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They charged my account off after I paid the promotional price. Run Run RUn. The will hold your money until after the promotional price and then charge you all of the finance fees. Them closed my account when I paid the fees I already paid off


After being a long time customer my wife wanted a new stove. She went online and found the one she wanted it was avalible in Batavia. We went to the store to get it and was told all they had was a black not the white she wanted (so much for the internet) by a sales woman whos accent I could not understand we were told that the rebate that was online we did not qualify for but we could have the floor model with no box or paperwork but it did have a scratch on top for $20 off we asked to see the manager and when he finaly showed he was rude and said he would look at the stove then never came back sending the saleswoman back offering $35 off but no rebate we walked and do not intend on ever going back

Should have a 0 star rating option above. Went into the Cool Springs, Tn location tonight to buy an expensive wide screen. Was harassed from the start. I asked nicely to please just let me and my wife look around first then we would talk. This guy couldn't do that. He kept asking questions relentlessly and was very rude. I told him to look around, no wonder the store has no customers and no wonder wal-mart is full. My wife and I, plus one other customer, were the only people in the store besides about 8 employees standing around talking to each other or on the phone. He would not leave us to browse for one second. I had good intentions to purchase another TV but not there, not now!! He was still smarting off to me about my mention of walmart when I was walking out the door. What a dumb way for a salesperson to be acting. And where was the store manager, and why would he allow this guy to treat a customer this way? IF YOU ARE TRAINING THESE PEOPLE TO SELL THIS WAY, GO TO WAL-MART AND TAKE SOME LESSONS. THEIR STORE WAS FULL OF PEOPLE. This was a friday night in the heart of the evening for shoppers and your store had no customers. No wonder........wake up and get your managerial skills headed in the right direction or all these salesman that think they are smarter than their customers will be telling their football stories to their buddies at the employment office like so many other business failures of today. If you leave this as-is......get in line!!! I can name you 25 actual people or more that will no longer consider your store after my experience tonight. I know that probably doesn't matter to you, but it doesn't take that many occurrences like this to add up on the "missed sales" numbers. From reading these reviews I have to say I'm glad I didn't make the mistake of buying there anyway. Oh and if I don't like my walmart tv for any reason they take it back...no questions asked!!!!

I purchased a white LG refrigerator on August 27th 2012. The store sales person advised that they were on backorder but would be in the wharehouse for delivery on September 6th 2012. We needed the refrigerator and due to space limitations this was the onle one that would fit. When the refrigerator failed to arrive on the agreed delivery date of September 7th 2012, I made contact with the store. The salesman was unable to furnish any updated information. I waited another week making numerous calls to the store and was unable to obtain any delivery information. My last call to the store i asked the salesman if they had the refrigerator in stainless and was told that they had several in stainless in the wharehouse, ready for delivery. Although I didnt want stainless and that the stainless was $100.00 more expensive, i asked if the manager would send me the stainless for the same price as the white because i've waited two weeks and was in need of a refrigerator. The manager refused to lower the price to satisify the customer which resulted in having me drive to the store, losing the sale of $2,480.00 and a customer for life. thankfully i was able to find the same refrigerator at a competitor for $1907.00 with free delivery and installation. Thank You HH Gregg ! Your bad customer service saved me $500.00 !

