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I was visiting my son in Newport News, VA and went to the Harris Teeter on Warwick Blvd. WOW...what a change. The one was so rude! She was short and turned around and walked away before we finished asking about the gift cards. I will be writing a letter to the HT corporate office along with the Kroger corporate office as that is who owns them.

Rude Manager

I have always shopped at Harris Teeter. I am in a temporary situation where I have an EBT card for only two more months. Then I will be back where I was paying cash but I don't know if it will be at Harris Teeter again. The machine was messing up with accepting information and I was told they could not help me I have to go somewhere else. The lady in front of my had a problem and they helped her because it was a regular bank card. I paid with cash, using money for my medicine. I am from NY and I have never been treated so bad since I have moved south. It is not everywhere it is only in certain places and Harris Teeter is one of them.

Nasty Restrooms and Shelves

The restrooms in all the HT are nasty. Not one store have I seen with a clean restroom. Also, the shelves are filled with dust. The next time you shop at a HT look on top of the shelves in the Health beauty Cosmetic area and you'll notice a lot of dust where the workers have no pride in taken care of HT stores. Just take a walk around the store and notice the dirt that is hidden in a HT store. And, if you don't notice, you are just as nasty and don't care what you are buying.


We have two households, one in the mountains of NC and one just north of Charlotte, NC. I would like to spend more or all our time at the mountain home. My wife won't hear of it! NO HARRIS TEETER THERE! Enough said!

business practice

I was supposed to receive a $20 gift card 4 weeks ago for purchasing a certain amount of products. Never got it..just a runaround. I will be filing a better business bureau complaint.

Berlin, MD needs an HT!!

With only a shoddy Food Lion and a Walmart to choose from, Berlin , MD desperately needs an HT!!! It would be a tremendous addition to the area! 400,000 seasonal visitors and a growing year round population guarantees success in Berlin, MD!!!

not the same company

Harris Teeter is not the same. It has changed in the pass 10 years . It filled more food lion . It bad to say any company that comes to charlotte will be better.Customer service is bad,very bad and that a lot of the people that work are unhappy under paid.

Couldn't do without them

HT on Amelia Island, Fla. is a very well run store, much better than Publix. It also has better prices, better sales. Often a store's character is determined by the manager. We've been fortunate to have had good managers. From the comments here, most of the negativity comes from employees hurt by management. The employees here are quite content with their management.

bring on Publix

move over harris teeter and bring on the Publix!! cannot wait:))


I worked for HT 14 yrs before i had to go out on medical leave. After being out 52 wks they sent me their NICE termination letter letting me know my job was gone not sorry you are still out on med. leave This was hard to except at age 55 knowing i had always done retail business & was never terminated.i got my retirement from them HT last yr. when i turned 59 and a half but was told today I am not classified as a retired employee from HT because I went out on medical leave & I am still not able to work so everyone else considers me med. retired but HT.This shows they could care nothing about you unless you are able to be at work. I was CSM in 4 different stores in Chapel Hill & Durham. Love my customers & the associates but I will not shop there any more.

A very fine Company

Up until recently I was an employee of HT. They are a fine company. I was hired off the street, within a 18 months I was offered a full time position and about a year later I was promoted to a department assistant manager position. If you work hard, are dependable, and can do the job you will be promoted. They offer part-time employees a matching 401k, Health and dental insurance and a week of paid vacation after one year (20 hours your first year). How many companies are that generous with part time help? Also every employee gets 2 bonus checks a year (over 6%) for several years now. They also have an old fassioned Pension plan (no employee contribution) for full-time employees with enough service. (Nearly unheard of since the 1970s) A far as slips and falls. The company is very concerned about the safety of everyone who enters the store. All management members make observations and look for safety hazadrs multiple times a day. When managers see employees fixing or not fixing safety problems they discuss it with them (good or bad) and file a report. Management is required to have a specified amount of such discussions with employees each week. The employees are are far and away the finest most ethical, friendly that I have ever worked with. There are some bad apples and some slackers (there always will be in retail) but they are a very small perentage. There does "seem" to be a lot of fat, shall I say, at the corporate level. A great many suit and ties with peering eyes that seem to be doing very little but causing a panic at the store level when they arrive. BUT that is all we see, we don't see the other 85% of what they are doing. The company is highly profitable and run by very bright people. That being said one can figure that HT is wasting money paying execs. to do nothing. Execs. do make the lions share but they have earned their title and compensation (In nearly, but not, all cases)

these reviews make no sense

the fact that almost every review here is negative and involves a customer fall or mistreated employee is sad. but since many of them have 5 star ratings attached, tthe reviewers clearly did not understand the system and the overall rating is bogus. just an observation. this website means absolutely nothing.

