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Prom ... HA

Ordered a suit ... Came in all wrong ... Ordered one again for overnight shipping and didnt fit again. Employe said he was stressed out and thats why he got it wrong . Btw youll pay $100 more here for a plain black suit then anywhere else.

refund policy

The refund sucks. i bought a suit and had to return it. The manager told me it would take ten days and i am still waiting for the refund. In addition i paid with cash and don't understand why i have to receive a cashier check. I think that is idiotic and will never shop there again. I tried something new but will be returning to mens wearhouse.

Poor customer service

In January, my husband bought three suits at the Joseph A Bank store in Pensacola Florida. Our experience at the store was so difficult that we will not be returning as customers. The seamstress is inept at delivering what is promised, and noone in the store appears to care. And that caused me to make six trips to the store to finally pick up our purchases. After dealing with many of the store employees, I find the lack of customer service outrageous for the caliber the store should be.

Poor Policy & customer Services

your refund policy is very unacceptable and very poor.

Customer service and shipping

I called an hour ago, I was told someone would call me back in 20 mins. I also called last night left my contact info, I'll probably never buy from this place again. If my wife doesn't get her present she bought for her dad on 12/02/13, it won't be hard to convince her to never shop with you again. Sent from my iPhone

Toxic chemicals in clothing

Bought pants and dress shirts. Had to wash them at least 7 times to get all the formaldehyde and other chemicals out of the clothes. What a nightmare!! I will not purchase clothes from this Co. ever again. Period.

Thanks Quincy, IL

I would like to give a shout out to the ladies at the Quincy, Illinois store. My son is still in college, but he was commissioned as a 2nd Lt in the arm early commissioning program. He didn't understand that uniforms have to be tailored and it takes time. He ordered his uniform late and we took it JAB for the alterations. It saved us hours of driving to an army base. They used the written directions- then got on facebook to see pictures of what the uniform should look like. The saleswoman even called her son, who was in the army, to make sure they got it right. Then, they did it FAST! The uniform looked wonderful, and we are very grateful that they went above and beyond to help my son.

Jos A Bank customer service

I'm a long time customer of Jos A Bank in the Dallas area and I had my suit dry cleaned at my local cleaners and I picked up my suit, packed it for travel and when I went to get dressed at 4:45pm the dry cleaners didn't have the pants with my Jacket. I had an event to attend at 6:00pm. I found a store in Baton Rouge and drove there bought the exact suit pants, had them hemmed in less than an hour. I had no other pants with me and to my surprise, Jos A Bank had me in and out the store with the exact fit and the pants hemmed in 30 minutes. Jos A Bank customer..

Greenville, South Carolina

I have always been a loyal customer to Jos A Bank Clothiers in Greenville, SC. I have always carried my alterations to this as well. After I was fitted and pre-altered measurements, I had never paid up front but paid after the work has been completed. I was told from a male employee that " We just cannot take anyone off the streets and them not paying first.. you know, loss preventions". I am not from the streets and took his words in front of other customers as an insult and humiliation. My profession comes in contact with my out of town and international guest. I would always refer them to Jos A. Bank Clothiers. Not anymore.............. I would not want them to be labeled as "Off the streets or street walkers" Good news! Brook Brothers is coming to Greenville, SC in the fall of 2013!

It's probably not the most useless company, but it's awfully close. Sales Associates simply reflect Corporate attitude. Help is underpaid, undermined, and under-appreciated, as well as overworked, over-managed, and over-bullied. Money, Profit, $$$, Sales, is the one and only "bottom line" for Jos. A. Bank corporate. Sales associates really do try hard, but $7.50 an hour, how much "personalization" do you really think you can get??? Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay overpriced on absolutely everything. Traveller suits supposedly retailing for $795 but being sold at 75% off (Buy 1 Get 3)??? What does THAT tell you about the REAL worth of the suits? Hey Bank Corporate - People Aren't Stupid!!!

