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Hooters uptown Charlotte

I am a regular and come into hooters at least once a week and Marilyn is rude and disrespectful to all of her employees. She is rude to customers that look a little less fortunate. I think someone needs to set her straight because this is not good customer service.

Uniforms are ugly! And The shorts are way to high! The hooters girls should be classy not trashy! This isn't some 80s work out video

Poor service

Hooter's treat black and whites different. The kick blacks out and lets whites stay

We want it back!!!

Well this is not a review... Although it could be!!! It was a very good franchise!!! All of Fort Wayne, IN. wants Hooters BACK!!! Open up at least one new building again! PLEASE we are dying HERE for Hooters AGAIN! Coliseum blvd. again or Jefferson Pointe area. Come back to the FORT we are missing our HOOTERS!

Tonight March20th I went to hooters in Towson md and I received the worst service I have ever received in a restaurant it took 20 min to get a drink and at least another25 min to get our food that was cold and had to be sent back the order was incorrect when I explained all this to the mgr he didn't seem to take it as serious as I did so I paid the bill and left very unhappy with the service and i will not be patronizing hooters in the future which was one of my favorites at Daytona bike week


i consider myself a good tipper. i always tip 25 to 30 persent. what i dont like is when a server ask me if i want my change back. i always want MY change back and them i leave a tip. when they ask me this, i seem to leave less of a tip than i normally would. i am from the generation that no one would ask that. i think that it is rude and they feel entitled. the latest that this has happened to me was Feb. 3. i placed an order to go, went in and paid for it. i was not sitting at a table where a server was to make many trips, i was at a to go counter. this happened at the seabrook, tx location. thank you randy bente

When Hooter's fire a young women with a baby to support around the Thanksgiving Holidays, Hooter's is cold and heartless and doesn't deserve to be in any business. Would you support Hooter's when to stay in business when they don't care who they fire and support.?

Hooters has build its brand around women. Probably wrog, but seem to have woekrd out. She seem perfect to me. I'm with you on thinkng we can do better and not just depend on our bodies to get a job/career but then again I respect everyone's career choices. Plus what if like her^^ the girls have big booties?? hehe they will atract extra attention but too bad for hooters since they wouldn't have something to fit her figure. =D

Hermitage Hooters. bad orders, wrong food delivered, cold hard fries. Paid 6.98 for a luke warm hot with everything, which meant 10 beans and 2 half cheese slices (which didn't melt). The cost 13.00. yeepee!!

the ft.lauderdale hooters on andrews ave. sucks, management is useless to the guests and staff, they let drunks run the bar areas and run out good people. wont ever go to a hooters again, your people are the worst, the girls only want a big tip, and there not worth a penny.fire all your managers and start over, due your business a favor. i guess your undercover boss didnt learn much.

I am at Hooters in Woodbridge, Va....can u belive it is 9:05 pm..i walked into to this place at 7:15 and I have not even received my appetizer..i spoke with the manager and he told me he was having a hard time managing the place tonight...wow..why would u tell a customer this....his girls on the floor telling customers that the kitchen is under staffed..she should be fired on the spot..it is not the customers problem the manager didnt call in the calvery..it is a Sunday night football..hooters is a sports bar that should have been prepared for this...the manager should be fired..what i am witnessing is folk who orded by phone coming right in picking up their food and sitting down...customers are really pissed off right now cussing the manager out because of this poor service....hell naw..why people getting their food

General Manager Bob at Hooter's girl restaurant thinks he can get away with anything! Hooters (717) 791-9464 - 6025 Carlisle Pike,Mechanicsburg, Pa. Hooters York, Pa General Manager Bob has a bad reputation for profiling all his customers so he can hand pick and choose the customers who would bring the most profits to his girls and a 20% commission goes to the crook for each girl who participates in his "Rent my teen by the hour". A 5% commission also goes to the local police for protection and cover ups. A very slick liar who will stop at nothing when it comes to money. Friendship to this crook has very little meaning. If you do not agree to pay his stiff union dues, he will ask you to leave. Back in year 2005, he was kicked out of law school due to low GPA scores. The School of Business Law was way to difficult for this crook to comprehand the meaning of true "Justice for all american citizens residing in the State of Pennsylvania regardless of their genders,races, or financial background";especially,someone who is in a leadership postition must always show fairness to anyone who came in with the right mind to find a female partner. You may want to file a complaint with the local Police station but what good would it do for you since the clever GM already made all arrangements with the locals to scam all individuals with a bank account in excess of $2,000 or more with large assetts. Bob's primary targets are minorities, he only wants to promote the white community and will bring down any minority who will seek justice at any cost. Male Manager will force any customer to pay $350.00 and up to take a hooter's girl out on a date. If this customer refuses to pay,he shall not get a date with beauty. A 6 months of FBI investigation led to rent my teen by the hour. Manager Carlie has lied on all counts for promoting the sale of all teens to make huge profits on food sale and to lure all minorities into a skim, this way, the male customer has to keep on coming back to get absolutely nothing! The thieves are male warehouse receivers,dumb nosy loud mouths clueless black and old white office dispatchers,dumb female black waitresses,black females motel front desk,and lastly fat jealous women living in our community.

