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Our business has about 50 days where we feed our staff. This summer I went to your store on Salem Avenue in Trotwood, Ohio. The district Manger had asked me on several occasions to use the Honey Baked Ham store for our catering needs. When I went into the store there was no one in the store except for two staff member and my daughter and I. I asked the young lady if a platter was like ten sandwiches cut in half and she responded that yes it was ten sandwiches cut in half. I told the young lady that I would like to purchase a platter of sandwiches; she replied that she needed to speak to the lady that was the manager. The Manger came out from the back and said that to get a platter of sandwiches that I would have needed to order it four or five days in advance. As a business owner I was very confused; there still was no customers in the store except for my daughter and I. I replied you mean you are going to turn my business away when you have no customers except for my 12 year old daughter and me. The manager said well there are only two of us working here. I was very puzzled why the store did not want the business; it really could not take that long to put together ten sandwiches. This event was on the last Saturday in July about 12:30pm… I went up the street to Burkey’s and they seemed pleased to have the business. I can guarantee that the Honey Baked Ham store will never have any of our catering business. This left a very sour taste in my mouth.

I was in the Honeybaked store in Brunsick, Georgia yesterday and today and BOTH times the owner, Scott, was hateful and rude. The front cashier was doing the best of her ability to help serve customers during lunch hour. When customers would ask Scott a question, he would have rude comments like, "Well I guess you will have to wait then, won't you." Then today, he cussed at the cashier when she asked for two half pounds of ham slices. He told her to assist the customers, when two customers were waiting on ham slices. He just seems rude everytime I go in there. I love to eat at the restaurant, but if this continues, he will certainly lose my business and I will seek a new favorite restaurant.

Good morning: I had the most wonderful experience with Debbie Moss at the Honeybaked Ham store in Memphis, TN. She is an asset to this company. What a wonderful person she is. Amelda Mobile, AL

I went to your Winchester store in Memphis on yesterday. I bought the Ham & Turkey Pesto sandwich that was advertised in the store. When I got home and opened up the sandwich, she had put 2 pieces of dried out turkey on it. I DO MEAN DRIED OUT!! That was such a disappointment. Never experienced that with HBH before. I threw the turkey away and just ate one piece of the bread and the ham. I'll make my own sandwich from now on. She knew it was dried out when she put it on there.

I walked into honey baked ham store on Easter and ask for the ham that was advertised for $21.95 and the lady said they were out. She offer me a $70 ham and I told her I didn't want to pay that much because I purchase one for that price the last holiday. She then told me she found one in the Fridge for $30, so I told her I would take it. I gave $5 and told her to charge the other $25, Not only was my card charged twice a total of $50 honey bake ham then put $50 back in my Account then took $50 back again, now this is a total of 4 transactions, now the last transaction was they took $25 again for a total of five transactions. My account was a roller coaster and bank charges had been applied. I called honey baked ham and was told that everybody was charged twice that day base on their credit card machine and nothing they can do about it. I told her they been in and out of my account a total of 5 times and my account was over drawn and I deserve the ham free. I ask for Manager and District Manager to call me. The Lady told me she was the Manager Maria in Fremont Ca and the District Manager said nothing they can do because again it happen to everyone that day. NOW THE DAM LINE IS STAYING BUSY AT CORPORATE OFFICE AND I WANT MY MONEY BACK AND A FREE HAM AS A RESULT OF THEM MESSING UP MY ACCOUNT WITH 5 TRANSACTIONS IN STEAD OF ONE!!!!!!!

