and still nothing happened , it is run by a bunch of uneducated people who know nothing of running a corporation , if they do not have a manual they do not know how to handle it . this Gym is the worst by far ever .

Chronic Lies

Managment continues to tell lies and lies and lies...insulting and ridiculous explanations before you are shunned out the door.


Why is it that LT Maple Grove or Plymouth is cheaper? I heard ther was a $25/monthy membership!!? Is this true?

Corp # needs updating

The correct # for this co. is now 952-380-0303. If you call the old number shown above (as of 4/23/14), 952-947-0000, you'll get a "number not in service" recording.

Poor Excuses

By far the worst company to work for. Unless you are in upper management they will treat you like dirt. I would not reccomend anyone to work for them. They will use you as much as they can with no raises and empty promises. I have been there on and off for 6 years and not sure why i kept going back. This time that i left i will NOT return.

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This is an excellent place to bring your family. The Fitness center offers everything from an holistic perceptive while attending my physical needs. The only problem is that I moved from the western suburbs in Illinois to discover that they don't have one in my area. It would be a wonderful spot to put one in Highland, or Munster Indiana. This will allow access for people who still stay in the South Suburban, and near Indiana Area.

Excellent fitness center but not very good at working with people when they become a member to keep them. They just take your money and you are in you on your own. Also I asked them to cancel my membership and that was three months a go and they have not canceled my membership yet they just take people money and the service is poor. Once you become a member and they got their commission then if you come you come they don't give a care as long as you keep paying them they can care less.

Ridiculous Service

The sttaff was incredible rude and was not the least bothered in answering questions abot signing up. One of them even tried to give me the finger surreptitiously! I hope the establishment suns itself to the ground.

Pour service

The company charged me and my son as an adults. He's 13 yrs old and then treated him like a child making him wear a rist band and always asking him to get off equipment or get out of the pool. Always asking him where are your parents. If I pay for him as an adult, treat him as one. What a waste of cash this was.....


All be careful when and how you cancel your membership. Make sure they no longer have access to your bank account cause they will try to keep taking money out.

Disrespect and Privacy violated

The Colorado Springs gym is a joke. How can your gym expect to be paid when they caused the membership we had to go bad. We were treated like criminals with the approval of your staff,repeatedly. Now you expected to receive a payment. We had no contract,therefore no obligation to your over sold gym. Your gym is over sold and you use fraud to get people to join.

Filthy bathrooms

The Old Orchard Lifetime in Skokie, Illinois has extremely filthy bathrooms. In addition, when cleaning floors the mop water needs to be changed. Spreading dirty water around is not mopping a floor. I have seen the same bandage on the shower floor for three days. I have brought these to the attention of the staff but nothing changes.

Pathetic membership services

I would say , the worst ever customer service ...they say a 3 day trial for kids academy but never tell u that it is 3 consecutive days and not any 3 days in the 2 wks trial period. They refused to cancel our membership fater 5 days & expect us to pay for 2 mnths as they 1 mnth notice is mandatory when you want to step out . two different people say 2 different words , not clear about what the rule is and the customer has to suffer because of that which have incurred me paying $160 for 2 months of kids academy , which is just a time pass and no professional teaching. Would have rated 0 , if I could .


Beware of this Club - Rockville location. They confirm that you have cancelled and continue charging your card. Also, they keep changing rates. Never thought a company can lie so much. They are awful.

Guest Policies

The Corporate Office representative in Customer Service was exceptionally helpful in explaining the guest policy, which the Club on Sugarloaf in Lawrenceville, GA has never, in the seven years I have belonged there, enforced. I understand the legal issues involved with bringing guests under the age of 18 thanks to Dustin in Corporate. I also understand that the Sugarloaf Club has not been in compliance with this policy for six years because I've brought guests of all ages to the club without ever being asked for a waiver signed by the guests' parents. Shame on you Sugarloaf management for leaving your company's behind exposed to all sorts of potential legal liability.

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