To whom it may concern: As a loyal customer to HH Gregg company I am writing this letter with true disappointment. I have been attempting to get my issue resolved for 2 weeks now with no results. I purchased a steam dryer by whirlpool from you all and was sold the extended service plan at the same time which was Sept. 4, 2010. The extended service plan is a piece of crap that I am truly appalled with. They are very unprofessional, and no where near customer friendly. I worked customer service for 5 years and I know that the way I am being treated is not customer service. I was informed that you all no longer use this particular company anymore for your extended service , and I feel that they are making your customer who utilize their plan suffer. My dryer has been fixed 3x for the exact same problem and now I'm being told under the no lemon policy it has to be fixed 3x under the service plan to be considered a lemon. This is a misrepresentation on the part of your sales people at HH Gregg, and I was never informed of this. I have spent thousands of dollars at your store and this is a bad reflection on your company. I have not been notified by anyone at your corporate office about this issue and several service reps. have sent in complaints, as well as store associates, and this is my second e-mail. I refuse to purchase anything else from HH Gregg after I have been burned with this faulty product that I have paid $ 1600 for and it is broken down more than in use. I don't have that type of money to give away, or to have sitting in my house and I can't use it. I will tell all my friends, co-workers, church members, and anyone who will listen not to shop with this company. I should not have to resort to these measures when I gave you all my money in good faith, and no one had to chase me to get paid, so I should not have to chase you all to resolve my issue. I will go as far as I have to because your company and warranty service will not screw me on this product, it can easily be replaced and the problem will be solved. But you all would rather create bad blood with a customer, rather than doing whats right. I am highly upset, and this has really put me in a bad place with your company. I am sure that the owner would not like to know that people who are hired to represent his business are giving poor customer service, and giving his company a horrible name. I will not stop until someone answers me, if it take getting FOX 6 news involved to let the world know how HH Gregg and it's affiliates treat loyal customers. I will even seek legal representation to get my problem resolved because this is ridiculous. Then to top it all off the incompetent service guy that was sent to home unhooked the water drain hose from my washer, and when my husband washed clothes the water flooded my washing room, and all in my basement. Now that's the great customer service that you all offer through you affiliate which is the extended service company. I requested that A&E appliance not be sent back to my home only to speak with your service people today and they tell me because the service guy caused water to flood my home that no other company can come out except them because of liability issues. Everyone from your company to the extended service company is so concerned about everyone but myself the customer. I will not stop here so whoever get this needs to pass it to someone who can take care of my problem. I would not want television publicity on how I treat my loyal customers as a negative aspect of my business. I WANT MY DRYER REPLACED!!!!!! Very unhappy customer,

my daughter bought a washer from hhgregg a little over a year ago (now) but about 4 months ago the computer inside the control panel stopped working. When she bought it she also purchased an extended warranty for an extra $130.00. The washer was the largest they made.. which is what she needed for the king size comforters and blankets she has. hhgregg spent weeks and weeks giving her the run around.. they had to order parts they hadn't come in yet.. they no longer have the parts in stock.. they no longer make the parts.. you name it they tried it.. then they tried to get her to take a different washer (smaller than what she needs) she told them no she wanted what she had bought.. they told her that they no longer carry that size machine but they had another one that she could have and it would only cost her more money which she didn't want to spend... now all she wants is her money back so that she can buy one someplace else but they are still giving her the run around.. I'll never buy from hhgregg and my daughter wont either.

I am a customer who, in good faith, purchased a suite of brand new top of the line Stainless Steel LG appliances at your Ft. Lauderdale store. I am attempting to resolve an issue and looked to hhgregg for help. In less than a year, my appliances are covered with rust, and LG is telling me it's because I clean too much! I was turned over to vendor relations, but it appears your vendor relations department is working to protect the vendor, not your customer. No one seems to be willing to help. Apparently, it is a corporate philosophy to run the customer around once the sale has been made. I am a reasonably intelligent, hard working, woman who spent several thousand dollars on a suite of new appliances. Does hhgregg and LG really expect me to accept their answer and offer no resolution and just walk away like it's all ok? NOT HAPPENING! Stay tuned folks....I am sure there is more to come.

he could not find out if the price would go down further or not for that sale, but I would get a 30 day pmisore that they would make up any difference if it went further on sale. I thanked him and was getting ready to leave and he told me to wait. He goes over to a computer and comes back and gives me the Christmas in July sales price. Right there I didn't care if they were the cheapest. That guy flat out lied to me, knowing damn well he could have gotten that price when I asked about it.

He did not give you a Christmas in July sale price. We have not had, for the five years i've been with the company a sale caelld "Christmas in July". Even if we did, however, and contrary to popular belief, we do not know the sale prices before they happen. Since you were walking out because he didn't know if the item would go on sale or not.. he was merely trying to please you with some sort of made up reason for a discount.. to say we don't have a "christmas in july" sale would to imply you were either lying or stupid.. so it was easier to go along with you. It gets rather old you know.. I could be selling a $100.00 item for $.99 and 90% of customers would want a better deal. Would you rather he let you leave? Without a discount? of course not.. so it's a damned if you do.. damned if you don't situation for the salesperson who wanted your business bad enough to make up any stupid reason he could to justify the discount he made get your business... oh.. and by the way, if it goes on sale cheaper in 30 days after your purchase.. you get that too..