We go Hooters every city we travel to. We stumbled onto Hooters in Colorado Springs, Co, located at to CO SPRINGS NORTH Commerce Center Exit ยท Hwy 25. It was horrible. We sat at the bar, and ordered 2 margaritas. I have no idea what we drank....it tasted like sour orange juice, with corn syrup. We ordered boneless wings, and had to send the first order back as they were dry and crunchy. The second order was slighty better, but that only made it o.k., compared to the first order that was horrible. The celery and blue cheese was even bad. The celery looked like a rat had chewed it before it made it to our table. We thought they brought us ranch dressing instead of blue cheese, because it was so runny. We will not go back to that Hooters, and urge anyone traveling there to pick one of the other eating establishments next door.

I have worked for Hooters on and off for 9 years now and I have been to many different Hooters restaurants. Some were good some were bad. More often than not I was very disappointed in the service. BUT, my family and I have nothing but good things to say about the Hooters Restaurant on General Booth in Virginia Beach, VA. We go to this location once a week and are always leave happy! We have been coming to this location since August 2010 and never have we had bad service or bad food. The girls are so friendly and always go out of their way to come over and say hello and play with my kids. The manager Ronnie Wolf is AMAZING and we absolutely love our favorite Hooters waitress Rachel Salazar. Its a shame that all Hooters don't have such an awesome manager and servers!!

Im the guy that reads reviews on places before I decide to go. I love hooters I travel alot so when Im out of town I try to go to Hooters if they have one. I had a layover in Atlanta so my first thought was Downtown Hooters, but I knew with it being Saturday I would catch crowds and traffic. After speaking with a man that worked for Delta he told me one was closer, Tara Blvd that I will like. I started looking for reviews on the internet which didn't help I did not find many recent ones. Trusting the mans advice I went. I must say I had a great time I sat at the bar, the bartender introduced herself then she did something no bartender has ever done she intoduced me to the rest of the bar guest, Im guessing were regulars. We all talked,laughed, and had a good time I felt welcomed. All the girls spoke at one time or another some even stopped and talked. The manager was friendly and asked how my food was,it was great by the way. Out of all the Hooters Ive been to this one is on top of the list, Thanks Hooters on Tara Blvd for making my layover enjoyable.

bad staff and bad service! and thier tits arent that big !

I am in Ft Smith, Arkansas on business and the hotel recommended Hooters to get a snack. I sat next to a young man who is the new assistant basketball coach at the University of Arkansas. He and I visited some and we both got our chicken wings. He commented that he had been there a few times in the past couple of weeks, and noticed that all the employees were very good and worked very hard, but the manager was very mean to all employees, yelling at them and treating them like dogs. I agreed with the coach and I said so to the manager and he proceeded to give us both a lecture and offered to kick us out at that time. I would not want this person to work for me in any position. Can't believe I witnessed this guy in action.

Hooters in greenwood indiana has the worst service ever!!!! We come in atleast once a week. After tonight's experience I won't be back!!! Not only did I find two hairs in my salad, but one of four managers did not come by our table!!! After we asked for one15 minutes later she came to our table with a terrible attitude!!! She refused to take the salad off of our bill!!! I've been a server for ten years... The customer is always right!!!!

After having visited Hooters in the Citadel Mall in Colorado Springs, CO over the past 17 years over the most recent years the customer service is gone. I have taken my family there on more than one special occasion to celebrate and either we wait for over 10 minutes to even be acknowledged once we sit or we just get bad service all around, waiting for over an hour for food, which comes out incorrect, cold or food forgotten. Our family loves Hooters, the atmosphere, the food, the service and have visited multiple Hooters across the country and its sad to say that the Hooter at the Citadel Mall is the worst. What makes me sad is that I worked at this Hooters for 3 years and everything has changed. It's unfortunate but we will no longer go to this Hooters and neither will our family and friends. We are known in our community and have spread the word so for us we have begun a "boycott", don't waste your time and hard earned money there. You go in to eat and enjoy time with friends and family and you leave angry and hungry because you don't get to eat. 1 star is being generous.

My friends and I have been going to Hooters in Norflk,Va for over ten years. We normally go either Wed. or Thurs night and have gotten to know the waitress'. On Thurs Apr 14 it was my friends birthday and we knew there were going to be more people than usual so we texted one of the waitress and told her we were coming and there would be 9-11 of us at 7. My husband and I got there early and thought we would have a drink and appitizer before everyone showed up. We arrived at 6:45 and were told that they had just seated a large group with the waitress we had requsted and didn't have room for us unless we wanted to go outside, which we didn't. The manager in training Nicole came up to me and told me that if I didn't want to go outside that they would come up with another plan but we were not scheduled until 7 so we would have to wait. Our waitress came up and spoke with us and said she was sorry about all this she told the manager Dennis that we were coming and that the large party they gave her would still be there when we got there. At 7 when all of us showed up they went out side and brought in tables and squeezed us next to the large party. The manager Dennis would not even come over to our table and say anything to us. He knows us and usually stops by. This treatment to us knowing that we are regulars,spend at least 100.00 when we come was really ruid. We are considering taking our business else where. The store and manager may not care but this hurts the waitress that we like and is very good at hert job If they treat people that come in all the time like this what does this say about their customer service.

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