I was in your Bartlett TN location, on May 7,2011 (saturday) around 5:00 PM. I have been a customer for years. More than just the Holidays, since we serve and cater towards friends, family and the company I work for. The visit to your location, on the above mentioned date, was an experience that I would have never expected or liked to have ever witnessed. However, it was a terrible experience, one that could have been avoided. The person by the name of Kevin, was at the front counter , I showed him my $7.00 coupon, he set it down. when he rang my $66.19 ham up, he failed to honor my coupon. I handed him my card to pay for the ham. I told him, you didn't ring up my coupon. At that point he said, well I forgot and I said, I handed it to you , he said oh well, I already rang it up so nothing I can do now. My response was, why not? he then became very hostle, and rude. He said you didn't give me the coupon up front. I said, I did you laid it down by my card on the counter. He said I can't do anything about it now. When I told him that was not right and unfair on his part, he became extremely rude, he said I can give you a refund. I thought.. wow he can give me a refund but can't honor a coupon? which is worse? My reply was, that doesn't make sense, now does it. He then said very rude and in a hostle attitude. If you want I will just give you the $7.00 from my wallet. At that time, he took his wallet out and actually threw the money at me. Thats right he threw it at me. He said, well if it means that much to you then take my money! After looking at my card purchases, I realized he had swiped my card twice for this purchase. So that just makes this whole experience worse. Not only was I treated in a rude and hostle way, but was charged double. two transactions in the amount of $66.19 on 5/7/11. take a look at your transaction history on your log. Not only was this embarassing, but with that type of attitude, I must say that I do not feel comfortable in be a customer at this point. We have church fuctions, work events and as a friend give gift certificates and purchases. I would have to guess, I spend approxiately 700.00 on a personal level, and on a business level over 2,500.00 with 350 employees to accompany you can see, that I have done a lot of business with in a year. I have been a customer for over 15 years with Honey Baked Ham. I have to tell you, that with Kevin attitude and the unprofessional character, it will be very hard to return as a faithful customer. Kevin stated he was the Manager, I find this very hard to believe that a "Manager" would be unkind, unprofessional, and act so rudely, over a $7.00 coupon. I have to believe at this point the double charge was intentional. Please note, that Mr. Craig Kurz along with the Vice President of Operations will be reading a formal complaint as well. Misty, I shall I file a dispute with my credit card services or will your store be providing me with the double charge? Thank you for your time, I look forward to your reply, comments and suggestions. Sincerely, A disatisfied Customer

The worst ham I had was on Mothers day 2011. The ham was not quality, the guy Kevin at the Bartlett TN location was rude, unprofessional and the ham was not good. Along with that,, Kevin swiped my card twice!! so my card was double charged . He was rude he was inconsiderate and he was not a happy employee. His words were, hey you can go some place else. now not only did my ham was bad but Kevin was bad too. what happened to the quality of honey baked hams? did you all switch companies or do you just serve left overs from last year? I paid lots of money for this ham. where is the "if your not happy" we will make it up to you.? I am very sad to see this happen. Kim

Been purchasing Honeybaked hams for years, not only for holidays but for many occasions, as well as purchasing over $500 per year in gift cards. The last ham I purchased for Easter this year was so totally full of grizzle even the dog wouldn't take the leftovers. Having paid $48 for this 7 lb. ham and having to cut away portions in order to serve it for my dinner guests was just terrible. Hope the people I gave gift cards to did better than I did. As an aside, the sides I purchased at Christmas were terrible. Have to rethink ever purchasing any of these hams/products again, as well as ever purchasing gift certificates as well.

I'm giving Honeybaked Ham one star. Not for the quality of ham, but the type of ham I was given. I ordered a boneless ham four days before Easter and was given a pick-up number. But, when I went to pick it up in Monroeville, Pa, I was told by the manager that they gave it to someone else due to the high volume of hams ordered. I asked why they bother to take orders if they don't have any intention of saving one. I'm extremely disappointed that I had to take a ham with the bone in. I don't ever plan on going back.