31 August 2012 hhgregg: I wish to complain about a rebate I expected, but now learned has been determined to be invalid. On July 7, 2012 I purchased an Electrolux washer (base, service plan and delivery charge) for a total price of $1333.07 I was told by YOUR salesman, Ronald Pentis, and was given a form to fill out by YOUR salesman, Ronald Pentis, that I was going to receive a refund for the delivery charge in the amount of $79.99. Today I looked online to track my rebate and I see it was INVALID for “Not Enough Purchased” If $1333.07 is not enough purchased, then why did YOUR salesman, Ronald Pentis, have me fill out a rebate form? Why did YOUR salesman, Ronald Pentis, say I was eligible to receive a rebate? Also, I’ll have you know that on July 4, 2012 I also purchased a Commercial Cool portable air conditioner unit in the amount of $345.93 So in one month I purchased $1679.00 worth of good from your store and this is how I am treated? I WILL NOT be shopping at this store, and hhgregg in particular EVER AGAIN. Also, anyone I see I will tell them of the LIES hhgregg puts out as well as the LIES Mr. Ronald Pentis told me. A COPY OF THIS LETTER HAS BEEN SENT TO THE NORTH RIVERSIDE CHAMBER OF COMMERECE, ILLINOIS STATES ATTORNEY AND THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU, AS WELL AS HHGREG (AURORA, IL) AND HHGREG (INDIANAPOLIS, IN). Sincerely, Richard David Hyerczyk

If i could give then a negative score i would! This is the WORST company EVER! I thought I would give them a try... BIG mistake!!! I bought an appliance, it never worked. Had it replaced, it leaked water on my floor. The 'help center' is not helpful. I had to shut to main water line, the only way to control the leak, and my family was out of water in the summer time for over a week. I called to complain and this manager named Alex said he would do what he could and offered a complimentary gift card I just needed to come by and pick it up. I put them to the test to see if he would keep his word and everytime I would go into the store he would magically disappear even though i had call a head. I should have read these reviews before making my purchase. I tried to use their Contact Us on their website and it keeps going in circles. Stay away!!!

Well, I can see that there are good and bad reviews... this one is a poor review. I purchased a LG dishwasher and was to receive a $149.99 rebate for its installation and delivery charge that I paid up front at time of purchase. I submitted the rebate form and it came back saying that I had exceeded my rebate limit. The reason being that I had submitted a rebate for a new washed and dryer a month ago for $79.99. So I was not eligible for the second rebate but was never told this at the time of purchase. And was assured that I would get the rebate. To top off this rebate issue the dishwasher installation was not done correctly and I had to re-install it my self plus buy the door seal that the installation people damaged during installation. It is now one month later and the issue is still not resolved. It will be interesting to see if anyone from hhgregg corporate reads any of the posts here let alone acts on any of them.

I'm very upset. Just realized the delivery men stole my iPhone that we Had in our home. It was an iPhone 3GS/16 that had always been sitting On a table in our home. We mainly used it as an iPod touch not a phone for a camera. They stole 4 years of photos, video and memories of my children which they did So heartlessly. I don't even care about the stupid phone , I've been up sick Every night at the thought that someone could just do that. Too bad you can't request the "type" of people that they sent for deliveries. I would request no men of color! Typical........! I will never purchase from HHGregg because of this again. They need to hire more reputable Delivery People. I hope they burn!

h h Gregg is the worst store your can ever shop at I shop at the 1 in Pineville North Carolina terrible customer service employees are not trained right cuss on a showroom floor popping gum in front of customers I take all my business to Best Buy were professionals are at

They Suck! They are LIARS! They are Lazy! They do not want to work and do their job! They just want to steal your money! They refuse to refund me my money! None of the employees at the Falls Church Store in Virginia are WHITE! Very racist company that discriminates against WHITE custumers like myself! HHgregg hates WHITE customers. If you are WHITE do not purchase airconditioners. They don't want to install it. They just take your money for the airconditioners you purchase.