As a long time regular client of JosABank mens suits... I found it extremely difficult to place a simple order for a new tailored fit suite by phone or onlne over the last few days... GREAT product and pricing... PLEASE help and fix it so I can order...

I recently visited your store in Needham Massachusetts. When I told what my price range was, the service became very rude and unprofessional. I might not be a regular customer with a big budget, however, I know many people who are, and I have told them of my bad experience. I can guarantee you, that after hearing about my poor treatment, Jos A Bank has just lost thousands of dollars in business.

Corporate does NOT provide any good or professional services. They make mistakes and can't even make up for it. This place is not a good choice to pick ur tuxedos for any wedding!!! To bad I looked at these reviews after I placed my orders, and now with 2 weeks away from my wedding. My ring 'bearers' were suppose to 50%, as described in the advertisement, next they tell me the advertisement is for only one ring bearer. Then why state "ring bearerS" in the advertisement? This place sucks! Bad customer service and no type of professionalism what-so-ever!

Poor customer service! I received very poor service at the Loveland, CO store and left feeling I wasted my time shopping there, so I complained to corporate. I was thanked for taking the time to express my experience, and again was left feeling I wasted my time honoring corporate's request to call. The company does not seem concerned with a paying customer, nor retaining current customers. How can they successfully compete with other men s clothing stores when good customer service is not a practiced strategy?

 NOTE to Jos A Bank management: I am offended corporate seemed only interested in the store location where I received poor customer service. No apologies made and corporate stated that my email will be shared with managers, not to single employees, but for the store to learn. I disapprove of my personal information including email address to be shared with Jos A Bank. Why would you give unhappy sales associates an unhappy customer's info? Fuel on the fire. I fear retribution. This makes me believe that the company is poorly managed."

ordered on-line...was told nothing about "backorders". I ordered 6 items and each one is being shipped from 6 different states plus being charged shipping for each item..have a wedding 2 attend next week and doesn't look like i'll have my clothes. will never shop there again...

worst customer service of any store I have every shopped in. schaumburg, illinois the person there telling me he was the manager and then all of sudden he wasnt. very rude sales people without mine and other customers money they have to job or store.

Having written you on many occasions with problems i have had with sizing - products marked one size and the actually size being totally differnet and your responses never adressing the issue i say good bye from a long time customer. Buyer be were - i would go to any other store

Getting married in April and instead of my soon to be husband wearing a tuxedo we decided to buy a suit. We visited the store in Athens, GA on Alps Road and what AWFUL customer service. Stood around for about 20 minutes waiting on someone to help us and then once we got help it was like he had no clue what was going on. We end up finding a suit. Got measurements and then receive the call that the suit is in the store ready for alterations. Get to the store for alterations and the jacket is not the right size. So then we have to send the suit back and get another one in. While getting the exchange done at the counter the worker asked another worker how to do something for the exchange. Come to find out the person helping us is the STORE MANAGER....and he doesn't even know how to do an exchange. So now we have to wait on another suit to come in and then come back for alterations. I have worked in Customer Service for many years now and I just can't believe how awful this store is. I had heard horror stories about this store but wanted a good suit for a good price and in Athens, GA this is the place to go. NEVER AGAIN.

I had a bad experience to day at the pentagon store. I was supposed to pick up my tree suites that I draped to be alternated. Unfortunately, two of them were ready and the third one was damaged by the store. I was given my two suites and told we will call you to solve the issue. I did not hear we are sorry about what happened or we feel bad. No sympathy at all by an egotistical employee. I was really chocked.

If you are planning a wedding...BEWARE...you have been forwarned!!!DO NOT...REPEAT...DO NOT use this company for ANY wedding needs ESPECIALLY TUXEDOS!!! Very unprofessional...repeated mistakes in taking measurements...missing tuxedos..Lying all the way...would remind you of the sleazy car salesmen. They completely ruined what was to be a beautiful experience...they don't care..they have one track minds...and don't believe anything they say and that is from dealing with a store manager...a clerk....and a district manager. If you want "OVER PRICED" clothing and have the money of a doctor or lawyer...they are you guys!

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