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Every year Ttax fails me. Never again.

NO customer service, nobody ever calls you back; they say 10 minute wait I waited 2 hours and nobody picked up

horrible customer service!!!


this company has gone from the best to the most inept.

Intuit does not back their products. My company installed quickbooks 2014 in May.. Since then, my problems occurred and as of today, September 9, 2014, still can not e-pay or e-file taxes along with other minor problems.


NO CUSTOMER SERVICE. INTUIT does not care about anything except profits


I don't think I have ever seen a list of reviews with only negative comments. After my recent experience dealing with Quickbooks payroll customer support I understand why. Healthcare.gov was a shinning light of excellent service when it was originally released compared to the "Chat" web site that is supposed to be used for customer service

Your Fairy Deletes again

I posted a review yesterday, showing how Intuit demolished my Quicken. Did the truth hurt so badly that your Fairy decided to not to show it today. See, facts will destroy you. So you just erase Review? Kind of admission of guilt in your behavior?


I have used them for years. Now I will NEVER use this comapny again and caution anyone in using... they put my return in my ex husbands account, took out fees that they were not supposed to, and denied any of this. The woman I spoke to was AWFUl to say the least. I am disgusted with how they have turned into a horrible company. sad!


For years they were a great company. Now they just do not care and abuse their proadviors. Thankfully I found another company that offers the same/better service for less. They have acquired over a million dissatisfied intuit customers in 18 months...


The company is bad at customer service none of their tech support people can read nor listen. Qucken and Quckbooks suck you can not work offline...

Intuit (TurboTax) takes no responsibility...

Any attempt to access critical data while talking to Customer Support is non-existant. They do not have access to your records and thus cannot help you. If there is a problem with you return, or how your return was processed, it would be on you to solve. They just take your money and file forms. Avoid at all costs...

This is the first time I use TurboTax Deluxe. Up to this point, I have spent >3 hours on the phone with TurboTax customer service in the past two weeks and still did not get the problems solved. The customer representatives have poor knowledge and substandard phone etiquette; I asked for a supervisor and get hung up on twice (one from an Indian Customer Rep.; another from USA Customer Rep.). I am quite discouraged and ready to ditch the software and ask for a refund......A very frustrated customer FK

Abysmal service (non-existent)

I would say QuickBooks' service is non-existent, but the fact is it is worse than that. Grossly incompetent and blatantly dishonest to the point they have jeopardized our non-profit.

This companys service is so bad I threw the $250.00 software in the trash. They cost me too much money in wasted time.

Worst thing ever

I have never dealt with such inept people in my life, 2 years ago i had to update to 2011 it took me 18 hours on the phone, and then had to buy two computers and a printer. This year I had to up date to 2013, three hours later I was unable to back up my computer. When I tried to call, I have been on the phone for 2 hours already and I just keep getting transfered. This is no way to run a business, the reps in the Philippines should have better phone connections and better diction. MY call was not related to a refund, that's what they said when they transfered me. Whoever is at the helm should get be more intouch with what your clients are saying

I have been waiting for a response for over 3 weeks... Left emails and voicemail for a supervisor and no response. I sent in contracts,invoice, and still am getting no answer from them. The client is frustrated and so am I! I will never use intuit!

9/3/2012: I ordered and canceled 250 check the same day. That's when the nightmare begin. Singh gave me a cancellation number but Intuit deducted $160.48 from my account anyway. I was told the money would be refunded in 7 to 10 days. 9/13/2012: I phoned Intuit and Renee (supervisor) denied any money had been taken out of my account. My bank supervisor, Georganna said otherwise and had proof the money was gone from my account. Renee (Intuit) became very defensive and Georganna told me to end the call and come into the bank. There was proof the money had been deducted from my account and my bank could prove it but Intuit refused refund. 9/14/2012: My bank's insurance company refunded me $160.48. 9/22/2012: I receive a bill from Intuit for another $160.48 with a fictious invoice number. Not only are they trying to rob me once but twice now. I am attempting to contact the corporate office since no one at the order level speaks English very well.

This has to be one of the worst software support organizations. Little understanding of their own software. Continually making me feel stupid, like I don't know what I'm doing.... Guess what - I don't! That's why I pay for support. Over 5 hours and I've yet to get some simple answers. Lots of transferring - disconnects - "I understands" (they really don't). I guess I'm the fool. Could probably hire a "QuickBooks" pro and get the job done quicker - and cheaper (my time has to be worth more than these call center reps?).

I have never experienced such poor customer Service in my life! Tried to order checks using the insert sent with a previous order, but was told I would have to spend $200 more for "special paper" checks for my own "safety". If I didnt want to spend the extra I would have to order from the web site. With the Intuit order rep on the phone she walked me through ordering from the web. Just as I hung up I got an email with a double order! I called Immediately to get this corrected. The person told me it was all fixed and fine and would be arriving "perfect". Well I got the double order inspite of calling with in 30 seconds of getting the email. I called to complain about the order as well as the issue of bilking me out of an extra 200 dollars for specail paper "for my own safety" I explained it took me about an hour to get the checks ordered. and at that time I was told I would be given a refund of $588.90 for "all my trouble". I didnt ask for that amount but was told over the next 2 MONTHS by various people that was the refund I would be getting. I have all the names and extentions of these employees. 2 months of calling, sitting on hold, being told I would get a call back in 15 minutes, and no phone calls came. Then being lied to by a supervisor who said she called but funny thing our caller ID never recorded any such call. Then after nearly 2 months I actaully talked to an American who told me the Conformation number for my case had been erased, in fact all of my information on the calls made, etc, had been deleated. How does that happen? How does a person need to call for 2 months, get jacked around, lied to, told this would be fixed that very day, yet it still hasnt been resolved to my satisfaction. And now someone erased my conformation numner and log of calls!!! I was lied to by 10 people at Intuit, 10 people who said my refund would be 588.90 and on its way! Several employees told me they had a problem with refunds,a system problem and I should have my bank stop payment! oh that would be great but after 60 days they cant do it! after trying to get this through to the supervisor, she apparently decided to erase my confirmation number along with the log of calls I made. Unbelieveable!!!! I get an email today saying they are refunding less than half of what I was promised! Again I NEVER asked for that amount but was told that would be the refund and I was given a Confirmation number.. which eventually I was told was erased. The person who told me about the erasure must be in hot water as the supervisor asked for her name and extension. What an organization! And I was told that they "pride" the organization on thier quick one call response! Really?.I will never order checks from Intuit again. I am contimplating filing a law suit, dont care if I win, I want to cost intuit what they ultimately cost me in terms of my time and efforts to resolve this, nearly 9 hours on hold over 2 months. Is that Cutomer Service? You must train your people to lie and cover up what they cant solve.Watch out folks, If I were you I would order checks elsewhere. These people have no idea what they are doing. Actaully I have 3 businesses and activley seeking a new Accounting program and payroll. Peachtree perhaps?

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