To whom it may concern, I am having a problem with HH Gregg concerning a TV I purchased from them with the 5 year service plan. INV# 5599-014614. The television quit working. I contacted the service center on 1 August 2012. I was told to call back when I was with the TV. I did so and was told during that phone call that I didn't need to do anything or be around the TV and they set up a service call for the following Tuesday. On 2 August I was contacted by the repair service. Later that day the service tech called and diagnosed the problem over the phone. At this time the service provider stated he would order the parts and he would not need to come look at the TV until the parts came in. On 3 August was contacted by the service center and told parts were on back order. On 6 August was told again that parts are on back order with an unknown ETA on arrival. 7 August I called the store I bought the TV from and spoke with Dave who asked me to give him 2 days to figure out what was going on. 10 August went to the store to see what was going on and spoke with Dave and the store manager. Dave resubmitted the problem ticket with customer service and asked if I would give them 3 business days to get an answer. 13 August received call from HH Gregg service center (Ebony) who stated that the parts were due to ship on the 17th. I asked Ebony if the parts shipped on the 17th when would they be here. Ebony would only respond that the parts would ship on the 17th and that since it was within the 7 to 10 business day time frame they would allow it to ship. I asked for a supervisor and was given the 1-866-856-0212 number where I spoke with Rob and then Carrie (506370). When I questioned the difference in what rob said (would be here on the 17th) as opposed to what Ebony said (would ship on the 17th) I could not get a good answer. Carrie stated we needed to wait for the 7 to 10 day period and the 17th would be the 11th day. Carrie stated she would call me back on the morning of the 17th. (As of 21 August I still have not heard back from Carrie). Called back to clarify the 7 to 10 day period and all information was confirmed by Sara. The morning of the 17th came and went without a phone call. I went to the store again and spoke with Dave. Asked Dave if I could have a copy of the emails he sent to customer service. Dave advised no. Dave advised ETA of part after he called was 23 August. I asked to speak to his boss (Darrell Freeman). Dave stated that he would not bother Darrell or call him in any way. Dave (Thanks for at least making some type of effort) did have Russell Trapp come to the house and wire the TV to work with RCA cables. The TV was removed from the wall, propped on the floor against the fireplace. Thus looking like crap. I was informed and also demanded that Dave call his boss (Darrell Freeman). Dave stated he had done so and guaranteed that Darrell would call me back. (As of 21 August, I still have not heard from Darrell). 21 August I received an email stating “the part(s) that were ordered for the repair on your PLASMA TV have shipped. Your part should be delivered to the service center within 5-7 business days. Your service center should be in contact with you within 2 business days of the delivery of the part.” Reference back to the above listed that I was informed the parts had already shipped and would be here on 23 August. 1. $3000.00 TV not working for 20 days. 2. $540.00 warranty appears useless. 3. When I contacted HH Gregg customer service was told it was NEW's problem and not HH Gregg's. The overall attitude of the HH Gregg staff is yes we sold you the product, got your money, now you are someone else's problem. I would just like to get this TV replaced since it has been over 1/2 a month without it. A prompt reply is requested.

I purchased a top of the line, brand new, side-by-side, stainless, Samsung refrigerator from HHGregg which was delivered on July 14th. Cost me right under $1,600.00. After receiving it, I had a trip planned and was out of town for 10 days. By August 5th, 10 days of which I was gone, the ice maker stopped working. On August 10th, a tech from another company replaced the ice maker. Wouldn't you guess by August 15th, 5 days after it was replaced, the ice maker stopped working again. I called HHGregg and was told its 1 day outside of the return policy and to have the tech come again and replace the ice maker, they cannot exchange or refund since its after 30 days. For a "top of the line" company, Samsung, there products really suck. So I waited another 5 days and missed work to wait for the tech to come replace the ice maker, AGAIN. Whats gonna happen in another week now, another week of no ice and missing work? I didn't pay this ridiculous amount for quality when all they are giving me is crap. Needless to say, the dishwasher and stove I was planning to purchase VERY VERY soon, I will now be going elsewhere, AND I'm sure to spread the word not to shop with HHGregg, both through my family, friends, and all my network followers for my blog and review site. Now what David??

On Friday 8/17/12 my wife and I purchased an electric range and scheduled delivery for the following Sunday. At our request we asked that we be contacted via my wife cell phone to confirm and set up delivery. This didn't happen. Instead a delivery attempt was made to the wrong address. We notified the responsible persons and was told that they would not return. after several phone calls back and forth we were told that the delivery.team would return later that evening. A couple hour later we receive a phone call and were told it would be between 7:30 & 8:00 pm before the delivery team would arrive. We agreed. At 9:00 pm I call the person who had called us and got no answer. A few minutes went by and another phone call was received the individual said that he was stil coming. 11:45 pm my phone ranged, it was the delivery person wanting to know if I still wanted him to come. Needless to say today is 8/20/12 I'm missing time from work and still haven't got my range.. Totally Totally Disappointed.

On Saturday, August 11, 2012, we contacted the York Pennsylvania store and inquired if they had any 5000 btu unit room air conditioners. We were told they had three (3) in stock. My son asked that they hold and put our name on one to which they agreed. We immediately drove almost 30 miles to the store. Upon arrival, my son was told they could not locate the air conditioner. After 30 minutes, they brought out a unit that was not in a box. They gave him a used unit without a box or manual. This will be my last time to HHGregg although we are in the market for a new television.

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