To the powers that be at Honey Baked Ham, You need some p.r. clean up. Over the last few years your hams have become saltier and your customer service is sub-par. Our biggest complaint is that we are adults and we express free will. Unless, of course, we're talking about ordering your side dishes. I went to order a lovely Easter/Birthday dinner for 12 people on the other side of the state. Problem is, your company rigidly insists on grouping your sides based on what is best for your warehouse, your pickers, and your packers. Not seeing what the intended party desired in the catalog or on-line I called the toll free customer service number to no avail. I explained what I wanted to order. "You HAVE to order them the way they are grouped" I was firmly told. I stated I wanted Sweet Potato Souffle and Cinnamon Apples for family across the state. Her response: "Then you can go into the store and buy them that way." No, I can't. I am sending a gift to the other side of the state, and 2) there is NO HBH store where they live to go get it themselves. When I inquired why the company still insisted on grouping for the customer and leaving us no choice I was told "That's the way it is." Here's how the real world is. In today's economy, it doesn't matter if I was ordering for 1 person, 2, 4, or 12. Pennies add up to nickles, nickles to dimes, dimes to dollars...adding to a company's profit margin. If I can't get what I want with your company, I will go to another one. As the customer I should be able to order anything I want. So guees what? My dollars went to another company. My mother makes a better green been casserole than you do, we don't care for broccoli rice or potatoes au gratin, and I don't see mashed potatoes being worth $15 when I can buy a bag of Yukons myself for less than half that and get more than 2 pounds. And the last time we tried your cornbread dressing everyone spit it out. The corporate bosses should review this outdated policy. Yes, I'm certain your company won't fold just because I didn't place an order today. However, I also won't be placing one in the future. ESPECIALLY after calling corporate and reached (to no surprise) absolutely no one. Additionally, we will no longer place orders under my husbands business. And of course, I'm going to talk and blog about it. Honey Baked Ham is turning a deaf ear to customers. You would be an ideal candidate for Undercover Boss. How long has it been since executives went into a call center and sat in with the reps to listen to what people want and heard employee responses? It must be awhile or I wouldn't be wasting my time writing this letter. Bottom line: they want your money but not your feedback, suggestions, or complaints. Otherwise there would be a live person you could talk to.

I have to say that I have always looked forward to a Honeybaked Ham at Christmas. We have enjoyed your hams for the past 20 years. This year’s ham was really a surprise and I must say, a disappointment. Our ham was salty and not sweet at all. Somehow I feel that you have changed the way you process your hams. Maybe you decided you didn’t need as much honey to baste it? Whatever you did, you should rethink it and go back to the way it was. I doubt I will buy another and I will let all my friends know your ham is not what it used to be. When I buy a product I expect it to stand up to it’s reputation. After all these years of really awesome hams, I can’t help but wonder what happened to your product? I understand times are tough, but your loyal customers aren't stupid. I'll make my own ham next Christmas. We bought our ham at the Regency Store in Jacksonville FL.

Dear Sir, Today I served my family of three Honeybaked Ham for our Christmas dinner and the three of us found a lot to be dissatisfied with. I have served your ham in previous years and find that your ham is not as good-tasting as in the past. The ham did not have enough glaze on it and it was much too salty. I bought a ham weighing about 7 pounds. In addition to the ham, I bought your cream corn side dish, and I am returning it to the local store on Monday. I bought the corn dish with the ham on December 23, and as soon as I got home I tasted the corn and found it not to be appetizing at all. In fact, it tasted awful. I then took a few tablespoons of the corn out of the container and heated it thinking that would improve the taste. I then examined it carefully and saw it contained a lot of pieces of a green vegetable. I realized that it was cilantro which I would never add to any dish, much less corn. A short while after I ate the corn I felt ill with nausea and abdominal problems. I was uncomfortable during the night and felt nauseous all day on Friday. Late Friday afternoon, I contacted a friend of mine and I told her about the corn and my stomach problem. She told me that a couple of weeks before that some cilantro had been recalled in California because it contained salmonella. I don't know if the cilantro caused me to be ill, but something in the corn dish definitely did make me ill. I am returnin the corn to the store where I bought it, but I have kept a couple of tablespoons in case I develop more symptoms. Hopefully, no one else became sick as I did. Also, I bought some of your "tantalizing mustard". which is so spicy hot that no one in my family can eat it. In years past, you have had a mustard that was great for using in ham sandwiches made from leftovers. I understand that Honeybaked Hams is having a difficult time this year, so maybe

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