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Terrible Servicel

bought a patio set on July 17th, told it would be delivered to the store July 24th. It is now July 28. I called they said they ran out!! No one called us????


Bought all new appliances, nothing worked right. Terrible customer service.

Leaky water dispencer

Bought a new product from hh gregg it broke first day and hhgregg woukd not cover it horriable customer service go to best buy

I have been battling for 3 weeks with warrtech and HH Gregg over my washer. I purchased HH Gregg extended warranty. Can not get any help for the store, corporate hung up while transfereing me, and warrtech is just very rude. I will Never purchase another applaince from them again. I beleive they have the worst customer service. No one will return phone calls and they wont email you back.

don't ever wate money on their warranty

I bought a warranty from them on my electric top range. The glass had a hairline crack and it was a failure in the glass. The warranty suppose to cover it. I spent a month and calling the warrantteck company but they refuse to cover it, even though hhgreg said that the warranty cover. Hhgreg did not try to help me at all, instead of trying to defend their products, they let it go. Be aware of dealing with them. They are liars. Don't ever try to buy anything from them. They have the worst customer service ever and the most untruful warranty company they deal with.

HH Gregg worst company ever!!

I bought a tv from the store get it home it's broken. take it back and they give me another tv. take it home it starts dimming and i have to call lg and they tell me to take it back. So two tv's later and many times through the toll road i take two broken tvs back and no one wanted to help they all stood in that entrance like hawks waiting for someone to come in which is very uncomfortable watching me and my wife carry this thing in. not one person offered to help mind you its a 65 inch tv after that we didn't have that tv and the best they could go is for me to pick one up at a store 2 hours away are you serious!!! i have never seen service like this in my lifetime and i never will again. because i will never step foot in a hhgregg again nor will they see a dime of my money. I will also make sure everyone else knows not to shop there as well horrible horrible experience!


I purchased a refrigerator 5/26/11 from HHG. We had a compressor replaced 5/2012. From that date, not often, but every now and then, the unit would cut off. Their response was always the same: "Just unplug the unit for __ hours; it will come back on. Will by 6/2014 the problem became unbearable. Yes, our warranty has run out, but it is hard to believe NO ONE from HH Gregg or WarrTech will work with me on repairing this thing. This place sucks and I will spend the word.

i had the best experience with hhgregg and i love the delivery team in vb. they went the extra mile for me and beyond, thanks guys


GREATEST STORE I HAVE EVER DELT WITH, delivery team was outstanding and very helpful

canon 3ti

Bought canon 3ti for a gift was out of 75 300 mm lens which was in the package deal for $50 more was told they would have them in stock just after xmas yet to see any stores that have them in stock I checked, called canon corp they said they had plenty but no orders from hh gregg hum like most just want to give u the runaround another great service after the sale right hh gregg thumbs down ...o o 4 u Toyota lovers out there use caution there warranty sucks have 2014 corolla mirror broke on they wont warranty it had car for 2 months got at fort wayne toyota 2 thumbs down also

Buyer Beware

Do not waste you time dealing with this company.They take you money they do not deliver as scheduled , they wasted 3 days of my time I had to take off from work.Corporate was rude and just passed off the problems back to the store.I just do not get there business plan they get your money and then make you wish you never delt with them.I am very unhappy and regret ever doing business with them.

total incompetence

from the sales person, to the people who answer the phone, management, delivery...what a mess, this company is a joke, wasted so much of my time. Spare yourself the agony and avoid HH Gregg

I made a purchase with credit card, had to return what was purchased ,it took 22 days to get the credit back on my credit card their customer service was very poor, I had to put a dispute with my card to keep from having the possibility of pay interest on it.

Do not buy a extended warranty form this Company

If you try to get service you are talking to India and they cannot help you. All they do is give you an other number and then they put you on hold. Then you are told to call a number on your service contract that is not there. I just wasted $399.88 for warranty service I will never receive.

pointless to call

they are no help at all don't ever work for them or buy from them very unprofessional.

Poor service

Ordered a recliner. took three trips to the store after receiving phone call saying chair was in. Once chair actually arrived, it was damaged. I stated I wanted a different chair, and they tried to talk me into taking the damaged chair. It has been over a month, and I still have not received my recliner. I asked if they could deliver it to me, since I have been through so much. They said no, I had to pay for delivery. I will never shop there again!

Poor Customer Service

Think twice before purchasing. Poor customer after purchase.

Customer Service

The manager in 2339 Taylor Park, Reynoldsburg, OH 43068 his name is Chris.. I have no words to explain how unprofessional and rude that person is. Never going back to that store.

HH gregg sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!

They are too pushy to sell off the merchendise and when something wrong with it or damaged they give you the run arounds enen its a new product and in your warrenty period. I am not going back to that stupid store again.

customer service

I was dissatisfied with the sales person and the only thing the store manager and salesperson was concerned about was a commission and not satisfying the customer I think it was very disrespectful to treat your employee with more respect they paying customers

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