I am almost a daily shopper at the Hollymead HT outside of Cvlle. I find the staff to be outstanding. They have always been very courteous and helpful. I am very sorry to see Tim the manager leave.

My daughter, Amy, was recently the market manager for the meat and fish department at the Harris Teeter in Millsboro, DE. She worked diligently for HT for 4 years, and had been promoted to the manager's position about a year ago. From day one, Amy had little if any competent help and, when she requested able assistance, her requests were denied. Very recently, she requested a downgrade to meat cutter, and, not only was that request denied, the management took after her and ultimately fired her. Amy did the very best she could minus any capable assistance - in fact, one of her cutters, Melody, was very incompetent, yet management had no clue about her inability. Now, I have found out that Amy's unemployment benefits, which she has appeal, was denied since, according to HT, she was fired for "good cause." You need to take a good look at your Delaware management - as they handled this situation very poorly. Amy has worked in the grocery business for many, many years - always received the highest of accolades. In fact, even her manager in Delaware had recently told her that she was an excellent associate. Needless to say, as a manager for years myself, I am very, very unhappy with your company's handling of the situation.

I slipped on Ice and water on Harris Teeters floor and the best they could do was call the camera room to stop the FILM and no apology , didnt call Fure squad as I laid on the floor in pain and walked off and left me stew in the water. When I called the Headquarters they laughed because North Carolina has a neat little law; Can not sue Grocery stores no more" . Wasnt that nice of the State to do that . Now the stores are leaving grapes , lettuce and boxes, spiulled goods , water and ice on the floor. why not no reprecussions. A women died in a Harris Teeter from a fall in Davidson , NC. Why not you dont have to be accountable no more.

I was walking into a Steele Creek, Southwest Charlotte Harris Teeter store when all the sudden I slipped and fell on my face. Instead of the arrogant manager coming over to see if I was still alive. He ran and got on the phone and called his security cameras to either block out that part of the film of capture it for court later. I busted my ass on their floor because of Ice and water spiledd all over the place , no markers , nothing and they didnt even apologize. They even got real suspicious of me everytime after I walked into the store. Think about Harris teeter it was you water and Ice on the floor. I have had headaches and now my health problems are starting to lead me to death. I have already made arrangements. People have died up in Davidson county because they leave things out to trip on. North Carolina laws have made it real sweet for grocery store owners so you cant get any compensastion for their mistakes. Thats North Carolina and how they treat the tax payer.

I'm so upset! Our HT in Darnestown, MD was fantastic until recently a new manager. She is horrible. Now that it appears that she is in full control, several long time employees are gone!! now replaced with less than steller ones that aren't in a hurt or even wanting to help a customer! my family noticed this in full force this last month, the place doesn't feel the same and quality have fallen. Dan in the fish and meat department was a real treat and felt like I had an actual butcher and friend, my kids always looked forward to seeing him. He is GONE!!! I'll have to get the manager's name, but she really doens't give off any nice vibes, so I usually stay clear of her. I'm sure others feel the same, now there is no reason to go to HT. It's just another market. Really really upset customer - GET DAN BACK!! And the lady manager OUT

Horrible management, negative attitudes, lack of training. After going through training with corporate I had high expectations of working with Harris Teeter stores. Unfortunately I have been let down. You are automatically thrown into the fire management does not care about employee, you get worked like a dog then get yelled at. I could go on and on.


We have been going to Harris Teeter in Selbyville, DE since it opened. It is only a couple of miles out of Ocean City, Md. There is no sales tax in DE so the store is always busy. It used to be a nice friendly place to go. New manager sure has changed that. I guess he was brought there to fire women - which has happened. We used to know all of the cashiers who were friendly, polite and would ask about your family. Not a friendly place anymore. It seems a lot of turn over. We are using Giant or Food Lion. We even changed pharmacys and drive 8 miles futher. The Harris Teeter Pharmacy was excellent as were the staff in the pharmacy but why go into a place where the mood has changed for the worst. By the way, the change to the CVS Pharmacy was a blessing. Nice, knowlegable people. They even text you when you medicines are ready.

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